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From a Final Talk in Hawaii




Consciousness Transformed

 June 16, 1963 Princess Kaiulani Hotel

GOOD AFTERNOON. First of all, to those of you who are here with us today for the first time, may I welcome you for myself and for all of us in this group. You may perhaps know that we of The Infinite Way activity do not advertise or proselyte in any way, and there is a reason for this. We recognize the fact that we really have nothing to give, except to those who are led to receive. In other words, whether or not you receive anything at all from the message of The Infinite Way is not up to us; it is strictly a matter of your own consciousness. You either recognize, receive, and respond to this message, or you do not. There is not power in the message itself, the power is in your consciousness. If the power were in the message itself, the entire world could be saved.

We have been offered a gift of ten million dollars to put this message on television across the whole United States, but I cannot accept the gift because I do not believe the message in and of itself has that power. Only the consciousness of the individual is power, and whether a message meets your need depends upon whether or not you are receptive or responsive to it. In the same way we could take the music of Beethoven, Brahms, or Bach, or the literature of Shakespeare. They are masterpieces, but does the world enjoy them? No, only those persons in the world can enjoy them who are responsive to that level of consciousness. To others these masters have no value. We have great religious masters – Gautama the Buddha, Nanak, Christ Jesus – and we have many modern mystics from the 12th. Century to the present. You will notice that they are not saving the world, but they are contributing towards saving thousands of individuals who can receive them.

You who may be young students of The Infinite Way will certainly find us pleasant to associate with, although we are disciplinarians. We have no rules set down for the conduct of others, but we are very strict with ourselves. We insist in hours and hours of study each day, for ours is no pastime teaching, no small-change teaching. There are books to be studied, tapes to be studied, activities to attend. It really does demand all of you if you are to receive what we have to give. We recognize that during our span on this plane, we have more work to do than can be encompassed. Therefore, you will understand if we give our time and attention to those who are most generous in giving their time and attentions to this study. At first you may have some difficulty in understanding this message, more specially if you have a metaphysical background.

You have heard the statement that "Truth is one," or "There is only one truth," and I will say to you that this is only true when you get into the higher realms of consciousness where you have transcended the letter of truth and can live purely by the spirit. Until that time, there are vast differences in the approaches to truth as presented by Christian Science, Unity, Religious Science, Mind Science, and even some of the independent or individual teachers. In other words, you may have worked from the standpoint that thought is power, and now you come to books in The Infinite Way that say thought is not power. You must not accept a statement of that kind without understanding why the principle exists in The Infinite Way, otherwise you will not be able to properly apply the principle in daily living.

Of course, I know that in the human picture we can entertain good thoughts or bad thoughts, and that the good thoughts are apt to do nice things for us and that the bad thoughts are apt to do very bad things for us. However, that does not make them power in the way we use the word power in The Infinite Way. Our use of the word power really means an attribute or activity of God. Therefore, since there is only one God, there can only be one power. Since God is spirit, then the only power can be spiritual power – not material or mental power – only spiritual power. As long as you are in the human scene, working only with the human mind, you can make a power of your mind and its thoughts. You can use them for good and you can use them for evil, as the world is doing all the time. The moment individuals come into the atmosphere of The Infinite Way, you will find that they are seeking release from some physical or mental powers, and probably that is the only reason they come.

Perhaps one in a hundred thousand is seeking purely the attaining of the mystical consciousness, but surely the rest of us are seeking release from some physical power that has gripped us, some material law that is influencing us, or some mental power that is holding us in bondage.

From Consciousness Transformed by Joel S. Goldsmith Pages 207-209