Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


Joel Goldsmith

  #115 Kailua Study Group # 6, side one

Seek- Realize God, Not Effect


"The reason I ask for this tumbler is that it illustrates part of the original principle of life that men have never grasped. And that is the secret of withiness. All through the ages duality has separated us from our good. That is the sense of duality, not duality because there is no duality. The secret of life is oneness and oneness isn't something you bring about. Oneness is a state of being and oneness is achieved in realization.

"Now we may speak of this tumbler in this way. The outside of the tumbler and the inside of this tumbler. And then, we might ask: where does the outside leave off and the inside begin?

"As a matter of fact, there is an outside of this tumbler and an inside of this tumbler. Are there two sides of this tumbler or is there a tumbler? Is the outside not the inside and is the inside the outside? Are there two pieces of glass forming an outside and an inside? Or is one piece of glass forming the outside and the inside?

"Once we can see that this glass of the outside is this glass of the inside, we can see the relationship existing between God and man. The outside performs one function, the inside performs another function but there is no outside or inside, there is but glass.
"Now there is no such thing as God and man any more than there is outside and inside separate from each other. But the outside and the inside are one. Yet the inside performs the function of containing while the outside performs the function of being a tumbler.
"Now God is our invisible selfhood. We are the externalized function, form or _expression of that inside God. We are no more two than the two sides of this tumbler. We are only two in function. God is the creative principle, the source, the activity and the law of our being. And our being is the same thing in expression or manifestation. We as individuals then receive our life, law, cause, substance,reality, continuity from the inside of ourselves. And that activity inside ourselves appears externally as the harmony of our being.

"You might say, what are the qualities of this tumbler? And the answer would be - this tumbler has no qualities. Any quality that seems to belong to this tumbler belongs to the glass of which it is formed.

"The glass, then is the substance of the tumbler. And it it is the glass which determines the quality and the nature of the tumbler. And so with us.

"God which is our inner selfhood is the quality, the quantity, the cause, the reality, the law, the substance of ourselves. And we have none ourselves but none less than God. Isn't that strange? \

"We have none of ourselves. But none less than God.

"All that God is, I am.

"All that this inner selfhood is that which is manifest as my inner being or yours."