Joel S. Goldsmith

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Are We Equal in Consciousness? Joel Says "No." Tape 527/2

You read a great deal in the press these days about equality because of the racial disturbances and because of, in some countries, titles and those that have no titles. And, you would think, actually, that all men are equal. Of course, all men are not equal. All men may have been created equal, but some of them chose to take advantage of the opportunities that society gave them for education, art, culture. Others decided to play the game in a different way. You can hardly call these equal. Some races have been held without education and opportunity. They also could not be termed equal. They are equal in potentiality, and they're equal in the sight of God, and they should be equal, and probably they would be equal, if there was more "love thy neighbor as thyself" in the world. But, actually, equality isn't something that a governmental decree can give anyone. Equality isn't anything that society can bestow on anyone. Equality is something that we can earn and deserve.

Nevertheless, the moment we get into the universe of spirit, there is an equality of a different nature. We are equal, then, as children of God, as heirs of God, joint heirs. But, you see, that equality can only take place upon recognition. If I recognize the statement, "Call no man on earth your father, that God is my Father," then naturally I must accept that this is a universal relationship. And, therefore, that God is your Father. And therefore, I accept equality on that basis, that we are brothers and sisters in God.

Now, that does not mean that we are all equal in our activities, because there are thousands of students of The Infinite Way to whom I would not wish to entrust teaching work or healing work or tape group work. And the question has been asked, "Well, am I not equal?" Not in my eyes, no. No. You're equal in potentiality, but you haven't yet arrived at the state of consciousness that would equip you for this position. We may all be equal, but there are lots of people that I wouldn't want to be my banker or my lawyer, in spite of our equality in other directions. 527/2


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