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God Contact

 "In our humanhood, we are cut off from the Source. That is what constitutes humanhood: a selfhood apart from God, a selfhood separate from God. But humanhood is a dream. We are never really separate from God, even though the effect on us is the same as if we were. To rise above humanhood, that is above the experiences of a human being and human events, it becomes necessary, actually, for us to feel that we have God within our own being – to make a God-contact. In proportion as you consciously make that contact, your life will be rebuilt. In proportion as you learn to turn within before undertaking anything, whether it is writing, cooking, speaking, shopping – regardless of what it may be – if you actually practice this turning within and making the contact, your outer experience will be permeated with the Spirit, with divine wisdom, with divine guidance, protection, safety, and security."    -Joel Goldsmith

From Consciousness Unfolding, Chapter 4

God Contact in Healing 1958 2nd Chicago Closed Class Tape 1 side 2

Spiritual healing really and truly has nothing to do with human thoughts or human words. It has to do, first of all, with the actual God experience. Somebody has to have the God experience in order to bring out a spiritual healing. There must be a realization of the Christ or a realization of God's Presence. There must be the direct activity of God, not quotations about it, not statements from the Bible or metaphysical writings- an experience must take place. The main point in spiritual healing is attaining that Spirit of the Christ, that mind that was in Christ Jesus, or the Spirit of God in man, or the conscious realization of God's Presence. It has nothing to do with words or thoughts. Actually, it is the ability to be still and wait until it takes place. A spiritual healer is an individual who knows that he is not dealing with disease, lack or limitation. You are dealing with the carnal mind, which is nothingness! - Joel Goldsmith


Tape 112 Side 1, Cosmic Law and Realized Christ, 1955 Kailua Study Group #3

We are sitting here waiting, and if it doesn't come in three or four or five minutes, we again get up and go about our business. Two or three hours later, we do it again. If it is necessary we keep this up for one or two or three years, if so be that the Christ is so absent from us that it takes us that long to realize it. You may be assured of this - that if you persist, a day will come when an inner response will come that will give you the assurance of a He that is within you, that which the Master called the Father within, that which Paul called the Christ. You will get that feeling, that assurance. When you do, you will have demonstrated your Christ Self.

God contact

1955 Kailua Study Group, Tape 112 Side 1

There is but one Selfhood. That Selfhood is where I am, since I and the Father are One. All that God is, I am. All that the Father hath is mine. Now, with that understanding, I can dispense with all further thinking, and I can sit patiently and wait. This is where our real work is done, in this waiting. If sitting here I attain the conscious realization of the presence of God, if I attain a feeling of the activity of the Christ within me, everyone in this room must feel that impulse.