Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Our Brain

The advances in neuroscience have taught us that we have two very different brain hemispheres. Our left brain is logical and orderly, task focused. It likes math, arguments, facts, reasoning - "thinking." The left brain is masculine - scholars, engineers, warriors and lawyers.   The right brain is feminine, emotional. It likes to feel, sense, create. This is the domain of artists, musicians, creative souls.

As we study The Infinite Way, we encounter both styles of learning, left and right brained. Eventually, we combine them. Our introduction to The Infinite Way is usually by written word, a book or article. Yet this left-brained path of study does not lead us quickly or easily to an experience.  It is when we begin to listen to tapes that we shift into the right-brain and through our sense of hearing we begin to "sense" the consciousness of Joel. As we surrender our thoughts, we open up a vaccum for Consciousness to enter.  This is the reason we continue to urge students to move quickly to tape work. It is the key to The Infinite Way at this time.



Neurotheology and Joel

As a result of the
research supporting our world work activities regarding mind control and other aspects of the mental realm, we have encountered a considerable amount of information concerning the nature of beliefs, traditional religious doctrine and the functioning of the human brain.

The following information is presented solely for the purpose of providing the student with a sample of the academic discourse regarding metaphysics, mysticism and the physiology of the brain.  In so doing, we are categorically not presenting this material as being a part of, or consistent with, the principles of The Infinite Way.