Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Healing Outline


A Study Guide of the 1959 Maui Advanced Work Tapes

Designed with love and gratitude.  Provided as a gift from the students of
Joel S. Goldsmith

Produced by Will Hoff, Eileen Hoff and Jasha Salter with meditation and the utmost attention to keep the words of Joel unedited and accurate.


Dear Reader,

This outline of Joel's teaching tapes was inspired by my teachers, Will and Aileen Hoff of Yucca Valley, California.  I began work on this in the late 1980s as a gift to Joel S. Goldsmith, our master teacher.  In the past years, different human elements began to interfere with the development of this book.  It was not available to the students.

After much meditation and waiting, I was finally given the go-ahead from Within to make this available.  It is a joy and honor to present this work to you for your use.  Students of Joel have made this work possible through their financial support.  All costs are covered by gifts and no serious seeker will be denied these materials.

The words are Joel's, but the format came through this student.  There is no way that this writer can take any credit for this work.  The credit belongs to the Spirit behind the words and patterns.  It was a deep honor to be able to work on this project.  To have the fruitage of that labor be of service to another on this Path, is a joy beyond description.

Humanly, this writer has placed her name on this work simply to ensure that those whom she serves are able to access this material in the spirit in which it was produced.  This work is meant to be read, written on, digested and lived with until the principles become a part of the student.  Once they have been implanted in consciousness, in the depths of one's being, through meditation one would be able to draw forth fresh manna each and every day.

The secret mystical teachings have been carried from age to age Within the blessed.  We must never worry that the Spirit will abandon us.  It is within each and everyone.  We simply need to find our way to "let the imprisoned splendor escape."

Table of Contents

Healing Work Outline

Table of Contents

Treatment and Specific Truth
1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 5 Side 1

The Spiritual or Mystical Life
1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 5 Side 2

The Reason For Treatment and Its Use
1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 6 Side 1

Bread for the Body: Hyacinths for the Soul
1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 6 Side 2

Treatment and Meditation
1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 3 Side 1

The Practice of Truth in Treatment and Prayer
1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 3 Side 2

The Nature of God
1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 4 Side 1

The Nature of Error
1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 4 Side 2

The Mysticism and Metaphysics of the Infinite Way
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 1 Side 1

The Mysticism and Metaphysics of the Infinite Way (Continued)
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 1 Side 2

Three Principles and Their Practice
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 2 Side 1

Three Principles and Their Practice (Continued)
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 2 Side 2

Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 3 Side 1

Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth (Continued)
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 3 Side 2

Spiritual Power - Mental Power
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 4 Side 1

Spiritual Power - Mental Power (Continued)
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 4 Side 2

Spiritual Supply
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 5 Side 1

Spiritual Interpretation of the Holidays
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 5 Side 2

Self Purification
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 6 Side 1

Self Purification (Continued)
1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 6 Side 2



Treatment and Specific Truth


Treatment and Specific Truth


Treatment and Specific Truth

(1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 5 Side 1)

Students studying this message should be lights in their communities and show forth, by fruitage of their own lives, what others may look forward to if they seek in this direction. We must be prepared for what lies ahead.

The following is the work necessary to establish The Infinite Way activities. This work is not of a material nature; it does not call for the use of our bodies or our pocketbook. It is purely a mental and spiritual activity. You can sit in silent meditation and it will bear fruitage.

       I.            Preparatory work for class instruction or tape groups, prayer or treatment work:

                            A.            "Those who enter this class or meeting are not merely entering a room, but they are entering The Infinite Way consciousness of truth."

                             B.            Invite into the spiritual household the guest of God (those who are ready for entrance into the spiritual realm). Everyone in this meeting is a guest of God.

                             C.            "Divine consciousness, which is individual consciousness (your consciousness and mine), embraces and enfolds everyone who enters this room. God's Grace permeates their being and touches their mind, soul and body. "

1.      Realize that all those who come to the class or meeting are coming not into a room, nor to hear a man.

They are entering the Temple of God (which is your consciousness).

2.      Your consciousness, which is imbued with the truth, is the "Temple of God."

"They enter here to receive healing, freedom, joy, harmony and the Grace of God."

3.      For each class or meeting you attend, always remember to prepare yourself for it during the day of that meeting.

                            D.            Our spiritual household (our consciousness, our mind), when imbued with truth, is a law of harmony, healing, health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

1.      Those who enter the presence of an individual who lives with the Word of God, enter a consciousness that is a benediction.

2.      Therefore, if we have prepared ourselves, then everyone who enters this meeting receives light, blessing, forgiveness, benediction, courage, freedom, joy and the peace that passeth understanding.

                             E.            "Every word of truth which constitutes my consciousness is bread and wine and water and meat and life and resurrection unto all who enter my consciousness."

                              F.            You are not an isolated person separate and apart from every person in this room.

1.      I am in you.

2.      And you are in me.

3.      And we are one in God, partaking of the divine name or nature.

                            G.            The truth embodied in your consciousness is the healing art, the forgiving authority, the redeeming power.

1.      Without this truth in your consciousness, you are nothing.

2.      Never leave home in the morning without sending the Word before us to "make the crooked places straight."

Without realizing that wherever I am, the Word of God is, for it constitutes my newborn consciousness.

3.      My consciousness, therefore, is a benediction and a blessing.

It is a healer, it is bread, wine, meat, water and supply unto all who touch my consciousness, be they friend or foe.

                            H.            Never leave your home for the day's activity without consciously knowing you have died to your human sense.

1.      That you have been reborn through the Word of God.

2.      As you go out in the world now, you carry God's Grace everywhere you go, and everyone who enters your consciousness during the day must feel the Power of God which is stored up there.

3.      First must come conscious realization and declaration of truth.

                                                                               a.            When we have completed this, then we wait in the receptive atmosphere.

                                                                              b.            "Speak Lord, thy servant heareth."

                                                                               c.            And wait in that receptive atmosphere until we feel the Seal of God upon it, the release.


    II.            Two of the most neglected parts of the teachings of Jesus Christ are praying for your enemies and forgiving unto seventy times seven.

                            A.            Consciously release and forgive.

                             B.            Pray that God open the minds and the souls and the consciousness of those whom we call enemies.

1.      All of this must be included in your treatment work.

2.      It cannot be neglected.

3.      For only what you put into your treatment comes out as demonstration.


 III.            Know why you expect your treatment to be effective.

                            A.            It is not because of you or me.

                             B.            It is because of the Word of God entertained in our consciousness.

                             C.            When you know the truth, the truth makes you free.

1.      But you must know the truth.

2.      And know it fully and completely.


 IV.            You must know the principles that constitute this message and put them into active expression.

                            A.            They have no power in a book.

                             B.            They are only a power when taken into consciousness and expressed.

1.      That is the reason there is so little answer to prayer.

2.      It all remains in a book or as lip service rather than being taken actively into consciousness and expression.


    V.            Every treatment that you give has to embody the specific truth in some words or other.

                            A.            "What did hinder you?"

                             B.            That which is binding you is not power.

1.      You are not bound by it.

2.      You are bound by your acceptance of it as a power.

                                                                               a.            It is not power.

                                                                              b.            So rise, get up and walk.

3.      Whatever the name or nature of this limiting sin or disease or lack, it is not power (a good power or an evil power).

                             C.            Every treatment must embody the truth that God is Power,

1.      But not this thing, whatever name you call it, (whether paralysis or Pilate).

2.      If it is a temporal power, it is not spiritual law.

3.      Therefore, it is not power.

                            D.            Whether you are giving treatment to forms of sin, or disease, or lack, or unemployment, or unhappiness:

1.      Your treatment must include that statement: "This, that you hold binding you is not power."

2.      Every treatment must include the realization that we are not invoking a God power to destroy a sin or disease power.

3.      The truth we are declaring is: "What did hinder you?"

4.      Nothing is power but God.


 VI.            Whatever is entertained in your consciousness is known to your neighbors.

                            A.            Intuitively they can feel whether your consciousness is a blessing or a curse.

1.      It is our responsibility to be a positive influence for good to our neighbors.

2.      We are only a positive influence for good in proportion as our consciousness is active in truth ... filled with truth ... and that we are consciously uttering it silently, sacredly, secretly.

                             B.            When you pray, enter into your sanctuary and pray in secret.

1.      Do not be interested in getting personal credit.

2.      Let God have the glory,

                                                                               a.            But be a good steward of the Word of God, (not one that just hordes it up in the mind and lets it rest there).

                                                                              b.            Put it out into use.


VII.            If you successfully show forth the fruitage of this morning work and this meeting work:

                            A.            You will then be prepared for the next step which will be undertaking treatment work for specific healings,

1.      For those among you who require it.

2.      And those from outside who ask for it.

                             B.            Anyone can be a healer who wishes to devote their consciousness to truth.

1.      Who wishes to die daily to their idle human thinking, wishful thinking, time-wasting thinking, and fill their consciousness with truth?

2.      Then too, remember now, truth constitutes my consciousness.

                                                                               a.            The specific truth that there is only one power.

                                                                              b.            The specific truth that none of this that is hindering you has the power to hinder you.

                                                                               c.            The specific truth that your consciousness filled with the Word of God is a law of annihilation to everything unlike good, that your consciousness filled with truth is a law of benediction and grace unto everyone who enters your spiritual household, your consciousness.

                                                                              d.            Do you not see the need for specific truth (specific principles of truth) consciously expressed?


VIII.            This does not change the fact that, when you have completed your statements of truth (your realizations of truth, your utterance of truth), now you enter the second phase.

                            A.            "Speak Lord, Thy servant heareth. I am listening for Thy Voice. Put the seal on this treatment. Let me know that I have reached the Throne of God."

1.      Then wait for two or three minutes.

2.      And then you accept the fact that this truth in my consciousness is a law, and is the law unto every situation.

3.      Then go about your business.

4.      You have done your work and the fruitage is taking place.

5.      Learn not to judge from appearances.

                             B.            It is the same mind that was in Christ Jesus that you are building in you through the embodying of truth in your consciousness.

1.      "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free, and all those who come to you."

2.      The benefit that anyone gets from coming to us is the degree of specific principles of truth which we know:

                                                                               a.            Which are embodied in our consciousness;

                                                                              b.            Which we utter and declare.

                                                                               c.            No one will have any healing works greater than your understanding of specific healing truths.

                                                                              d.            You must consciously know the truth and the truth will make you free.


 IX.            The truth entertained in one consciousness is so powerful.

                            A.            One with God is a majority.

1.      Think when two or more are gathered together in this truth, what happens.

2.      You have no idea where the borders of your consciousness may be.

3.      Your consciousness is as infinite as God:

                                                                               a.            Because God constitutes your consciousness;

                                                                              b.            And God is Infinite.

4.      Therefore, your consciousness is infinite, and all those who are embraced in your consciousness are embraced into the law of God.

                             B.            Know this and consciously remember it:

1.      God constitutes my consciousness.

2.      My consciousness is made up of truth, the Word of God and scripture.

3.      And this Word of God is quick, sharp and powerful,

                                                                               a.            A law of good unto all who come within range of my consciousness, by virtue of the fact that, "I and the Father are one."

                                                                              b.            And through the word of truth, God's Grace reaches and touches all those who come near me.


    X.            If you are not giving yourself this treatment about the nature of your consciousness,

                            A.            Your consciousness is limited to being that of a human being, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

                             B.            You invoke the power of truth by your conscious awareness, and remembrance and declaration.

                             C.            "The Word of God in the midst of me is power,"

1.      But you must know the Word of God;

2.      And utter it and declare it, silently, secretly, sacredly.

                            D.            Always remember that you can be of no greater help to anyone than the truth in your consciousness,

1.      Therefore, the first treatment is given to yourself.

2.      You retire at night realizing:

                                                                               a.            "I am not going to bed or to sleep as a human being."

                                                                              b.            "I am resting in the divine consciousness of truth."

                                                                               c.            "I am going to my rest consciously aware of the Word of God, alive and alert in me, whether asleep or awake."

                                                                              d.            That is a conscious activity of truth in your consciousness, but it changes the nature of your night's rest.

3.      So it is that these truths, consciously expressed before you leave home in the morning, change the nature of your day.

4.      "If you abide in My Word and let My Word abide in you, you will bear fruit richly."


 XI.            God gave you dominion through the Word of God:

                            A.            But you must accept it.

1.      You must accept it and express it.

2.      You cannot let your mind be a vacuum.

3.      You cannot let it be acted upon.

                             B.            You were given dominion through the Word of God,

1.      Not through personal powers.

2.      This is a universal gift.

3.      And if you abide in the Word of Truth,

                                                                               a.            If you abide in these scriptural passages of truth,

                                                                              b.            And if you let them abide in your consciousness,

                                                                               c.            You will bear fruit richly.

                                                                              d.            And you will be a blessing and a benediction.

                             C.            As Moses was able to lead those who followed him in a new dimension of consciousness;

1.      So do we lead those who come to us out of sin, out of disease, out of lack, out of limitation, out of unhappiness,

2.      Into spiritual grace and harmony, love and peace.


XII.            This is not a lazy man's work.

                            A.            This is not an easy way of life.

                             B.            We know that God has given to us His Word,

                             C.            And from the days of the Hebrews we have been told to:

1.      "Put it on your forehead, or in your mind. Wear it on your arm, or in consciousness where it becomes power, and at the entrance of your soul, or consciousness. Keep the Word of God in your mind, in your soul, in your heart, and at the entrance of your consciousness."

2.      "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee."

                            D.            "If you abide in the Word and let the Word abide in you," consciously, you will be those who bestow Satori.

                             E.            You will be those who give the benediction, the blessing, not of yourself, but by the Grace of God, the truth which you embody in your consciousness and which you never forget.

The Spiritual or Mystical Life

  The Spiritual or Mystical Life


The Spiritual or Mystical Life

(From 1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 5 Side 2)

  1. The major secret of spiritual living is:

"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it."

    1. Confirmation of this passage is in many others:
      1. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee."
      2. "Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at peace."
      3. "Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, lean not unto thine own understanding."
      4. "If you abide in the Word and let the Word abide in you, you will bear fruit richly. If you do not abide in the Word and let the Word abide in you, you will be as a branch of the Tree that is cut off and withereth."
    2. Such passages as these are to be found in the Hebrew and the Christian scripture, but they are also to be found in every one of the Oriental scriptures. The meaning is clear, since even the great Master could say:
      1. "I of my own self can do nothing. The Father within me, He doeth the works."
      2. How much more true that must be of us, that we can do nothing except God do it through us, or as us.
        1. "He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world."
        2. "He performeth that which is given me to do."
  1. All of these are confirmations of the great revelation of all time that we are as nothing except insofar as we are led by the Spirit of God, guided by the Intelligence of God, empowered with the Love of God, and, of course, have God's Grace at every step of our journey.
    1. "The Presence goes before me to make the crooked places straight. That Presence walks beside me, and It comes behind as a rear guard."
    2. "I go to prepare a place for you."
    3. All of these bring to light the secret of spiritual living, without which no individual can prosper spiritually.
  2. For one to go through life joyously, fearlessly, successfully and harmoniously, it is absolutely necessary that one have that which is called:
    1. The Father within.
    2. The Presence.
    3. He that is within me.
    4. To make these statements about God and about the Presence and Power of God is only a first step toward spiritual living; it is an important step because without it, we will not reach that second step.
      1. As humans we exist as a pendulums.
        1. It must be acted upon, and it will move in accordance with the way it is acted upon.
        2. It is ready to be moved with any influence that is in the air: infection, contagion, newspaper headlines, or politics.
      2. This is not true of one who embarks on a spiritual path, and who learns to apply scripture as principles of life, the book of life eternal, harmonious.
  3. We have embarked on a spiritual way of life which means we will introduce a new note into our present life, and that new note will be the application of certain scriptural principles of life. The first one and the most important that must be embodied is as follows:
    1. "Practicing the Presence of God."
      1. Living and moving and having your being in the Word of God.
      2. Keeping the Word of God alive in you.
      3. Abiding in the Word and letting the Word of God abide in you.
      4. On rising in the morning or even before rising, consciously remember:

This is God's day, and God has gone before me every step of my way. Omnipresence guarantees that I will not be outside of the Realm of God. I will keep my mind stayed on God. I will acquaint myself with Him, and I will acknowledge Him in all my ways.

      1. As we sit down to breakfast consciously realize:

Without God, there is no food. God is the very life of all that is. God is that which has given us our daily bread. God is that which has provided infinite abundance. Everything testifies to the Presence of God supplying us and blessing us.

      1. Consciously remember in the car, on the road, up in the air, or on the sea:

God's Grace is with me. The place whereon I stand is holy ground, whether that place is heaven or hell, or the valley of the shadow of death. Why? Because where I am, God is. Omnipresence assures us that I cannot walk outside the Kingdom of God as long as I abide in the Word of God, and let the Word of God abide in me.

      1. When we tackle our problems at work consciously remember:

"He performeth that which is given me to do." He that is within me is greater than any problem that I can be faced with. I am not alone. There is no place where I can be that God is not present where I am, as long as I am where God is, in the Word of God, and that Word in me. As long as I consciously abide in Him, and He abides in me, how can I step outside of God's Grace?

      1. Noon is another opportunity for gratitude.

Whether or not we recite our thanks openly at the table in the form of grace as it is often said, or whether we do it silently, secretly, sacredly within us is a matter of our own choice.

  1. It has been said many times that to live the Life of Christ is an impossibility in this modern age, but any such statement is sacrilegious and untruthful.
    1. It is possible to live the Christ life in this age.
    2. We need not make a public display of our life in Christ; we can let it be seen by its effects.
    3. Every student of ours has been taught not to proselyte, not to boast, not to brag, but rather to keep the fingers on the lips and let one's life bear witness to the principles that we live by.
    4. It has been said that businessmen cannot follow the "Golden Rule," but one need only examine such businesses as J.C. Penny & Co. or the Golden Rule Tailors of Cincinnati, which is a national organization, to see how possible it is to live by these principles.
  2. In tithing there is only one requirement: One has to feel gratitude for one's spiritual activity.
    1. If one has gratitude for that, 10% becomes a very small amount out of 100%. But let no one believe they will be rewarded by giving that 10%, for one cannot bargain with God.
    2. That 10% is a free-will offering of gratitude with no strings attached. And if one cannot give it in that sense, let them not give it until such time as it begins to flow as gratitude.
    3. Then we find that gratitude is a quality of love, and love is of God the moment that gratitude is flowing;
      1. God is flowing.
      2. Love is flowing.
      3. And all of the wheels of life are lubricated.
  3. You must see this, that:

"Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it."

    1. This statement must not be used as a cliche.
    2. It must not be used as a quotation.
    3. It must not be used as an affirmation.
    4. It must be understood that it means this:
      1. Before undertaking any activity, have the actual experience of God contact.
      2. And have the inner assurance, "I am on the field."
        1. The God experience is not a mental one.
        2. And it is not an intellectual one.
        3. All that we know mentally or intellectually is merely a footstep leading to the experience of God contact or God realization (whatever term you wish to use) for the actual experience of being in the Presence of God and knowing it.
  1. Prayer, in its true sense, is a communion with God.
    1. It is not begging God.
    2. It is not beseeching God.
    3. It is not asking God.
    4. It is a communion with God:
      1. A communion with God can only be held in silence, even though at the start of that communion we may find it necessary to consciously remember some of these passages of scripture until the quiet descends upon us.
      2. Then begins the experience of prayer or communion in which, with a receptive heart and a quiet mind be still, and in a few minutes there comes that inner feeling of peace or release.
      3. Often the Voice Itself is heard with specific messages:
        1. But most often it is not the Voice.
        2. It is an awareness (a feeling of a presence within, a gentle presence, a restful or peaceful influence).
      4. Sometimes it comes as a release:
        1. As if, all of a sudden, the weight were gone off the shoulder;
        2. And then we know that we are in the Presence of God;
        3. And that Presence "goes before us to make the crooked places straight."
        4. This is the Presence that performeth that which is given us to do.
        5. Now we can say, "The house will be built. The watching will take place, for God is on the field."
  2. To "pray without ceasing":
    1. This is the sum and substance of the spiritual or mystical life.
    2. This means that on every occasion of day and night, we permit ourselves to have a conscious thought of God, in one way or another. (That is the Presence that performeth that which is given us to do.)
    3. There is an area of consciousness, always alive and alert, in which we are receptive to whatever may come, at any hour of the day or night:

"I am receptive and responsive to the divine impulse, even when I am asleep. I am never so deeply asleep that I cannot be quickly wakened by the Spirit if It has a message for me...a direction...a protection."

    1. It is not necessary to go to a convent to retire into a sanctuary of your own being. Everyone who really and truly is led of the Spirit will find dozens of opportunities during the day for this retiring within to realize God's Grace , and that is of course, the goal:
      1. When we arrive at that place where we no longer live by might, nor by power, not by physical might nor by mental power, but by the Grace of God.
      2. When the Grace of God performs our tasks through us, within us,
      3. When the Grace of God is ever at hand to advise, to instruct, to lead...THAT is the goal of the spiritual life.
      4. "In the world, but not of it."
      5. This world needs us in business, in schools, in politics and in court.
      6. But, it needs us there with the Presence of God abiding.
  1. It is intended that every man shall live by grace.
    1. Every man shall be of the Kingdom of God.
    2. Every man shall serve as a minister, in the capacity where he is, in business, in court, or in school.
      1. But carrying the spiritual integrity that he expects of his teacher,
      2. Carrying those same Christ-like qualities into this world.
    3. Thereby, transforming this earth to heaven.
  2. Heaven and earth you know are one.
    1. It is all a state of consciousness.
    2. You make your heaven or you make your hell.
    3. There is no paradise:

Paradise is the state of being which you are when you have learned to live in God's Grace, through God's Grace to abide in the Word, and let the Word abide in you.

  1. The reason for the discords of this world is because God is not in this world.
    1. God is only where God is consciously realized. Where God is realized, the Grace of God is in expression through peace, integrity, health, safety, and security.
    2. Paul made it so clear: You are not children of God except, "If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you."
      1. He made it so clear that a human being does not please God, and does not live under the law of God.
      2. But when that same human being receives the Spirit of God in him, then does he become the Son of God. Then does he live under God's Grace.
    3. Do not go around prating about God, talking about God, but instead, focus on attaining God realization...
      1. God must be to us a living experience,
      2. And the Bible must be to us a living book.
    4. Wherever the Spirit of God enters the consciousness of an individual, he is set free, at least to some extent, from the inequalities of this world, the lacks, the limitations, the diseases, the desires.
      1. Even a grain of God realization is sufficient to set us apart from most of the world's miseries.
        1. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" is a principle of life.
        2. The Spirit of the Lord is where it is consciously realized.
      2. It is true that God fills all space, but the activity of God is where God is realized in the consciousness of those who live in the Word and let the Word live in them.
  2. The 15th Chapter of John is the summary of the entire mystical life of man and contains the entire secret of man's harmonious, immortal and eternal life, even on earth.
    1. Only in the abiding in this spiritual realization is one connected with the Vine and the Tree.
    2. If you abide in this Word, if you let Me abide in you, you will bear fruit richly,
      1. For you are the branch.
      2. I am the Vine.
      3. God is the Tree.
      4. If you do not keep this Word (God) in your mind, soul, consciousness, you will be as a branch that is cut off and withereth.
      5. You will live a life of chance.
    3. Spiritual man does not live by chance; the man who has the Word of God abiding in him is a Son of God, living under the Grace of God.
      1. Pray without ceasing, but do not pray for food or housing or companionship, or money, or employment. It profiteth you nothing.
      2. Do not pray nearly as much for your friends as you do for your enemies:

"Pray for your enemies that ye may be the Sons of God."

  1. The Master has laid out for us a code of life which we can follow. It is not only for those in monasteries. It is for those of us who walk this business world, this outside life.
    1. We can be prospered in our business, in our professions, in our arts and in our sciences by the Presence of God.
    2. We can be protected, fed, maintained and sustained by the Presence of God in whatever activity we engage in, as long as that activity is not a violation of the Holy Spirit.
      1. If your activity is in violation of God's Law, and the prayer is sincere enough, you can be lifted out of that occupation into another.
      2. The mission of the Christ on earth was to forgive sinners, not to condemn them.
        1. He never sent them into outer darkness. He forgave them.

"Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more."

        1. His whole mission was one of showing forth God's Grace where you are, and letting that Grace lift you out of where you are.
  1. Where we are now in life is the result of the erroneous states of consciousness that have governed us.
    1. There is no place where you can be (in heaven, hell, in the valley of the shadow of death) where you cannot reach out to God and be reached and lifted out.
    2. There is only one price -- sincerity and integrity.
      1. Lip service, when we are in trouble, brings us few answers, if any.
      2. Too many say, "Oh Lord! Lord!" when they are in deep trouble, but have not yet reached the state of integrity to mean it. As is so often proven when they get out of the trouble, then go back to sin again.
        1. The Master warned against that state of thought.
        2. "Neither do I condemn thee, but go and sin no more."
      3. Regardless of where you are at any given moment (on your death bed or in sin), if the turning to God is not merely to overcome the present evil, but really with a sense of repentance (a sense of God realization),
        1. Then it is possible to go from one extreme to another.
        2. Francis Thompson did this when he went from the gutter, as a drug addict, to one of England's great mystics.
    3. Let us never (with ourselves or those that come to us for help) take the attitude of condemnation.
      1. Regardless of the way they may be at any given moment, let us accept them at face value and give them every bit of help we can.
      2. If we help them out and they do not hold it, that is their affair.
      3. If their own insincerity prevents their being helped, that is their affair.
      4. Our part is not to judge, criticize or condemn.
      5. We do have our God realization to offer those who seek us, and how it changes their lives is something for them to ponder and to demonstrate.
  2. In our meditations (the periods of quiet listening in which the inner ear is opened as if to hear the Voice of God), always remember that, "when God utters His Voice, the earth melteth."
    1. If you receive a spiritual impulse within you, remember that the particular problem is melting, disappearing out of your life.
    2. Never forget that it is an impossibility to attain even a blink of an eye of God realization and not have some problem of human experience dissolve.
    3. So in the second part of our prayer or meditation,
      1. We are almost a vacuum.
      2. We are a transparency.
      3. We are a state of awareness as if expecting some inner unfoldment, some inner feeling or some inner experience.
        1. We dare not outline what it is, because we do not know the nature of God's demonstration for us.
        2. We must always have the attitude in our prayer..."Not my will be done, but Thine."
    4. No prayer must ever be advising God, or seeking in any way to influence God.
      1. If you are not receiving God's Grace, it is only because you are out of contact.
      2. Bring yourself back in contact and the Grace will flow.
      3. God is the Infinite Intelligence of this universe, and He knoweth your need before you do.
      4. Therefore, go to God a humble soul, an empty soul.
        1. "Fill me Lord, be Thou my Grace."
        2. That is all, and when God realization takes place, you will find your needs will be fulfilled, for God is a Law of fulfillment.
      5. Let it not be believed that mortal man is wiser than God.
        1. "God's rain falls on the just and the unjust."
        2. Make the contact and you will find God's Grace flowing.
      6. Never will you have to tell God what you need or want.
    5. If you open yourself as we do (let God fill your consciousness), God fills the need of everyone who has been drawn into your consciousness.
      1. You may not ever know in what way or to what degree (nor is it your business to know), how God blesses, to what extent or whom.
      2. Your part is to be a transparency for God.
        1. When Jesus was healing multitudes, I am sure that Jesus did not concern himself with whether it was Jones, Brown, or Smith that was healed or to what extent.
        2. He was the Son of God abiding in the Word, letting the Word abide in him, and the Spirit of God flowed through him and It healed the multitudes.
      3. That is our function: to bless.
        1. Not that we have virtues to bless, but that our presence, when we are a humble transparency, becomes the blessing.
        2. Because we are the instrument through which God's Grace flows.

The Reason For Treatment and Its Use

The Reason For Treatment and Its Use


The Reason For Treatment and Its Use

(From 1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 6 Side 1)

  1. As a human being you are a pendulum.
    1. You are acted upon.
    2. You move in accordance with whichever thoughts in the air may move you.
    3. This ought not to be because you were given dominion over everything between the sky and the waters beneath the earth.
    4. You were given dominion by the Grace of God.
      1. Instead of taking dominion though, we wake up in the morning and leave our minds a perfect blank for anybody to operate on or in, for anybody to influence whichever way the wind blows.
      2. It is for this reason that, as humans, the world experiences those things that it does.
    5. These are the people who have some dominion over their own lives,
      1. Those who are willing to take the driver's seat in their mind and to govern their own thinking and to decide what they wish to think,
      2. We have been taught how to do that.
  2. As humans, the power of thought acting on us influences us. Let me make it clear, the following examples are in no way prayer. They are examples that are strictly on the mental level.
    1. As is illustrated in the recent book written by a minister on the effect of prayer on plants,
      1. He experimented with hundreds of plants and with all different types, always the experiment was the same.
      2. If you had people sit before these plants and think right thoughts, they blossomed.
      3. If they thought negative thoughts, the plants shriveled and they died.
    2. In the experience of the Hawaiian Kahunas,
      1. There were the good Kahunas who thought right thoughts, blessed thoughts about you, and you prospered, you were healed, and you were blessed.
      2. The bad Kahuna sent the wrong thoughts at you, and you developed troubles or became sick.
    3. In Arabia they raise the very finest horses in the world.
      1. What makes the Arabian horse the finest?
        1. It is the only country in the world where, when the mare is in foal, a man of the Mosque goes out every single day into the stable and reads to it from the Holy Koran, their Scripture.
        2. He reads love and truth and life, and they bring forth the finest.
    4. In our work we find that when women are pregnant and carrying their children:
      1. If they are immersed in this work and read the scriptures, spiritual literature, and meditate, they go through their pregnancy with less trouble than generally is the case.
      2. They also bring forth harmony in the experience of their children.
  3. The whole of what I am saying is this:
    1. You govern your surroundings by the nature of what is taking place in your consciousness.
    2. You can make people love you very easily, and you can make them dislike you even more easily.
    3. To be received joyfully, it is only necessary for you to live constantly in the realization that wherever you travel, or whomever you travel with or among, that:
      1. These are children of God.
      2. These are God's creation.
      3. God made you in His image and likeness.
      4. God planted Himself in the midst of you.
      5. God gave unto you His mind, His life, His soul.
      6. You are not saying this aloud to anybody:
        1. You are thinking this within your own mind.
        2. You are seeing the spiritual identity enthroned.
        3. You are not judging by appearances,
        4. You are judging righteous judgment.
    4. Always realize that regardless of the human conduct of any individual, within them is the seed of God, Divinity.
      1. The Kingdom of God is within them.
      2. The Kingdom of Love is within them.
      3. The Kingdom of Life is within them.
      4. The Kingdom of Truth is within them.
        1. The fact that they have not awakened to it has nothing to do with it.
        2. "Know ye not that you are the Temple of God?"
        3. "Know ye not that your body is the Temple of God?"
    5. That is addressed to mankind. By realizing that as an habitual state of thought, we are holding the Truth of Being in our consciousness.
      1. Our treatment is a recognition of the Truth, not an attempt to change anyone.
      2. "I know thee, whom thou art"...Whom?..."The Son of God."
      3. That is a treatment.
  4. With our own lives, we have thought of occupying space from here to the ground and thinking that this is me:
    1. And here I am in a world of billions of people.
    2. I am nothing.
    3. What chance do I have against so much competition?...
    4. Who am I?...
    5. How am I going to achieve anything, me, just an unknown against the world?
    6. That is the appearance,
      1. That is the way it looks in the mirror,
      2. But the mirror does not testify truly.
      3. I am not just something that goes from here to the ground.
      4. There is an invisible bond between me and the Tree of Life, which we call God.
      5. From the Life which is God flows that Life and becomes me.
      6. Now it is different. I am not a little fellow. I am not a nobody.
        1. The Life of God is my Life.
        2. The Mind of God is my Mind.
        3. The Soul of God is my soul.
        4. God even becomes my body.
        5. My Infinite invisible body is the Temple of God.
  5. As an example of abiding in the truth, take the one about the coconut tree.
    1. I look out of my window and I see a coconut tree, and I see a coconut on that tree. All of a sudden, I am reminded of Jesus' statement that:

"If you abide in the Word, and let the Word abide in you, you will bear fruit richly. If you do not abide in the Word and let the Word abide in you, you will be as the branch of the Tree that is cut off and withereth."

    1. Now you look back at this coconut and you say, "It is on the tree. It is connected with the tree"; and that is right, it is a beautiful coconut. It is a healthy looking coconut; and if I examine it, I will find that it has the hard shell...and it has the soft meat...and it has the liquid milk inside. That is because it is in its rightful place hanging on the tree, connected with the tree.
    2. Why is that connection with the tree so important?
      1. If it were not connected with the tree, it would have only itself, but while it is connected with the tree, the Life that is coming up through the roots and the trunk and the branches is flowing right out into that coconut; and that Life is forming the shell and the meat and the milk.

There is really no such thing as a coconut.

      1. There is the Life of the tree which is forming itself externally as a coconut.
        1. It would not be doing that if it were not attached to the tree, though.
        2. It never would get to be a complete coconut.
        3. In its attachment to the tree though, the Life of the tree, the Invisible Life of the tree flowing through the tree, flows out of the tree and becomes a coconut.
        4. It becomes the hard shell, it becomes the soft meat and it becomes the liquid milk.
    1. That invisible Life flows out and forms heart, liver, lungs, and all there is to my body.
      1. It forms my character.
      2. It forms my intelligence.
      3. It forms my love.
    2. "I and my Father are one," like the coconut and the tree is one.
      1. The tree is one form.
      2. The coconut is the manifested form.
  1. God is the Tree of Life.
    1. The Life.
    2. I am the form which It assumes in individual expression.
    3. I...and you...and he...and she...and It.
    4. Now, the Life of God is mine (the love, mind and intelligence, the wisdom, guidance and the direction of God is mine).
    5. Now I can say, "I am the Son of God."
      1. What a different feeling that is than what I saw in the mirror.
      2. We call this giving ourselves a treatment.
        1. We do not want to change anything.
        2. We are declaring that which is true, but which was not evident to the five physical senses:

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

    1. Once I separate myself from the Tree of Life, I wither and die..
      1. How do I separate myself from that Tree of Life, from the flow of Life Eternal?

By shutting it out of my mind.

      1. My Divine consciousness is the connecting link.
      2. What takes place in my consciousness gives me my oneness with God. What does not take place in my consciousness constitutes the separation.
  1. You must consciously know the truth:
    1. And the truth will make you free;
    2. But if you walk around in a vacuum, with no thought of your contact with God, your relationship with God, you will not make any progress in this work.
    3. The only contact there is between you and God must take place within your consciousness,
      1. And if it does not take place there, it is not taking place.
      2. Then you are like all of the other humans walking up and down the earth wondering what moment they will be devastated by an accident, or a sin, or a disease, a strike or a depression.
        1. Always pushed around by the forces over which they seemingly have no control,
        2. But over which they actually have supreme control at every minute.
        3. If only they will take possession of their own thinking and focus correctly on fourth dimensional reality.
      3. Now it is not thinking that makes it so.
      4. It is your relationship with God that makes it so.
      5. It is your consciously bringing it to remembrance that establishes it in demonstration.
  2. Treatment does not make you the Son of God.
    1. That you are.
    2. Treatment does not bring God into your experience.
      1. It is already there, but it is not doing you a bit of good if you do not know the truth.
      2. When you know the truth, the truth can make you free...but you must know the truth, and we call that specific treatment.
        1. Why specific treatment?
        2. You must specifically know the truth about your fellow man.
    3. If you are at one with the Tree, the Life of that Tree is maintaining you and sustaining you even as It forms you.
      1. As a matter of fact, It did not form you...It formed Itself as you;
      2. That is a specific treatment about you, and your mind, and your body.
    4. In the same way, suppose you were suffering from some bodily ill that had to do with organs or functions of the body.
      1. Suppose you were to realize that those organs and functions separate and apart from God would not function and could not function.
      2. Since they cannot move of themselves, they cannot function.
        1. Like my hand, it cannot give and it cannot withhold of itself.
        2. It remains motionless until I move it.
      3. So it is with the heart, liver and lungs.
        1. They are just dead pieces of matter unless there is an "I" to move them; and when there is an "I" to move them, they cannot resist.
        2. The heart cannot say, "I will not beat."
        3. Digestive organs cannot say, "I will not digest," not if you are there and realize that you are governing the heart, liver and lungs, digestive organs and eliminative organs.
      4. God is the Law unto your body.
        1. And you will change the picture that says your body is a law unto you.
        2. When you become aware of spiritual truth, you look at this body and say:

"Why, of yourself you are nothing. You cannot be sick or well."

      1. The Father within you has dominion over your body, and governs the actions and functions of your body and muscles and intelligence.
    1. This is treatment. It is not aimed, remember, at changing anything. It is knowing the truth so that you can have the benefit of the truth operating for you..
  1. God created your body. God maintains your body and sustains your body; and if you let weather and climate affect it, do not forget that you are letting it happen. You are giving it power, because you are not asserting your dominion by knowing the truth.
    1. In dealing with infection and contagion...did God create some form of life to be destructive to another form of life? No! The appearance testifies to that, but if you know the truth, you annihilate that because the truth is.
    2. God has not empowered anything to be destructive.
    3. God's power is constructive.
      1. His is knowing specific truth, and this we call treatment.
      2. You are not treating anybody but yourself; and your treatment consists of knowing the truth about any given situation,
      3. And there is a spiritual truth about every specific situation.
    4. You do not have to find out what these truths are now. When the occasion comes up, turn within and the Father will give you the truth, and with the truth will give you the freedom.
  2. If you do not know the principles of life, you cannot live it very well.
    1. Life is going to be more or less accidental.
    2. But, the moment you know the principles of life and you take them into your consciousness, and you remember them every time there is an opposing belief about them, or a suggestion, then you are knowing the truth, or giving a specific treatment.
    3. It would appear to us that as human beings we are always struggling to be successful, or to get by, or to do as well as we should.
      1. If we succeed, we think we are pretty smart.
      2. And if we do not, we are apt to blame all of the circumstances in the world except ourselves.
      3. It is always the other fellow's fault, but it is never the fault of our not knowing the principles of life to live by.
  3. Practicing the Presence of God is a specific treatment.
    1. The appearance is that we are going through life.
    2. We are living our life and not having too much success.
    3. But the specific truth is that, "He that is within me is greater than he that is in the world;"... "He performeth that which is given me to do"... that there is a "Presence that goes before me to make the crooked places straight."
    4. What a difference in my life when I bring those truths to conscious remembrance:
      1. Bringing those truths to conscious remembrance is specific treatment.
      2. That is, a specific treatment against the sense of separation which would make it appear that we ourselves have to make success of our lives as though we did not have a big partner, the Father within.
    5. Every time we remember, "There is a Father within," we are giving a specific treatment which corrects the belief that we are alone in the world.
  4. Do you not see that there is a God, but It is not operating in our experience until we specifically admit It?
    1. By opening our consciousness to It,
    2. By learning the truths of life and putting those truths into operation through conscious awareness, that is how we take dominion...through truth.
      1. Not that I of myself am anything,
      2. Not that I of my own self can be anything,
      3. Not that I of my own self can do anything,
      4. But by virtue of this truth entertained in my consciousness I am set free. Free of what? Limitation, disease, death and sin. (There is no other way.)
    3. It takes conscious thought, conscious knowing of the truth, conscious application to problems that confront us.
  5. Do you not know that when you get in your car to drive, that if you do not wish to be a statistic on the road, you had better consciously realize that God is not only your Consciousness at the wheel, but God is the Consciousness of every individual on the road.
    1. You must pray before you get into a car, and pray while you are in it, and pray when you get out of it: "Thank Thee Father for Thy presence at this wheel and at the wheel of every car on the road."
    2. By consciously bringing the truth to bear, you keep yourself alert.
    3. You insure that everyone else is going to be alert, if you are knowing that God is at their wheel.
  6. Spiritually speaking, every business transaction is performed for the benefit of the other person. That is why it is performed.
    1. When someone sells us a book, it is not so that they can make money. It's because they are serving our need for that book. The making of the money should be incidental to the service.
    2. Whatever the sale, our object in the business world is to serve the needs of the other fellow, and feel when he comes into our shop or office. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity of blessing you."
    3. One need never worry about going broke while that is his attitude. If a man were in business, that would have to be a specific treatment on his part every day.
    4. When you go into business, take God as your partner.
      1. Business is not cold, cruel or mercenary unless the individual running the business has not learned the principles of life.
      2. If he has learned the principles of life, it is necessary for him occasionally to remind himself of those principles, and we call that treatment. We give ourselves a treatment.
    5. Just as my lecture halls...Do you think I would come to one of these meetings without consciously remembering that whoever enters the door is entering the door of my consciousness , and that, therefore, I must meditate in order to have the Presence of God there for them to meet? If they are at all receptive, when they come in they feel the sense of peace.
  7. Spiritual healing work can only be successful through the consciousness of a person who knows that there are not two powers in the world...good and evil (and who is not eternally trying to get one power to do something to another power?)
    1. This takes training and a lot of self treatment because every single person that comes to you for help for a sick body or a sick mind, instantly arouses in you the desire to want to do something to that disease.
      1. You want a power to overcome it, or destroy it, or to remove it, and you lose, you can't win.
      2. If you "take up the sword," you will lose.
      3. If you want to do spiritual healing, you have to maintain yourself in the consciousness which is always saying to Pilate, "Thou couldest have no power over me" (whether Pilate is a man, a sin, a disease or unemployment), because there is only one power...and that's God.
    2. Do you see how much treatment you have to give yourself to be able to live in the conviction that there is only one power, and that you do not use God?
      1. You do not use truth to overcome or destroy.
      2. You realize Truth to be the only power.
      3. In our work, we know there is only one power, but we do not know it well enough ever to stop giving ourselves treatments to remind ourselves: The presence of the world is so great, and the fear is so great, that every time someone comes to us with a serious sin or disease, we look around for a God to help us do something to it.
    3. In spiritual healing we succeed only in proportion as we can attain an inner conviction that:
      1. God is the only power.
      2. Life is the only creative power and the only maintaining and sustaining power.
      3. God has no opposite and no opposition.
      4. We are not using God to heal a disease.
    4. This is difficult because all theology has taught us that we can find a God to do something for us.
    5. All material law tells us of two powers, good and evil; and every mental law is made up of both good and evil.
      1. There are two powers in the mental realm.
      2. Once you reach the spiritual realm there are not two powers.
      3. There is only one, and you reach that spiritual power by specifically knowing the truth: This is treatment.
    6. Treatment is whatever I have to tell myself (to remind myself) of what is already truth.
      1. A treatment is not a treatment to do something to somebody.
      2. A treatment is something I give myself.
        1. First of all, to enlighten me as to the truth of being.
        2. Secondly, to keep calling to my conscious awareness the reminder of this truth forever and forever.
        3. To remind myself, God is...God already knows.
        4. It is "God's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom."
      3. This is knowing the truth, and it is knowing the truth that sets you free from the appearance ...not from anything real... from the appearance.

Bread for the Body: Hyacinths for the Soul

Bread for the Body: Hyacinths for the Soul


Bread for the Body: Hyacinths for the Soul

(From 1959 Maui Advanced Work Tape 6 Side 2)

If these tapes are properly studied, they can prove to be the most important work you have ever undertaken in the message of The Infinite Way. It will depend upon what you put into it though, as you will not get more out of these tapes than you put in. The tapes are words, but the words only take importance as they become interpreted in your consciousness.

The meaning I put into them is a direct result of 30 years of this work, but how much you get out of them will depend on how much you put into them. These tapes are especially important because they deal with the subject of treatment:

  1. The purpose of treatment is the development of spiritual consciousness. Treatment is not aimed at healing diseases, or getting supply, or more harmonious relationships. Treatment has one specific purpose and that is developing spiritual consciousness. Let me illustrate how that is accomplished:
    1. In the material state of consciousness under which we were born, the greatest reality is matter and material force. That is what we fear the most, and that is what we love the most.
    2. We love it the most in the form of money, jewelry, property and investments.
    3. We fear it the most in the form of bullets, poisons and germs.
    4. Matter, in one form or another, is the object of our love and of our hate.
    5. In another sense, it's something that we use in the form of material force,
      1. Whether it is water power or electrical power, material force is what we use to attain good.
      2. But we use material force also for destructive purposes and to kill.
      3. So to us in the material consciousness, matter and material force make up the most of our lives.
  2. Spiritual consciousness is the opposite of material consciousness. Spiritual consciousness neither loves matter or its forms, nor does it hate it or fear it.
    1. Again we can turn to money, jewelry, property and investments.
      1. We do not love them, but in our human experience, we need them and we use them.
      2. We have every right to an abundance of them; but not to love, hate or fear them.
      3. Just to use them for their legitimate purposes.
    2. We have to make the transition from loving those things, to coming to the place where we:
      1. Enjoy them.
      2. And use them.
      3. And share them.
      4. That is coming to spiritual consciousness.
    3. On the other side, the matter that we have come to hate or fear (in the forms of poisons, germs or bullets), we have come to make the transition of not hating them or fearing them, because we have learned that they have no power.

They cannot of themselves do anything to us, except by our consent, or common consent.

    1. This is not easy, as we were born and brought up to fear germs. We were born and brought up to fear bullets and bombs, and hate many forms of matter and material force. We were born and brought up to depend on other forms of matter in the forms of medicine, lights and electrical energy.
    2. To make the transition to where we are no longer dependent on these forms is impossible unless we have help.
      1. It can be accomplished, though, by anyone with a will:
        1. A desire for it.
        2. An inner impulsion toward it.
        3. But, the way of it is that word, treatment.
        4. We have to remember that: There is a spiritual truth with which to meet every problem of human existence.
  1. The greatest problem there is, of human existence, is being a human being in a world of billions.
    1. Because we have no way to get along.
    2. We have no way to keep up, much less pass, the crowd.
    3. If a human being realizes though, "I, of my own self, can do nothing,"
      1. Then they are ready for the next step. Then they learn that:
        1. "Man shall not live by bread alone":
        2. Nor by human activities.
        3. Nor by human thoughts.
        4. Or even by studies,
        5. "But by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
      2. One of the first treatments for a sense of insufficiency, in any way, would be that remembrance.
      3. To rise from human consciousness to spiritual consciousness, we must consciously know the truth.
      4. Meditate and cogitate on scriptural passages until an inner grace takes over and says:

"This is what it means. 'I' am with you."

    1. In the same way you find it in those passages, we took up in the teaching of practicing the presence on Tape 5, Side 2 of the Maui Advanced Work class.
      1. Anyone who practices the presence of God through taking into their consciousness those particular passages soon finds they are no longer one of the billions.
      2. They are no longer driftwood on the sea.
        1. They have become the sea.
        2. They are now part of the whole ocean.
        3. They are no longer just a wave on the sea.
        4. They have the whole ocean to maintain them and sustain them and push them on to their destiny.
      3. We now learn we are not a helpless person in the world, but we are an individual.

A son of God.
Heir of God.
Joint-heir with Christ.
You are not a mortal.

      1. "If so be, the Spirit of God dwells in you."

"If you abide in the Word and let the Word abide in you."

1.      Now you have the feeling of being something, being somebody, not of yourself, but because of the Grace of God.

2.      That is treatment.

3.      By using those passages of scripture you have treated yourself out of material human consciousness into spiritual, divine sonship consciousness.

4.      You have done it by consciously knowing the truth, and it releases you into your spiritual nature

  1. As an example of abiding in the truth, take the one about the coconut tree.
    1. I look out of my window and I see a coconut tree, and I see a coconut on that tree. All of a sudden, I am reminded of Jesus' statement that:

"If you abide in the Word, and let the Word abide in you, you will bear fruit richly. If you do not abide in the Word and let the Word abide in you, you will be as the branch of the Tree that is cut off and withereth."

    1. Now you look back at this coconut and you say, "It is on the tree. It is connected with the tree"; and that is right, it is a beautiful coconut. It is a healthy looking coconut; and if I examine it, I will find that it has the hard shell...and it has the soft meat...and it has the liquid milk inside. That is because it is in its rightful place hanging on the tree, connected with the tree.
    2. Why is that connection with the tree so important?
      1. If it were not connected with the tree, it would have only itself, but while it is connected with the tree, the Life that is coming up through the roots and the trunk and the branches is flowing right out into that coconut; and that Life is forming the shell and the meat and the milk.

There is really no such thing as a coconut.

      1. There is the Life of the tree which is forming itself externally as a coconut.

a.       It would not be doing that if it were not attached to the tree, though.

b.      It never would get to be a complete coconut.

c.       In its attachment to the tree though, the Life of the tree, the Invisible Life of the tree flowing through the tree, flows out of the tree and becomes a coconut.

d.      It becomes the hard shell, it becomes the soft meat and it becomes the liquid milk.

      1. Now we begin to see why we read in the scripture, "Son thou art ever with me. All that I have is thine."
      2. All that the life of that tree has flows out into the coconut, and the coconut has it all, and it has it in the forms that it needs, the hard shell, the soft meat and the liquid milk.
  1. We think we do not have enough education or enough brains to really accomplish what we want in life, but we sit down to give ourselves a treatment on that subject, and we revert to the coconut tree and the coconut on it, and then remember, surely, the coconut does not have enough of anything.
    1. But by virtue of its contact with the tree, the Whole of Life, the Invisible Life is pouring itself into that coconut and it becomes the hard shell, the soft meat and the liquid milk.
      1. The coconut could have said, "I of my own self am nothing."
      2. Ah, yes, but because I abide in this tree, all that the tree has is mine.
      3. And then again our shoulders go up. We have given ourselves a treatment about a sense of separation from good.
    2. We realize now that, if God is the Intelligence of this Universe and I and my Father are one, then the God Intelligence is pouring Itself into expression as my individual intelligence, just as the life of the coconut tree is pouring itself forth as the milk and the meat and the shell.
  2. Now we see that by obeying the 15th Chapter of John and by, "Abiding in the Word and letting the Word abide in us," that the Mind of God is flowing as our divine realization of truth, becoming the upraised Christ of our Being.
    1. "Have that mind in you which was also in Christ Jesus."
      1. How do you have it?

By your contact with the Mind of God.

      1. How do you have the contact with the Mind of God?

a.       By consciously knowing the truth,

b.      And the truth is:

The perfect Mind of God is my Mind.

The Life of God is my life.

      1. Because the Mind of God is available to my mind and if I did not have any education, Infinite Intelligence would tell me everything I need to know.
      2. Because the Life of God is my life..."I" am eternal.

1.      Because "I" am eternal, "I" shall live out my span on this plane of life fulfilling myself.

2.      And then when that is past, "I" shall drop this experience and advance on to a higher one.

3.      It is not given in the nature of things for anything to remain static.

4.      Anything that stands still must die, but we do not stand still.

5.      The Consciousness of God fills us and the Life of God fills us.

          1. From an infant we become a youth.
          2. From youth we become young men and women.
          3. From that we become mature, but do you think we stop at any given point and say that this is full attainment?
          4. No, we go on to the ripeness of years.
  1. If you want greater intelligence, greater experience, greater maturity turn within and realize your conscious oneness with God.
    1. And understand that the invisible Mind and the invisible Life which is God is now forming Itself as your mind and your life.
    2. Then you will find you are not cut off, and you will not wither at 60 or 65.
    3. You will begin to mature at that time, and like our great composers and authors who did their greatest works at 80 and 82, so will you.
    4. The more you mature (or what the world calls "age"), the riper you will be,
      1. Because you have turned to your spiritual center for it.
      2. To do this consciously, constitutes treatment,
      3. Do you see as a result of that treatment (and that treatment kept up over a period of time), it automatically turns from treatment to realization?
  2. At times, the organs and the functions of the body will not work, or they work too fast or too slow.
    1. There is a spiritual treatment, a spiritual realization that meets that, and it is this:
      1. Spiritual Mind [Consciousness] is the substance of matter; Spiritual Mind [Consciousness] is the substance of all physical form.
      2. Spiritual Mind [Consciousness] constitutes the REAL infinite invisible body.
    2. Spiritual Mind [Consciousness], the invisible activity, appears visibly at our level of awareness.
      1. That is why my hand responds to direction. It is mind...up, down, left, right. The hand does that. Why? Is the hand intelligent? No. The hand has intelligence. Every single cell of flesh, blood, muscle and bone has a center of intelligence in it, and it responds to me. What is the difference between my hand, my heart, or liver or lungs? They are all different parts of the one body, and they are all responsive to your direction.
      2. When you are going out on the road driving, of course, the human picture is that you are a good driver, but not the other fellow. Do not go out on the road and just hope that nothing is going to hit you, but sufficiently give yourself a treatment and realize:

a.       The Divine Mind [Consciousness] of God is my mind, but do I have a monopoly on that? Am I some favored pet? No.

b.      This must be a universal truth.

      1. Spiritual Mind [Consciousness] sits at the wheel of every car on the road.

a.       Divine Intelligence governs every being.

b.      This is praying for your friends and for your enemies.

c.       God is the Intelligence of every man and every machine (even machinery is subject unto the activity of the one Infinite Intelligence).

      1. When you sufficiently treat yourself, your treatment becomes a law of safety and security unto that entire road.

a.       You do that every single time you step into your car, until the day comes when you step into your car and you start to do it, and a smile comes to your face and you say: "That I know."

b.      You do not have to go through the treatment anymore because now the treatment is giving itself to you.

c.       It is reminding you that you need not fear.

"I have gone before you to make the crooked places straight," and

"I have gone before you to prepare these mansions of safety and security and peace and joy and harmony unto you."

  1. When you constantly and consciously live with the truth that there is a Divine Presence within you that never leaves you nor forsakes you, that goes before you, that uplifts you, supplies you, supports you, sustains you and that you are never alone in the world because you are..."Heir of God and joint-heir with Christ in God."

When you live in that constant consciousness of truth, you are in a constant state of treatment.

  1. Always remember that you will never have dominion over your universe unless you assert it, unless you declare it or assume it.
    1. If you want liberty and freedom, you have to deserve it by doing your part.
      1. You are not going to get it by depending on government leaders.
      2. You have to put leaders there that you feel are dedicated to freedom, liberty and justice, and ones that will not be idly sitting by doing nothing.
      3. If you do not want diseased bodies, and if you do not want sinful minds, make up your minds that you will have to take dominion of your bodies and your minds.

1.      You cannot sit back waiting for a mysterious God, because a mysterious God will not do it.

2.      Somebody, somewhere, must say... "Take possession of your own mind and of your own body, and bring the light of God and the glory of God to you."

  1. We, individually, do not have to be a victim of the sins or the diseases of this world, not if you want to take possession of your mind and body and think things through.
    1. Give yourself treatments until such time as spiritual inspiration has come and has replaced the need for treatment.
    2. We have come to a place in society (it is an evolutionary process) where there are not many capitalists in the world who will not tell you that their safety, security and capital depends on the progress, the contentment and the abundance of their employees.
    3. This civilization really is demonstrating, within the structure of capitalism, a love thy neighbor attitude.
      1. Not the old society who called out the militia to shoot down the men who wanted $1.50 a day...that is gone.
      2. We are in a higher civilization.
      3. Not only that, but we are not in the civilization anymore where we live only for our own nation.
      4. We are recognizing our duties to other nations, the have-not nations, to a greater extent than ever before.
      5. That is higher civilization.

a.       This is a higher civilization than has ever before been known.

b.      There are more educated people in this world today than have ever been known in the history of the world;

c.       And they get free education wherever they want it.

d.      We also have more art galleries to go to and more museums to go to...and all are provided for us to enjoy.

e.       That is high civilization.

  1. In the civilization of the future, they will settle their disagreements by sitting at the table and discussing them.

Not thinking it must be solved in a week, let it take a month or a year, but in the meantime, staying peaceful.

  1. We do not live by might or by power, but by the Spirit of God.
    1. There is a fourth dimension in which you "do not live by bread alone."
    2. You do not live by physical strength alone.
    3. You do not live by cunning alone.
    4. There is a fourth dimension of consciousness to which you can turn, that is called:

The Father Within Me
Divine Consciousness
The Realm of God or
The Kingdom of God

    1. It is the fourth dimension, and it exists within you. Therefore, you can turn within, and you will find that it will appear outwardly as the very form of good that you need, whatever that form may be.
  1. As you know, I quote our Eastern friend, Omar Khayyam, so often..."If you only have two coppers, use one of them to buy a loaf of bread, but buy hyacinths with the other one...hyacinths for the soul."
    1. "So with us, if you only have one dollar, spend what you think you need of it for your physical needs, but be sure that you spend something for the benefit of your soul, because you will never live just by fulfilling your physical needs."
    2. You will only live the animal life, but you will not be feeding your cultural life.
    3. The museums, art galleries, concerts and symphonies give us hyacinths for the soul. (The cultural things that lift us above the animal.)

It is only when culture, when love for mankind enters the heart and the soul, that you are above an animal, and you can say, "I am a Son of God." You must have love for that. You must have brotherhood for that. You must have a philosophy for that; and you must have a religion for that.

    1. Every contribution we make in our communities toward seeing that there is a good orchestra and an art gallery, a museum and a university:
      1. Every such contribution is a contribution of hyacinths to lift mankind out of being an animal that fights for his living, strikes for his living, wars for his living.
      2. Those are animals, and you will not find them after the hyacinths have entered their souls.
      3. When you have a touch of music, art and brotherly love, you cannot come down to that level again, and you will not permit those around you to come down to that level again either.
  1. Behind it all is what you put into your spiritual studies and then draw out. You must do something about it.
    1. You must not be a pendulum, you must have command of your mind and of your body.
    2. You must insist that if half of your time must be in providing for your bread, the other half of your time must be in providing for your soul.
    3. Feed your body with bread, but feed your soul with truth, and do that by consciously knowing specific truths.
    4. We call this treatment.
    5. We also call this prayer.
    6. And ultimately, these will lift us into an atmosphere of inner communion with God.

Treatment and Meditation

Treatment and Meditation


Treatment and Meditation

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 3 Side 1)

  1. We have just had our usual meditation, but in this particular meditation, we began by assuming the position which is our natural birthright, of placing ourselves as superior to mind and body.
    1. That is, we took the word, "I", which I am. " I, Joel," that is a legitimate statement. There is an "I, Joel," there is an "I, Mary," or an "I, William." Whatever your name may be, you identify yourself with the name "I."
      1. Now that "I" is, of course, your Being, the being which you are.
      2. Your mind is something that you possess,
      3. And your body is something you possess.
      4. This mind is not you. Your body is not you.
      5. "I" am you, and I was given a mind and a body through which to perform my functions on earth.
    2. Remember, you are following me now because this is true of you. You were given a mind and a body.
      1. The mind is that instrument which you use for thinking purposes, reasoning purposes, or any purpose of awareness.
      2. Through your mind, you think.
      3. Through your mind, you receive decisions, judgments.
      4. But the body is a physical instrument, and it takes its orders from you through the mind.
    3. I say to this hand, "up,"
      1. And the mind communicates that to the hand,
      2. And the hand obeys the mind, which, in turn, obeys me.
    4. But, I must have dominion over the mind and over the body.
      1. Suppose I do not exercise that dominion which was given me by God in the beginning.
      2. Suppose I turn to the mind for its judgment or to the body for its conduct.
        1. I would soon be in all kinds of trouble,
        2. And those who have not learned to accept the dominion over mind and body are in trouble much of the time.
    5. The mind was given to you. The body was given to you, and dominion was given to you.
    6. When you sit down in meditation, the mind does not wish to be still; the mind does not wish to come under control.
      1. Not because it has a wish or a will of its own.
      2. Only because you have not assumed dominion;
      3. And it is accustomed to doing what it wants.
      4. We have trouble with our mind only because we have not learned to take dominion over it.
    7. In some ways, the body behaves better than the mind. But in other ways, the body is as unruly as the mind.
      1. It tries to determine for us when we are well, when we are sick, as though we had no dominion over health.
      2. Rightly understood, we have as much dominion over health as we have over morals, or as we have over the thinking mind.

And when we do not seem to have it, it is because we have not assumed dominion.

  1. Since our work teaches us that we must not use force, we must not take up the sword, we must not punish our mind or our body,
    1. We have recourse only to discipline,
      1. But not the harsh discipline of an unthinking parent over a child.
      2. Rather, the loving dominion that a wise parent, a mature parent, exercises over a child.
        1. Discipline with love.
        2. Discipline with gentleness.
        3. Discipline with peace and patience.
    2. We will learn to have dominion over the mind so that we can meditate.
      1. By gently taking dominion in the way that we have in this meditation,

"I say unto thee, peace be still." (I am addressing my mind.) "I say unto thee, peace be still."

"I say unto thee, peace be still. Fear not, fear not, God, in the midst of thee, is mighty. Fear not, not all the armies of the aliens. For God, in the midst of thee, is mighty. God's Peace give I unto thee. God's Grace give I unto thee...Peace...In quietness and in confidence shalt thou meditate. In stillness and in joy shalt thou receive God's Grace. Peace be unto thee... Peace...My peace give I unto thee...You need not battle. You need take no thought for what you shall eat, for what you shall drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed. God's Grace clothes thee. God's Grace feeds thee. Be still...Be still...and receive God's communion...Be still and hear the still small voice."

"You need not battle. You need not take thought. Be at peace...Be still...Nothing shall enter the mind that defileth or maketh a lie. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper. For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, there is peace, harmony, quietness, calmness, assurance. In God's presence is fullness of joy, fullness of life...abundance of good. Here where I am thou art. I need not fear what mortal man can do to me. No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper. They have only the arm of flesh. We have the Lord God Almighty."

      1. In this meditation:
        1. You have taken possession of your mind.
        2. And you have taken possession of your body.
        3. And you have acknowledged that all of this comes not by virtue of any qualities of your own, but because of the Presence of God, the Grace of God.
      2. The main thing that you accomplished was that you realized your own identity as separate from the mind and body,
        1. As having jurisdiction over mind and body,
        2. And you assumed that dominion.
        3. In ordinary human life, people do not realize that there is somebody called, "I"...and so the mind and the body seem to constitute all there is to them; and no one is then having dominion.
        4. In our work, it becomes necessary to know that there is someone called, "Joel," or "Bill" or "Mary."

" I, Joel, born of God, created in His image and likeness, governed, maintained and sustained by God, and by the Grace of God, I have a mind and I have a body. And these are the instruments given to me for specific purposes on earth."

      1. The value of this you will soon see when you are faced with a problem, whether your own, or whether the problem is concerning someone else who has turned to you for help, because you will then come into the subject of treatment.
  1. For many, many years we have taught in the metaphysical world that treatment and prayer were synonymous.
    1. This is not wholly true.
      1. It is only true in the sense that treatment is a form of prayer.
      2. But let us call it a much lower form of prayer.
    2. Actually, treatment is a preparation for prayer. Why is this?
      1. Prayer, itself, is a spiritual activity.
      2. Prayer is our communion with God.
      3. As a matter of fact, prayer in its highest sense, is God's impartation of Himself to us.
    3. Whether we take it from the standpoint of communion with God, or God's impartation of Himself to us, either of these is prayer.
      1. But neither the communion between God (our inner true selfhood) and ourselves as we appear to be, or the highest form (where prayer is an impartation from God to us within us), both of these are without words and thoughts.
      2. Therefore, we (more especially of the western world) cannot easily attain to the subject of prayer.
      3. But we can rise to it through that which we in metaphysics call "treatment."
    4. It is only now that, in many of the orthodox churches, they are realizing that a higher form of prayer than they have is necessary.

They are beginning now to accept these things that have been discovered and taught for the past 75 years in the metaphysical world, and which have always been known in the mystical world.

    1. Remember that it is not a question of right or wrong prayer...
      1. It is a question of degree of consciousness.
      2. In the human consciousness, it is necessary to start our prayer work with words and thoughts.
        1. In the metaphysical world, these are called "treatments."
        2. In the mystical world, they are called "realizations.
  1. The attainment of harmony is never accomplished by words or thoughts.
    1. That is why, although we have had churches for several thousands of years, there is no more harmony on earth with all of the prayers than there was in the days of the Hebrews.

They cannot bring spiritual harmony into this world through their petitions, or their praises, or adorations, or anything else that is expressed in words or thoughts.

    1. But, neither can the metaphysician bring spiritual harmony into his experience through the words and thoughts of a treatment.
    2. The words and the thoughts of a treatment are but the introductions.

These are but the aids given to us to lift us into that atmosphere where words and thoughts are no longer necessary, but leave us in an inner communion through which God's grace reaches us.

  1. There are mental sciences which do accomplish works of bringing harmony into people's experience through affirmations and denials.
    1. But this has no relationship to God or spiritual healing. (Except in the cases of those who, through their prayers and treatments, rise above the treatments into that atmosphere of God.)
    2. The reason is that when individuals rise as high in consciousness as to give themselves to a ministry, it automatically follows that regardless of what method they use, they do attain spiritual consciousness.
  2. We must rise above the mouthing of treatment into the atmosphere of God consciousness. But, the point I am making, is that you cannot eliminate that first stage of the treatment.
    1. Our students of The Infinite Way must not forget that:

You will only rise into the true atmosphere of prayer and God consciousness by a thorough understanding and practice of the subject of treatment.

Treatment means knowing the truth, consciously knowing the truth... Applying principles of truth in your mind.

    1. In order to do this you must first establish yourself as I, having dominion over mind and body.

For until you do that, you cannot give or receive a treatment correctly.

  1. Let us assume that someone has brought you a problem of supply.
    1. Remember now, that we are not in agreement with any of the metaphysical movements on the subject of treatment.
    2. To begin with:
      1. We never, under any circumstances, take the patient into our treatment.
      2. We never take their name into our thought.
        1. If they do not tell us their name, we do not ask it.
        2. We are not interested in their name or their identity, for our work has nothing to do with them, although they will receive the fruitage of it.
    3. How, you may ask, do they receive the fruitage of it instead of everyone else?
      1. Because they have brought themselves to our consciousness and made themselves a part of it by asking for our help.

"It is thy faith that has made thee whole."

      1. Do you believe that I can do this thing?
        1. You are the prime factor in your experience.
        2. And to whom you submit yourself, them will you obey, and from them will you receive.
        3. So, if you say to me, "Give me help," you have made the necessary contact with me--even if I do not know your name, or what you look like, or your identity.
      2. So, in our work, you must remember that the person does not enter the treatment:
        1. Or you have spoiled the treatment;
        2. And you have made that act as a barrier against the success of your treatment.
        3. You must not under any circumstances take the person into your thought.
    1. With that in mind, you have just been asked for help on the subject of supply.
      1. Now we take the next step and tell you:
        1. You must not take the claim into your meditation either.
        2. You cannot take lack or limitation, nor can you work on the subject of lack or limitation or abundance.
        3. Nor can you in any way handle that problem.
        4. There is only one thing that you can do, now that you have been asked for help on a problem of supply.
        5. You can turn from that person and you can turn from that problem and you can immediately begin to know the truth.
        6. Consciously know the truth.
      2. What truth?
        1. Well, your consciousness has just been given a temptation.
        2. You have just had an appearance presented to you, and so you must know the truth.
        3. Not about the problem, there is no truth about a problem,
      3. But there is a truth about the truth.
        1. And that truth is this (and this is the first thing that must reach your consciousness, although not necessarily in these words):
        2. The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.
        3. God constitutes the fulfillment of all being.
        4. God is the only supply.
        5. God does not belong to anybody, the earth does not belong to anybody, there is no one who can get supply.
        6. This earth, and all therein, is God's footstool.
        7. God constitutes this universe.
        8. God's Presence fills this universe.
        9. God is the only life and the only law unto this universe.
      4. Then as you begin to dwell consciously on truth, you begin to remember passages, all that bear out that:
        1. God alone is.
        2. "I" am the Bread of life.
        3. "I" am the Meat.
        4. "I" am the Water.
      5. Where is there an absence of "I"? Where is there an absence of God?
        1. "I" fills all space.
        2. "I" am here and "I" am there.
      6. Do you see where your treatment is?
        1. It is with statements of truth.
        2. Yes, it is with passages of scripture.
        3. Yes, but it is not on the level of supply or lack or limitation.
        4. It is on the level of spiritual truth.
      7. "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
    2. That is where the absence of supply is.
      1. In cutting themselves off from the only supply there is:
        1. The Word of God;
        2. The bread..the meat...the wine..the water;
        3. The Word itself;
        4. The realization of God's Presence.
      2. I have never seen the righteous begging bread.
      3. Do not think if you are obeying the Ten Commandments though, that you are righteous. That does not constitute righteousness. That merely constitutes good humanhood.
      4. Righteousness has to do with spiritual awareness.
  1. If you keep your treatment up there in either scriptural passages, metaphysical or mystical passages:
    1. Away from your patient:
    2. And away from their problems:
    3. But on the Truth of Being;
    4. You will eventually come to where you come out of thoughts and words.
    5. And then you settle back for the second half of your treatment.
  2. Here, too, this is where we are unique in our work, in that we do not consider a treatment of any value in and of itself,
    1. Only as a stepping stone to the second part of our treatment, which is that period in which we are through with our words and thoughts and our remembrances of spiritual passages.
    2. And now we say: "It's your turn God. Speak Lord, thy servant heareth."
    3. And then there is that period of listening, of waiting, of expectation, and then comes that inner peace...that something that enables you to know that God is on the field.

Not mentally declared, but spiritually realized... inwardly felt.

    1. Then you go on about your business, and your work is complete.
  1. Your patient may be an obstinate one.
    1. More especially, if your patient happens to be one who believes that they can just go on being an ordinary human being, and add to themselves God's Grace.
    2. I am sorry to say, too many metaphysicians really believe that all they have to do is come to some truth teaching and find the right person to say the right words, or do the right thing, and the blessings of God will come to them.
    3. That is far from true.
      1. Human beings have to yield themselves to God.
      2. There has to be a transformation of consciousness in the patient.
      3. There has to be some kind of a spiritual regeneration in the patient.
      4. There has to be some kind of yielding of the mortal sense in order to make room for spiritual awareness.
    4. It does not always follow that this transformation comes before the 1st or 2nd healing:
      1. But that is the reason that so many students do have several wonderful healings or demonstrations and then later find that it does not work anymore.
      2. In other words, they have benefited by the practitioners state of consciousness and now, not having yielded themselves, they come to the end of where it will work.
      3. The Master gave this as a principle when He said: "Neither do I condemn thee, but go and sin no more."
      4. In other words, it is possible that the practitioner, through their own dedicated lives, can free you of many of your trials and tribulations, lacks, limitations, sins and diseases.
      5. But heaven help you if you go on in the same old human way for very long, because you will find then, not only is it true that it does not work, but sometimes worse things come upon you that make you wish you had back the original error.
  2. Paul taught us that human beings are not under the Law of God and cannot be.
    1. Human beings cannot receive God's Grace.
    2. It is, therefore, only possible to become the Son of God as we permit the Spirit of God to dwell in us.

"If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you, then you are the Sons of God."

    1. Jesus gave it to us in another way:
      1. "Pray for your enemies, that ye may be children of God."
      2. The principle behind that is this:

If you have come to a place in consciousness where you can seriously, honestly, pray that your enemies be forgiven, that they be released from punishment for their sins, that the Spirit of God enter their soul and mind and being...then you are no longer a mortal.

    1. A mortal can best be described as Jesus described the ancient Hebrew:
      1. "Ye have heard it said of old, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."
      2. If you are in that state of consciousness where you still want revenge, you are back in that Hebrew state of consciousness.
      3. When you make the transition to Christhood, you are able to say with the Master (and mean it): "But I say unto you, forgive seventy times seven. I say unto you, resist not evil, turn the other cheek."
      4. When you have been brought up to some level of consciousness of that nature, you have yielded your humanhood.
        1. You have yielded your will, your opinions, your convictions,
        2. And you have accepted the Grace of God, the Spirit of Christ.
        3. Then the Spirit of God does dwell in you.
        4. You are in an atmosphere that is not only receptive and responsive to spiritual healing, but you are now approaching the consciousness which can do healing work.
        5. The Spirit of God does not dwell in a person filled with envy, jealousy, malice, hate or revenge.
      5. Having a title or degree does not qualify an individual to do healing work; it does not make a healer, and that is why we have so many failures in the work.
    2. A healer is one who has yielded.
      1. And the Christ has taken over their consciousness, filling it full of this "forgive-thy-enemies" state of being.
      2. Then we are prepared to be healed spiritually and to heal.
      3. The thing that counts is what degree of spiritual consciousness we attain.
      4. That is what determines healing ability.
  1. The next case that will come to you will probably be a physical one.
    1. The organs or the functions of the body are not doing their job.
    2. But remember, before you sit down to your treatment, you have wiped out the patient's identity.
    3. As your treatment only has to do with knowing the truth, and there is no truth about your patient (or they would not be a patient), so you are going to know the truth;
    4. And you are going to forget what they have told you about their body.
    5. It really makes no difference to you whether it is the heart, liver or lungs.
    6. You are to forget the claim as fast as it is unloaded on you.
    7. Now, as you sit down to give your treatment, you immediately forget who asked for help and what they asked help for.

(Although, of course, you cannot forget that it was a physical problem, that stays in your consciousness. It would be all right if you could forget it, but you cannot.)

    1. So, as you sit down, your first thought probably is:
      1. The body in and of itself cannot be sick.
      2. There is no trace of sickness in the entire kingdom of God, so you can wipe out of your mind the word "sick.".
        1. If there were sickness, there would be no immortality, no eternality, because sickness eventually leads to death.
        2. So, there cannot be sickness in the whole Kingdom of God.
        3. The only place sickness can be is in the mind of man, and the mind of man is not a creator.
        4. It is the Mind [Consciousness] of God that creates, not man.
  1. What is the Kingdom of God?
    1. "It is neither lo here nor lo there."
    2. So I could not attempt to describe it,
    3. I cannot even locate it.
    4. I do know that the Kingdom of God is made up of immortality, of eternality, life and love.
    5. The entire ministry of Jesus Christ is one of love.
      1. Therefore the Kingdom of God must be a Kingdom of Love.
      2. The Master's whole ministry was saying:

"What did hinder you, pick up your bed and walk."

"Neither do I condemn thee,"

"Lazarus come forth, thou art not dead, thou sleepest."

    1. We are all asleep, insofar as we believe in conditions of mortality.

The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of Grace.

    1. You have come out from under the law.
      1. You have become separate.
      2. "Come out from among them. You are no longer under the law. You are under Grace."
    2. Do you see where you are now?
      1. Not once has your mind gone to that person or their claim.
      2. You have tabernacled with God.
      3. You have kept your conversation in heaven and now you can sit back and say:

"It's your turn, Father. Speak Lord, thy servant heareth."

      1. Then listen for Thy Voice....

"Speak Lord, thy servant heareth."

      1. Then listen, and you will find a few moments of that quiet, of that peace, and something will come from within, some feeling, some word, some message, some light and you will know that God is on the field.
  1. Someone else comes to you and asks for help.
    1. And this time, while they are talking to you (or something they have written to you) brings to your mind that there is a power operating...a negative evil power...a sinful power...or a disease power...operating in their experience, and so now, you turn from them and their claim.
      1. Take that word, "power."
        1. By the time we have come to the spiritual way of life, we have gone beyond the belief in God.
        2. We have come to a conviction, if not the very experience itself, God is.
        3. And, of course, our treatment is going to be a short one because if God is, there is not any power but God.
      2. That can be the only meaning of God, Infinite power, omnipotence.
        1. That rules out the possibility of there being a material power or a mental power.
        2. There cannot be a power of the human mind. There cannot be a power of matter.
    2. Do not misunderstand me...
      1. In the human picture, you are always being presented with power of the human mind and the power of matter.
      2. It is only when you come to the Kingdom of God and have risen above the pairs of opposites, that you can say with your inner conviction:
        1. Since there is a God, there are no material or mental powers unless these are instruments for God, and then they are formed from the perfection of God.
        2. Surely, now we know that there is no evil or destructive power.
    3. Is there a God? Does God exist? What is the nature of God?
      1. If God is not infinity, if God is not immortality, if God is not omnipotence, and if God is not omniscience,

God is not God.

      1. But, if God is these things:

There is no such thing as a destructive, harmful, injurious, negative power.

    1. When you have established within yourself, that God is, and there is no other power:
      1. You have given yourself a treatment.
      2. Now you are ready,
        1. "Speak Lord, thy servant heareth."
        2. I am listening.
        3. I am receptive and responsive.
        4. Just place the seal on this treatment.
        5. Then comes the inner assurance, and your treatment is complete.
  1. What I have tried to illustrate are these two points:
    1. First of all,
      1. There must be a "you."
      2. There must be a "me."
      3. There must be a Divine "I," with complete dominion over mind and body,
      4. So that we can sit down and give an intelligent treatment.
        1. That is, we can consciously know the truth.
        2. And not let the mind or the body keep us from our duty, our obligation, which in the end, is our privilege and pleasure.
    2. Secondly, how do we come to know these truths that we must consciously declare?
      1. By living in the Word and letting the Word live in you.
      2. Study scripture and study The Infinite Way writings.
        1. Because it is in these books that these particular principles are given... revealed...taught.
        2. If you study these books and practice them, you will have at your mental fingertips, every one of these passages of truth so that you, too, can sit down and give a conscientious, intelligent treatment.

The Practice of Truth in Treatment and Prayer

The Practice of Truth in Treatment and Prayer


The Practice of Truth in Treatment And Prayer

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 3 Side 2)

  1. We read the other day the Governor of Ohio many years ago was the means through which the Legislature of the State passed a law imposing the death penalty for certain crimes, and that last month he went before the Legislature to have this law repealed. He was asked, why this change of heart? His answer was that, "I have matured." And, as you read further, you see what he meant was, that he had come out from ancient Judaism and had become a Christian. He had matured from ancient Judaic beliefs of, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth," and had seen the vision of the Christ. Not only "Love thy neighbor," but "Pray for thine enemies and forgive."
    1. In these ancient teachings, we witnessed the birth of all of mankind's troubles.
      1. The evils that were apparent on earth, were all set into one word, "devil" or "Satan."
        1. It made no difference which commandment a person broke, all of these evils were ascribed to the "devil," or "Satan."
        2. Then the entire Old Testament is devoted to a warfare against the "devil," "Satan," forces of evil, powers of evil.
    2. It is only when we come into the New Testament that we learn that we are to:

"Put up the sword."

"Forgive seventy times seven."

"Pray for thy enemy."

      1. It is in this Christian dispensation, when we learn the greatest secret ever revealed to mankind in the entire history of the world, and that is:
        1. It is true that you can sum up all of the evils of the world and acknowledge their source to be devil or Satan,
        2. But then you have no right to war with Satan or fight the devil or resist evil. For there is no power in these.
      2. The Hebrew world to which this message was addressed was not ready to accept this message because it could not understand it.

It was too contrary to everything the Hebrews had been taught for several thousand years.

    1. The Master, in his three years of ministry, realized what was taking place because we not only have that sad passage, but many others that indicate the same thing:
      1. "Oh Jerusalem, Oh Jerusalem, I would...I would take you under my wing. I would teach you these things, I would comfort you and save you....but ye would not...Not quite, ye would not, really, ye could not. You could not accept the fact that evil, of any name or any nature, is not a power. And that is the reason that it is not to be fought."
      2. It is only a power in the mind and in the experience of those who accept it as such, and then begin to battle it, to war with it.
    2. Some of the Hebrew leaders even before Jesus had great wisdom and spiritual illumination and saw this point.
  1. Although it is not taught as a specific principle anywhere in the Old Testament, the Master taught it with:

Put up thy sword.
Resist not evil.
Return good for evil.

    1. He revealed the principle of the first commandment:

"Thou shalt have no other God but me."

      1. Thou shalt not acknowledge any other power whether you call it "devil," "Satan," "mortal mind" or "carnal mind," whether you call it temporal weapons or enmity, jealousy, hate or malice.
      2. Thou shalt not acknowledge anything as having power, or anybody, or any group, or any amount of temporal weapons.
      3. Thou shalt acknowledge no other power and no other other presence but...the One.
  1. As long as we are looking out from human eyes, this will be as difficult for us to believe, to accept, and to prove, as it was for most of those Hebrews of old.
    1. As long as we are as materialistic as they were, and put our faith in material form, material weapons, material mindedness...we will be in the self same position as they were.
    2. We will lose the demonstration even as he saw his people losing it by their inability to accept that there are only two commandments that we need concern ourselves with.
      1. The first one is:

"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind."

      1. And the other is:

"Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."

    1. There is but one power, one presence and you must have no other...acknowledge no other...fear no other...and rest in this Word.
  1. We, of course, know that we live in one of the most materialistic ages of all time, at least as materialistic as any other age.
    1. We know that the human world accepts all forms of mental and material power as if it were even greater than God Power.
    2. We know that we fear material force and mental powers much more than we trust the One Power.
      1. The reason is that we think of material and mental powers as powers opposite or opposed to God.
      2. That which we call God, is the only power.

It becomes impossible to be controlled by anyone, or any circumstance, when it becomes known that the only power is that which we call God.

    1. Let us understand for a moment what we mean when we use that word, God.
      1. Try, for a minute, to think of God,
        1. God, who is neither a Jew nor a Christian.
        2. God, who is neither Moslem nor Hindu.
        3. Think of a God that has no denominational connotation.
        4. Try to think of a God absolutely independent, above and beyond any form of religious belief.
      2. Now, take another step and try to understand a God that is above and beyond every form of worship:

A God that cannot be reached by a human being, regardless of what manner, what way, or what form one may try to reach that God to influence, to sway, or to move.

      1. Try, right here and now, to think of a God that governs you.
        1. Try to think of a God that thinks as much of the white as of the black, brown or yellow.
        2. Try to think of a God that has no awareness of your name, or color, or identity.
        3. Try to think of a God that is a complete state of free being that man cannot touch or reach, man cannot influence or sway.
      2. Try to envision a God, that at this very moment, is the reason that the sun, moon and stars are moving in their orbits.
        1. A God who is the only reason that apples are always going to come from apple trees and oranges from orange trees.
        2. Think of a God that you cannot influence to put apples on an orange tree.
        3. That you cannot influence to move the stars out of their orbits or to change the tides.
      3. Think of a God entirely beyond your reach and then reverse the position in which we have heretofore thought of God.
        1. Now see God as the governing influence of this whole universe, the only law unto this universe, the creative principle, the maintaining principle, the sustaining principle, the life of all being, performing Its function the same yesterday, today and forever.
        2. Think of this God, of whom even the multitudes cannot sway.
        3. Think of a God not influenced by the billions of prayers to save my side or your side, then you will begin to perceive that no harm, no evil, can come nigh thy dwelling place, for God has never empowered anyone or any power to injure or destroy his creation.
      4. Only by disregarding the true nature of God can you be made to fear temporal powers, whether in the forms of weapons or the malpractice of men's minds.
      5. Only by understanding the nature of God as the only law can you understand that at this second, you are God governed.
        1. Thou shalt have no other law but me.
        2. You are no more outside of God's government than the stars, the sun, moon and tides, the fish that are swimming in the sea or the birds that are flying in the air.



      1. When you know that there is a creative and maintaining and sustaining principle of life and It is holding this world in Its grasp, then you will be able to smile at the intrigues of men who believe that they have the power to:
        1. Set aside the laws of God;
        2. To destroy the life of God, the freedom and harmony of God;
        3. Or interfere with the operation of God.
      2. Can you conceive of anything that can interfere with the operation of God?
        1. Then when you wonder at the evils that you have witnessed on earth, you will know that it has been our ignorance of this truth that has brought these catastrophes upon us.
        2. We have not understood that God is not influenced by man.
        3. But rather that God governs man and all creation. God alone governs.
        4. And God does not share His government with man "whose breath is in his nostrils."
  1. There can be no fear in the realization of this Infinite, Universal God.
    1. There can be no reason under the sun for continuing to fear punishment for your sins of omission or commission. The Master said one of his reasons for being on earth was to forgive sin and sinners.
    2. We are not under the law of punishment.
      1. But under the law of Grace.
      2. Under forgiveness.
      3. Under God's Grace:
        1. Which not only wipes out the penalty for sin;
        2. But wipes out the capacity for sin;
      4. Even though sometimes, the sin lingers on after the penalty has been wiped out.
    3. Our past is dead, even if some of the sins are temporarily being continued in the present.
    4. Our past is dead because of our acknowledgment that there are not two powers operating: There is only one.
  2. God is the only power...God is the only law.
    1. There is not a single law of matter or of mind that can stand up as law in the experience of the individual who can begin to understand the universal nature of God governing Its own universe, and not permitting any interference with God's government.
    2. Think of trying to interfere with God's government of this universe and you will know it cannot be done.

Therefore, when we suffer, we are suffering only from these mental images that have been thrown at us, and which we have, in our ignorance, accepted.

  1. There are thousands of laws...theological, medical, food, legal,
    1. But they are not any more law than a scrap of paper.
    2. They will remain as law in our experience until we come to the realization that there can be no such thing as a law contrary to the Law of God.
    3. There cannot be a law that is not good.
    4. There cannot be a law of any name or nature that is not a blessing.
    5. And every law that claims to be such must be understood as theory, as belief.
    6. We have accepted laws, some of them mental, and some material, as detrimental.
      1. But only because we have not acknowledged that the God that creates or maintains and sustains, or manifests Itself as this universe must be an eternal and infinite law of good.
      2. And that there can be no other law.
      3. There can be no law of limitation...
        1. No law of destruction...
        2. No law of sin...
        3. No law of disease...
        4. There cannot even be the law of age.
    7. Stop accepting the Judaic law of three score years and ten.
      1. God did not make it.
        1. Man made that law.
        2. And we are being malpracticed into accepting it.
      2. It cannot be a law, because God cannot at the same time give life and destroy it.
      3. God cannot provide for life and for destruction of life; that cannot be.
    8. The Law of God does not contain any clauses about provision for the destruction of Gods' handiwork.
      1. "The heavens declare the glory of God, the earth showeth forth His handiwork, and ye are the Sons of God."
      2. Where do you find any provision in that for a law of age or infirmity, a law of disease or death?
        1. If we are going to escape from the laws of matter and the laws of mind,
        2. We are only going to do it by treatment.
      3. We must remind ourselves each day that:
        1. God is the only law giver;
        2. God is Spirit;
        3. The only laws are spiritual laws and these govern my being, these govern friend and foe, these govern all mankind.
  2. What of material laws and mental laws?
    1. These cannot be laws if God is law.
      1. And God is law.
      2. And law is spiritual.
    2. Then that which we have termed law is recognized as not law, but an imposition, a universal malpractice that has been handed on to us, and which we have accepted and demonstrated and which we must now consciously reject.
    3. This Grace cannot act except through our recognition of it, and our acceptance of it.
    4. The Law of God fills all space.
      1. It is here and now.
      2. And is available to us, but only in proportion as we first recognize God's Law and accept It.
      3. Consciously bring It into our experience.
      4. Practice It with every contrary appearance that comes into our lives...
      5. Consciously realize:
        1. I am not under man-made law;
        2. I am under Grace;
        3. Or...This cannot be law since only God is Law;
        4. And then, always rest in the Word.
  3. All power is of God.
    1. We are the instruments through which, and as which, God's Glory appears on earth.
    2. But we have to submit ourselves to It.
    3. Not try to use It on our behalf.
    4. Above all, do not try to use It against a power of evil,
      1. For evil has no power.
      2. In the Consciousness of God,
        1. There is no "evil"...
        2. There is no "devil"...
        3. There is no "Satan"...
        4. These are man-made images.
    5. God is the only power and God's Power is a universal, spiritual power of eternal and immortal life.
  4. Lift your vision to the God that existed before there was a man to form a religion or a religious teaching.
    1. Try to visualize just that truth:
      1. That God existed before ever a religious teaching or doctrine or theory had been formulated.
      2. The nature of God then is the same as the nature of God now.
        1. God is the same God today, yesterday and forever.
        2. And God is God in every quarter of this globe and of all of the other globes that exist.
    2. There is no power and there never will be a power to thwart the Will of God,
      1. The Law of God...
      2. The Life of God...
      3. The Way of God...
      4. Unless we continue to accept these mental impositions of limitation and accept a power apart from God.
    3. These things have been proven in one degree or another for the past 75 years in the demonstration of harmony in individual lives, physically, mentally, financially, and morally.
      1. They have been demonstrated in :
        1. Business activities;
        2. Agricultural activities;
        3. And in every form of economic and government activity.
      2. To be able to heal a simple cold with the understanding of one power is to prove the entire principle.
      3. The rest only has to be worked out through experience and continuous practice.
  5. Every form of error that would touch you must touch you through the mind.
    1. If you do not accept it in your mind, it cannot have any effect on your body or your pocketbook.
    2. The only approach there is to you is through your mind.
    3. The body, itself, has no intelligence,
      1. Therefore, it cannot do anything.
      2. Or be anything of itself.
      3. Except what you can accept through your mind.
    4. Therefore, you are the determining factor in your life's experience.
      1. Because you can reject that which you do not wish to demonstrate.
      2. It is only difficult in the first few weeks or months of practice, if one practices faithfully.
  6. Every time a suggestion of any kind tries to become thought as an erroneous condition, circumstance or influence, it is only necessary to remind oneself:

There is only one Power.

There is only one Law.

There is only one Life.

There is only one Substance.

There is only one Cause.

And then rest in that word.

    1. If it is of an evil connotation, it cannot be of God.
      1. Therefore, it cannot be endowed with power.
      2. For "Thou shalt have no other powers but me."
    2. If you are not alert to reject these malpractices though, then you are accepting in your mind that which will ultimately appear:
      1. On your body;
      2. Or in your pocketbook;
      3. Or in your human relationships.
  1. We were given dominion...
    1. Right from the start, we were given dominion; but wherein lies your dominion?

In our ability to accept or reject.

    1. You cannot actually understand God and accept the reality of two powers.
      1. Therefore, your dominion consists of the ability (whenever an erroneous thought, condition or appearance comes to you) to reject it.
      2. There can be but one law and that is spiritual.
      3. There can be but one power, and that is spiritual.
      4. There is no power but God.
      5. All power must be spiritual, since God is Spirit, and, if power is spiritual, we need not fear matter or mind.
  1. The truth is here for all of us equally.
    1. Those of us who cling most steadfastly to it will benefit the most.
    2. Those who work with it a little bit each day will benefit in some degree.
    3. And the others, not at all.
    4. Dominion is given us, but we must exercise it.
    5. Truth is available.
      1. But we first must learn it.
      2. Recognize it.
      3. Respond to it.
      4. And then practice it.
    6. It is not a force that will operate by Itself.
      1. It operates as an activity of your consciousness,
      2. And it operates in proportion to your acceptance and practice.
    7. The experience of God in our lives is entirely dependent on our ability to open ourselves to It, to maintain It in these forms are what we call:
      1. Treatment;
      2. Or knowing the truth;
      3. Or prayer.

The Nature of God


The Nature of God


The Nature of God

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 4 Side 1)

The Infinite Way classes, books and tapes have encircled the world without any organization, movement, financing, promotion or advertising. It is traveling the world on its own merit and there is a reason for this. The reason lies in the principle which governs our healing.

  1. Mysticism in and of itself is the same wherever it may be found.
    1. All mystical teachings are exactly alike in that the basis of all of them is:
      1. Conscious union with God;
      2. Realized oneness with God (the actual experience).
    2. There could not be a mystical teaching unless there was a mystic to have the experience of conscious union with God.
      1. But then everyone who has had the experience has had the same experience.
      2. And the message comes out the same.
    3. Neither a mystical message nor even the mystical experience results in what we know as healing work.
      1. Very rarely is a mystic a healer, unless he is one of the exceptions.
      2. One of the first exceptions of which we have any record is Gautama Buddha.
        1. He was a mystic, attained the mystical experience.
        2. And, with it, experienced the healing consciousness.
      3. Jesus was another who attained the very height of the mystical experience and lived most of his years in conscious union with God, and with it came the healing gift.
    4. History records hundreds of mystics.
      1. Men and women who attained their spiritual experience, but only a few who with it attained the healing gift.
      2. Most of the mystics lived in their conscious union with God, but in one way or another lived it as something separate and apart from human experience.
      3. When they were in their moments of humanhood, they were not able to carry over with them that spiritual grace which resulted in health, harmony and abundance.
        1. That is why many of the mystics were very, very sick men and women.
        2. That is why many of them were completely penniless.
      4. They lived in the atmosphere of God,
        1. But they could not bring it through into the daily experiences of human life,
        2. And therefore, they could not make their human lives successful.
      5. They were successful on the inner plane, but they had nothing of this world's benefits.
  2. Very few people on earth, in any part of the world, are actually interested in the spiritual experience itself, separate and apart from what it will bring into their human experience.
    1. Most of us seek the Kingdom of God for a reason.
      1. We are either seeking physical health, mental health, moral health, financial health or better human relationships.
      2. It is much easier to enter into the spiritual realm of life through healings, being healed or healing others.
      3. Therefore, the healing ministry is an important one.
        1. Not only because of the actual health or harmony that it brings to the individuals.
        2. But because it brings out in them a desire to go further than just being healed.
        3. It brings out in them the desire to know God.
        4. To live the spiritual life, and then in turn to be able to help others.
    2. In the earliest years of my healing work, I did not know the principle by which these healings took place. As I studied metaphysical writings, I realized there are different states and stages of consciousness and different principles.
  3. There is not just one healing principle.
    1. There are many healing principles.
    2. There are healing principles which are more on the mental side than the spiritual, yet which do produce healings.
    3. There are principles which combine the mental and the spiritual, and these too, when properly conducted, produce healings.
    4. But as this experience of mine deepened, more and more of the spiritual experiences came.
    5. One particular principle became so evident to me that in the end, The Infinite Way activity was started.
      1. This principle is: The nature of error.
      2. And it had not heretofore been used to any great extent.
      3. And it was very little known.
  4. The first of our principles has to do with the nature of God.
    1. God is nothing at all like men have been taught that God is.
      1. There is no such God as the vast majority of mankind are worshiping,
      2. And that is why there is so little fruitage to their prayers.
    2. The world will have to find the true nature of God before it can know how to pray to God.
    3. If men wish to know God and to receive answers from God, they will have to begin to seek for something that the vast majority of religions have not discovered, and that is:

What is God?

What is the nature of God?

How do you approach God?

How do you receive answers to prayer?

      1. As you study the writings of The Infinite Way, you will discover what has been revealed to me about the nature of God.
      2. But always remember, you are not asked to accept that.
      3. It is presented to you as that which has revealed Itself to me.
        1. And now you can take this revelation and work with it.
        2. And see if you cannot bring some response into your experience.
      4. Regardless of the nature of my experience with God, and regardless of what that experience has done and is doing with my life, and with so many students who are following this Way,

Even that will mean nothing to you except in proportion as you "Go and do likewise."

      1. One of the earliest revelations that came to me regarding the nature of God is:
        1. It is a waste of time to ask God for anything at anytime, because God is not withholding anything from this universe.
        2. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
        3. God's rain falls on the just and the unjust.
        4. God is no respecter of persons.
        5. God is not withholding anything from anybody for any reason.
    1. Everyone who suffers from a guilt complex, everyone who is fearing God's wrath, everyone who is fearing that God is now or may at some future time in this world or the next world, punish them for some sin of omission or commission, has never accepted the teaching of Jesus Christ.
      1. They are still living back in the Hebrew Testament with a God of wrath, a God of vengeance.
      2. Even people who, in time of war, pray that our enemy be destroyed are back in the Hebrew Testament.
      3. It is the Judaic God who destroyed our enemies, not the Christian God, not the God of Jesus Christ.
  1. The very first thing that we have to do on the spiritual path, more especially if we hope for the actual experience of God realization, is at least accept God.
    1. Not some ancient concept of God.
      1. But the God that has been revealed as Love.
      2. That is the God that we must accept.
      3. The God of love.
    2. You must come to know the nature of God as love.
    3. You must come to know the nature of God as:
      1. A giving God;
      2. A bestowing God;
      3. An expressing God.
      4. Just as God is pouring out this sun, moon and stars and the tides and the weather, so is God pouring forth every good thing into expression.
    4. Until you grasp that as the nature of God, you will not know how to pray:
      1. Because your prayers will still have something of the nature of wanting something from God;
        1. Expecting something from God;
        2. Or believing that God is withholding it;
        3. Or fearing that God will withhold it for punishment.
      2. All of this must be eradicated from your thought before you can come into even the first stage of God awareness.
  2. Until you can see the pure nature of God as good, you are not yet realizing the One God that really is.
    1. Throughout The Infinite Way writings, you will find references to the nature of God.
    2. And you will find God presented in a way that will contradict everything that has ever been taught in ancient Hebrew scripture.
    3. But it will not deviate at all from the God revealed by Jesus Christ.
  3. God has no pleasure in sacrifices,
    1. Not even tithes.
      1. Tithing is one of the greatest blessings on earth.
      2. But it has no relationship to any demand by God.
    2. God does not require it; its only value is in what it does to us.
      1. To know that we are sharing of our fruitage with some spiritual purpose.
      2. That it is going to reveal more of God to the world.
      3. Or provide some benevolent purpose which is a service to God's children.
  4. Jesus also revealed that Sabbath was made for man, and not man for Sabbath.
    1. Begin to change your concept of God.
      1. And realize there is no one day of the week which is holier than any other day.
      2. There are seven days in the week, and they all belong to God.
      3. We have to be just as holy on Monday as on Sunday.
    2. There is no such thing as relaxing from holiness.
      1. That, too, gives you an entirely different concept of God.
      2. And you will know not to limit yourself to the belief that Sunday is God's day.
      3. Seven days a week is God's day for prayer.
      4. Seven days a week is God's day for living up to the Sermon on the Mount.
      5. Seven days a week is the holy day for living in accord with spiritual teaching.
    3. We have to change our concepts of God from that Hebraic God who was so strict about his Saturdays.
      1. (And has become so equally strict about his Sundays.)
      2. To the realization that none of these days is set aside separate and apart from any other day.
  5. The nature of God is such that man cannot influence God.
    1. Once you perceive that God is an Omniscient, Infinite Intelligence, you will know how useless it is to tell God what you need, or what you think you need.
      1. God is Omnipotent:

The same yesterday, today and forever.

      1. God is Omnipresence:
        1. So you cannot pray up into the sky to a God.;
        2. "The Kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there, but within you;"
        3. This God within you;
        4. Closer than hands and feet;
        5. Does not have to be sought;
        6. It merely has to be recognized.
      2. God is in holy mountains, and God is in holy temples, but that is merely because God is Omnipresence.
    1. And God is wherever you are.
    2. The place whereon thou standest is holy ground.
    3. Wherever you are God is.
  1. As you realize the nature of God as God really is, you begin to realize the nature of true prayer.
    1. The prayer that will bring God right into your experience; you realize now that prayer does not necessarily have anything to do with words or thoughts.
    2. There is nothing that you have to tell God.
    3. There is nothing that you have to ask God for.
    4. There is only one function in prayer:
      1. And that is to be quietly, peacefully, gently where God is.
      2. In the silence within your own being, and you will find that this is the highest form of prayer.
      3. Before you reach that form though, you will remember when you sit down to pray:

"Well, one thing I know, I'm not trying to influence God. I'm not going to God to get anything. I'm not here to tell God what I 'd like Him to do. Not my will, but Thine be done. Here I am and here Thou art. The very place whereon I stand is holy ground. Here and now Thou knowest my need, and it is Thy good pleasure to give me the kingdom. Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things, and I'm willing to rest in Thy Grace."

    1. You will see for yourself the miracle that takes place when you begin to perceive the nature of God and the nature of prayer, and how you have been limiting God in believing that you had to pray for something. You had to influence God. You were not trusting the Infinite Invisible.
  1. Jesus knew much more about God than the Old Testament, and so did John. So in those Gospels of the New Testament you have a far, far, greater teacher and teaching on the nature of God, than if you permit yourself to be taken back into that Old Testament and try to get along with that God, a God that never really existed.
    1. The Sermon on the Mount, in the New Testament, is one of the finest teachings in the world as to the nature of God.
    2. It is possible for everyone who feels that hunger within them to attain God realization.
      1. It may be that we attain it in different degrees, or it may be that we attain it at different times, but it is possible to all of us.
      2. The first and greatest requisite is that we wipe out of our thought every concept of God that we have ever believed in.
      3. And begin to see the nature of God that Jesus revealed.
        1. Watch it as it appears in The Infinite Way writings.
        2. Then put it into practice by this form of prayer or meditation.
        3. Until your mind is so freed of any desire to influence God, or reach God, or seek something from God, that the mind settles down into a state of peace.
      4. That cannot ever come to a religious person until they have come to understand God as God really is.
        1. But when you attain that, your mind settles immediately.
        2. Your mind becomes calm and clear, because there is no longer a seeking, there is just a resting.
        3. "Because Thou art, I am."
    3. The mind only gets stirred when it begins to reach up to God to get something, want something, desire something, fear something.
    4. Stop fearing God.
      1. God knows more about love, care, forgiveness in one second than the best mother that ever lived, ever knew in her whole lifetime.
      2. We are punished for our sins.
        1. But not by God, by our sins.
        2. (That is the only punishment there is.)
      3. God knows nothing of punishment or of sins.

It is all something that rises in our own thought.

      1. Never fear God because that indicates a lack of understanding of God.
    1. God is Love.
      1. And in Him there is no death.
      2. There is no vengeance.
      3. There is no hate.
      4. There is no punishment.
    2. Understand God as Life.
      1. A life which cannot end for any reason:
        1. Not for sin;
        2. Not for accidents;
        3. Not for disease.
      2. Life cannot end because God is Life.
        1. God is the life of you and the life of me.
        2. We know that death comes because we fear it.
      3. If we understand the nature of God, we will know that there is no power but God's power,
        1. God's power knows no death, and we would live eternally.
        2. We would be immortal,
      4. And as a matter of fact, we will be immortal in that moment when we realize the nature of God.
        1. God is life eternal.
        2. "God has no pleasure in your dying, turn ye and live."
        3. God is the life of you and the life of me.
        4. God doesn't destroy His own life whether it appears as you, or it appears as me.
      5. Therefore, life never ends.
        1. Life is immortal.
        2. Life is eternal.
        3. Life is omnipresent.
        4. Life is not at the mercy of any external condition because God is the only power.

The Nature of Error


Nature of Error


Nature of Error

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class Tape 4 Side 2)

  1. The subject of spiritual healing is a broad one. These days it includes not only spiritual healing, but mental healing, psychological healing, faith healing and spiritualistic healing.
    1. So when you hear that term spiritual healing, do not jump to the conclusion that you know exactly what is meant.
    2. Because there is no way of your knowing what is meant except by learning who it is that says it.
  2. In The Infinite Way you hear the term spiritual healing, but we mean something far different than many of those other teachings.
    1. The spiritual healing of which we speak is a healing based on certain specific principles, principles of The Infinite Way.
    2. Do not ever be led into believing that all metaphysical healing, or healing that is not physical, is spiritual healing according to the principles of The Infinite Way.
    3. It is necessary, if you wish to avail yourself of Infinite Way healing, that you understand the principles on which this is based.
      1. And not try to bring into it, those principles that you may have learned in some other metaphysical teaching.
      2. All you can do is bring confusion to yourself.
      3. Remember that this does not mean right or wrong.
      4. This is not saying that The Infinite Way healing method is the only method.
      5. But this is definitely saying that Infinite Way principles differ from those of any other metaphysical teaching:
        1. If you have not discerned that,
        2. And if you have not discerned what the specific Infinite Way principles are;
        3. This is a good time to make a start.
    4. Those of our students who have been with us for a number of years and have not yet entirely separated themselves from other forms of healing need not wonder why if they do not get the results they seek.
  3. Spiritual living is quite a different subject from spiritual healing.
    1. Spiritual living is something that has been known to the mystics of all ages from many parts of the world.

They can reveal to you all of the secrets of spiritual living because they all agree.

    1. The basic principles are the same, but the spiritual life is lived, after one has made contact or come into conscious union with God, with the Source of Being.
    2. Spiritual life can be lived as a student, as a seeker, by following the rules laid down by mystics.
    3. But the Life Itself begins when Conscious Union has been attained:

And there is no difference of opinion on that score anywhere at all on the face of the globe.

  1. When it comes to the subject of healing, you have something entirely different.
    1. Probably throughout all times, there have been people who have attained that mystical experience, that touch of the Christ or Conscious Union with God and felt an influence working in them that healed.
    2. They did not necessarily know what the principle was though, and therefore they were unable to teach it.
    3. They could do beautiful healing work, but were unable to leave any students to carry on that work, or to teach that work.
  2. Spiritual healing is healing without mental argument. Healing without using the mind.
    1. My entrance into the spiritual healing work was through a spiritual experience.
    2. It came at a time when I knew nothing of any principle of healing or any method of healing. Consequently, I was in the healing work quite a long time before I knew how it happened or why it happened.
    3. Study, prayer and revelation brought some principles that have been glimpsed here and there by different ones, but it was never brought together as a specific healing principle.
    4. It is for this reason that we have a message of The Infinite Way with specific healing principles.
      1. First: The Nature of God.
        1. Spiritual healing cannot come to an individual unless they know enough of the nature of God to be able to relax and not ask God for anything, or expect anything of God beyond what God is already doing.
        2. Spiritual healing can only come when an individual is no longer attempting to influence God.
        3. We covered the nature of God in the previous chapter, so we will go into the second principle of this healing work. If you know the first one, the second one becomes the most important.
        4. Without understanding the first one though, the second one is not reasonable or intelligible.
      2. Second: The Nature of Error.
        1. In The Infinite Way, you do not use truth to overcome error.
        2. You do not expect God to heal disease, or reform sin, or to exchange lack for abundance.
        3. God, when you understand God, is already performing Its function.
        4. God is eternally bringing forth everything needed, not only for today, but that which will ever be needed, and that process is a continuous one.
      3. The activity of God must be understood as a permanent dispensation.
        1. As omnipresent here and now throughout all time...
        2. The same yesterday, today and forever.
        3. (That will relieve the mental strain of trying to get in touch with God for some reason.)
        4. The mind can relax with the realization, "Thank you Father, God is."
        5. All that God is, is.
        6. All that God intends to be, is.
        7. God already is "closer to us than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet."
        8. Our own Master has assured us that, "He knoweth your need before you do, and it is His good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."
      4. When an individual sits back and relaxes and rests in that assurance:
        1. They are bringing spiritual good, spiritual harmony into their experience;
        2. That spiritual harmony appears in due order in the form necessary to our experience.
  3. In opening your consciousness to the Presence of God, you will be fulfilled.
    1. You know God is Spirit, so there is no use of opening yourself to anything except that of a spiritual nature.
    2. You've been told in the message to, "Take no thought for what you shall eat or what you shall drink or wherewithal you shall be clothed."
    3. When you sit in quiet, peace, calmness, and assurance, realizing that God is forever pouring Itself into visible manifestation, all you're doing is asking:

"Father reveal Thyself to me....Father, reveal Thy Grace...Thy Grace is my sufficiency."

      1. As long as you are resting in the assurance that this is already being done, you are not asking God to do it.
      2. You are relaxed.
      3. You do not have to ask, beg or plead.
      4. It is all here and it is all present where "I" am, in your consciousness, and in the realization of that, you begin to demonstrate it.
    1. This, I tell you, is spiritual living, and it leads to the actual conscious contact, or Union with God.
    2. Once you understand that principle of God's omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, of God as forever being, forever flowing, forever appearing...There is nothing left except to relax in that grace.
  1. When it comes to spiritual healing, you have to go a step further, and that is where this specific principle of The Infinite Way comes into expression, activity, manifestation or demonstration.
    1. In the churches they have a word "devil" or "Satan," which is the impersonal source of evil.
      1. The mistake is accepting the "devil," or "Satan," as the opposite of God, a power.
      2. "Devil" or "Satan" is the impersonal source of all the evil that ever tempts man. (It is not a power.)
      3. It never is more than:
        1. A temptation,
        2. A suggestion,
        3. An appearance, which we have been taught to fight.
    2. When the Master came, he brought to light the God of Love, the God who never punishes, the God who you cannot implore to destroy your enemy; but unfortunately the churches could not accept it.
    3. The Hebrews did not have the right concept of God.
      1. Jesus Christ came with it, but it could not be accepted;
      2. So from that day to this you still have the world praying to God to destroy our enemies, diseases and sins.
  2. When we came to the metaphysical world it was at first revealed that mortal mind was not a power.
    1. It was not a power.
    2. Therefore if you recognized that any form of evil (any form at all), was only a part or an activity or a substance of that mortal mind, and then dropped it, healing would follow.
    3. Very quickly that vision was lost though.
      1. The term "mortal mind" became exactly what it did to Paul of old who called it "carnal mind",
      2. The metaphysical began to fight "mortal mind "and to protect themselves from "mortal mind."
      3. They would try to walk on the other side of the street when they recognized it in some form.
    4. Wherever you find a metaphysician fighting "mortal mind," battling against it, trying to overcome it, or protect themselves against it, you are witnessing a metaphysician who must fail.
      1. Among some metaphysicians there is the belief that there is a specific mental cause for a specific physical disease,
      2. And the students who come to The Infinite Way must realize that none of that plays a part in our work: none of that plays a part in the principle through which we work.
      3. They must realize this, or they lose the opportunity to benefit by the principles that have been revealed to me and have been found successful.
  3. Now take this next step with me:
    1. Regardless of the name or nature of the particular discord that confronts you:
      1. (Whether for yourself, your patient, or your family);
      2. Where there is some form of sin or disease or lack or limitation;
      3. Regardless of what form or nature it is, please remember;
        1. It has its basis in an impersonal carnal mind, mortal mind, "devil" or "Satan".
        2. Give it any name you like as long as you understand it to be an impersonal source.
    2. Then take the next step and realize:
      1. Since God did not create that source;
        1. It has no law;
        2. It has no life;
        3. It has no cause;
        4. It has no substance, or avenue of expression.
      2. In other words, it is a nothingness.
      3. It is exactly what Hezekiah called it, "The arm of flesh..nothingness."
      4. Do not go out to battle it.
      5. It has no God power.
        1. No God ordination.
        2. No God substance.
        3. No God activity.
        4. Just nothingness.
    3. This enables you to withdraw from the battle so that you do not fight evil.
      1. You come into the Sermon on the Mount.
      2. Resist no evil.
      3. Turn the other cheek.
      4. Put up thy sword.
    4. The moment that you can come into the presence of any form of evil with a relaxed mind (a mind that is not going to jump right up and start battling it and denying it), you are ready to see it dissolve into its nothingness.

But if you put up your mental sword and try to overcome it (the minute you try to think of truth to meet it with), you are lost.

  1. The way to approach any and every form of evil is with the realization:

The cause is causeless;
An appearance;
An impersonal source of no power.

    1. Then you will find that you are working with a principle of The Infinite Way.
      1. For this is the healing principle of The Infinite Way.
        1. We do not have a truth that overcomes your errors.
        2. We do not have a God that will reform you or heal you.
        3. We do not have a God that will support you or supply you.
    2. The God of The Infinite Way is already maintaining and sustaining your spiritual perfection.
      1. All you have to do is awaken from this belief in two powers.
      2. And begin to honor God by respecting the principle of the first commandment.
        1. "Thou shalt have no other God but me."
        2. "Thou shalt acknowledge no other power."
    3. How can you fear an evil power if there is only one power, and that one power is God?
      1. It is only in honoring of that first Commandment that you can begin to perceive the healing principle of The Infinite Way.
      2. And, of course, the second Commandment of the Master is equally important:

"Love thy neighbor as thyself."

    1. Here is where you must take your departure from all other forms of metaphysics.
      1. You must never ascribe any form or phase of error to any individual on the face of the earth.

It is a mortal sin to say of another, "you are sick," or "you are sinful," or "you are poor."

      1. It separates you from loving "your neighbor as yourself."
      2. Every time you use that word, "you," negatively, you are violating the Commandment of "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

It is a direct malpractice to see in another anything other than the qualities of God.

      1. That does not take away from you your human judgment in the sense that you understand that there are some of us not fully showing forth that which we are.
        1. That is why you make a choice of your religious teaching or teacher.
        2. You even make a choice of candidates when you go to the polls.
        3. You have the right to be led to those who most nearly represent in your mind the spiritual ideal and when not that, at least the human ideal.
    1. Even when you behold forms of error appearing as human beings whether in the forms of sickness or of sin or of lack...always remember this:
      1. In order to be helpful, (and this is expected of you whether or not they ask for help) please recognize that whatever it is of an erroneous nature that they are manifesting,

It has its seat not in them, but in this impersonal source.

      1. Therefore, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the individual who is manifesting it at any particular moment.
    1. If you make the mistake of going back to some other form of metaphysical work for treatment...
      1. Trying to remove some form of error from your patient,

You will not succeed.

      1. You will not succeed any more now than you did before you found The Infinite Way.
      2. There is no more benefit from being in The Infinite Way than in any other teaching, except the practice you make of the principles.
      3. One thing alone counts both in spiritual living and spiritual healing:

What truth do you know?

How true is that truth?

How steadfast are you in its application?

  1. When you are healed by another, by a practitioner or a teacher, remember you have only had a temporary benefit from the developed consciousness of another.
    1. You still will have to develop your own consciousness in order to make the help you received a permanent dispensation and in order to help others.
    2. When in any way we are given one grain of spiritual understanding or grace, it is only in order that we might be a transparency or an instrument through which it must reach others.
    3. The more realization we have, the more activity is given to us through which to put our understanding and our development to the benefit of this world.
  2. Now, if you have been studying this message and have not found the answers to your problems, you can see a probable cause.
    1. Somewhere you have not understood the nature of God.
    2. And therefore have been wasting a lot of time trying to influence God on your behalf.
    3. Perhaps you have not understood correctly the nature of error.
      1. And you have been battling it.
      2. Or trying to overcome it.
      3. Or trying to use the power of God upon it.
      4. And it will not work.
    4. You will not find it easy, but you must bring yourself to a place in consciousness where you can agree, and know that:

"The Lord is my shepherd and therefore I shall not want."

    1. Actually know and understand that it is that way, and therefore you do not have to pray, plead and implore and affirm.
  1. At some time, as Infinite Way students, you must come to the full and complete demonstration of The Twenty-third Psalm. Then you have to be able to look out of your eyes and even if you see Judas Iscariot say,

"Father forgive them, they know not what they do."

    1. Even if you are looking at disease:
      1. You have to be able to do as Jesus did..."What did hinder you?"
      2. What power is there in that disease? "Rise, pick up your bed and walk."
    2. You have to be able to see the nothingness, the non-power of that which appearances say is terrifying.
      1. In other words, it is a complete change of consciousness.
      2. It is a surrendering of the Adam man who believes in two powers:

The power of good and the power of evil.

      1. God alone is power.
      2. And whatever it is that appears in the form of sin, disease, death, lack or limitation (any of these and the infinite forms and varieties of them) must be placed back in the impersonal source.
      3. Then realize since it was not God created or God ordained. There is no law of God to support it, and walk away from it.
      4. As you persist in it, you will develop that state of consciousness which is included in the Master's two Commandments.
        1. Love the Lord thy God to such an extent that you do not believe God has ever empowered evil.
        2. Acknowledge that God is such infinite power of good that no other power could have existence.
      5. And then take the next step and realize that your neighbor is the full and complete embodiment of Christ...and only of the Christ qualities.

Any other appearance really belongs back in that impersonal source which we are continuously nothingizing.

      1. That, you see, is the entire story of our healing work.

The Mysticism and Metaphysics of the Infinite Way I


The Mysticism and Metaphysics of The Infinite Way I


The Mysticism and Metaphysics of The Infinite Way I

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 1 Side 1)

"In my life, I was brought to the search for God with no other object or motive than learning for myself the whys and the wherefores. Many years later, when the first religious experience took place in my life, it brought with it the healing gift and the healings began immediately. For a while it seemed there was no other purpose in my life, and no other motive than just being a healer. These religious experiences continued though, and one followed another. Each brought new revelations, new unfoldments and new discoveries. At the same time, it brought to my awareness books on mysticism, books which I'd never heard of up until then, which revealed the great mysteries that had been discovered by the mystics of all nations, all races. As time passed, there came into my experience in 1940, a message delivered within to the effect that I must learn of the impersonal Christ and of the impersonal healing."

  1. Some few things did reveal themselves to me, and the most important was: All of the forms of metaphysics that taught that the error in the individual's thought is responsible for their ills, were erroneous.
    1. Every teaching that says that your wrong thinking is responsible for your ills is incorrect.
    2. Any teaching that says there is a specific mental cause for a specific physical disease is all wrong. (Remember this was very much a part of the teaching of which I was then a practitioner.)
    3. At the same time, it was revealed to me that these teachings were wrong; this was revealed to me as being right:
      1. All evil, all error, has its source in the universal mind, the universal carnal mind, or mortal mind.
      2. We, as individuals, only suffered in the proportion as we admitted those mental impositions into our thought, and that we did ignorantly.
      3. By virtue of having been born into this world, we were the victims of a universal source of error or evil.
      4. Naturally, in all of my healing work, I worked from the standpoint then that no individual was responsible for the sin or disease, or the lack or limitation from which they suffered, except in the sense that they did not know how to protect themselves from these universal beliefs.
      5. Not long after that, a whole series of spiritual experiences began, culminating in an experience that lasted two months.
        1. These experiences led to the unfoldment which became the book, The Infinite Way, and then all of this work that has followed.
        2. Even then, there was never any thought in my mind that this would ever amount to anything other than my own individual experience.
        3. When I began the work in California with a few friends, it was only with the idea that those who came to me for healing might be interested in the healing principles.
  2. You know the history of the work, how it has developed and how it has spread, and how these unfoldments have continued to come into my experience, always with signs following.
    1. The Presence has always gone before "To make the crooked places straight."
      1. Every single event of The Infinite Way work has taken place in that way.
      2. There is a Divine Being, Presence or Power that is doing the work.
        1. I am Its instrument.
        2. I am just an instrument that awaits orders and then goes out and obeys the orders.
        3. These things come through from an Infinite Source.
    2. During those early days The Voice said:

"My Consciousness is your consciousness, and My Consciousness is doing the work as you. Never seek a student, but never refuse a student who is sent to you, for they are being sent to you."

      1. That has been our policy ever since.
      2. Never have we advertised or sought or solicited.
      3. We know that there is such a Consciousness because throughout all times, It has been known and:
        1. It is called Christ Consciousness in Christian Mysticism.
        2. It is called the Buddha Consciousness in oriental Mysticism,
        3. But it is the same consciousness, the Consciousness of Enlightenment.
      4. Questions came to my mind early in the work, and they were:
        1. How do these spiritual messages come through?
        2. How can they be brought through, and how can they be taught?
        3. How can you convey to others the ability to receive these spiritual messages or guidance, protection, direction from within?
        4. The answer given to me was meditation.
  1. Meditation was known in the Orient, but it was not known in the western world.
    1. There was very little written on the subject of meditation:
      1. Nothing teaching it;
      2. Nothing showing how it is accomplished;
      3. Nothing showing how contact is made with the Infinite Source.
    2. Then began an experience that lasted eight months:
      1. (I began) trying to make contact with that Source, which I knew to be within (if the kingdom of God was to be contacted, it must be contacted within).
      2. It was, for that reason, that I could stay with it eight months night and day to prove this was true.
    3. Then began the instruction in meditation which really came to fruition with the first San Francisco lecture.
      1. It was probably my first writing on the subject of meditation.
      2. From then until now, it has been one of the major activities of The Infinite Way (one of the major teachings, one of the major parts of the work).
    4. For this reason, it really makes no difference how much truth you know.
      1. If you only know it with your mind, you will not bring forth spiritual fruitage.
      2. There are many who believe that merely by meditating they will break through to the Kingdom of God.
        1. Some do.
        2. Many do not.
      3. If together with their meditation, they would practice this letter of truth, they would then find that (with the combination of meditation and consciously knowing the truth) they would definitely break through into the Spirit of Truth...the Consciousness of Truth.
  2. There is no God in this human world.
    1. That is why this human world is full of sin, disease, death, lack and limitation.
    2. In the presence of God, there is liberty.
    3. In the presence of God, there is freedom.
    4. In the presence of God, there is life, eternal life.
    5. To know Him aright is life eternal.
    6. Therefore, the human world, as it is constituted, is completely cut off from God.
    7. Whenever you find an individual who, in one way or another, makes contact with God, that individual is experiencing God, and the fruitage of God, right here in this world.
      1. Whenever an individual makes contact with God, they then become immune.
      2. The Master phrased it this way, he said:

"I have overcome the world."

      1. In other words, diseases are no longer in my body or mind, nor sins nor disaster, nor accidents, nor limitation of any nature. I have overcome this world. Again the Master said:

"My Kingdom is not of this world."

  1. You have to rise above this world to reach My Kingdom, The Christ Kingdom.
    1. Therefore, this world (which he says is, "not My Kingdom") has none of God or The Christ.
    2. But every individual on earth who breaks through, who makes the contact, has also overcome this world, and is now "in this world, but not of it," and is no longer living under the law, but under Grace.
    3. Paul told us the very same thing :
      1. We, as human beings, are not under the law of God,
      2. Indeed, cannot please God.
      3. Are not under the protection of God.
      4. Do not receive the Grace of God.
    4. Then he says,"If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you, then do you become the sons of God."
      1. If the Spirit of God has touched you...
        1. If you have made contact with your Spiritual Source...
        2. Then your life on earth is no longer lived under the law, but under Grace.
      2. Then do you find that scriptural promises like:
        1. "The Presence goes before me to make the crooked places straight";
        2. Or "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee";
        3. Are absolute truth. You will find that they are demonstrable, but not until this contact has been made.
    5. The world has believed that by using the mind or the lips and praying to some unknown God (a non-existent God), that they would find answers.
      1. But they do not get outside the limitations of the second chapter of Genesis.
      2. Life is a hardship and it continues to be so until:

"If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you, then do you become the sons of God."

  1. You of spiritual vision could witness a miraculous healing, and you would know it.
    1. You would recognize it and, you would acknowledge it as a miracle.
    2. Something within you would tell you what you had seen, what you had beheld and the nature of it.
    3. But you do not know how many of these miracles have been witnessed by people outside, who said, "Oh, we can't account for it, but it sometimes happens that way."

They had no spiritual vision to know what it was that they had seen.

    1. In the same way, if a person whom you knew to be of spiritual vision, of spiritual height, were to pass on, I would not be surprised that most of you would behold that individual rise out of their body.
      1. I think that most of you are far enough along that you would not be fooled by the appearance, and therefore would be able to witness what will take place and does take place.

The rising out of the tomb of this body and then the ascension.

      1. The people with no spiritual vision would never see it, or know it, or believe...even if you told them that you saw it.
      2. It cannot be accepted by the human mind.
      3. It takes a depth of spiritual vision not only to bring it about, but to recognize it after it is brought to your attention.
      4. That is why we are told, "Go, and tell no man what things ye have seen."
  1. Religion is not a one way street.
    1. The vision of God is open to any who can open themselves to it regardless of what church they may be in, regardless of the fact that some may not be in any church; it is all an individual experience.
    2. This is the reason that The Infinite Way is the message that it is.
      1. The revelations that have been given to us in this message of The Infinite Way reveal the mysticism, the life of mysticism, and the way to attain it.
      2. At the same time these revelations have given us the metaphysical principles by which the laws of human existence are nullified and life under Grace is achieved.
    3. This is really a two-way message.
      1. It consists of the metaphysics of The Infinite Way,
      2. And the mysticism of The Infinite Way.
      3. It has been that way from the beginning.
    4. You will notice in all of the writings, passages that tell you of the correct letter of truth.
      1. That is the metaphysics of the message.
      2. Then you find those other passages which go from meditation to the actual experience of illumination,

And that is the mysticism of the message.

    1. Through this message, you can attain the mystical contact or conscious union with God.
      1. Through this message, you can learn and practice the laws of metaphysics which bring about harmony in human experience and one helps the other.
      2. One helps you to achieve the other, but more especially,
        1. The knowledge of the letter of truth, and its practice, will lead to the mystical experience.
        2. Whereas, the mystical experience itself will not always lead to the correct letter, or the metaphysics of truth.
  1. The one thing that will make everybody lose their demonstration of harmonious life is faith in some kind of a God (faith that God is healing disease, and is or does heal disease).
    1. You cannot have the belief that God is healing disease through you, for that is enough to destroy your entire demonstration.
    2. God is too pure to behold iniquity.
      1. If God ever knew that there was a disease on earth, God would not be God anymore.
      2. If God ever healed a disease, God would not be God anymore.
      3. God would be sharing Its power with disease.
      4. God would be permitting something else to exist, some power other than Itself. That just cannot be.
      5. In the entire Kingdom of God, there is no such thing as a disease or a cure for a disease.
    3. The secret is that there is no law of disease.
      1. Disease is man made and man created.
      2. It is only perpetuated in the mind of man as long as he believes that it is a power.
        1. That it has power.
        2. That it has a law to maintain or sustain it.
      3. Fighting the disease is what perpetuates it.
      4. Fighting the disease is what prevents its cure.
      5. Praying for it to be healed is enough to keep it going forever:

It is an acknowledgment of it; an acknowledgment of it as a something.

  1. You must understand that God is:
    1. That is, behind the Universe, there is an invisible, an incorporeal infinity, eternality, immortality, omnipotence, omnipresent, omniscience; this constitutes the Universe of God.
    2. There is this Universe, and It maintains and sustains Its creation perfectly unto eternity...
      1. Everlasting to everlasting.
      2. Nothing of an evil nature has ever touched God or the Kingdom of God.
    3. Once you understand that, you have to account for all of these things that we witness on earth.
    4. The revelation to me, which makes this The Infinite Way, is:

"At the time of that experience called, 'Eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.' The sense of separation took place in which life was now lived in the mind of man, instead of in God's Universe."

      1. Man has made the conditions of life.
      2. Man has even made his God.

Everyone who has an idea of what God is, is only entertaining a man-made God...a man-made concept of God.

  1. In every age that the revelation of mysticism has come to earth, it has been lost.
    1. Throughout history, none of the leaders have been able to teach their people the principles upon which their own demonstration was made, and the demonstration that they made for their followers.
    2. The question that we face now is:

Since we know not only the attainment of mysticism, but since we know the principles upon which these demonstrations were made (and are now being made), will our students learn them and be willing to practice them so that this time they may remain on earth and continue to unfold until that day comes when the entire universe will be lighted with the One Infinite Consciousness?

The Mysticism and Metaphysics of the Infinite Way II


The Mysticism and Metaphysics of The Infinite Way II


The Mysticism and Metaphysics of The Infinite Way II

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 1 Side 2)

"It has been published many times that only 5% to 6% of the newspaper-reading public, read the editorial page, on which the real news of the world is published. You can read the murders, and divorces on the front page. You can read the advertising on all the other pages, but you can only read the news, as it affects your life, on the editorial page. This lack of interest is what we call mental inertia."

  1. I am only using this as an example to come to the subject of spiritual freedom. You, as an individual, are under every physical, mental and material law of this world until you come into some form of metaphysical teaching.
    1. It makes no difference, in the beginning, which form; because under any one of them, you do begin at once to get free of some of the physical and mental limitations.
    2. Now we come to the message of The Infinite Way, and I have no hesitation in saying to you that the principles of life have been revealed to us in this message.
      1. With the understanding and practice of them, we can free ourselves of nearly all (if not all) of the limitations of this world.
      2. The only reason we cannot free ourselves from all of them, is that our intensity does not reach that degree.
      3. We can certainly be free of between 70-90% of the discords of this world, though, if we will work with the principles which have been given to us in this message.
  2. From the very beginning of the work, every time that I have mentioned these things, I have had letters from students saying, "Oh! I thought that there was no other power but God, and so we did not have to do anything."
    1. "There is no other power but God."

But that is not saving the world from sin, disease, death, lack, limitation and wars.

    1. The allness of God, that spiritual reality, has no relationship to the human world until each of us, as an individual, works ourselves up and out of humanhood to where, we, too, can say that (in some measure at least):
      1. "I have overcome this world."
      2. It is an individual demonstration.
      3. We know that practitioners and teachers (those who have worked with the principles more than the rest of the world) can free the young student.
        1. They can bring healing, supply, happiness and joy to some extent.
        2. But they cannot keep it forever.
        3. Nor can they bring it about to the degree that each individual would like, because that much time does not exist for a practitioner or a teacher to devote to any one student.
    2. Those who do break through mental inertia to the extent that they learn and practice these principles attain, thereby, a certain measure of spiritual consciousness and can do some healing work.
      1. The students can benefit from that, but no one can make a permanent demonstration for anyone but himself or herself.
      2. Every bit of help that you get from a practitioner or a teacher is really to bear witness to what this principle can do.
  1. The spiritual life is an individual life.
    1. It is for this reason that the spiritual life is one of individuality.
      1. (That is why it can only thrive among a free people and a capitalistic people.) You cannot have a communal spiritual life. You cannot have a communal spiritual source to reach into, to share.
      2. Each one demonstrates in accord with his or her own ability to break through.
    2. Remember, there is only one barrier to a perfect spiritual life:
    3. And that is mental inertia.
    4. There is no other reason for students of metaphysics to go on year in and year out under evil conditions of this world (nothing but mental inertia).
    5. They will not, or cannot break through and sit down and consciously:
      1. First of all, learn the correct letter of truth.
      2. Secondly, put it into practice.
    6. This is a miracle: There is no use for you, or anyone else in the world, to sit around waiting to be one of the favored ones to have a spiritual experience.
      1. (Lightning in that direction does not strike very often in a whole generation.)
      2. It can happen to any individual who can break through mental inertia to the extent that it will enable them not to read books of truth, but to study them to find out what the principles are.
        1. And then to begin to apply them in their lives, facing the specific problems that arise.
        2. Through this practice, the spiritual centers of an individual are finally opened if they work faithfully with the principles.
    7. It is an individual experience to put into practice these principles:

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

  1. As these principles are put into operation with the specific problems that arise, our own soul centers are opened.
    1. Let me show you exactly how this works.
      1. (I have said to you before that even those who do have some spiritual light may lose it through not knowing the correct letter of truth, and here is what I mean):

Being omnipotent, God is the only power there is.

      1. Against this truth, we have in human experience, material power and mental power, material force and mental force.
        1. These material powers result in disease and eventually death.
        2. Mental powers more likely result in sin, because our false appetite, or sinful thought, our evil suggestion, have their rise not in our bodies, but in our mind.
      2. It is through the mind that we admit sin into our experience.
      3. And through the mind we also admit disease which appears though as material force and material power.
    1. The ordinary human life has no protection against mental force or material force,
      1. And therefore, fights fire with fire.
      2. Fights material force with more material force.
      3. So it is with mental powers.
    2. Before mental powers were known, people were victims without knowing what they were victims of.
      1. When F. A. Mesmer discovered mesmerism or hypnotism, some people at least began to know that they were suffering from the activity of other people's thoughts.
      2. As metaphysics began its event in the middle of the nineteenth century, the power of both good thought and evil thought was discovered.
        1. From that time to this, we do know that on the human plane you can, by thinking good thoughts, produce good results.
        2. And by evil thoughts, you can produce evil results.
        3. We know that.
        4. The world itself does not realize to what extent it is a fact.
        5. Nor does it realize how they can be mentally manipulated by individuals who do know the power of the mind.
    3. Throughout this entire experience on the mental level, you are finding what was formally known about the material level.
      1. A stronger power overcomes a weaker power.
        1. A little more material strength overcomes a less material strength.
        2. We know this on the material plane, and now we are beginning to know it on the mental plane.
        3. Those who have the strongest power of mental concentration can rule the weaker.
      2. So we have two powers warring with each other on the material level and on the mental level.
    4. Now we come to the revelation as we have it in The Infinite Way (as we have been proving it):
      1. In the world of God there are not two powers.
      2. Material force is not a power.
      3. And mental force is not a power.
      4. When the spiritual contact is made, there are no longer laws of either matter or mind.
        1. They both disappear.
        2. That is proven in the healing of physical disease and mental disease.
      5. The moment you introduce that new dimension, spirit, you have nullified material force and mental force.
    5. The first step for the person on the metaphysical path is: What is the truth with which I am to work? That truth is:
      1. There are not good powers and bad powers either of material nature or a mental nature.
      2. There is only one power:

That power is the power of the spirit.

      1. And it is not an overcoming power.
        1. The power of God does not overcome evil.
        2. The power of God does not overcome sin and disease.
        3. The power of God is not an overcoming power.
  1. It is a creative, maintaining and sustaining power on its own level.
    1. The moment it is realized, it dissolves that which we have been faced with in the form of material force or power, or mental force or power.
    2. The moment you know this, you stop the struggle against evil.
      1. Evil, in and of itself, is not power.
      2. It is power only to the mentality that still accepts two powers, a good power and an evil power.
    3. You no longer accept good or evil powers and accept a God of infinite nature, omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience right here where I am ...not to be attained...not to be gained...and not to be sought after.
      1. "The kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there. It is where you are."
      2. "The place whereon thou standest is holy ground."
      3. "The kingdom of God is within you."
    4. You do not have to go looking for it, not even into books.
      1. The only purpose of books is to reveal this to you.
      2. After it has revealed it to you though, it will do nothing for you unless you take it and put it into conscious action.
      3. It is the same with the Bible.
        1. The Bible is the greatest book that has ever appeared in print and there never will be one that will be greater.
        2. It is of no avail, though, unless you put the laws that are revealed in the Bible into conscious action.
        3. What good is it to read that God is all power and then the very next thing that pops up, begin to fear it?
  2. The first and greatest truth that a metaphysician must learn is: God is, and because God is, nothing else is true.
    1. All that God made is good.
      1. Anything that God did not make was not made.
      2. If disease is not good, then you must be assured that God did not make it.
      3. If God did not make it, it has no existence.
    2. Certainly, we are suffering from it; of course we are, because we were born into this double mindedness of two powers.
      1. Consciously and unconsciously we accept two powers and, thereby, we come under the law of two powers.
      2. Do you think that it is easy to overcome that which we for centuries have been accepting?
      3. You may say, "Oh! But my child has only been here for 10 years. It isn't too much under the law."
        1. Your child has been born and reborn under this thing for centuries.
        2. There is not a single one of us that had our beginning on what we call our birthday.
        3. That too would make mockery of a God.
      4. We have existed from time immemorial.
        1. We have coexisted with God, and we will live unto eternity.
        2. But, in our human identity, we have been thrust into this world, time after time, and always under these same laws of good and evil, of matter and of mind.
    3. It is not an easy thing to come to the place where you must acknowledge, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, that laws of matter and laws of mind are not power.
      1. For God is the only law giver.
      2. God is Spirit.
      3. Therefore, all law is spiritual.
        1. This is the most important truth ever revealed.
        2. But you, yourself, have to bring yourself to that place in consciousness where you declare:

"Judge not after appearances. Judge righteous judgment."

    1. Spiritual truth reveals that material law is not law.
      1. Mental law is not law.
      2. God is the only law giver and God is Spirit. Therefore, the only law is spiritual.
      3. Maintain that in your consciousness, actively and consciously, day by day, forgetting all of the other writings, forgetting all of the other statements of truth.
        1. Just abiding in that one truth until it registers,
        2. Until the inner click or the realization comes.
        3. Until it dawns in your consciousness, "This is the truth."
  1. We have the metaphysics of life and the mysticism.
    1. The mysticism can come to you by divine Grace.
    2. Or, you can bring it to yourself by the practice of the metaphysics of it, but in doing that, it must be the correct letter of truth.
    3. In other words, you cannot have God's allness today and then tomorrow wonder:
      1. What wrong thoughts am I having that are doing this to me?
      2. Why mortal mind is doing this to me?
      3. Am I being punished for some sin of omission or commission?
    4. There has to be a consistency as well as a persistency in holding to the fact that there is but one power.
      1. If I have sinned, that is not a power because God did not create the sin or the penalty for the sin.
        1. Therefore, it has no existence in that Consciousness which is God.
      2. God, being the only Law, is a law of eternal forgiveness.
      3. God is starting all over every second of every minute, and every minute of every hour.
        1. Every second is a fresh one.
        2. The past is dead.
        3. The future cannot come.
    5. The secret of healing is not in the mysticism, but in the metaphysics of the message.
      1. The metaphysics of the message leads to the mysticism in which one finds complete spiritual freedom.
        1. Then there is no longer an overcoming through knowing the truth.
        2. There is no longer any metaphysical process.
        3. There is only a state of abiding in the fullness of divine being.
      2. We attain proficiency by:
        1. First understanding and knowing the correct letter of truth;
        2. Then in its application to every phase of our human existence, until (one by one) these principles come alive in us.
        3. This, then, opens the mystical center, and after that we need not live by taking thought.
    6. "Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."
      1. (It says, "where the spirit of the Lord is.")
      2. There must first be "the spirit of the Lord," not the statement.
      3. The statement, the quotation, will not do anything for us. It has to be the understanding of the statement and the demonstration of the statement.
      4. Truth does nothing for us.
        1. It is first the understanding.
        2. And then the putting into practice.
        3. Then it operates.
        4. We must first grasp it,
        5. Understand it,
        6. Practice it.
      5. So it is with every truth, every principle in our writings:

The principle itself will do nothing for you any more than the principle of electricity will do anything for anyone except the person who hooks it up.

      1. Every truth, every law, every power exists now in your individual consciousness.
        1. Why in your individual consciousness?
        2. Because the Infinite Divine Consciousness is your individual consciousness.
      2. Our life's experience is the outpicturing of our own state of consciousness.
        1. Whatever limitations we are experiencing, are the limitations of our own state of consciousness.
        2. And it will continue until our state of consciousness develops and deepens and becomes enriched.
        3. Then the outer experience follows that pattern.
  1. Sometimes, in your reading of the mystical aspect of the message, it may have the effect of opening you spiritually and lifting you into a spiritual experience.
    1. Do not let this mislead you.
    2. Do not let it deprive you of the opportunity of studying and practicing the correct letter, so that you never fall into the trap of believing that you have a God that is destroying evil or that is healing disease or that is bringing you wealth. Do not do it.
    3. You must abide in the consciousness of God as Spirit, governing eternally, immortally, and harmoniously.
      1. Let the evils or the negatives fall away from your experience without battle, without strife.
      2. As you abide in that, the mystical experience will deepen and it will enrich your consciousness.
      3. Never forget that basic truth: God is not an overcomer.
  2. We must be alert to the worldly temptations that would cause us to give in to two powers or to succumb to negative powers.
    1. Never can we fail in our alertness or we will fail in our demonstration.
      1. Peter failed.
      2. Thomas failed.
      3. Judas failed.
      4. All of the disciples failed because they were not alert and awake to that which they had been taught.
    2. You see even after you have The Light, the world wants to tempt you.
    3. Jesus was already engaged in his ministry when he faced the three greatest temptations of his life.
      1. Temptations come not only to those who have not been illumined, but to those who have been illumined.
      2. It takes a great deal of alertness to hold to that Light and never succumb to the material sense of good.
    4. Do not go to God for your blessings.
      1. Let blessings pour out through you.
      2. You do not receive, you give.
      3. You are the instruments through which God's Grace flows.
      4. If Jesus is the Way-shower, then one of the ways he showed us was how to feed 5,000 and have twelve basketfuls left over, even without storehouses and barns.
        1. They will multiply themselves merely by acknowledging that we already have God's Grace.
        2. All we have to do is to begin with the one or two loaves and one or two fishes, and start pouring them out.
  3. The spiritual path calls for alertness.
    1. But there can be no alertness if we do not know the principles which bring about the experiences and upon which the spiritual life is based. We have taken only one today:

"There is no other power but God - God is."

      1. The reason is that it is the most important one. This one, if you remember, will:
        1. Prevent you from praying to God for something.
        2. Prevent your expecting something from God.
        3. Prevent you from turning to God to have some evil overcome.
      2. This is a major principle.
        1. This is the one that if you follow, can save you many, many headaches.
        2. If you do not know the principles, you cannot even pray aright.
      3. The greatest of them all is:

God is

    1. Therefore, that which you have been fearing is not a power and, as you maintain the truth in your consciousness, it loses its sense of power and disappears.
      1. Do not use truth for any purpose whatsoever.
      2. Just abide in the realization that God is.
      3. Let the truth do its own work.
      4. God is.

Three Principles and Their Practice


Three Principles and Their Practice


Three Principles and Their Practice

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 2 Side 1)

"We are dealing now with the specific principles of The Infinite Way which we are to apply in meeting the problems of our everyday living. The principles which constitute the healing principles of The Infinite Way. I recognize, and you must recognize, that there is going to be some difficulty about this because most of you have other metaphysical backgrounds. And the major principles of The Infinite Way are not only not the principles of your previous studies, but some of them may appear to you to be very contradictory. Many students do have difficulties because they try to mix the principles of their former teaching with the principles of The Infinite Way, and they make no headway."

The first principle we have to learn as students, probably the most important principle of the message of The Infinite Way, is The Nature of God.

  1. The nature of God being infinity, it is never used for any purpose.
    1. In The Infinite Way, truth is not used at all. The very opposite of that is the truth in our work. We seek to become the instrument of truth. We open ourselves that we may be used by truth, by God. In other words:
      1. That God may manifest Itself as our individual being.
      2. That God may live Its life as us,
      3. That God may lead, guide, direct, govern, sustain, maintain, support, and supply all of our activities.
      4. We are the instruments through which, or as which, that takes place.
    2. You see, the wisdom of God is infinite wisdom, omniscience.
      1. Therefore, it is ridiculous to believe that we can tell God, or ask God or inform God of our needs.
      2. It is an impossibility for us to know more than God.
      3. It is only possible for us to know as much as God:
        1. If we have first known that we know nothing;
        2. And then let the Wisdom of God manifest Itself as our wisdom.
      4. In other words, by attaining a receptive attitude for the inflow, by always holding yourself here, inside, in a listening attitude (almost a vacuum) waiting for the new idea, or new vision, or new invention, or discovery to come to you.
    3. We get used to the idea of being an instrument (both in mind and body), in the recognition of the truth that there is a God, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Life, Infinite Love; and that in our silence, and in our stillness, It can manifest Itself as us or through us, and performs Its function through us.
      1. Therefore, we cannot use God or Truth.
      2. But by attaining an inner stillness, God or Truth can use us; It can manifest through us as healings, inventions, music or art.
      3. God is Infinity and all that is, is an emanation of God.
      4. We are the instruments through which, and as which, It is to function on earth.
      5. Our approach to life is not learning how to use truth, but how to be so receptive and responsive to the Divine Impulse that Truth can use us. That Life can flow as our life, Wisdom can flow as our wisdom, but we know It is not ours, It is God's.
  2. Since God is Infinite, the power of God is infinite.
    1. And therefore, the discords of the world exist in the human scene as experiences, due to our ignorance of the basic truth that God, alone, is Power.
    2. It is not your ignorance or mine, personally.
    3. It is the universal ignorance which instantly takes us over the moment we are conceived, and begins to handle us the minute we are born.
    4. It isn't your ignorance or mine any more than any wisdom or power we would attain is yours or mine.
      1. We come into this world ignorant of spiritual truth.
      2. We come into this world accepting the two powers, good and evil.
        1. And long before we understand the meaning of them, we have accepted them.
        2. And of course, we have become deathly afraid of the evil...

Afraid of falling down...

Afraid of automobiles...

Afraid of meeting strangers...

        1. And then we are sent to church to learn how to become afraid of God.
    1. In this first principle we are learning that the nature of God:
      1. Being Infinite, there is no power, no law to anything of a discordant nature, of a material nature, or a limited nature.
      2. In doing this, we learn to "Resist not evil."
      3. We learn to "Put up thy sword."
      4. We learn to stand before every form of Pilate and say, "You look terrible. You look frightening. But...Thou couldest have no power over me unless it were given thee of the Father."
      5. It is not a simple matter to come to that state of consciousness.
        1. We are born and reared in material consciousness.
        2. That means in the consciousness of two powers, of good and evil.
      6. Because of our birth, even if we can intellectually accept this as the truth:
        1. We cannot demonstrate it until it begins to come alive in us;
        2. Until an inner conviction comes with it, which comes with practice.
        3. And then, of course, we are only able to demonstrate it in a measure.
    2. That is the basic principle though, and that is the one which gives all students the most difficulty (and many metaphysical students great difficulty because they have been taught that truth overcomes error.) It is difficult to accept the idea that you cannot use truth. Truth is Infinity. Truth is God Itself. No one can use God and no one can influence God. God is not a servant.
  1. We come to the second principle, and all of our healing work is based on this. Those of you with a metaphysical background, if you really wish to understand and demonstrate this, you will have to work with it until you break yourself of your former beliefs and are able to come into the understanding of this principle: The Nature of Error.
    1. There is no such thing as personal evil.
    2. There is no such thing as evil for which you are responsible.
      1. Not for any of the sins, diseases, lacks or limitations that come into your experience.
      2. It is not your wrong thinking that produced it.
      3. It is not your envy, your jealousy, or your malice that produced it.
      4. It is not your greed, your lust or your mad ambition that produced it.
      5. It is not any fault that is to be found with you that produced it.
      6. You have no responsibilities for the evils which express themselves in your experience or through you; but remember, neither is your wife or husband responsible for any of the evils.
    3. You see, the truth about you is that:
      1. You are the child of God.
      2. God has manifested Its own Life as your individual being.
      3. God has expressed Itself on earth individually as you.
      4. The Life which is God is your individual life and is, therefore, eternal and immortal.
      5. Your soul is spotless, because God is your soul.
      6. God is your very being.
      7. Your infinite, invisible body is the temple of the living God.

This is the truth about you and your life, your soul, and your being.

  1. The reason for all of the discords is that in ancient days they created a devil or a Satan. Paul called it the "carnal mind" and in our metaphysical language it has been called "mortal mind."
    1. It makes no difference which of these names you use, they are the source of all evil.
    2. Therefore, regardless of what sin or disease or lack or ignorance you witness in any individual, please do not condemn them.

They are but the instruments through which this carnal mind is functioning.

    1. The mistake originally made was when it was discovered that man personally is not a sinner.
      1. There was a tempter called "devil" or "Satan."
      2. The mistake was claiming that this "devil" or "Satan" was the opposite of God, the opponent of God (and that it was God's function to try to get rid of this "devil" or "Satan").
    2. Religion, all down through the ages, has been dedicated to that one purpose: overcoming the "devil." And the "devil" has no power. The "devil" is nothing (except what we agree to make it).
    3. In the same way, the metaphysical world has made the self-same mistake.
      1. They will tell you that there is no "devil" or "Satan," just mortal mind.
      2. And then they will protect themselves from mortal mind and thereby take a licking from it.
  1. It must be recognized that all evil is impersonal, comes from an impersonal source, and that source is the false belief in good and evil.
    1. That is all that there is to what is called "mortal mind."
    2. There is no such thing as mortal mind as an entity.
    3. There is no such thing as carnal mind as an entity.
    4. There is no such thing as devil or Satan as an entity.
    5. There is a universal belief in two powers.
    6. That false belief, itself, is the cause of every bit of discord that ever existed on the face of the earth.
  2. Even in metaphysics, we expect that God will overcome this mortal mind, this sin or this disease.
    1. This overcoming has to be within you.
      1. The overcoming that has to take place within you, is your recognition of the truth..
      2. "I will never leave you, nor forsake you."
      3. "If you go through the waters, you will not drown. If you go through the fire, the flames will not kindle upon you."
      4. Why? They have no such power.
    2. As you realize this, and as you realize the message and the mission of Christ Jesus, you realize he knew by divine revelation that these are not power.
    3. In our own lives, depressions may come and deprive us of our savings, our wealth, our background of investments, but that is only a body of supply. That is not supply...God is our Supply.
    4. The question is what we, ourselves, are able to accept of spiritual principles. And, then, practice them until they become living forces within our own being.
      1. Humanly we have been taught to judge, criticize and condemn anybody, anytime, if it does not fit in with our own sense of right or wrong.
      2. In this work, though, you have to change your entire attitude so that you never are guilty of judging, criticizing or condemning a person.
      3. But are always recognizing that the source of whatever it is that is visibly wrong, is this carnal mind and it has no power.
    5. This step which we embody at all times in our healing work is the realization of one power, and not fighting or trying to overcome the negative powers or beliefs or claims that come before us.
  3. In addition to the realization of one power, the principles which are used in the healing work are these:
    1. Impersonalization
      1. The moment John Brown asks for help, be sure that you put John Brown out of your mind.
        1. Do not dwell for one single second on John Brown.
        2. Above all, even if you know it, do not believe anything evil about John Brown.
        3. Dismiss it instantly.
        4. Get it out of your thought as fast as possible.
        5. Get John Brown out of your thought.
      2. Your function in healing work is impersonalization...Remember that word, "impersonalization."
        1. (This claim is not a person, not a condition, not a thing.)
        2. It belongs to no one.
        3. It is an impersonal activity, or substance, or imposition of what we might call carnal mind or mortal mind.
        4. Get it all back there into that term "devil," "Satan," whatever you like, but impersonalize it, take it out of the person.
        5. See that it is not a person, it has not a person in whom to work, or through whom to work.
      3. It is an impersonal claim of the universal mind, (mortal mind, carnal mind). When you are sure that you have impersonalized it so that you absolutely have no thought of the individual in your mind, then you take the second step, which is:
    2. Nothingizing
      1. That means you have to go back to Genesis.
        1. God made all that was made.
        2. All that God made is good.
        3. Anything which is not good, God did not make.
        4. Anything which God did not make does not exist.
      2. If God made all that was made and all that God made is good, then God did not make a carnal mind or mortal mind or "devil" or "Satan," and therefore it has no existence except as a mental concept in the human thought.
      3. Once you begin to understand that this entire "devil" is a man-made entity made in the mind of man, not in the realm of God and that it has no law, no substance, no activity, no source, no avenue, no channel, you nullify it, you've recognized it for what it is---temporal power, "the arm of flesh," nothingness, and that is where your healing work begins.
      4. Regardless of the name or nature of the problem with which you are confronted, you can be assured of this:
        1. It is nothing but a temptation of the devil coming to you for acceptance or rejection.
        2. This devil is nothing more nor less than this human false belief which exists because of a belief of good and evil. Once you have no belief of good and evil, you have no carnal mind anymore or mortal mind. You are operating in and through and with the divine Being.
        3. It is only as long as there is a belief in good and evil that there is limitation, finiteness and negativeness.
        4. All of us are heir to negative qualities of human thought; and you know how to get rid of it, by understanding that these are not personal, but that they are impersonal and that they are not power and that they have no law to sustain them.
  4. Heretofore, it has never been revealed that every phase of discord that comes into our experience is a mesmeric influence that we do not know how to protect ourselves from.
    1. In other words, when you are in the midst of an epidemic of any disease, you are not necessarily suffering from the disease but from the mesmerism of the publicity about the disease.

In the same way, we know there have been fires in large buildings, and more people killed for other reasons than the flames. (The flames probably took few lives, but panic, fear, and the lust for life took the rest.)

    1. This universal belief of good and evil operates hypnotically upon any and every individual of this world.
      1. But "A thousand shall fall at thy left hand and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thy dwelling place."
      2. What is this "Thy dwelling place?"
        1. It is the individual who dwells in the secret place of the most high...
        2. Not "dwells in a house,"
        3. Not "dwells in an automobile,"
        4. Not "dwells in an airplane,"
        5. But dwells in the "secret place of the most high."
        6. And how can you do that? It has to be done consciously.
      3. Everything in your life is either an activity of your consciousness expressing itself, or your unwillingness to let your consciousness express itself;

And, if the latter, you become a blotting paper for the belief of good and evil that permeates the world.

    1. You either become a blotting paper and take it all in and respond to it, and show it forth, or else you become master of your fate and captain of your soul, but only by an act of consciousness, not by, "Oh, God will take care of it." There is no such God.
      1. There must be an activity of truth in your consciousness.
        1. And that activity of truth has to be built around the principle that there is only one power, that nothing but God and the activity of God is power,
        2. And that any sense of evil is impersonal, and is nothing but the activity of the fleshly mind or the arm of flesh or nothingness.
      2. Every treatment has to be built around those principles.
    2. It makes no difference what the nature of the human claim is.
      1. It has to be consciously handled.
      2. And every treatment or realization must embody impersonalization, nothingization and the realization of one power.
    3. God Itself is Infinite, and only God is power. Every other appearance is but mesmeric influence, the temptation of the devil coming to our consciousness to be accepted or rejected, and it has to be consciously rejected.
  1. The one thing that the world is suffering from is mental inertia.
    1. It wants to sit back and depend on God.
      1. It is so easy to sit back and say, "God will do it."
        1. But God will not do anything.
        2. God is doing.
        3. God will not do anything a minute from now that God is not doing now.
        4. God is being this very second.
        5. And God is being all that God can be.
      2. God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore.
      3. God is from everlasting to everlasting.
      4. Do not try to get God to be anything or do anything.
      5. God is.
    2. The responsibility is on your shoulders though.
    3. "Awaken thou that sleepest, Christ will give thee light."
  2. Wake up to the fact that your experience is going to be your own state of consciousness objectified.
    1. Live consciously, everyday, in the realization of God.
      1. Omnipresent God.
      2. Omnipotent God.
      3. Omniscient God.
      4. Here and now.
      5. The all and only power.
    2. Then impersonalize all phases of evil and realize they exist only as the "Arm of flesh," or "nothingness."
      1. You will bring harmony into your experience in proportion as you do this. Paul called it, "praying without ceasing."
      2. This is difficult, particularly the first year, because we forget more than we remember. (It is a discipline for a year.)
      3. Try just a simple thing. Make an agreement with yourself that you will never eat a bite of food or drink a drop of any kind of a drink without consciously recognizing that God is the source, and then count how many times you forgot that at the end of the day.
      4. Watch the magical effects in your life. If you do reach a place that you do not forget, and you do consciously recognize with every bite of food and every bit of drink that:
        1. But for God, it would not be here.
        2. But for God's Grace, you would not have it.
        3. But for God's Grace, it would not be on earth.
        4. But for God's Grace, you would not be digesting it.
      5. Find out what happens when you begin to acknowledge Him in all thy ways.
      6. See what happens as you consciously remember when you get into your automobile that God drives,
        1. Not only your car, (but since there is only one being, one selfhood) God drives all cars.
        2. It is your conscious recognition of this that sets you free from the statistical beliefs.
    3. During the first few years, this is difficult.
      1. But eventually something beautiful begins to happen.
      2. You do not have to consciously think.
      3. These things come to thought of their own accord.
      4. They automatically arise within you.
      5. Then it is not much longer until you really understand what Paul meant, "I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life."
        1. After that, there is very little conscious effort.
        2. Now it all flows from within.
        3. It all comes to you.
        4. You do not have to go searching after it.
      6. The idea is, of course, that we are searching for God in our early experience, but that is not correct:

It is God that is searching for us, and we have to learn to let God catch up.

(The following passage is from another tape, recommended for students by Will Hoff.)

  1. The third major principle of The Infinite Way is The Nature of Prayer.
    1. Why Do We Need Prayer?
      1. When we come to the subject of prayer, we really come to the most important subject on the face of the globe.
      2. There is no subject that can equal the understanding of the subject of prayer.
        1. Whatever the world is suffering from today is because of the lack of knowledge of prayer.
        2. The ignorance of prayer has the world in the turmoil.
      3. Whatever sense of peace, harmony and of joy in the world has come about through the proper knowledge of prayer. Prayer is how God's Government reaches us.
      4. There has never been a knowledge of prayer on earth except among very small and limited groups or with some individuals. Wherever there has been a knowledge of prayer, there has been peace and harmony and wholeness.
        1. The reason is, that prayer is the instrument through which God's government reaches us individually and collectively.
        2. In my writing, it has been made very clear that there are many degrees of prayer and that each one serves some purpose in life. (It is not possible for me to review all of these steps in prayer in every class. This subject could not be embraced in one class or two dozen classes.)
      5. When a person goes into prayer, the answer never comes, never, to what they pray for or in words they use in prayer or the thoughts they had in prayer. If we are seeking something, we are praying amiss.
    2. What is Prayer?
      1. Prayer is a spontaneous unfoldment of truth from within our own being.
      2. Prayer is the spontaneous revelation of God in action.
      3. Prayer is our degree of relativity to truth.
      4. Prayer is the avenue opened within ourselves to receive the love, life, truth and the unfolding wisdom of God.
      5. To understand prayer, we must give up our human judgment of God or man.
      6. Prayer is this feeling, this conviction, this knowing within that these words are true: "God Is."
        1. Then let the spiritual reality be made visible to you by the Father within.
        2. No one can reveal God to another.
        3. By revealing the nature of prayer, we place him in a position to receive the God experience.
        4. The God experience can come only through the correct understanding of prayer since prayer is the point of contact with God.
      7. Prayer is the avenue of awareness of God.
      8. Prayer is the preparation of consciousness for the God-experience.
      9. Prayer is the inner vision of harmony. This vision is attained by giving up the desire to change or improve anyone or anything.
        1. To become aware of the harmony without mental effort on your part.
        2. The absence of desire in the recognition of is.
        3. The motive of prayer is to know God aright.
      10. Rightful prayer is silence.
      11. Since God alone is omnipresence, prayer, true prayer, is a state of consciousness, a conscious communion in union.
        1. That is the true sense of prayer, that God reveal, unfold, and disclose Itself to us, to our individual awareness.
        2. We can become aware of God and we can be as infinite as God is, only, however, to the degree that we lose personal sense.
    3. Prayer is:
      1. The acknowledgment of divine grace.
      2. Treatment or meditation.
      3. Motivation, altitude, attitude (proper listening).
      4. Being a beholder and a witness.
      5. Our contact, our means of communion with God through which harmony is revealed.
      6. The spontaneous flow from the father within to our outer consciousness.
      7. The recognition of the Nature of God as fulfillment.
      8. The realization of our inseparability from God.
        1. "I and the Father are One," is the relationship established in the beginning.
        2. Oneness with God is the divine state of our being, but only prayer can reveal it.
      9. The recognition of omnipresence is the secret of prayer.
        1. The recognition of the Nature of God is prayer.
        2. The recognition that the perfection of God is by Grace is also prayer.
    4. What prayer should not be:
      1. Be sure that your prayer is not an attempt to influence God or improve God's universe!
      2. When anyone thinks we love God because we have abundance, peace, or health, they are wrong.
        1. If anyone thinks that is love, or that that is gratitude, or that that is prayer, they are mistaken.
        2. Prayer is not an activity of the human mind.
        3. All attempts to contact God through the mind or intellect have failed and will continue to fail. God can be known only through the soul and the soul faculties.
        4. God is not here to fulfill your desires.
        5. The only correct approach to prayer is:

Not my will be done, but thine.

Prepare me to fulfill thy will.

It is fit that we be the servants of God.

We must yield our will to God.

Submit to God's Will.

      1. If we are praying for supply, companionship or health, we are praying amiss.
      2. To benefit from prayer, we do not ask God for anything.
        1. Prayer should never be a going to God for something of a material nature.
        2. We should never turn to God for anything except the unfoldment of our own soul within our own being.
    1. How do we know how to pray?
      1. When the motive is "to know thee aright," we are praying aright.
      2. When the motive is to dwell in the secret place of the most high;
      3. When the motive is to commune with God;
      4. When the motive is to be in fellowship with God;
      5. When the motive is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, not for any reason, then we are praying aright.
      6. When the motive is to witness God's Kingdom, God's presence on earth, then there will be answered prayer. "Thy Grace is my sufficiency."
        1. When we pray for the divine presence and beingness, we have answered prayer.
        2. Seeking guidance from God at this stage of your unfoldment will set up a sense of separateness from God. It gives a sense of God and someone needing help, direction, or guidance. Actually, you need to let God be your life. Then It lives, acts, performs and is your very being.
      7. The world's concept of prayer is a combination of words and thoughts.
        1. This may sometimes be a preparation for prayer, but it is never prayer.
        2. When we have ceased praying for things, for improved health or state of being, and our prayer becomes one of conscious union with God, we can know that we are making progress spiritward.
      8. Words and thoughts in prayer are helpful as long as they lead up to the atmosphere of the true communion which is without words and thoughts. When words and thoughts alone constitute prayer, they become a barrier to the attainment of God-awareness.
      9. Pray with the ear and not the tongue.
        1. Regardless of how we pray, prayers never reach God unless before the prayer, a contact is made with our Source, with God.
        2. As human beings, if you abide in the vine and let the words abide in you, you will bear fruit richly. But, if you do not abide in the vine, if you do not make actual contact with the Source, you will be as a branch of a tree that is cut off and withereth. Praying will not help.
    2. How do we know if we have attained answered prayer?
      1. You know that you have received the answer to prayer when you have reached the place where you know every truth that can be known, understood, or received humanly. However, now you still must reach higher for the Truth that reveals Itself through spiritual means without human means of communication.
      2. Answered prayer has its basis in the Master's revelation that we are to take no thought for what we shall eat or what we shall drink or wherewithal we shall be clothed.
        1. We are to take no thought for our life.
        2. We are to seek the realm of God.
        3. We are to seek the realization of God.
        4. We are to seek the Kingdom of God, oneness with God, contact with God (whatever it is that establishes a oneness with our source).
        5. The meditation helps to establish that contact, if the mediation is intelligently practiced.
        6. When we hear the still, small Voice of God, when we receive the inner impartation or feeling of the Presence of God, we are receiving the benefit of prayer.
    3. The importance of meditation:
      1. Eventually it will be customary to meditate twenty or thirty times in a twenty-four hour day.
        1. Because the mesmerism of the world, neighbors, obligations, etc. pull us out of our contact with God, we begin to dwell on the problems of the world and fearing them, will not bring about answered prayer.
        2. The good of God is ours by Grace; no one earns it, deserves it, or is worthy of it in the human sense.
        3. The Nature of God is fulfillment; and our recognition of that enables us to be fulfilled.
      2. God is God.
        1. God is the very Soul, the very Intelligence of Being.
        2. Surely, we do not need reasons for loving God.
      3. Our sense of separation from God is the barrier to our enjoyment of the blessings of God.
      4. Meditation is exactly like prayer in that it must never contain a desire. It must never seek anything of God. It must carry no wish to God, not even the wish to save my life.
      5. You cannot add to a vessel already full unless you can empty yourself of the old Judaic teachings which are now incorporated in the Christian Churches ("an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth").
      6. The promise is, "Son thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine." We must make ourselves fitting temples for that and the way we do it is not by making affirmations about God's goodness and our spirituality. It is by turning within and letting God reveal its own being and identity.
      7. We shall find that as God fills our consciousness, so God fills what appears to us as an outer world. The outer world is only the form of the inner world.
        1. Our inner world is the substance.
        2. When consciousness is filled with the Spirit of God, the outer form (or human picture), the health, the wealth, the home, and the personal relationships begin to take on spiritual, harmonious form.
    4. To live as a beholder, we must hold these two important considerations always before us:
      1. God is infinite all.
        1. "I and my Father are one."
        2. "All that the Father hath is mine."
        3. Only that which emanates from the Father can and does manifest in and through me.
      2. Error is a universal belief, a world belief, always without presence or power, or law to sustain it.
        1. In this wisdom, let us recognize all discords as universal belief.
        2. Let us "Wait on the Lord."
      3. Let us be beholders of God, guiding, maintaining and sustaining Its own.
        1. God fulfilling Itself as individual being.
        2. The "We shall see him as he is" God appearing as the wholeness, the abundance, the harmony, the peace and the joy of our experiences.
  1. Once the three basic principles of The Infinite Way have been understood, it may be necessary to discover if your efforts have been heard. For this purpose, The Infinite Way may be considered to consist of two major parts:
    1. Specifically knowing the Truth: The application of the three basic principles which have just been discussed in detail.
    2. Knowing that these efforts have been heard.

In order to achieve this realization, the following steps are recommended:

      1. Enter a meditation realizing the consciousness of the Truth.
      2. Ask, "Speak Lord, thy servant heareth."
      3. Assume a listening attitude waiting to hear with the inner ear.
    1. You may not achieve a response in words.
      1. But you will feel "something" that convinces you of a Divine presence.
      2. You will feel some assurance that God is on the field and all is well.

Three Principles and Their Practice II


Three Principles and Their Practice II


Three Principles and Their Practice II

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 2 Side 2)

"Please remember that it is only during the first years that it would seem living The Infinite Way is a bit burdensome and difficult. Be willing for the sake of the fruitage, to experience some of the labor that goes with this work in the beginning."

  1. In living the Infinite Way then, you are doing two things all day long. You are doing protective work, and you are doing treatment or healing work. You are engaged in those two activities all day long whether or not anybody asks you for help. You are always using these three principles, the nature of God, the nature of error, and the nature of prayer in the major part of your work.
    1. First of all, from the moment of your waking in the morning, you are doing protective work.
      1. Do not ever think of protective work in the sense of protecting yourself or anyone else from evil.
      2. Remember that protective work is the realization that there is no power to protect oneself from.

That is protective work.

      1. It is living in the realization:

Since there is only one power there are no other powers to do anything or to be anything, and any suggestion of such is this mesmeric influence "mortal mind," or arm of flesh or nothingness.

      1. Without this, you are not consciously thinking of accidents, discords, diseases, sins or temptations, but you are permitting yourself to accept unconsciously, or subconsciously, the world's mesmerism, the world's hypnotic suggestions.
    1. Any form of error touches our lives in much the same way that subliminal perception operates.
      1. In other words, there is something entering our consciousness which we do not see, hear, taste, touch or smell.
      2. It enters in the form of suggestions or mental impositions.
        1. A mesmeric suggestion enters our thought or our consciousness when there is not a protection from it inside ourselves.
        2. A mental malpractice is what it really is.
      3. Unless there is a realization that it is not power (that it is not an emanation of God), it can take root in you and appear in any form or every form.
        1. And it does appear,
        2. That is why we have these human experiences.
      4. In this early part of our conscious activity, it is necessary that often throughout the day, as soon as we receive mental suggestions (as they touch our consciousness), we should know that:
        1. This is the tempter; this is a temptation.
        2. This is a suggestion from the universal human mind, or a power and presence apart from God.
        3. Reject it in the realization, that this is nothing but the fleshly mind, or the arm of flesh, or nothing.
        4. This is not power.
        5. This is not God ordained.
        6. This has no law of God behind it.
      5. Then you are through with it.
        1. It takes a minute, but you have consciously set up within yourself the power of truth.
        2. Truth being infinite, nothing else can enter your consciousness.
  1. In the same way, throughout the day, you are engaged in treatment or healing work, because on every side of you, you are witnessing sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, unemployment, alcoholism, drug addiction and poverty.
    1. All of these things confront you in the press, on the streets, and on the radio.
    2. You cannot afford to be a blotting paper though.
    3. You cannot afford to just let those things go in and pass through you and take root.
    4. You are consciously alert to realize:
      1. Yes, these are pictures of sense;
      2. Yes, these are mental images;
      3. Yes, these are suggestions.
      4. But in our understanding of one God, one power, one law, these false suggestions are nothing.
    5. Then you will find you are abiding in the "Secret place of the most high."
      1. And none of these things "will come nigh thy dwelling place."
      2. (If not literally "none of the these things," then few.)
    6. As these influences follow wherever we go, they can be absorbed from the atmosphere.
      1. When they do come, you have a principle with which to work to free yourself.
      2. Know the nothingness of the false appearance.
    7. Once you have proven these principles in your own experience, you will see how quickly your conscious awareness of these principles begins to set others free.
      1. They do not have to know that you are knowing the truth for them or about them, and yet you will be surprised how many will receive healings without knowing the direction from which it comes.
      2. Since we are not out for personal glory, and since we did not do it as a personal thing (it was a principle in operation), we need not be concerned about getting credit for it.
      3. To us the joy and the satisfaction is that we have discovered a principle of life that we can live by and which will benefit those who are receptive and responsive to it.
  2. It makes no difference how many medals are pinned on you while you are here.
    1. You cannot take them with you.
      1. So we do not require any.
      2. As we leave this plane, the only thing we take with us is every single bit of spiritual enlightenment and every bit of knowledge of good.
      3. It becomes the foundation of our next experience.
    2. Every principle of life that you embody in your consciousness, becomes your state of consciousness throughout all time.
    3. The principles of Spirit (the spiritual principles which we learn) are our own protection, health, safety, security and peace;

And they are the principles which we know will be the freedom for every individual on the face of the globe as the world awakens to these principles.

    1. You may think that you are living your own life and that no one else is affected by it.
    2. And you may think that you are unimportant, but this is not so.
      1. We know how very unimportant Jesus Christ was as a Hebrew Rabbi. Yet, certainly everyone of us knows how true his words have become.
      2. "My words shall not pass away for they will live in our consciousness, awaiting our demonstration this very day."
    3. What is taking place in your consciousness is an influence,
      1. Therefore, if you are studying these principles for no other reason than learning them and finding out what the secret of life is, then eventually, these principles will do something to your life.
      2. And then through you to someone else.
        1. You have no way of knowing how widespread that will be in time.
        2. We are important to each other and the entire world.
        3. No one can keep these principles secret.
  1. You must understand that these spiritual laws and principles do not manifest themselves only in what we call, this "spiritual healing" or "spiritual living."
    1. It is not meant that everyone on the earth should be a religious mystic or a spiritual healer.
    2. Never forget that these spiritual principles will manifest themselves in new forms of music, new forms of art, new forms of literature and new scientific discoveries.
    3. Perhaps ultimately there will be no need for spiritual healers because there will be no disease on earth.
      1. Medical science has eliminated much of the diseases of the earth.
      2. And I have every firm conviction within me that ultimately it will have solved all of the rest of the major ones.
    4. Our function is not healing.
      1. That is only one of the temporary landmarks on the way.
      2. It is only one of the temporary signs of the spiritual principle.
    5. Our function is to live with the spiritual principles and let them come forth in:
      1. New forms of peace on earth;
      2. New ways of life.
    6. Our major function is that we may live by spiritual principles, and through the development of our spiritual awareness or soul faculties, bring forth greater beauties and harmonies into this world than it has ever known.
      1. I should hate to believe that we were dedicating our lives merely to making a few of us a little more comfortable in our bodies.
      2. Every healing is to be a witness to you that here is a principle of life which, when understood and practiced, will bring forth harmony.
        1. Harmony of body and mind, yes.
        2. Harmony of purse, yes.
      3. But now go on from there:
        1. New forms, infinite forms of harmony.
        2. And beauty.
        3. And good will.
        4. And peace.
  2. My interest is people.
    1. I like people and go around the world to meet people.
    2. In our relationship with each other lies the secret of life.
    3. Life is for living and living cannot be done except it is done with each other.
      1. No one can live a life unto themselves and be fulfilled, no one.
      2. And no nation, no race, no color, no creed, can live unto itself and become anything but ingrown.
    4. When each of us is aware of the fact that we are the Temple of the living God,
      1. (And are no longer ascribing evil to each other, no longer believing that evil is a component part of this race or that race, or this nation or that nation).
      2. Think as we embody these spiritual principles, and then discover that this spiritual illumination is a bond:
        1. An invisible bond between all of us.
      3. Then you will commence to understand the greater functions of a message like The Infinite Way.
      4. You will understand why you cannot fulfill that function until first of all you have a God.
        1. In having a God you lose all fear:

Fear of person, Fear of thing, Fear of condition.

        1. You cannot have a God and fear.
        2. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."
      1. Wherever there is an understanding of the nature of God, one cannot fear.
        1. The very moment we have God, fear vanishes because in having God we have the only presence, the only power, the allness.
        2. And then that, we share with each other.
  1. We practice the realization of God as one power and we practice the realization of our two principles, nothingization and impersonalization, as revealing no power or presence other than God.
    1. And as we do, we are lifted into this higher spiritual atmosphere:
      1. In which we have contact with each other on a spiritual plane;
      2. In which we have contact with the wisdom of the world.
    2. Do you know that every person on earth would have supreme wisdom if there was not this mesmeric activity keeping it away from them?
      1. (In other words, this belief in two powers.)
      2. Without that belief, there is only the One Infinite Consciousness manifesting Itself as individual consciousness.
    3. Remember this:
      1. God Consciousness is your individual consciousness;
      2. And therefore, all that God is I am;
      3. And all that God has is mine.
        1. "Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine."
        2. That does not refer to money.
        3. It refers to life, wisdom, love, peace, joy, dominion.
        4. "All that I have is thine."
    4. What prevents us then from being infinitely wise and infinitely loving?
      1. Nothing more or less than this thing that was built around us when we were conceived,

This humanly mesmeric influence.

      1. And it begins to dissolve in the moment that you recognize this and realize it is not a power.
    1. It has acted as a power in my experience because I have accepted the world belief in two powers.
      1. And now I know that there is but one power.
      2. Then you find that as this nothingness becomes nothing.
      3. That your consciousness is the inlet and the outlet for all the Wisdom of God...all the art, literature, music, science, anything and everything which is your birthright.
    2. Watch the transformation that takes place in your own experience.
    3. Watch the limitations that are broken down the moment that you realize that there is nothing keeping you from being a transparency for God, for the Infinite Nature of God, the Infinite Wisdom, Life, Love and Truth of God.
      1. Even though the humanly mesmeric influence attempts to operate, it has no power.
        1. It has operated heretofore only because unknowingly and unconsciously, I accepted the world's two powers. Because of that, it functions in my experience as an acceptance of this false belief.
        2. As you nullify it, it begins to lose its power in your life.
      2. And you, thereby, become a greater transparency for Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, Divine Life and Divine Power.
  1. When this work was given me, it was told me that:
    1. "My Consciousness will be your consciousness."
    2. "I will do these things as you, through your consciousness, which will really be My Consciousness."
    3. That Infinite, Divine, Consciousness has operated in me, through me, for me, and before me, to do these works of The Infinite Way.
  2. Later this same Voice said:
    1. "My Consciousness will be The Infinite Way consciousness throughout this globe."
    2. "My Consciousness will function as the consciousness of The Infinite Way, of its students, of its work."
    3. That was given me, and I know that It is functioning now, and It will go on and do more so.
  3. The truth is:
    1. This Consciousness is the consciousness of every man and woman in the world, but It cannot function through selfishness.
    2. It cannot function through the mind of those who are seeking :
      1. Only for me and for mine;
      2. To get and to achieve;
      3. It cannot function that way.
    3. The nature of God Consciousness is expressing Itself as a giving and bestowing of perfection.
      1. It is a benediction.
      2. The Consciousness of God is a benediction to this world.
    4. It is a flowing divine essence of blessings.
    5. We have hindered its operation because, unconsciously in our ignorance, we have accepted "self-preservation as the first law of nature."
    6. We have accepted two powers.
      1. We have accepted the false human belief.
      2. And then started to count how little or how much education we had and judged by that.
      3. And so we have limited ourselves.
    7. The God Consciousness has no limitations.
      1. And It embodies Infinite Wisdom.
      2. And It imparts it to all of those who are the transparency for It.
        1. To be a transparency for Infinite Intelligence, and Divine Love means to recognize that this thing called devil, mortal mind, or carnal mind (this mesmeric influence of two powers) is not power, is not functioning in my experience, and has no law of God to maintain it or sustain it.
        2. And gradually, you find how freeing it is and how free you become inside.
  4. Remember that there is no such thing as "feeling spiritual" anymore than there is such a thing as "feeling moral."
    1. Have you ever felt moral?
    2. You can be moral, but you cannot feel that you are moral.
    3. You can be honest, but you cannot feel that you are honest.
    4. It is what you are, but that is your natural being.
      1. The moment this mesmeric sense is broken to the extent that you can grasp even a little bit of the fact that there is only one power, you are spiritual.
      2. The very moment you are not depending on bread alone for your life, you are spiritual.
      3. In the degree that you know that man does not live by bread alone, you are spiritual.
      4. In the degree that you know that money is not supply (money is only one of the forms that supply takes for our temporary use), the minute you know that, you are spiritual.
      5. The minute you know that God is Infinite, the only power, then you are spiritual.
    5. But you cannot feel it.
      1. You can be it.
      2. You can experience it, but not feel it.
      3. Do not try to make an emotional experience of this and try to feel spiritual or mystical.
      4. Do not try to feel anything, just be it.
  5. The realization of these principles begins instantly to operate as a freeing influence in your consciousness.
    1. But it does not heal you of anything.
    2. It does not enrich you.
    3. It does not improve your morals.
    4. It breaks the mesmeric sense and leaves you as the spiritual being;

The harmonious being which you naturally are.

    1. Every sense of limitation, every sense of discord, every erroneous trait of character is nothing more than an erroneous sense that is gripping us.
    2. And, the very moment that one with God begins to realize the one power, and the non-power of this mesmeric sense,
      1. A sense of freedom takes its place,
      2. And you are the same person you were, only now you are free.
    1. The question used to come to me: How do you break this hypnotism? How do you break this mesmeric sense?
      1. It was years of meditation and almost breaking the heart to try to get at the secret.
      2. Finally, it was revealed to me that the way to break the hypnotism was to know that hypnotism is not power, and that is the only way. That has been the practice and function of my work from that day to this.
        1. Not trying to break hypnotism.
        2. Not trying to free anyone from being hypnotized.
        3. But by knowing that hypnotism itself is an activity of the carnal mind and therefore has no power and no law.
        4. Hypnotism comes out of the mind of man (or carnal mind) and therefore it is not a power, and therefore it has no law to sustain it and it is inoperative.
        5. And one with God is a majority.
  2. Nothing happens outside the activity of Mind, not a thing.
    1. Therefore, if it is the Consciousness of God you cannot change it or add to it or alter it.
      1. You cannot improve it, and do not try.
      2. Do not try to change the movement of the stars or the sun or the moon or the tides.
      3. These are the activities of the Divine Consciousness, the Infinite, Immortal, Eternal, that which was before there was a human being to know it.
      4. Anything that exists as an activity of the carnal mind you can nullify and in proportion to the degree of your awareness of these principles.
      5. Once you know that anything that is the emanation of the carnal mind, of the "devil", of "Satan", or the mortal mind is without law, without God Being, God Presence, or God Power, you have started to annul it.
      6. In your present state of consciousness, if the erroneous appearance does not yield the first time you know it, keep at it a hundred times, because sometimes it takes a hundred times of knowing to break it.
    2. Above all things remember this:
      1. Every word I have said to you tonight is absolute truth.
      3. Consciously utilize these principles in what you would call prayer, or treatment or contemplative meditation, but make these principles active in your consciousness.
    3. The time will come when you will find there will be very little human effort involved and very little mental effort, but that will only come as these principles are embodied within us and become real to us.

Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth


Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth


Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 3 Side 1)

  1. The question is brought up: Why do you not speak on The Lord's Prayer?
    1. Let me explain to those who do not know this. There is no part of The Infinite Way message which is mine, that I ever thought up or conceived in any way.
    2. Every principle that is in our work has been given to me from an Infinite Source, and it does not represent my opinion or my belief or my concept, separate and apart from the fact that it is mine because it was given to me.
    3. In the same way, every passage of scripture that has been spiritually interpreted in our writings has been given to me. Please remember that you are not getting my opinion; You are getting a revelation that was specifically given to me; and I have merely passed it on to you.
      1. Any passage of scripture which has not been given to me (in which I have not received the spiritual interpretation), I have never included in my writings and never will, until the interpretation is given to me.
      2. The Lord's Prayer is something upon which I have never had any spiritual unfoldment or revelation.
    4. One part of The Lord's Prayer is very much a part of our work though, and that is:

"Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors."

      1. That I fully understand.
        1. Only that which I release can be released within me.
        2. Anything that I hold, is held against me...not by any God.
      2. It is the reflex action of my own state of consciousness.
        1. Therefore, anytime that I am not holding an individual in absolute, complete forgiveness, you may rest assured that somewhere, somehow, sometime, I too will be held in unforgiveness.
        2. Not necessarily by a person, but by my own false clinging to the false sense of man.
      3. So it is I do know this:
        1. That whatever you release, you are released from.
        2. What you cling to is that which is binding you.
        3. You are your own liberator.
    1. If you cannot accept the spiritual principles as they have been revealed by the mystics, you cannot come into the fullness of the mystical life, which is the life of freedom.
      1. "Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."
      2. And, it is a mental, moral, physical and financial freedom as well as freedom in human relationships.
  1. We are told, "Pray for your enemies, that ye may be the children of God."
    1. The revelation was given to Jesus and proved in his experience.
      1. And we who have followed in the footsteps have since proven it to be true.
      2. As we pray for our enemies, we ourselves are prayed for.
    2. To pray for one's enemies means not to hold them in bondage, not to want them to be punished, even for their sins.
    3. To pray for them does not mean to ask God to prosper them in iniquities, but rather to release sin and discord from their consciousness.
    4. This principle of praying for your enemy is not merely a beautiful teaching of scripture, it is a spiritual principle and you either live by it or suffer from the violation of it.
      1. All of your prayers to God, to release you from your offenses, are going to have no power unless you have already released everyone in this world, regardless of who or what the offense.
      2. Unless you can come to the full agreement of "Father forgive them, they know not what they do" (unless you can readily see that), then you yourself are being held by yourself in some form of bondage.
    5. Do you not see that these revelations of the mystics are not beautiful statements? In every case they are laws.
      1. Violating these laws does not bring the wrath of God upon you,
      2. It brings the wrath of your sin upon you.
      3. You are never punished for your sin, never...and you never will be.
      4. You are punished by your sin, and you cannot avoid it.
  2. Remember this:
    1. If you do not, "cast your bread upon the waters," there is no bread on the waters to come back to you.
      1. You cannot have the bread that belongs to somebody else.
      2. That bread is on its way back to the one that cast it upon the waters.
      3. You cannot even steal it.
      4. You cannot get away with it.
    2. That is why it has been revealed so clearly in this message of The Infinite Way that there is no such thing as competition.
      1. There is no such thing as anyone taking away from you that which is yours; it is an impossibility for it to happen except in the human picture.
      2. If you are living in obedience to the spiritual principles which constitute this message though, it would be an utter impossibility for anyone to take away from you that which is yours.
    3. Anything that is the result of your own demonstration, anything that represents an activity of your consciousness, is yours.
      1. For anyone to try to take it from you, I can assure you, their fingers would be burnt right up to the elbow.
      2. That is spiritual law.
      3. No man can break asunder any tie that God has made.
      4. Nobody can deprive you of anything that is the product of your consciousness.
      5. If for any reason there should be a temporary loss through some human circumstance, be assured it will be re-established, pressed down and running over.
  3. Impersonalizing evil must come as the result of some measure of spiritual realization. In other words, if I were to go out on a street corner and tell the people there that there are no thieves, there are no immoral people, there are no bad people, can you imagine what would happen to me?
    1. They would be listening with the mind, without any spiritual sense at all.
    2. Whereas, when I say to you, "There never has been an evil person in the world and there never will be," it will be clear to you that evil is impersonal.
      1. You must have that much developed spiritual consciousness or I doubt very much if you could have worked your way into this classroom.
        1. As being in this room is a matter of demonstration.
        2. Not that anyone was here to hold you out, but neither was there anyone to pull you in.
      2. You are here as a result of an activity of your own consciousness.
    3. As we face our daily existence, regardless of what we witness any person do, it is possible for us to realize, "I know that is not you."
      1. That is the carnal mind.
      2. Wake up and do not permit yourself to be an instrument for that.
      3. For you have the capacity to refuse it.
  4. Every spiritual principle that is ever voiced is utter nonsense to the human mind; it takes some degree of spiritual illumination to accept any of these principles:
    1. Resist not evil;
    2. Put up thy sword;
    3. Love thy enemies;
    4. Pray for thy enemies.
    5. You know that it has been taught that it is impractical in this age.
      1. You also know that there are millions of people in this world living by just such principles.
      2. And it is not impractical.
  5. The question has been asked, "Why is it all right to pray for light, wisdom, and understanding?"
    1. In the first place, to pray for it is an acknowledgment that at this moment, we do not have all of the light, wisdom, and spiritual understanding to which we are entitled as children of God.
    2. In acknowledging that, and in turning to the spiritual center of our own being for that light, we are praying for it.
    3. If you mean why is it all right to ask or plead or beg though, I answer you, that is not prayer.
    4. True prayer is without words and without thoughts, but there have to be steps leading up to that state of consciousness.
      1. One of the steps is that since most people are in the habit of asking in prayer, let us at least ask for spiritual things, spiritual unfoldment, spiritual understanding, spiritual perfection.
      2. Do not believe for a minute that you are really asking God and that God is going to answer.
      3. It is really that you are turning to that center within you from which the answers must come.
  6. Some teachings claim that we are completely perfect and spiritual now.
    1. In our spiritual identity that is true, but it certainly is not true of our humanhood.
    2. Just denying you are a human being, stating that you are already perfect, already spiritual and already have the Consciousness of God, will not do.
    3. You are claiming something for yourself which you have not demonstrated.
    4. It is true, and never forget this:
      1. "I and the Father are one."
      2. "All that the Father has is mine."
      3. "The place whereon I stand is holy ground."
    5. This is the truth, but it is the truth that I am now trying to prove in a fuller measure. We have only proven that to a degree.
    6. There is nothing more definite than this:
      1. I can, of my own self, do nothing;
      2. I am, of my own self, nothing;
      3. Of my own self, I have nothing.
  7. "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof."
    1. That only becomes mine, though, in the degree of my ability to be humble enough to know that I know nothing, and to know that I have nothing, and be willing to let it come from that Infinite Source which is: "Closer to you than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet."
    2. It is neither "Lo here nor lo there." It is within you.
      1. You have to turn to that withinness though, in the deepest kind of humility, not with any belief at all that you are already the child of God.
      2. Of course, you are in your essence, but so was the prodigal son when he was eating with the swine.
        1. Do not forget that he was still the son of the king, heir to everything,
        2. But it did not do him much good.
      3. Neither does our heirship in Christ do us much good until we make contact with this center within our own being. We re-establish that oneness and then the Infinite Good of God flows through.
  8. Regardless of how high you ever go, and I am granting that you may even go as high as Jesus Christ, you will still be at the place where you will have to pray for light, wisdom and understanding.
    1. If you do not believe it, go back to the Bible and read the incident of Gethsemane. See if Jesus did not pray and ask the disciples to stay awake and pray with him.
      1. Pray for what?
        1. The realization of God's Presence, God's Grace.
        2. Was it not there with him? It was, but it does not do any good until you, through prayer, have brought it alive in you.
      2. That is a mistake too many students make (actually believing the absolute statements of truth as if they were already an accomplished fact, but they are not).
    2. Jesus said he came to earth to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind, open the ears of the deaf and forgive sinners.
      1. He did not say, "Oh you are already spiritual, you are already perfect, you do not need healing," or "you are already in the Kingdom of God."
      2. No, he acknowledged his responsibility to serve his fellow men by revealing to them the Kingdom of God, and thereby establishing the health which they did not have.
      3. He did not tell them they were not sinners. He said, "I forgive you your sins. Go and sin no more."
      4. Even we who have been healed of sin, can sin again.
        1. We have to be alert, and we can never stop praying:
        2. And heaven help anyone who believes they are past the state where it is necessary to pray without ceasing because there is a trap awaiting into which they will fall.
    3. Always remember this: If the day ever comes when the fullness of Christhood envelopes you, you will be invisible to us. That will be the day of your ascension. So as long as you are still visible to us, please accept the fact that you are at that stage where the Master was even in the Garden of Gethsemane...pray, pray, pray.
      1. Praying to God is praying for light and wisdom.
        1. Do not pray to God for automobiles.
        2. Do not pray to God for good weather.
        3. It will not do you any good.
      2. God does not answer that prayer because God knows nothing about automobiles or food or weather.
      3. Do not think for a moment that you do not have control over the weather though, for you have (but not by going to God for it, but by knowing the truth).
      4. When you definitely and specifically know the truth about the weather, you have control over it whether it is a tidal wave, a hurricane, or any form of abnormal weather.
        1. You can control it.
        2. It has been part of our practice and has been demonstrated over and over again.
        3. Actually the weather responds more instantly than our human patients do, but it is by knowing the specific truth.
  9. Prayer is your contact, your agreement with God.
    1. Prayer is the means whereby the relationship of God, the Father and God, the Son is established as demonstration.

The Word made Flesh.

    1. Prayer, when it is understood, is the means whereby you overcome all material sense and material living, and bring yourself to where your life is spiritually governed, spiritually protected, spiritually guided, spiritually experienced.
    2. When that contact is made there are spiritual joys, and there are spiritual experiences of harmony or peace.
    3. Once prayer has been achieved there are spiritual experiences that take place within you which are your real joys, and these are your real profits. It is not money that you count any longer as your wealth.
      1. No, it is the love that you are continuously meeting which prompts someone.
      2. Whether they offer you money, a little remembrance, an automobile ride, a meal or some courtesy, it is not that thing at all that pleases you or thrills you.
      3. It is the love that prompted the offer that you glory in (that you feel), because of your oneness with that individual that brought it forth.
    4. Prayer establishes us in a spiritual universe.
      1. It reveals spiritual beings.
      2. It reveals you as you really are.
      3. That is why it is very often easy to fool mystics.
        1. I guess mystics can be fooled by people (and probably taken in), because they are never seeing the human, and they are never really valuing the human property.
        2. They are living in that consciousness of an awareness of you as you really are.
  1. Understand this:
    1. As I told you the other evening, the metaphysics of this message is what makes it possible to do the healing work.
      1. Be certain that we understand that the metaphysics of The Infinite Way is acknowledging the perfection of the Spiritual Kingdom,
      2. Rather than the metaphysics of trying to change this world.
    2. The mysticism of this message is what enables you to live in God, live in spiritual consciousness, live and move and have your being in the fourth dimension of life.
      1. Then, everything in the outer plane is rather a, "suffer it to be so now."
      2. Yet, it is very enjoyable, especially when you meet people trying seriously to live that form of life.
    3. Throughout the globe there exists among the students an Infinite Way Spirit.
      1. There is a relationship between us which is described on every front page of every Infinite Way writing.
      2. Spiritual illumination is the bond between us, and it is a bond of love.
        1. It sets us apart from any other form of relationship that exists between humans.
        2. We have the experience of being one.
        3. Never demanding anything of each other, and never wanting anything of each other.
        4. Never intruding into the lives of each other, and yet able to have the most glorious relationships with each other on as high a plane as can be imagined.
      3. It is beautiful, but this is not a human relationship.
        1. This is a relationship which has evolved because of our prayer work,
        2. Because within ourselves we have always had as our goal, conscious union with God.
      4. "My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea."
        1. From the very minute that those words came through my lips in San Francisco, it has been demonstrated that this is the truth.
        2. Since I am consciously one with God, I am consciously one with all that God is, whether appearing as person, place or thing.
        3. Anything and everything necessary to my unfoldment appears as it is necessary. Why? My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with anybody, any place where I may travel, and always a group is waiting for the message. Why? It has been established in the beginning with conscious oneness with God.
        4. There again is another one of our tremendous principles in this message of The Infinite Way.
  2. Years and years ago it was revealed to me that it was nonsense to pray for anything, anything at all, because it is not possible to get anything through prayer. The principle behind that is:
    1. God is the substance of all form. Therefore if you do not have God, you do not have the form, but if you have God, you have all that God is the form of.
    2. Therefore, when you are consciously One with God (always remember, consciously), it is a conscious experience that you must have.

It is an experience that has to take place consciously in your consciousness.

    1. When you sit down in the morning be sure that above all things, you do not have your mind on anything that you want.
      1. Have no desires for person, place, or thing.
      2. If you cannot purify yourself before going into prayer, do not waste your time.
      3. You have to be completely free of the desire for person, place, thing, circumstance or condition, so that you are able to say as you go into prayer:

"God, my only need is the need of God realization. To know Thee aright is life eternal. To be in conscious union with God, to realize that Thou and I are one, God and I are one, not two, just one, here and now. Where I am, God is. All that God is, I am, God the Father, God the Son. Having God, I have infinity in any form and every form necessary to my unfoldment and I need not outline what that is. I need not tell God. I need not instruct God, I need not ask God. I must realize God's presence.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty."

"In Thy Presence is fullness of life."

"Where is Thy Presence? Thou fillest all space, therefore this place whereon I stand is holy ground for Thou art here, and here where I am in Thy Presence is fullness of life."

"Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things."

"Having Thee, I need naught beside."

    1. Can you imagine being in the actual presence of God and still wanting something?
      1. Would God Itself not be the fulfillment of anybody and everybody and anything and everything?
      2. What can one want in addition to God?
        1. When you realize:

"In Thy presence is fullness of life"

"Thy Grace is my sufficiency"

        1. Then you are consciously establishing within yourself the realization of God's Presence.
        2. You are bringing to conscious remembrance the fact that God already is in the midst of thee, and God is mighty.
        3. God's hand is not shortened, and God's Grace is not limited.

"Thy Grace is my sufficiency in all things."

  1. Do you not see that first of all we must know these principles.
    1. Then, knowing them, they must be put into practice until they become such a developed state of consciousness that it is no longer necessary to take conscious thought about them.
    2. How can you bring yourself into Conscious Union with God if you do not understand the nature of the experience, or the meaning of the experience?
      1. And please do not ever believe that the function of God is to increase your material good.
      2. Too many metaphysicians have spent too many years trying to make a spiritual God increase their human sense of good, instead of being willing to abandon the human sense of good for the spiritual reality.
    3. Once you can understand the nature of spiritual perfection, this human good will be of less importance in your experience.
      1. You will still have it and to a certain extent, enjoy it.
      2. But I can assure you that it will be in a minor way.
    4. There is a heavenly kingdom.
      1. There is a spiritual kingdom.
      2. There is a spiritual sense of life.
      3. There is a spiritual sense of body, a spiritual sense of being,
      4. And a spiritual sense of supply.
    5. Money is not supply.
      1. Too many of you know that money takes wings, and then it is not there anymore.
        1. Money is a form of supply in our experience, but it is not supply.
        2. To get money, humanly, often is to find that it does not bring the satisfaction that it promised.
        3. You see, even after you get it, it is not what it promises to be, and it does not do that which it promises to do.
        4. It certainly does not give the satisfactions that it promises.
      2. To us on the spiritual path, realize that what we are really seeking is this consciousness of God's presence.
        1. This conscious realization of this Presence then brings us everything that we formerly believed that money would bring us, and it usually brings money along with it too (but it is not the important thing).
        2. There are spiritual values and you can enjoy those values with little or no money, without even an awareness of money.
  2. If you are threatened with a tidal wave or a hurricane, and you wish to avoid the experience, you can. You will not need God's help. All you will need is to know this truth:

"This threatening storm is not a thing. It is not a thing at all. It is an activity of the carnal mind, but the carnal mind has no law, being, substance or cause, and therefore, it is nothing but an image in thought and has no power. In your realization of this, it will dissolve."

    1. God does not stop the storm.
    2. God knows nothing about the storm:

"If you know the truth, the truth will make you free."

      1. Once you begin to realize that these errors (evils in any form) are merely the product of this universal, mesmeric mind (that which we call the carnal mind or mortal mind) and then nothingize it in the realization that it is not of God. It will make no difference to you whether it is weather, false appetite, sin, disease, lack, limitation or unemployment. They will all disappear.
      2. They will begin to disappear the moment you recognize that they only exist as an activity of this universal mesmeric mind (that which has been called "carnal mind," "mortal mind," "devil," "Satan"), but it is not God ordained.
      3. It has no God law, and one with God is a majority.
      4. One with truth is the majority, and your knowing that begins to dissolve the picture.
      5. It always was a picture, an image in thought.

Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth II


Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth II


Living the Principles of Mysticism and Healing by Knowing the Truth II

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 3 Side 2)

  1. You all know that there is not a day, there is not an hour, there is not a church, there is not a synagogue or temple where there are not prayers being uttered to heal the sick. And you know what would be happening if materia medica were not right there on the job.
    1. If you have wondered why all these prayers to God to heal the sick have not been answered, then let it be clear to you now.
    2. God knows nothing of disease, and therefore has no possible way of healing it.
      1. God would have to first know that you were sick before God could heal you.
      2. And if God knew you were sick and did nothing about it until you prayed, what kind of a God would you have?
  2. In other words:
    1. There is a complete separation between God and, "Man whose breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is he to be accounted of."
      1. If there were not such a complete sense of separation between God and humanity, then humanity would not be sick, sinning, dying, aging and decrepit.

You cannot believe for a moment, that if God were on the field that such things would be.

      1. There is such a complete sense of separation between God and the man of earth that the two never come together.
      2. That is why in order to live under God's Grace it must necessarily follow what Paul said:
        1. "The Spirit of God must dwell in you."
        2. Otherwise, you are not under the law of God, neither indeed can be,
        3. Only when the Spirit of God dwells in you.
      3. There is much confirmation about this in the Ninety-First Psalm.
        1. "A thousand shall fall at thy left side, ten thousand at thy right side. It will not come nigh thee."
        2. Who is this, "Thee"?
        3. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high.
        4. That is the only one who can be certain that these evils will not come nigh his dwelling place.
  1. Please believe me that this is the teaching of Jesus Christ:

"If you abide in this word and let this word abide in you (let the Spirit of God abide in you), you will bear fruit richly. But if you do not abide in this word, that means consciously living in this word, if you do not acknowledge that I, God, am in the midst of thee, you will be as a branch of the tree that is cut off and withereth."

    1. That is the way it is.
      1. That is the way it is stated in scripture.
      2. And Heaven knows we have witnessed man's inhumanity to man for countless centuries with no lessening of it;
      3. And thereby we know that God is not in this scene.
    2. And that is why there is no use going to God to have Him heal your disease.
    3. And there is no use going to God to stop the tidal wave.
    4. And there is no use going to God to break a depression.
    5. "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
  1. There is God. God is. And God is Infinite, Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.
    1. Because of this, there is no evil.
    2. There cannot be evil if you have an infinite, eternal, immortal God. In the entire Kingdom of God there is no evil.
      1. God is too pure to behold iniquity.
      2. And certainly God would not tolerate it today and then heal you of it tomorrow.
      3. That would make of God a human being, and not even a very nice one.
    3. The reason that healing is possible is this:
      1. God is, and God constitutes, this universe.
      2. God constitutes your being, and it is perfect.
      3. But because of this sense of separation, you are being bombarded with this mental miasma which is a malpractice, a constant hypnosis coming out of this carnal mind's belief of two powers.
    4. Without our consciously knowing it, it is getting into our system by the same method that subliminal advertising did (by being thrown into the unconscious or sub-conscious and then we respond to it).
    5. That is the wherefore of error.

Error is nothing more or less than a universal hypnotism which comes out of an impersonal entity called "devil" or "carnal mind".

    1. When you know the truth and you can look right out at any phase of error whether it is appearing as man, woman, child, condition, disease or weather and realize:
      1. "I know thee who thou art."
        1. You are not a person.
        2. You are not a condition.
        3. You are nothing but that mental malpractice.
        4. You are nothing but that carnal mind in action, an image, a nothingness, the "arm of flesh," the fleshly mind.
        5. That which has no law of God, no life of God-a nothingness.
      2. I do not have to fight you,
      3. I have to recognize you for what you are.
        1. A mental image in thought without substance, cause, reality or law.
        2. Then the hypnotism is dissipated and you are living your spiritual life, your God life.
        3. God did not do it.
        4. God was doing his job all of the time.
        5. God was always perfect as you, but only through this:

"Seeing through a glass darkly."

        1. Did you see yourself in sin, disease, death, lack and limitation?
    1. Some of you have undoubtedly watched hypnotists at work, and you know how possible it is for them to make you see things that are not there and feel things that are not taking place.
      1. What is the remedy?
      2. Suppose they make you see pink elephants. Is the remedy to remove pink elephants?
      3. It cannot be done.
        1. The remedy is waking you out of that hypnotic sleep.
        2. If you were crossing the desert and you see the road flooded with water, is the remedy draining the water off? No, it is waking to the fact that you are beholding a mirage, and then going forward.
  1. There is a God maintaining and sustaining the integrity of this universe, and it is perfect (except when you see it through a glass darkly).
    1. Except when you see it through a sense that has been to some extent mesmerized by a belief in good and evil.
    2. The healing agency is your realization that God's universe is intact, and therefore I am intact.
      1. For all that God is, I am.
      2. And all that the Father hath, is mine.
    3. This, that is appearing, is just the product of that mesmeric sense.
      1. Since it is not God created, God ordained, God maintained or God sustained, it is nothingness.
      2. "They have but the arm of flesh, we have the Lord God almighty."
    4. As you abide in that truth of the unreal nature of evil, it begins to dissipate right before your eyes.
      1. Because it does not exist as a person.
      2. It does not exist as a condition.
      3. It exists as a mesmeric influence which you have accepted as real because of that mesmeric sense.
  2. Remember that people are not evil, regardless of who they are.
    1. They will be evil to you if you see them as evil, but they cannot be that to you if you see them as they are, and realize that the evil you are beholding is not an evil man.
    2. It is a mesmeric influence which is being accepted as reality.
      1. But if you do not accept it as reality, it cannot function against you. That is the secret.
      2. "As ye sow, so shall ye reap."
    3. If you believe that there is a sinful man, then sin can be committed against you.
    4. If you believe there is a poverty stricken man, poverty can knock at your door.
    5. If you believe there is disease and death, you can experience it.
      1. In the history of all the world, no man, woman or child has ever died. (There has never been a death, never one.)
      2. Passing from our sight is part of the mesmeric influence.
        1. Those that are born must die.
        2. Those who believe in birth must believe in death (those who have not been able to see that this picture is really and truly the immortal, eternal, spiritual picture, but rather see through hypnotized eyes).
      3. In proportion as you become dehypnotized you do not experience birth or death, but you experience an evolutionary experience which will eventually take all of us out of what we call this human scene and bring us forth into our next higher unfoldment.
  3. It is inevitable that we mature not only in years, but in spiritual understanding and demonstration.
    1. The beginning of it, though, is to know that God is.
      1. And that God constitutes all that is;
      2. And God is the substance of all that is;
      3. And the life and the activity and the law of all that is.
      4. Therefore, this is an immortal and an eternal universe, and we are eternal and immortal beings.
    2. That which we behold as a limited, finite world, that which we behold as sin, evil in any form (disease, lack, limitation, war, depression or storms) we must understand to be the product of this universal mesmeric sense, carnal mind or mortal mind.
      1. It never was of God.
      2. It was formed in the mind of man after the fall of man,
      3. And it exists only as a mental picture, without power, without continuity.
      4. When we realize this, it begins to fade and fade.
        1. Healing work is accomplished on that basis, not by praying to God for health, not by praying to God for employment or supply,
        2. But by realizing that the Mind [Consciousness] of God actually is our own Consciousness and all the fullness of that God Mind [Consciousness] is our capacity, our Being.
        3. And then realizing that the temptation that confronts us is this mesmeric picture that is forever without law.
        4. And watch it begin to recede and watch the healings that take place.
  4. If disease or sin or any of these earthly conditions were really and truly a fact, a truth, a being ... God would have to be responsible for them, and the nature of them would be good instead of evil.
    1. It is not possible for God to be divided against Himself.
      1. It is not possible for an Infinite Intelligence to act destructively against Itself or Its own creation.
      2. Therefore, you can accept the fact that God is Perfection Itself.
    2. All that God has done is good.
    3. And all that God has made is good.
    4. And anything that God did not make was not made.
      1. Therefore, neither storm, sin, disease nor death ever was made.
      2. It appears to us only out of this mesmeric sense and our realization of it is the healing influence.
      3. Our realization of this nothingness, of that which is frightening us (confronting us as evil), is the very presence and power that nullifies it.
      4. Nothing else will do it.
    5. Be assured of this: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
      1. That is the way the Master did his healing work.
        1. He never healed a crippled man.
        2. He merely asked, "What did hinder you?"
        3. That was his way of healing, never acknowledging the false hypnotism constituting this world.
      2. Jesus never asked God to heal any of his patients.
      3. Jesus never told any of his patients that God made them sick, or even that God made them well.
      4. Jesus never told anyone dying that God was calling them home. In fact, he never told any dead people they were dead. On the contrary, Lazarus "sleepeth" and to the boy who was being carried off to the funeral, "come on, get down from there."
    6. If Jesus had recognized these situations as conditions, and not mental images, can you not understand that he would have prayed to God to do something about it?
      1. But he did not.
      2. He prayed constantly.
  5. But that prayer was going into his inner sanctuary and communing with the Father within.
    1. That was his prayer and that is our prayer.
    2. Not for any purpose though,
    3. And not for any benefit or favor that we want from God.
    4. To ask God for something you first have to assume that God is withholding it.
      1. If you ask for health for someone, are you not saying that up to this minute, God has health but will not give it to the person?
      2. God is not withholding anyone's supply. God is not withholding anyone's employment.
      3. God is the very supply and the very wisdom and the very substance of our being.
      4. God is all of these things.
      5. God is not withholding them.
    5. So let us not ask God, but let us recognize God already is everything.
      1. God constitutes our very being.
      2. God constitutes the very mind and life and soul of us. Even our infinite, invisible body is the Temple of the Living God.
    6. When we are faced with discord, inharmony, unhappiness, lacks and limitation, let us not go to God.
      1. Let us turn away and look right out into the world and see that this is part of that universal mesmerism trying to convince me that:
        1. God is not my life and being.
        2. There are two powers on earth.
      2. But I know better, there cannot be an infinite God and an evil power.
      3. Abiding in that Word and letting that Word abide in you, you break the mesmerism.
        1. Not by might, not by power, but by understanding.
        2. You cannot gain heaven by might or by power, only with an inner, silent, sacred communion.
        3. And then not for any purpose except the joy of communion.
    7. When there is something interfering with your well being, or that of anyone who is looking to you for that help, God is on the field.
      1. God is always there.
      2. You do not have to concern yourself with God.
      3. All you have to do is face the impersonal source of all worldly evil and recognize its nothingness and its lawlessness. Then be still, be quiet, be calm and watch the hypnotism and its pictures pass away from you. And that is how it is done.
  6. A question is asked about contemplative meditation:
    1. When I sit and some facet of truth is in my mind, I reassure myself: God is, life is eternal, I and the Father are One.
      1. There is no discord in God's creation.
      2. God is the substance of all form.
      3. God's world is perfect, and if there is a "this world," then "this world" is perfect because it must be God's world.
      4. Even when I am faced with the picture of a dying person, a poor person, a sinful person or imprisoned person, surely, that is the world hypnotism.
        1. The mesmeric activity of this carnal mind presenting pictures to me.
        2. And how grateful I am that I have learned that there is no law in this picture to sustain it, so it must dissolve.
        3. There is no substance, no form, no activity. It must dissolve. And then I rest, and that is contemplative meditation.
    2. Now I realize God made all that was made.
      1. God is the activity of the sun, moon and stars.
      2. God is the activity of this earth.
      3. If it were not for the activity of God, there would not be crops in the ground or oil or iron, and there would not be fish in the sea or birds in the air.
      4. All of these things testify to the fact that the activity of God is infinite and omnipresent (always going on).
    3. Mesmeric suggestion and carnal mind claim to operate as a condition when it is only a mental image in thought without life, without law and without being.
      1. That is contemplative meditation, but you can also call it treatment.
      2. You can also call it an inner communion.
      3. We use all of those terms interchangeably, but contemplative meditation means that we are contemplating truth.
        1. We are contemplating God, or we are contemplating the nature of God, or we are contemplating the nature of error as nothingness.
        2. We are contemplating it inwardly, silently, peacefully, understandingly, and that contemplative meditation is really our prayer or treatment.
    4. There is another form of meditation which is the one beyond contemplative meditation.
      1. Usually after your contemplative meditation, you come to the place where the thought stops and you just sit there at peace.

2. Now there are no words, and there are no thoughts.

      1. So it is that after the contemplative meditation or treatment, there usually follows a few moments of just this silence, thoughts ...complete peace.
      2. Usually it will last a few minutes and end with a deep breath or a feeling, sometimes a message.
      3. It has an infinite variety of ways of ending, but the whole idea is that the latter silent meditation is your actual communion with God.
      4. The contemplative meditation is really your conscious knowing of the truth or treatment.
      5. When you have gone beyond words and thoughts though, then you are in the stage of complete meditation, silence.
    1. There is another stage beyond that. Often, after you come to the place where you can meditate at will and remain for quite awhile in meditation, you pass automatically from meditation to communion.
      1. That is when the Spirit, the Presence Itself comes alive in you and there is a Presence called God, or The Christ, and there is you.
      2. And it is as though there were something going back and forth between you and that Presence.
        1. Not necessarily words (although sometimes there are words),
        2. Not necessarily thoughts (although sometimes there are thoughts),
      3. But there is a something, a feeling as if there were a motion going back and forth between you and this Presence.
        1. That is communion.
        2. There is a me.
        3. And there is this Presence of God.
        4. Then there is the final state beyond that.
    2. After communion has become a part of one's ordinary everyday living, it gradually deepens into the experience where there is no longer a communion, because there is no longer two.
      1. "I" somehow disappears and there is nothing left there but God.
      2. For as long as you are in that conscious union, there is no you.
        1. There is only God.
        2. When you come back to yourself, you realize that you have been away somewhere, and that this other being was the only being that exists.
        3. That is the mystical experience.
        4. That is what is described in the "Song of Solomon."
      3. It is the complete mystical marriage where God, the Father and God, the Son become One.
        1. And there is no more son.
        2. There is only God, the Father.
      4. Those are the experiences you read about where the mystics have transcended the human sense of life and are living in the complete awareness of the spiritual realities.
  1. Remember that you must have in mind constantly these major principles:
    1. You must, yourself, come to a complete conviction that God is (and this means that harmony is).
    2. That the entire Kingdom of God is at peace and is at one with God.
    3. And then realize that our only disturbance is caused by whatever it is that has convinced us there are two powers.
  2. When we begin to understand the fleshly mind, or the "arm of flesh" or the nothingness, that is when we dissolve the pictures of sense.
    1. The successful practitioner knows that nothing is going on in the Kingdom of God about which I need to be disturbed,
    2. And that which is going on to sense is not real and has no law to support it and no power of continuity.
      1. In the silent contemplation of that, the mesmerism is broken.
      2. The picture disappears with it, and that is how healing work is accomplished.
    3. Be sure that in your own being you have given up all thought or belief that you are going to get something from God that God is not already giving you.
      1. Be certain that you are not looking to God for something.
      2. Make certain that you are understanding that all that God is, is flowing now.
      3. All that God has is pouring forth now.
    4. God is.
      1. "God is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet."
      2. "God is the same yesterday, today and forevermore."
      3. So do not implore God to do anything.
      4. God is.
    5. Because "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."
      1. I do not have to go to God for supply.
      2. "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."
      3. It is that contemplative meditation on 'God is' that will increasingly make it become more of a reality to you.
      4. Sit with that Twenty-Third Psalm and read it and contemplate it.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures. He leadeth me beside the still waters."

    1. I do not have to implore God with my wants or needs.
  1. And I might as well get used to the idea that all of the evils of this world are nothing but pictures in the human mind.
    1. When you know this, they begin to dissolve.
    2. They begin to dissolve the very moment you know the nature of error.
    3. All evil functions in this universal carnal mind, this universal mesmeric mind.
    4. Since it is not law and has no law...since it is not being, and since God did not ordain it...since God does not maintain it or sustain it, do not fear not fight it.
      1. Resist not evil.
      2. Put up thy sword.
      3. Be at peace...God is.
      4. Then you will find how this spiritual healing work is really accomplished.

Spiritual Power - Mental Power I


Spiritual Power - Mental Power I


Spiritual Power - Mental Power I

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 4 Side 1)

       I.            Most of you know that any teaching has to be conducted in steps because there are states and stages of consciousness. We are prepared at one time for a teaching, and at another time for something further or deeper (and still further along in our experience we begin to get ready for some of the mysteries of life).

                            A.            Ordinarily speaking, metaphysical teaching consists only of the veneer of the subject, of the very outside layer.

1.      There is very little metaphysical teaching that goes any deeper than what I would call primary grades.

2.      Most of it is in the realm of kindergarten, and some little of it is on the level of primary grades.

3.      I do not know of any teaching available to the public that I can think of that goes any deeper than what might comparatively be called fourth or fifth grade schooling.

                             B.            The reason is:

1.      Spiritual truth is shocking. Spiritual truth can hardly be accepted at all by a human being until they have had sufficient light to lift them above that primary grade of receptivity.

2.      This is likewise true of mental teachings. I do not know of any mental teachings that go any further than what would seem to me primary grade teaching

3.      And for the same reason, if the truth were taught openly about the human mind, there would be far too many people hurting themselves by experiments for which they were not prepared.

4.      And then there would also be too much use of mind power in wrong directions.

5.      The truth about the Mind and Spirit does not reach the public because it would not be comprehended. (It is available, but it has to be found.)

6.      And then it is not understood until the consciousness of the individual is prepared to receive it by proper spiritual study.

    II.            I have some questions here and I will answer this one first, but I am not yet quite certain that you will accept the answer. For that will depend on your own inner being and how far you have come.

                            A.            Here is the first question:

1.      How can spiritual harmony be established in the functioning of mechanical or electrical equipment? Is it possible to prevent mechanical or electronic parts from wearing out or becoming defective?

                                                                               a.            Just think how far your understanding will have to go for you to accept the fact that to a certain degree the answer is yes. It can be so.

                                                                              b.            You see how at first it seems absolutely improbable and impossible that the functioning of mechanical or electrical equipment is possible through these studies?

                                                                               c.            Actually it cannot be done spiritually, but it can be done mentally.

                             B.            Many, many times students have written me of experiences of their automobile getting out of order in some serious way, yet their being able to go as far as a garage or the next stop, and then to be told that it was absolutely impossible for them to reach there, that the trouble was of such a nature that the car absolutely could not have been driven there, but it was.

                             C.            This is not a matter of spiritual demonstration.

1.      This is a proof that what we call matter is not matter at all.

2.      It is mind.

                                                                               a.            It is mind in formation.

                                                                              b.            It is mind expressed.

 III.            Now remember this:

                            A.            There are three states of consciousness.

1.      The material sense.

2.      The mental.

3.      And the spiritual.

                             B.            We do know that that which is called Spirit, or God, does function in the mental life and in the physical life.

1.      In the days when there was only the subject of body as matter and remedies as matter, the world was living in that particular dimension (material dimension).

                                                                               a.            And living totally unaware of the fact that it was surrounded with a mental universe, a mental consciousness, a mental dimension.

                                                                              b.            All of that was ignored.

                                                                               c.            Everything was matter and materiality, material force and material power.

                                                                              d.            And here we were surrounded all of this time with a tremendous mental force.

2.      From the 1800's up to this present time, though, we find that more and more is becoming known about the mental universe and its activity.

                             C.            Unfortunately for this particular era, there is a gravely mistaken idea loose in the world that the mental realm and the spiritual realm are the same one.

1.      It is absolutely untrue that the realm of God and the realm of mind is the same;

2.      And the mistaken belief that it is, leads to quite disastrous results.

3.      Mainly because as long as this belief persists, there will be teachings combining the spiritual and the mental.

                                                                               a.            Consequently, they will go nowhere.

                                                                              b.            Actually preventing progress because of their failure to teach proper attunement to God's Universe in meditations and failure to teach the correct spiritual principles of God's universe.

4.      One of the tragedies that comes out of this is really the many years that are lost before those mistakes are corrected.

 IV.            Believe it or not, there are teachings circulating in the churches that would teach the people that mind power is God power.

                            A.            A minister has recently written a book on his belief that prayer, if properly understood, can be destructive as well as constructive.

1.      Now when I say to you that this is sad, that this is tragic;

2.      You must understand why I say it.

                             B.            The power of God is all good.

1.      And no one can ever use the power of God for a selfish purpose, for a personal purpose, for a destructive purpose, for it cannot be done.

                             C.            The nature of God is good.

1.      The nature of God is love.

2.      The nature of God is life eternal.

3.      And no one on the face of the globe will ever be able to make use of spiritual powers for a selfish purpose or for a destructive purpose, without negative effects being reflected upon themselves.

                            D.            God is a Universal God.

1.      The same today, tomorrow and forever;

2.      And in the sight of God there is neither Greek nor Jew, bond nor free.

                             E.            Anyone who attempts by any manner of means to utilize the power of God for a personal, selfish or destructive purpose might just as well be touching a hot wire. They are on the way to self destruction.

                              F.            God is no respecter of persons.

1.      God's rain falls on the just and the unjust.

2.      God's presence is the power of forgiveness to every phase of discord, whatever its name or nature.

                            G.            Mind imbued with truth will produce harmony.

1.      The same mind imbued with ignorance or error will produce an opposite effect.

2.      This we learned centuries before modern civilization entered the picture.

                            H.            The Aborigines of Australia are especially gifted in both healing and cursing.

1.      They can heal and they can kill.

                                                                               a.            They know how to bring health to an individual.

                                                                              b.            And they know how to strike them dead.

2.      With mental power though, certainly not by turning to God.

    V.            I had the pleasure and privilege of being taught by a teacher who taught me how to leave this body, and how to travel to any part of the globe that I wanted to be in.

                            A.            For many years I enjoyed that experience practically every night wandering out into this world.

1.      Not that it proved anything from a spiritual standpoint; it merely proved that the mind is not encased in a body.

                                                                               a.            To me that was only the step leading up to the realization that I am not in this body.

                                                                              b.            I am not in this room.

                                                                               c.            I do not occupy time or space.

                                                                              d.            I cannot be confined either in time or space.

                                                                               e.            I can transcend either, at anytime spiritually, but only because I learned first that the mind is not confined to this shell.

                             B.            The mind can read other minds.

1.      The mind can read minds close at hand and far apart.

2.      The mind transcends itself often in wartime when mothers are almost living with their sons thousands of miles away on the battlefield.

3.      Mothers over and over and over again know actually what is happening and when it is happening at the front, because in living in such identification with them, they transcend their own limitations of body and find themselves in far places.

                             C.            The mind is not something separate and apart from body.

                            D.            The mind is not something separate and apart from plants.

                             E.            The mind actually is the very substance of body.

                              F.            Mind is actually the essence and the activity of body.

1.      It is for this reason (leaving God out of the picture entirely) that you can work on the purely mental level and produce healings and produce harmony.

2.      Anyone who will stay away from trying to mix up Spirit and mind and remain purely on the mental level, can produce harmony in their bodies, in their business and in all of the affairs of their life as long (and this, of course, is the major requisite) as they maintain their integrity.

                                                                               a.            In other words, as long as they never try to use their mind power selfishly, injuriously, or to anyone else's discomfort.

                                                                              b.            As long as they remain pure of mind using this power only for the purpose of producing harmony, whether in themselves or others.

                            G.            There is nothing selfish about producing harmony in oneself.

                            H.            Harmony at someone else's expense or to use the power destructively is, of course, a sin against the Holy Ghost and it must result inevitably in harm to the one who does it.

1.      It has been done.

2.      People have used the power of their mind to get other people's money and other people's property and other people's business.

3.      They have used the power of mind to benefit themselves at the expense of others.

4.      It is a destructive thing.

5.      Do not for a minute doubt that it can be done or you would be living with your head buried in the sand.

                               I.            The mind has two powers and that is good and evil.

1.      Do you not understand that this body in and of itself can never be good or bad?

2.      Do you not know that your body cannot steal?

3.      Do you not know that your body in and of itself cannot be immoral or do an immoral thing or commit an immoral act?

4.      There has to be a mind.

5.      There has to be something you call I.

                                                                               a.            All the body can do is carry out the instructions of the mind.

                                                                              b.            If the mind says "give," the hand gives.

                                                                               c.            If the mind says "withhold," then the hand withholds.

                                                                              d.            And if the mind says "steal," then the hand steals.

                                                                               e.            And so it is, the mind is always governing the body on the human level.

6.      It is only the person too steeped in mental inertia who lets the body control the mind.

                                                                               a.            Then we have a kleptomaniac.

                                                                              b.            They cannot help it.

                                                                               c.            Their hand just reaches out and steals although the mind does not want it to.

                                                                              d.            The mind has no control over the body.

                               J.            There are people of sensual appetites who cannot control their appetite whether for drink or for drugs or for food.

1.      They have no control over their body.

2.      Their body has control over them.

3.      That is because they have surrendered the power of their own mind.

4.      And they have let the body run away with it (as you might let a garden run away and be overcome with weeds if you are too lazy to get out there and take care of it).

5.      Normally though, the body cannot steal, the body cannot over eat or over drink.

6.      The body cannot do anything of itself if there is enough control so you know that:

                                                                               a.            "No, I govern the action of this body."

                                                                              b.            But remember, this is all on the mental plane.

 VI.            Because there is an interrelation between spirit, mind and body, in our stage of unfoldment we cannot reach the spiritual level without first going through the mind.

                            A.            There are a few exceptions to that.

1.      There have been some people who receive Divine Grace and automatically are imbued with the Spirit without ever having to learn the Truth of Being,

2.      Sometimes without ever learning it in their lifetime and yet always living spiritually.

3.      But there are not many such and it would be foolish for us to wait around to see if that particular spiritual lightning was going to strike us.

                             B.            We may as well acknowledge this:

1.      That for us, we will have to reach the spiritual levels through the mind:

                                                                               a.            But not using the mind as mind power (as you would do if you were going to heal just mentally);

                                                                              b.            But use the mind as an avenue of awareness through which you learn Truth, the letter of truth.

2.      And then by that learning and practicing the letter of truth you develop your soul powers, your spiritual powers, and then ultimately get beyond the need for even the use of the mind in that direction.

                             C.            Do not ever believe that you want to get rid of the mind.

1.      Let us not get rid of the mind or the body.

2.      Let us have both mind and body for their proper usage.

                                                                               a.            The body is an instrument through which we are now functioning.

                                                                              b.            Let us not try to get rid of it.

                                                                               c.            It is a wonderful thing to have a mind that functions clearly and intelligently.

VII.            One thing that is taught in The Infinite Way is: Do not use the mind as a power.

                            A.            If you do, you are leaving yourself back on the mental, physical plane without consideration for the highest and real plane which is the spiritual.

                             B.            When you reach the spiritual plane, both mind and body are instruments for God.

1.      Then there is no limit to the understanding and the inspiration in art, literature, music, inventions or science that can come through a mind that has made contact with God...No limitation whatsoever.

2.      You cannot do that strictly on the mental plane. You cannot.

3.      You can increase skill and ability, but only to the extent of the limitation of the mind itself.

                             C.            Once you open yourself to the higher consciousness, there is absolutely no limit to what can be revealed in and through your mind, and then brought forth by the skill of your fingers or your body.

                            D.            Actually I doubt that it could be demonstrated that you could maintain mechanical or electrical equipment very long through mental means.

1.      Although I am absolutely convinced that it can be done throughout any period when it is of necessity to our experience.

2.      In other words, if we run out of gasoline, I am definitely convinced that we can run that car until gasoline is available.

                                                                               a.            And so it is in the case of a breakage of a part or a device.

                                                                              b.            I am certain that our activity would, in some way, hold it together until we could arrive at the place where it could be corrected.

3.      I know to the human mind this is impossible. (And it is for this reason that these things cannot be taught more openly than they are.)

                             E.            The same is true that by mental means you can increase your crops and by mental means you can decrease them, but to bring forth a permanent demonstration of multiplication of the loaves and fishes, it would be necessary to go further than the operation of the mind.

1.      It would be necessary to be touched by, or to reach, the realm of spirit.

                                                                               a.            Then there is no limitation,

                                                                              b.            But neither would there be a violation of natural laws.

2.      In other words, you might double the amount of flowers on a plant, but it would not be in violation.

                                                                               a.            It would be because of something in nature itself, that is not now being used, would be brought into use.

                                                                              b.            In other words, the fullness of the life of this plant may not now be in action.

                                                                               c.            However, the activity of the Spirit would see to it that every seed came alive and bore fruit.

VIII.            It must be frightening to you when you see an exhibition of hypnotism, to know that one man or woman can control the mind and body of as many people as are available.

                            A.            That should be outlawed.

1.      It should even be outlawed in medicine, regardless of what good it could accomplish.

2.      The ill that it can accomplish far outweighs any good.

3.      The practice of hypnotism should be outlawed because it is the activity of one mind controlling another. Wherein is your freedom?

4.      To the world uninstructed in spiritual truth there is not even a protection, unless the law will give it to them. (Even the law cannot prevent individuals using their own mind any way they want.)

                             B.            Actually there is a protection against mental powers, and that is the protection which you understand when you know that:

1.      The carnal mind is not power;

2.      And cannot rise above itself and accept the first commandment.--

"Thou shall have no other God, no other powers but the One"

3.      And as you consciously (remember, "consciously") live in the realization of God as the only power, the One Power, (and that so called "human mind," "mortal mind," "carnal mind," "selfish mind," "mesmeric mind," "hypnotic mind," is not mind, is not God-ordained, is not God-sustained) you are protected, and you cannot be hypnotized consciously or unconsciously,

                                                                               a.            And you would never respond to an individual working on you with their mind.

 IX.            All mental power is not consciously evil, but that does not make it less harmful.

                            A.            It is the fact that on the ordinary human level of life, we are subject to the mental atmosphere about us.

                             B.            In the human picture then, a mental atmosphere is an important thing.

1.      Maintaining oneself in a mental state of purity lets the person out here feel clean.

2.      Maintaining oneself in a sense of mental impurity makes the person out here feel unclean and restless and uncomfortable.

3.      In the same way, maintaining an integrity in life makes the people out here trust you.

4.      Living in an atmosphere of dishonesty and deceit, you breed distrust out here.

5.      That is all mental action and reaction, and, as I said, much of it is not conscious, but unconscious.

6.      People do not realize the extent to which their mental state affects others.

    X.            This is all on the mental plane.

                            A.            One of the major functions of the message of The Infinite Way is to teach you how to live so as to be unaffected by the mental atmospheres around you, by the mental pressures, the mental suggestions that are floating through the air all of the time about infections, contagions, dangers, wars and fears.

1.      How to live above that is one of our major points.

2.      It comes under the heading: "Man of earth and man of Christ. Man who has his being in Christ."

Spiritual Power - Mental Power II


Spiritual Power-Mental Power II


Spiritual Power-Mental Power II

(From 1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class Tape 4 Side 2)

  1. I have an important question here that I will answer first: In my former metaphysical training we were told not to specifically treat anyone unless they asked for it (that it hurried them along too fast spiritually, like dragging a child by the arm).
    1. Well, there were other reasons too, but that would be absolutely the right procedure if you were working in the mental realm.
      1. In their words, you have no more right to enter a person's mental household uninvited than you have to enter their home.
      2. Each person should be permitted to maintain the integrity of their own mind, of their own body, of their own home, and of their own supply without anyone intruding uninvited.
    2. If a person is ill (and for all you know they are depending on medical treatment), you have absolutely no right to try to heal them by your means.
      1. To give a person a treatment means that you are entering their mental household, and you are interfering with their mental processes and you have no right to do that.
      2. Therefore, if you are working from a mental standpoint of giving treatments to people-
        1. Do not do it unless you are invited to do it.
        2. It is not your right.
    3. As long as you are following the teaching of The Infinite Way, you will never give anyone a treatment:
      1. Not only uninvited, but not even if you are invited;
      2. Because we do not give treatments to anyone.
      3. Never, under any circumstance, do we give treatments to anyone even if they should ask for it. Why?
      4. That is not the procedure of the healing principles of The Infinite Way.
  2. The message of The Infinite Way teaches this:
    1. If I am the practitioner, I must know the truth.
      1. If I do not know the truth, I have no right to be a practitioner.
      2. If I know the truth, then it makes no difference where I am or under what circumstances.
      3. The moment I witness a lie, I correct it within myself.
      4. Therefore, if I see a person who is ill, I do not give them a treatment,
        1. Not even my patients.
        2. I do not give a treatment.
    2. When my attention is called to their illness, I turn within myself for a realization of the truth: Now what is the truth?
      1. God constitutes individual being.
      2. God is your being, your soul, your consciousness.
      3. Even your infinite, invisible body is the temple of God.
      4. I am not saying this to you.
        1. I am not giving you a treatment.
        2. I am repeating this to myself, "This is the truth that I am knowing."
    3. It is not only the truth about you though: It is a universal truth.
      1. The only reason I am even reminding myself of it is that there is an appearance to the contrary, and I correct that within myself the same as if I saw a big sign saying two times two is five. (I would inwardly say, "No, it is four.")
      2. I did not give a treatment to the five or to the sign, I corrected this appearance within myself.
    4. You ask for help or you do not ask for help, it makes no difference to me.
      1. If I witness the discord or inharmony, my inner reaction is that God constitutes individual being.
      2. Therefore all being is perfect, spiritual and intact.
    5. And this appearance that faces me is this carnal mind (which is not mind and which has no law, no cause, no effect, no avenue of operation, no channel of expression), and then I am through.
      1. Your procedure must be, whether or not you are called upon for help, to remind yourself that God constitutes individual being.
      2. And God is eternal even as individual being is eternal (and is also immortal and perfect).
      3. And then remember that any phase or facet of discord, any appearance that touches you, is nothing more or less than a picture sent out by this carnal mind.
    6. You know what the carnal mind is:
      1. It is not really a mind.
      2. It is a belief in two powers.
      3. There is no carnal mind anywhere around the individual who knows the nothingness of two powers.
      4. God is the only power.
    7. All there is to the evils of this world is the belief in two powers.
      1. There is not good and evil.
      2. There is only perfection.
        1. Because of our human existence, we are eternally being faced with sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, war and man's inhumanity to man.
        2. But actually these are not evil conditions, these are the mental impositions that strike your thought, and that is why, if you battle them or fight them, you lose.
        3. That is why if you struggle with our treatments, you cannot win your case.
      3. Our treatments are based on:
        1. "Thou could have no power over me unless it came from the Father."
        2. "Put up thy sword."
      4. We do not fight error.
        1. Nor do we use truth to overcome error.
        2. Nor do we use God to heal disease.
    8. Our entire recognition is that so far as God is concerned, His universe is perfect, eternal and harmonious.
      1. And what we are being confronted with is that we are seeing this perfect universe through a glass darkly instead of face to face.
      2. Therefore, we are not dealing with powers to be overcome.
      3. We are dealing only with a negative appearance that has to be recognized as such and nothingized in that way.
    9. That is why I have said to you, I can only teach this to you after you have a sufficient background of the writings so as to be able to accept it.
      1. To the human mind, uninstructed in our message, this that I am saying is absolute nonsense.
      2. And I know how foolish this must all sound to a person who has no background of Infinite Way writings.
      3. Not even those who have a metaphysical background can completely understand what I say unless they have a deep understanding of the basics, and of the fundamental principles of the Infinite Way.
  3. The principle is not mind over matter, nor is it the power of God to heal disease, nor is it the power of truth over error. It is none of those things. This is a direct revelation that was unfolded within me:
    1. "Ye need not fight. There is no power in this devil, this impersonal source of discord. It is the fighting of it that perpetuates it."
    2. That was the revelation given me just as the nature of God has been given me in revelation in a different way than you will ever find in any writings on earth.
      1. A God that you do not have to pray to.
      2. A God that would not answer your prayers if you did pray.
      3. A God who is always being God and does not have to be reminded of it by man.
      4. A God who is the Infinite Intelligence of this universe and who man cannot instruct, nor can man influence.
      5. And, therefore, this whole teaching is not a turning to God that God should do something.
      6. It is a turning to God to be in God consciousness where nothing needs to be done.
      7. This is where this message differs from any of the religious approaches on the face of the earth.
  4. If you ask me, do we pray? Of course, my books are full of it.
    1. Prayer is our major mode of life.
    2. Prayer is something that I am personally doing almost all of my waking hours and many of my sleeping hours, because I know how to live inside of me and maintain a contact of prayer (but a prayer that is a mode of prayer that is known only to the mystics).
    3. I will show you my idea of prayer as expressed by Dr. Alexis Carrel in his book, Man The Unknown:

"Prayer should be understood not as a mere mechanical recitation of formulas, but as a mystical elevation, an absorption of consciousness in the contemplation of a principle, both permeating and transcending our world. Such a psychological state is not intellectual. It is incomprehensible to philosophers and scientists and inaccessible to them, but the simple seem to feel God as easily as the heat of the sun, or the kindness of a friend. The prayer which is followed by organic effect is of a special nature. First, it is entirely disinterested. (That is what I said before. That you cannot use prayer or God for selfish, personal or destructive things.) Man offers himself to God. He stands before Him like the canvas before the painter, or the marble before the sculptor. At the same time, he asks for his grace, exposes his needs, and those of his brother in suffering. Generally, the patient who is cured is not praying for himself, but for another. Such a type of prayer demands complete renunciation, that is, a higher form of asceticism. The modest, the ignorant and the poor are more capable of this self denial than the rich and the intellectual. When it possesses such characteristics, prayer may set in motion a strange phenomenon, the miracle."

    1. Now let me read to you from the diary of Sanford Dole, the former pineapple king of Hawaii, whom few realized was inwardly a deeply spiritual man. He is writing on the subject of prayer:

"Doubtless, a great deal of doctrinal teaching of the time is a hindrance rather than a help to the spiritual life. It does not seem to me that anyone can talk to me dogmatically about God with any benefit. It is not an intellectual requirement to know God, but it comes to us with great purpose and movement of the universe (which is God's activity), and which we may study, and so, in