Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


Joel Goldsmith

From Tape 551, Side 2
"My Kingdom" and "This World"


"Truth has to be spiritually discerned.

Now, it is the same way.  The animals out there are not the animals of God's creating any more than a human being is the man of God's creating.

Do you think that if we were the man, the human was the man of God's creating, that he could ever go to war and kill another person?

Do you think that if a human being was the person of God's creating they could ever steal, lie, cheat, defraud?

Heaven forbid that God ever gave such capacity to his creation.

And never believe that one animal would live off of another animal or one insect off of another insect in the kingdom of God.

Why, these are just lesser forms of cannibalism.

We are only at that state now of realizing that people who eat human flesh are cannibals.

But so are those who eat animal flesh, only in a lesser degree.

And the higher you rise in spiritual consciousness the less of animal flesh you eat or want.

You may not entirely be able to not eat it, because we are not equipped in this world, except the few who can live inside their own homes and not go outside of it, we're not equipped to live even humanly.

But, don't ever think that meat eating is a natural function of the man of God.


Nor is it natural for the lion to eat the lamb.

And when we rise high enough in spiritual awareness the lamb can lie down with the lion and be perfectly safe, because the lion of God's creating is not an animal eater.

The mosquito of God's creating is not a blood drinker.  No, no, no.

The cat of God's creating is not a bird chaser.

Therefore, the human being you see, the animal you see, the tree you see, is purely an illusory concept of the five physical senses.

But right there is the man, the animal, the bird, the tree of God's creation.

But you cannot see it with your eyes.

With your eyes you are seeing a finite concept of it.

Therefore, in order to have a better garden than anyone can humanly evolve, you have to be able to penetrate through  what you see in your garden to behold the soul that is the real source and essence of your garden.

Merely to state that God created trees does not mean that you have the capacity to bring forth a better tree.

But as your soul faculties are developed to where you can bear witness to the tree that God created, your garden will be twice as fruitful, twice as beautiful or four times or ten times as any human being could make it.

This is called Love.

And a nature mystic is not a person who loves flowers, who loves trees, who loves plants.

A nature mystic is one who has perceived behind the visible tree or plant or flower and he beholds God in them¬óreally not in them, underlying.

And when he does, he apparently loves nature.

Well now, he doesn't love it in the sense that he wants to pet it or caress it.

He doesn't love it in the sense that he doesn't want to pick a flower.

He doesn't love it in the sense that he doesn't want to prune his plants and hurt them.

He does want to prune them.

He does want to pick them.

But, he loves them in the sense that he is not loving the visible manifestation but the underlying essence, which he has contacted through his powers of discernment. . . .


. . . Now remember, what I behold with my eyes sitting over there, and out there, that is but the illusory sense created by the five physical senses; and because, if I look too keenly at what I see, I loose it all.

I loose it all.

That is why Darwin lost the secret of life.

Darwin lost the entire secret of life, because he traveled all around the world looking at specimens and objects hoping to find the secret in them.

He could just as well have stayed home and lifted up one plant, one flower, one tree, one stone, one piece of gold or silver, or pearl out of the sea and discovered what he was looking for.

But he couldn't ever discover it even going around the world, because he was trying to find it in objects.

And he was trying to find it by a reasoning process of the mind.

You see, that has fooled every philosopher, every philosopher; Hegel, Marx, the Hebrew philosophers, Christian philosophers.

They've all been fooled, because they all believed that truth could be found through the mind, through reason.

And it isn't there.

Truth can only be discerned through the developed spiritual faculties.

And they can only be developed through silence."