Joel S. Goldsmith

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Common Mistake



Always Given Out in Will Hoff Classes

Quotation From  Joel Goldsmith

1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class, Tape 4, Side 1 #265

Unfortunately for this particular era, there is a gravely mistaken idea loose in the world that the mental realm and the spiritual realm are the same one.


It is absolutely untrue that the realm of God and the realm of mind is the same, and the mistaken belief that it is, leads to quite disastrous results.

Mainly because as long as this belief persists, there will be teachings combining the spiritual and the mental and consequently going nowhere.

Actually preventing progress because of their failure to teach proper attunement to God's Universe in meditations; and failure of the correct teaching of the spiritual principles of God's Universe.

One of the tragedies that comes out of this is really the many years that are lost before those mistakes are corrected.