Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


In the Infinite Way, we do not pursue abundance, for our message teaches that abundance is our true state of being.  All we have to do is realize it, wake up to the fact that we are the children of God, supplied and cared for since the beginning of our creation.

As we learn this truth and practice it every day, we begin to express our abundance by pouring what we have. You see, the Christ is not withholding on any level.  

If you find that you are, perhaps it is fear, perhaps a concern for family. In both cases, this is just error, impersonal and nothing. However,  this concern must be addressed within you, in your consciousness. Face it and see what it is you are really believing and then meditate to feel the presence of God and with this you will come closer to knowing who you really are - how much you have, how Supplied you really are. Realize too that each individual has their own SOURCE of Supply...God.

This never means we abandon human responsibilities, but our families grow and should learn to also find their own Source within. God is our Father, EVERYONE'S Father. Set those around you free to find their personal Source and Supply.  

As your Christ begins to unfold,  you begin to really pour, share and give to all who come into your awareness.  You won't be able to stop it, for you will be so grateful to the Spirit for all that you have and are.

 Joel has said that Gratitude is this spiritual quality which cannot be taught. It wells up in a person who's soul is opened and nothing can either force this or hold it back.  

As we express this Gratitude, we are establishing that we HAVE ABUNDANCE and that God is our Supply.  Money is simply a means of exchange, it appears and disappears, SUPPLY is Life, and - of God. 


Here is a copy of the Hebrew prayer after meals. Read it carefully, for it contains some very powerful teachings.
May the Merciful One bless all of us and all that is ours. We will honor God, for those who honor God shall not lack any good. Give thanks to God for He is good. His kindness is everlasting. You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. Blessed is the man who trusts in God, for then God will be his security.  I have been young and I have aged, and I have not seen the righteous man forsaken, with his children begging for bread. May God bless us.

We see the phrase "I have not seen the righteous begging bread." Joel uses this often. When we are in tune with God, making contact in our meditations, keeping our mind stayed on God, we are carried through difficulties and supplied. How comforting this is. By the same token, we are also reminded that God provides this good for us in our lives.

What are we doing to honor God and Spirit?  Where do we put God and Spirit on our list of priorities? Many will claim to be very spiritual, so involved in spiritual activities, day in and day out...tape, reading, meditation.

But - what "activity" of yours is insuring the honoring of Spirit in your life?  Do you offer your first fruits or your "spare change,"  "tax refund," future windfall? Are you tithing to your teacher?  Are you paying your practitioner? Are you finding ways to give to the world? Do you CONSCIOUSLY put your spiritual well-being at the forefront of your life, your assets, your responsibilities? Giving, supporting Spiritual activities insures OUR own well-being for it establishes, in a concrete way, our commitment TO the Spirit, TO GOD. Instead of wanting things FROM God, it must be a GIVING TO GOD, the Spirit and Its work on earth. 

Are You Experiencing Lack?

Many around the world are facing material challenges.  Money has evaporated, jobs gone, lives uprooted.  What do we do?  First, read the Book of Job.  Look again at the challenges Job faced. This is our story today. How many ways will we be asked to turn away from God?  How many challenges will come to take us from this path? 

Lack is a state of mind.

Joel tells us of the many in the Depression who made fortunes and the many in times of abundance who went bankrupt. There are no rules about this. We do not have to believe what our worldly environment is trying to make us believe.

This is time for us to be even more devoted to our work so that we can express the principles, prove them.

If you approach a practitioner or teacher on this path, do not expect to have things for free because you are in a temporary state of no funds. This is not fair to others or to YOU. It may be that you need to make arrangements for gradual compensation, but do not EXPECT spirit to be free.

Why should it be?  Is it not the most important thing in your life?  Are we not told to leave mother, father, sister, brother...?   It is the PEARL of great price. It is what we sell all for. Is it not?  

The ancients made the student bring all their worldly goods to exchange for mystical instruction."Primitive" or native communities still honor their holy teachings more than anything they own, their holy men more than any other citizen. We must begin to do likewise.