Joel S. Goldsmith

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Question from Lorraine Sinkler to Joel

From Lorraine Sinkler to Joel,  October 19, 1949

"....I lead off with the sixty-four dollar question. If all of our experience on the physical plane is a matter of belief, were and how did the belief arise? This was always a problem to me in Christian Science. Then as I studied certain Theosophical and oriental writings and gained the concept that matter is simply spirit at a lower rate of vibration, and the idea of involution and evolution I felt I had achieved a rational interpretation of the problem of good and evil.  Now, once again I am completely at sea...."

From Joel to Sinkler, November 11, 1949

"Dear Friend,

"First, please know that your first question is not a $64 question, but if I could answer that question, I would want many millions of dollars and think that you were buying it very cheaply.

"To be serious about this, let us stop this nonsense about where and how did the belief arise.  Personally, I would never have believed that you would be capable of asking such a question, because I thought you were further ahead metaphysically than this infant stage of metaphysics.  Such a question as this can only be an indication that you haven't left kindergarten in the world of metaphysics, and if this is true, please begin to awaken immediately.

"Your second question is along this same line and I am not taking time to answer it either.  It is a natural follow-up, too, and is inexcusable in a student with any degree of serious background.

"Acknowledging an enemy is no different than a practitioner setting up a formula to heal a not-existent disease..."