Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


"We want no student to live by affirmations and denials because that is not living by the Grace of God."

Hawaii Hotel Talk, August 31, 1963


No Affirmations in the Infinite Way



"Now, I am going to ask you to follow me very closely and do not leave this until you catch what I am trying to convey on the subject of  treatment. People sometimes get the idea that I am so absolute that I do not give or believe in treatment. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have never felt that I was so absolute that I could dispense with treatment.  In fact, treatment is a very important part of my day’s work, and it will become an important part of your work if you understand the nature of treatment.


"The words we speak or the thoughts we think do not constitute the healing power, but they are the step that will lift us up into the Consciousness which does the healing work.  I have made the distinction in my writings between treatment and prayer, but no place have I said that we do not use treatment. What I have complained about over and over is the habit of making affirmations and denials with the thought that they are going to do something, that they are going to heal something.  There is a distinction between treatment, and affirmation and denial. When an affirmation or denial is repeated over and over again, it becomes hypnotic, a mere suggestion, and even when it produces a result, it has not brought out a spiritual healing,  but only a mental healing, and these are two entirely different things.  The mental healing is something like a physical healing. There may be a cure today, but tomorrow or next week or next year, the condition may return. The condition has only been “suggestionized” out of thought, and it is just as well to receive a suggestion that will produce the condition as to receive a suggestion that will cure it.


"Our form of treatment is not meant to cure anything, nor to act upon thought as a suggestion of health until thought responds and says, “I am well.”  Our form of treatment is more a rehearsal of the Truth of Being, a translation of material thought, or mental belief, into the realization of the spiritual Truth.


-Joel Goldsmith  God, The Substance of All Form , original manuscript 1949 p. 16