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What to do first

Students beginning a study of The Infinite Way sometimes find themselves wondering what to do after the first book they read.

This has been my standard advice to beginning students on this path.  Joel suggests we get the following books and read them in this order:

  • Living the Infinite Way
  • Practicing the Presence
  • The Art of Meditation
  • The Art of Spiritual Healing
  • The Infinite Way
  • Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

Then get a copy of Reincarnation: An East West Anthology by Head and Cranston and Cosmic Consciousness by Bucke. You may also like to read the Autobiography of a Yogi. These also were all recommended by Joel.

Next, begin to read whatever unedited works you can find. They are mentioned here on the site, some are the Hawaiian Hotel Talks. Also study the Hawaiian Healing Outline.

When you have become familiar with these writings and all that is on this website, you are ready for tapes. Begin with 1955 Kailua series, then the 1959 Hawaiian Healing tapes. You may also like tapes #8A Deep Silence of my Peace, and #12 - The Thunder of Silence. 

If you are a person who likes more structure to your study, with outlines and assignments, there is a 17 week course offered by Lorene McClintock. This was legally documented as permissible by Joel. Please contact Lorene and find out more about her lessons. Many students have been helped by them.

Then you should begin to look for a tape group and a teacher. You may feel drawn to a class.  Please meditate and listen to the within guide you.

Beginning Our Study


It is possible to study The Infinite Way as a philosophy. It is beautiful and compatible with most religions. If we want to live and practice the principles described, we must begin to learn to meditate.  Meditation is the key to this work, the healings, the experiences and the harmony which follows.

The books are wonderful tools for our work, but eventually serious students must move into tape study for Joel's consciousness on the tapes is the powerful catalyst for our illumination experiences. As we begin to get serious about this way of life, we come to realize that if we would like to enjoy a happy study with friends - free of problems or challenges, sadness, loneliness or upset, we had better find another message. Here are Joel's words:

 "Very soon in our work you should be feeling discomfort, frustration, discouragement. If you do not meet these experiences be sure that you are not yet understanding the message. I am not come to bring peace, but a sword. Not when you have attained, but during the period of attainment. And the reason is this.

If you have an orthodox religious background, then you have been accustomed to praying to God for those things that you believe you need. Might be health, supply, companionship, home, better weather, more crops.

Or if you have a metaphysical background, it is possible that you have changed God into divine Mind, and instead of petitioning God for those things, you now affirm divine Mind. But the goal is the same, the getting of what you think you need, the fulfilling of your human needs, wants, desires.

But, number one, the spiritual path doesn't promise that. On the contrary, it says take no thought for your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink or wherewithal you shall be clothed. Take no thought about this because, and this is something that I'm sure every one of us has at some time or other overlooked, who by taking thought can add anything to himself, even turning one white hair black, or adding one tiny cubit to his stature?

Who, by taking thought, can do any of these things? And yet, how many are trying to think their way through to harmony, to peace, to fulfillment? Now, on these two points we have trained ourselves erroneously. First, that we have gone to God or divine Mind for things, and, secondly that we have thought that by taking thought we could attain them. And be assured that in dropping both of these concepts you go through deep waters, you go through periods of frustration.

When you sit down to meditate and realize and I cannot go to God or divine Mind or anything or anybody else for anything in this meditation and I cannot even take into my thought that which I really want to go in there for. All of this must be left outside. I have to go into the inner sanctuary of my being. I have to leave the world outside and all of its desires, all of its needs. I have to leave myself outside, and my life. I can take no thought for my life. I can take no thought for my health, for my supply, for my companionship, for my home, for my crop. How then can I pray if all of these things are to be left outside? And the answer is given to us in this wise by the Master.

Seek ye the kingdom of God. This is the whole answer. This is the whole answer to the secret of prayer. Seek ye the kingdom of God. Do not seek your life. Do not seek your supply. Do not seek your health. Do not seek your companionship. Do not seek the success of your business. Do not seek the happiness in your home. Park all of these outside. And when you go in, and you shut the door on the world, you leave outside your mother and your father and your sister and your brother and your husband and your wife and your children. All of these are left outside while you go in and seek the nature of the kingdom of God, seek to understand, seek to attain the kingdom of God. Seek the secret of the kingdom of God. "  -Joel

This path is simple, but you will never face greater challenges or suffering.  These challenges are what drive us forward in our studies and bring us illumination experiences. Joel’s desire was to teach us all to be spiritual healers on the way to becoming illumined mystics.  His path was simple and clear, but it requires us to keep his message as complete and pure as possible.

As we study the books and tapes, we soon realize that all of the key principles are in each book and on each tape.  So, the question is, "Why so many tapes and books?"  As you may know, the books were made from the lectures Joel gave and tape recorded.  He said that he repeated the message on all of the tapes, but each was slightly  different in order to reach the listener and open his consciousness.  There are hundreds of tapes.

Students begin tape study alone or in a tape group. (Excellent first tapes are tape 8A - Deep Silence of My Peace, 12 - Thunder of Silence and then the 1955 Kailua Series followed by the 1959 Hawaiian Healing Tapes) See Tape Group Instructions for Joel's directions for tape study.


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Be Sure to Tyle At The Door of Your Consciousness

Joel tells us to "tyle" at the "door" of our consciousness. "Tyling" is a Masonic term used to describe the person at the door to a meeting room responsible for making sure that only members enter the room. When used by Joel, it means to be careful and cautious about what and whom we let into our consciousness. Not all students or teachers have equal consciousness, so we must be wise and intelligent. Beware of cowans (often evident by "teachers" who have no healing practice). The internet is full of imitations.

One of the most important distinctions we must learn to make is between a mental/intellectual study which is merely a "philosophy" and a mystical study which is an experience.

See more on the page "Joel and Freemasonry".