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Do You Have a Doctor?

November 27, 1963

Dear Friend:

Do you have a doctor? If so, follow his instructions.  Your husband is right if he gets the best medical help-and neither you nor he need to make any apologies or excuses to anyone else.  I have learned in my long years of study that it is wiser to let the best human help be God's instrument, when we are already hypnotized with something.

We can kid ourselves and say, "It is nothingness."  That is the tragedy of the metaphysical world.  We are all trying to evolve higher, but it is a matter of grace and states of consciousness, and no one can walk on the water before his time.  Therefore, I learned from inner resources that it would be wiser to take the best method right at the moment, get our peace of mind, and keep on pursuing.

You don't know how many times I have had to assure students that it would make no difference to God whether we go to a doctor or dentist.  We do not hesitate to see a dentist, but somehow most of us seem to fight body attention.  In this way, they are resisting evil to the extent that they deeply subliminate their fear of something physical within themselves and try to get spiritual help.  But in hanging on to the fear, the healing never comes.  I think that each one of us has to rely on inner intuition and make a move from that level.

There was time when I had a physical problem, and inner intuition told me that I had better see a physician, because it was not yielding to spiritual treatment from one who does great healing work.  I had accepted a condition as being real to myself, so I took the steps of seeing a doctor and he stopped it for me in one day's time.  Now with the imminent fear taken care of, the prayers penetrated and brought about the healing.

I have seen too many people kidding themselves by hiding their fears under metaphysical treatmetn, and in this day of changing times, words and thoughts are not becoming effective.  The only power is Spirit, and it is better to get our peace and keep on pursuing the Light!




In our endeavor to understand the fullness of God, each one of us has come up through some particular form of study.  Some have come through New Thought, some through Unity, and many of us have come through Christian Science.  Whatever religious organization it was, it acted as a steppingstone for us to go up higher in the understanding  of the teaching of the Master, and so we can have no judgment for any of these, but only love and honor for all of them.  The same is true of materia medica.  We must have only love and respect for it, too.  Doctors and nurses are devoting their lives to helping humanity as they see it, and on the path of the physical they are making progress, as we on the spiritual are making progress, and so we have only love and respect for them.

Joel S. Goldsmith
God, The Substance Of All Form
p. (6) original unedited edition


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