Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Absolute:God Is Not Enough

"Wherever there has been a falling off of healing work it is because students have refused, in many cases deliberately so, have refused to understand the nature of error.  All healing work is based on an understanding of the nature of error.  You might think that healing work is dependent on an understanding of the nature of God.  That would be true, that would be true if we could encompass the meaning of the nature of God, but we can't. 
"In other words, anybody in the world can say God is all, which is, of course, the nature of God.  And if they could encompass that, nothing else would be necessary for healing.  But you know it's very possible to say God is all and then in the next minute say well now, let's see how we're going to protect ourselves from this weather or how we're going to protect ourselves from our neighbor's wrong thinking.
"Now we've just said God is all but no, now we turn up with weather or climate or a neighbor.  And so the declaration that God is all is not sufficient.  There have been lots of so-called absolute teachings come to the market, all based on something that actually is true, God's allness.  But none of these teachings ever last, and none of them ever last as a healing teaching.  None of them ever remain very long in the realm of recognized healing agencies. 
"Why?  Because it is an impossibility for anyone on the face of the earth to accept the teaching of God's allness in its completeness unless they have the help of an understanding of the nature of evil. 
"Now, in every one of the writings of The Infinite Way you will find a chapter on the nature of evil, the nature of error.  And I have had probably as many students write me, why don't I leave those out, since God is all, what do we need to know about error?  And you know some day I would be tempted to do it if one of those students ever made a demonstration of health or harmony or supply.  But they're always the students who are struggling the hardest but hating like everything to face the very thing that is the cause of their inharmony and their discord.
"Now, yesterday we took up the subject of treatment from the nature of God, using God as the first word of every treatment, seeing God as allness, God as the mind of the individual, as the life, the soul, the spirit, God as the only activity and so forth and so on.  And you will find that there is nothing more effective than that form of treatment that keeps its mind stayed on God.
"But, that treatment is based on the supposition that you already know the nature of evil.  And herein comes the point now that is preventing good healing in the world.  Wherever there isn't satisfactory healing, whether it's in Christian Science, Unity, or The Infinite Way, this is the reason for it."

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