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Georgina Avenue Letter ~1950

"Soul sense does not deprive us of the friends and family and comforts of human existence, but brings them more surely to us on a higher and more beautiful and permanent level of consciousness."

The Unveiling

This is what the Master revealed when he said, "if you love mother, brother, and sister more than Me."

Well, you can see that, from our own experience, some right now and perhaps all of us in the past, have loved mother, brother, or child more than Me, more than truth.  And this has been a barrier.


Because that mother, brother, sister, child that we were clinging to WASN'T mother, brother, sister, child, but an image that we were carrying in our mind that we believed needed us.

Once you recognize I as the identity of yourself, you recognize it as the identity of mother, brother, sister, and child.  Then you have no fear of releasing them into God, into their God identity.

And then you'll know the Master never meant for you to abandon your family, but merely to come up HIGHER in your awareness of what constitutes your family.  And ultimately to realize GOD is my only family.

GOD is my mother, brother, sister, father.  GOD is my husband.  GOD is my wife.  GOD is my child.

The one I, the one life.

And then all fear for them goes.  And when fear for them goes, you have released them into their true identity, into God.


1963 London Work
From Tape 530, Side 2