Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

First Letters: Georgina Avenue~1950

"Death is the belief that consciousness loses its awareness of its body. Immortality is the understadning of the truth that consciousness is eternally aware of its own identity, body, form or expression.  Consciousness aware of its own infinite being and eternal body is immortality achieved here and now.  The awareness of consciousness maintaining its own identity and form is eternal life.  The awareness of consciousness forever unfolding in individual forms of creation or manifestation is immortality demonstrated here and now.  This consciousness is you."


Drink with Me this cup of inspiration,
Sip this wine, revealing Life divine,
Walk with Me in the shade of revelation,
For I AM Life.
Can Life do aught but live?
Can the sun do less than shine?
Or the stars withhold their gleam?
Is not the breath you breathe
The same I breathed into your being?
Shall God withdraw Himself?
Come with Me for just a moment,
Away from the city streets, and even country lanes,
Away from the Babel of tongues, and the strain of thought,
To where the beckoning finger of Love
Points the Way.
And rest awhile in the consciousness of My presence,
Illuming the dark recesses of fancy,
So that the Light of Truth may
Open your hearts to the concept of
The gift of God, —eternal Life. 

There is no death.  Death is but illusion.  It is the terminal of the belief that man is born.  To realize the nothingness of death, we must start with the understanding of the unreality of that which we call birth.  This understanding evolves from the discernment of the Master's statement:  "Before Abraham was, I AM."  Man can no more be conscious of death than he can be conscious of birth.  There can be no more awareness of passing on than there can be of coming, for "Lo, I AM with you always." 

Abstract metaphysical statements offer no consolation to those separated from loved ones.  Platitudes can never replace the "peace, be still" of the touch of Christlike hands.  Heavy hearts are lifted only as the gaze rests upon the vision of eternal Life, and this forever radiating as man.  

Our belief that one has passed on does not change him.  Jesus returned in the same form and body in spite of the belief held by those who witnessed the crucifixion, that he had died.  Our beliefs do not affect those who seem to have left our midst.  Their lives continue in uninterrupted rhythm, though, to them, it is as if we remained behind while they go on. 

You have never known death thus far and you never will.  Your only remembrance is of life and living, and so it will ever be.  How proud we felt on graduation day, when we had reached that great climax.  Yet, how eagerly we looked forward to the greater experiences that were ahead of us.  Did we think it necessary to die in order to go on to greater heights?  Every progressive step in life is a higher one on to freedom from the limitations of immaturity and restrictions.  The only death there can be is the death of the beliefs of limitations. 

Man is the offspring of God.  Human birth is a false concept of the orderly unfoldment or development in consciousness of individual experience.  Death is but the belief that Consciousness has withdrawn Itself from Its own manifested being, and this can no more be so than the sun can withdraw its warmth and light from its own rays. 

The body is the externalization of thought, and manifests the various beliefs which we accept.  When we have overcome the belief in death the body can no longer succumb to it.  Then death is not to be destroyed as a condition of body, but overcome in individual thought as a lie about Life. 

I would lead you to a garden
Where the view is ever fair,
Where the light of Life is shining,
And the heart is free from care.
Here my Master rests, and teaches
Of the glories of His Way.
Here the wearied lay their burdens,
And rejoice to see His Day.



From the book The Letters, 1932 -1946

"This book reveals the foundation for the great  unfoldment which later came to me in my work, and which is now unfolded in my deeper writings: 
The Infinite WaySpiritual Interpretation of Scripture,  etc. 

Lovingly yours
Joel S. Goldsmith"

March 1962 Letter, From Across the Desk

Before beginning this next round of class work, I would like a word with you on what the world calls death.  While of course it is natural to miss those who make this transition, especially those with whom we have had close ties and long companionship, let us understand death so that our grief may not be for too long, or too deep.
Every birth ultimately eventuates in death, and knowing this should prepare us for that experience when it comes to our loved ones or to ourselves.  At birth, there is no guarantee as to the length of the human span.  It may be more than the traditional three score and ten, or much less.  This is known at the birth, so why should we be shocked and grief-stricken when death occurs?
As to death itself:  Know ye not that there is no death, that this is a transitional experience which must come to all?
Know ye not that life becomes a burden on earth when one's work is done, or when daily living includes nothing more than eating, sleeping, and wasting time in pastimes and pleasure?
Know ye not that when an individual stops serving and giving and doing that he has already died even if he still occupies space on earth?
Know ye not that life is loving, and when one ceases to love, to give, to share, to spend oneself, he has already died even if still visible to us?
Know ye not that when one no longer learns, that death has already come even while still walking on earth?  If every day does not add knowledge, wisdom, power, and the ability to live life and the capacity to love, we have already died.  Let us not hold ourselves or others in bondage to breathing without a purpose or goal.  Rather let us seek the far country.
Do not grieve.  Rather rejoice that a new experience is about to begin, one which includes greater opportunities to serve, to learn, to give, to be.
The tree that no longer bears fruit is withered and ready to be cut down.  The man who no longer gives the fruit of labor and love is likewise withered.
Death is really not the end of life, but rather the beginning of the rebirthed life.  Rejoice to see it, and bless the traveller on his new journey.  Release the departing traveller and give him a flower lei of happy memories and a benediction as a God-speed as he migrates to the promised land, the far country - New Jerusalem.
To the enlightened, there is no death, no separation, no end.  New Jerusalem is here, and now.