Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


Spiritual Principles Related to Business

August 1960 Monthly Letter


The pressure of business activities can be dealt with through the application of the principles of spiritual healing to any particular business situation:  God appearing as individual being, the impersonalization of any discordant, limited, or limiting condition, and the "nothingizing" of it by realizing that there is only one power - and then falling into the rhythm of God-living, instead of human living.

For example, a businessman who goes to his office usually is faced with many different kinds of problems in a day: There are decisions to be made and obligations to be met, and there are his associates and the public with whom he is dealing constantly making demands upon him.

Perhaps one of his first duties is to answer his mail which may be a time consuming or even a disturbing responsibility.  If , however, before leaving his home or even after arriving at his office, he takes a few minutes to commune with his inner being and finds his center of peace within, then when he opens his mail it is as if there were Something within him reading it and supplying him the answers to whatever inquiry or problem may confront him.

When we understand that God is the activity of business, all sense of pressure is relieved because then, we are permitting this invisible Something to operate and perform whatever is necessary.  Jesus called It, the Father within who does the work; and if God, the Father within, does the work, how can we feel any pressure in our business? If we feel burdened and under pressure, whether we are willing to admit it or not, we are attempting to take over God's responsibility.  "The government is on His shoulders, " but if we are not acknowledging and relying on that, then we are assuming a responsibility which does not belong to us.

If we were to adopt the role of a beholder in our business and were to watch the activity of this Infinite Invisible unfold, we would soon find that It would unfold as whatever was necessary to Its fulfillment - as capital, if our business needed capital, as employees, as buyers, and finally as payment in the bank for merchandise.

In other words, the activity would be a complete one because the nature of God is fulfillment.  God does not create a telephone system and no one to use it: God does not create automobiles and no fuel with which to make them run. God does not create or become responsible for any activity in our consciousness without fulfilling it.  God, the divine Consciousness, the Infinite Invisible, fulfills Itself as individual activity.