Joel S. Goldsmith

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By Joel S. Goldsmith

Orginally Published in the Science of Thought Review

London, England 



Our life is as a book unfolding from Genesis to Revelation and to be read by you as such.  Do not view the chapters as good and bad, up or down, sick or well, rich or poor, but every experience as a part of the whole, leading to the Ascension:  like a play in which the leading characters marry in the last act, but go through all the trials and temptations and troubles before reaching the happy ending. 

In this world you shall have these experiences, but in the attainment of the mind that was in Christ Jesus, you shall have life everlasting.  As Joseph accepted his delivery into slavery by his brethren as an act of God; as Elijah finally realized that through every step of his banishment God was present seeing him through:  the presence of the Lord baked him a cake on the stones; it fed him; it appeared as ravens carrying food; it appeared as a widow sharing, as a cruse of oil never empty, and finally as the "still small voice" assuring him of his safety now and directing him to find the congregation which awaited him—as Moses accepted the deliverance of the Hebrews as an act of God and had proof of the Presence every step of the trail:  appearing as a cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night, manna falling from the sky, water flowing from the rock, so must we, regardless of our world experiences, understand and realize that the divine Presence over-shadows and accompanies us every step of our way.   

Having touched this spiritual Hem—having made the contact—we are never alone, never forsaken, never permitted to fail, even though we go through the experiences of Moses, Elijah, Jesus, Paul or John.  Always remember, there is the last act—that is the Ascension.  There is the attainment of the mind of Christ. 

The story of every major prophet is one of illumination after struggles, then divine protection while carrying others to their peace and security, and somewhere along the line a crucifixion of self.  If we could know, all may have attained ascension. 

If you recognize this truth, you are living by grace.  Then let the reasoning, thinking, planning mind have a long vacation as you recognize your good as the gift of God, as divine Ever-Presence. 

Should you experience any human sense of discord keep watching for the angel of the Lord, the Christ, the Father within, and listen for the still small voice.  It will never leave you nor forsake you.  It is your permanent dispensation. 

Human existence, before the awakening, is life cut off from its source—an accidental hit or miss—with anything as possibilities, and most things as probabilities, and yet, there is a Presence lurking in the background, only awaiting the right moment to emerge as the very Christ of your being, as your individual salvation. 

As young students of truth we come to the study for healing, for demonstration and for an understanding of the letter of truth.  Because others have been before us on this path and have acquired some measure of the consciousness of truth, we are able to receive from those who have become practitioners and teachers some knowledge of the letter of truth.  Now, at this present stage of our unfoldment, we must make the object of our work the attaining of that mind which was in Christ Jesus. 

The human mind is an entire sense of limitation and does not go beyond education, environment, personal experience and some measure of heredity.  To get through that to the mind is to have achieved omnipotence and omnipresence—the conscious awareness of Infinity. 

The mind, or preferably said, infinite Consciousness, is infinite awareness made available to the individual.  In the silence of the human mind with its desires, fears, doubts, satisfactions and pleasures, the one consciousness or conscious awareness of infinity takes place.  What then follows is that infinite Consciousness unfolding, disclosing itself as your individual experience. 

"Have that mind in you which was in Christ Jesus.  The same spirit which raised Jesus Christ from the dead will also quicken your mortal body."  Do you see?  It is the attainment of that same Spirit which raised Jesus—not talking about it, not declaring it is so, not teaching or preaching about it, but attaining or having that mind. 

Inasmuch as the human mind can not be the avenue for the activity of the Soul, this higher Consciousness must be attained.  Thus through higher Consciousness or that mind which was in Christ Jesus, the Soul reveals Itself, Its activities and Being as your individual experience.  I call this the inner Plane, inner Realm, inner Consciousness, inner World—the kingdom of God.  All wisdom, energy, life, vitality, direction, guidance, support, supply emanates from thence.  But the contact must be maintained.  Meditation is the avenue of contact.  Meditation may be long and in Silence, or it may be one moment of the listening ear or recognition of the inner Self or Presence.  It is a click and it is done. 

That which imparts Itself to you from the inner Consciousness is power.  Not the thoughts you think, not your statements or beliefs, but that only which reveals Itself within is power with signs following.  What is revealed in secret (within) is shouted from the housetops (made visibly evident as demonstration). 

Remember that for our work and for our life we are using a higher faculty than the five physical senses.  The five senses are limited—we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell only that which is close at hand.  We can reason and think only about that which is in some measure known to us, but the inner Consciousness is without boundary, and we can become aware of that which lies far beyond our immediate presence, and we can know that about which we have had no previous knowledge. 

The inner Consciousness is unlimited and imparts Itself to us infinitely and eternally.  The mission of The Infinite Way is to develop ourselves to the point of achievement of this inner infinite invisible Consciousness, which in our writings is called the Infinite Invisible, so that we may manifest here on this plane our inherent and natural being—Infinity, Omnipresence, Omnipotence. 

The metaphysician who fails does so because he does not rise above the level of the human mind into the realm of pure mind or inner Consciousness.  He speaks of spiritual things with the human mind and tries to understand with that mind.  It can not be done.  He must rise into the higher Consciousness and discern with Its faculties.  Truth cannot be known with or through the human mind.  Therefore, be wise, let truth define Itself to you until you are able to rise into the realm of Soul and there discern Reality. 

Every experience to those on the path comes by grace.  There is no use fighting discord, no use being impatient, no use fearing.  Wait.  Grace gives the answer.  It wakens us out of sleep when that is necessary to give it to us.  That of you which was the human being never was immortal and never could be made so.  Had you continued in your humanhood you would have known death just as every mortal does.  That of you which is illumined constitutes your immortality, and it will never lapse into unconsciousness or death.  As the inner illumination continues you will attain the "dying daily" without death and attain complete immortality here and now. 

The individual soul is immortal, therefore, you can witness the inner experience of life.  The awakened or illumined individual does not die even if he appears to leave a body for burial.  As your soul is awakened, as your first contact with God wherein your soul was touched into wakefulness because of the infinite nature of individual soul, you have been able to meet and commune with those on your present level of consciousness.  As you continue to unfold you will commune with the immortals of all eras. 

Continue to commune with God in your own Soul.  Continue to turn within and especially be alert always for those unfoldments which come to you from within.  These are never revealed to mortals, to those on the human plane of life.  Many of these unfoldments you will never divulge to others unless it be to your teacher. 

And all of this is to reveal to you that death does not bring immortality—only illumination can do this.  Death does not benefit anyone except as it is an act of will, which does not mean suicide. 

Immortality is the normal and natural state of your soul, of your life, and you achieve this state as you touch the kingdom of God within you, as you learn to contact your inner Self. 


Joel S. Goldsmith
Originally Published in the
Science of Thought Review
London, England