Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Judge By Fruitage

Joel Goldsmith

Tape 420 side 1

"Yes, this just comes to mind, a letter today:  A student writes me that he has had tremendous unfoldment, but to make assurance doubly sure, he wants to tell it to me to find out if he is right.  If he has heard the Still Small Voice, or if there is any possibility of an error.

"What the Still Small Voice said to him was this, "Do not say, God is good," Well I presume that this means that in the same way that God is evil, do not say God is good because there is neither good nor evil.

"This would in no wise change the fact that you could have a revelation, as I have had that God is neither good nor evil, God is Spirit. And, incidentally this student should really have recognized if he had head the Still Small Voice because when you do there is always fruitage.  There is always signs following.  And, you know in your heart and sould when the Voice of God has spoken to  you and if I were to convince you that  you had not heard the Voice of God, you should not believe me.

"Of course, you already know by experience that I will never try to convince you that you haven't heard the Voice of God because I do not wish to be the judge of your unfoldments.  The fruitage, the signs following must be the signs."