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Free Kailua Series

Comment by Joel from Letter to Laura Perkinpine (see page here "Results of Our Work") :

"Whatever they pay for tapes or for books is not for me, but for their own development. I am but the instrument or transparency through which this Message is coming to human consciousness in this age, and I have no more idea why it is coming through me than you have...."  - JSG  March 30, 1960

Below you will read the mailer that is going out to a broad "net" of students. These are people who have listed their name on some mailing list or posted themselves in an Infinite Way group.

Several years ago, I wanted to offer this service to students as a way for them to be introduced to the tapes and then buy them from the office in Arizona (at the time). Merely playing a tape for someone where they cannot download, is like a virtual tape group. Using these tapes for teaching in the classroom is the ideal.

However, as we looked into this, it became clear that to play to large numbers in a very open way was a violation of copyrights, especially if the listener can copy and if you are not doing this to encourage tape sales. Most broadcasting websites make one endemnify them and provide proof of copyright ownership.

I would love it if the Office of The Infinite Way were to provide this service. So many students have only read the books. To hear Joel's voice often encourages the student to start to do tape work and even begin their own tape group meetings as they begin to collect tapes. But, every student can find $20 to buy one tape. We all are able to save and get a tape a month, a tape a week.  It can be done where there is a desire.

You can see below a similar idea now being introduced by some of my former students (which these former students all knew about at the time). However, there is an added twist, free transcripts and free Tony Titshell.

As much as I like having more tape exposure, I cannot support the violation of copyrights, the mixing of Tony Titshall with Joel and the use of Sharon's transcripts.

Remember, The Infinite Way is about Christ Consciousness. If we violate integrity and human laws, how can we call our work spiritual?  Joel has taught us, the minute a student lies to the teacher, the bond is broken. The minute a teacher lies to a student, they loose their connection to Consciousness. We must tread very carefully on this path.

Infinite Way Students:

Please do not be tempted by these offers of free things. Buy Joel's tapes from the office, or authentic second-hand from private parties. Do not accept copied tapes. Look for written materials that are un-edited if possible or before 1965 when Lorraine edited with Joel's final o.k.

Experienced Infinite Way students have found that the greatest consciousness is in the least edited materials.

Remember: reading and tape listening use two different parts of the brain. It is optimum to use both. If you begin to prefer tapes, it is a sign of spiritual advancement.

General Spiritual Seekers:

We are happy to help you with information specific to Infinite Way studies. If you are members of other religions or follow other metaphysical teachings, or follow no particular path, we are happy to have you. 

If you are followers of other lineages of The Infinite Way, you are also welcome. I hope that you begin to learn how Joel differs from those who use his works in their own programs.