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        Unedited Resource Site

                                    Created in 1996 Jasha Salter., M.S.Ed. 

Hello and Welcome,

In 1986, I began my study of The Infinite Way with one of Joel's original teachers, Will Hoff.  During the over 30 years of studying, practicing and teaching Joel's philosophy, one of the most important lessons was the need to study Joel in his own words.  Even the edits of Lorraine Sinkler interfere with the consciousness of the original message.

Know that as a professional educator, I have striven to live up to this principle. I have a personal website to express my own thoughts and personal interests (

This site is about Joel, the history I discovered and the original writings I had the good fortune to work with. I am happy to share these with you and your friends. I ask only that you reference this site if you use the materials. 

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