Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Joel Letter

June 8, 1963

Dear Friends,


At some time or other in our spiritual studies, we come face to face with the realization that we must be missing the way, that something eludes us, that we are not receiving the benefits that we had hoped for, or we are not gaining the understanding that we expected.  Oft times, this makes us very critical of the particular message that we are studying or the particular way that we are trying to follow.  I have seen students come to the teaching of The Infinite Way, study it for a year, two or three, and then suddenly drift away because "it has not met their need"...."it has not given them what they were seeking"....or"they have not found that which they started out to find."  As far as they are concerned, they feel that the fault must be with the message.

If the student will be honest with himself, he will usually find that the fault (if it can be called that) lies in the fact that there was a preconceived idea of the expected results.  In other words, the student was seeking a message that would fit in with the beliefs or conviction that he already had on the subject of religion, philosophy or mysticism. Or, he expected the message to fit and agree with what someone else wrote or taught.  When any teaching is approached in that light, inevitably it will bring disappointment instead of awakening.  It really makes no difference what the teaching is.  When it is approached with a conditioned mind with a specific objective outlined and the specific fruitage detailed, disappointment is axiomatic because no teaching is ever like that which one anticipates.

Because it is impossible to impart a spiritual revelation through the written word, we spend so much of our lives traveling hoping to bring to small groups something, some little hint or some little touch of the spirit, that will open the eyes of a few students here and there so they can rightly discern the nature of the message.  Then they, in turn, can be the center from which others in their community, city, state, or nation will receive enlightenment.  No one teacher could reach everyone on the face of the earth, even if he took advantage of radio or television because even those two media do not allow the inner fire to be projected out to the necessary degree.  Spiritual fire can never be imparted in any other way than through personal contact.  Books, newspapers, radio and television are all excellent means of communication; but the certain fire, the light, the spirit that takes hold of an individual who receives even a tiny measure of the Visitation, can only be transmitted personally.  Each individual has the inner Christ waiting to be awakened just like a bonfire that is waiting to be ignited.

That which is inside of us really is an incarnation of God.  God has incarnated Himself, His Life, His Being, His Wisdom, His Spirit, His Mind, His Grace within each and every individual who has ever been born into the past, the present, or the future.  It makes no difference whether they have been born into freedom or slavery, into atheism, paganism or Christianity, whether they have been born white, black, brown, yellow or red.  I might even go further and say that there is not an animal, a flower, a vegetable or a stone or a piece of earth that has not some of the Presence of God, the Life of God, the Mind of God permeating it.

This explains why all of these things are responsive to us, because we all speak the same language; we speak to animals and they respond to us, we speak to the earth and it gives back to us in proportion to the language of Love that we speak into it.  That is why there is so much difference in one man's garden and another's because actually there is that much difference in one man's expression of love and another's.  The degree of God that is expressed through an individual to the soil in his garden is the exact proportion of the nature of the garden that comes forth to greet man.  The degree of God that speaks through us to our pets, and also to the beasts of the field, is exactly the proportion or degree of Love that comes back to us through them.

We know, not merely from the revelation of The Infinite Way, but from the revelations that have come to us through the mystics of all ages, that God has incarnated Himself, His Mind, His Life. Scripture tells us "have that mind that in you which was also in Christ Jesus."  In other words, it means that you already have that Mind in you, but you must awaken to It, identify yourself with It, and become conscious of that Mind in you which is awaiting awakening and recognition.

So it is that whenever you meet an individual who has received this light in sufficient amount to know his true identity, to know that he of himself is nothing, to know that it is the Spirit and Presence of God that speaks through him, then does one begin to perceive the Principle.  In this way a teacher can raise up disciples and the disciples, in turn, can raise up more disciples.  There will also be apostles and they, in turn, will raise up more.  So it is that when we, in our travels, awaken small groups here and there, they in turn will become the disciples and apostles who work in their communities, states and nations.  Occasionally, we will awaken one who will go forth into the world to carry on the work.  As long as it is possible for us to travel, we want to go out and raise up these small groups to a greater degree than the books can do it.  By this means comes the recognition of the principle that every man is created, not only by God, but also for God, that he has his being in God, and God expresses Itself through him. This awakening and awareness, this lighting the bonfire within that is waiting to be ignited, raises up disciples and apostles who will go forth and show their light to the neighbor, the family, a friend and ultimately to some particular part of the world.

Greetings of peace,