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Meaningful Quotes  by Mrs. Eddy

We will endeavor to put meaningful Christian Science quotes from Mrs. Eddy here to help those of you who may not come from Christian Science. Joel, as we know, was a Christian Scientist before revealing the IW message. Sometimes, the CS vocabulary and principles confuse those new to the work who do not have a background in CS. We hope that these passages may be of help. They are all from the ORIGINAL Science and Health 1875.  When reading these passages, we remind ourselves that Christian Science is a mental healing teaching in spite of the fact that Joel says that Mrs. Eddy was a mystic as were others in the movement. 

("... you cannot heal physical disease.  That isn't the function of real true spiritual Christian Science any more than it is the function of The Infinite Way."...  from tape 46 side 1)

In order to clarify the lesson presented about the "insanity of health", we will only be using Mrs. Eddy to supplement Joel since he quotes her himself.  We feel it is an added clarification. However, if this distracts you, please just ignore. (We have put this as a stand alone section for this reason.)

There are some basic definitions and understandings in The Infinite Way that come from Chrisitian Science.  We hope that these passages will help you with a deeper understanding of IW principles.

If there are gaps in some of the quotes, they are to remove unrelated comments or those comments that are mentalizing. You see Christian Science is Mind over matter.  This does work, but not forever.  Joel understood the limitations of CS all the while, honoring its founder and his foundation. Please be very clear on the differences between CS and IW and the purpose for this sharing.


From Science and Health : (emphasis mine)


Mind, the basis of all things, cannot cross its species, and produce matter. But in order to classify mind that is real, from belief or the unreal, we name one mind, and the other matter; but recollect matter is but a belief, and mind the only reality. Error can only be defined as belief, which is not mind but illusion. The belief, that Life, Substance, and Intelligence are where and what they are not, is error. Spirit is the understanding and possession of Truth, Life and Intelligence. Belief and understanding never mingle, more than matter and Spirit; one is error, the other Truth. All discord is what we term matter, and discord is mortal, nothingness; harmony is real and immortal, for it belongs to Spirit, is produced by it and proceeds from it. Immortal mind is Spirit, an utterance of Soul proceeding from harmony and immortality. The mind, that we name matter, is the so-called mind of the body, and what is termed sinful and mortal man; but this man is a myth, neither mind nor matter, but a belief that embraces all error. God, Truth, never produced error; Soul and Intelligence never originated inharmony; and at some future date we shall learn all that is mortal or discordant hath no origin, existence or reality, but is the absence of the real; yea, native nothingness, the chaos and night out of which error would simulate the creations of Truth, from dust instead of Deity. Error pre-supposes man both mind and matter, but this is not the science of being, but science disputing personal sense beards so relentlessly our belief, we naturally ask what are we, and what is man? We are Spirit, Soul, and not body, and all is good that is Spirit; God and the idea of God are real, and nothing else is real. Harmony and its results are real, but discord and what comes of it are the unreal. It were well to begin from this hour, as you read these pages, to reckon Life only in what is good and true; putting aside evil as unreal, not the offspring of God, and unworthy to be named man, him whom Spirit produces "the image and likeness of God," but whom matter claims to create in sin...

Mind is Spirit, outside of matter, and this is the only mind or understanding; the mind called brains, or matter, is belief only; hence, the more material man is the stronger belief, and the weaker manifestation of Soul, or understanding. Belief is what we term personal sense, and personal sense is a belief. That matter is intelligent, that nerves feel, brains think, and sin, that a stomach makes man cross, limbs cripple him, and matter kills him, is a belief, and this belief, error, opposed to the Truth of being. Sin, sickness and death proceed from the so-called five personal senses that we are taught to revere and cultivate, but which Truth at length destroys, through age, experience or spiritual growth, and in place of sentient bodies, we find sensationless bodies, and immortal Soul, as the recognition of being harmonious and eternal. The body mortal is not man, for man is immortal; but with sensation in the body he is not immortal, and cannot be Spirit, which is Soul.

To admit physical effects is to conclude matter cause and effect, whence it follows there are two causes, viz., mind and matter, else that mind produces matter, or matter produces mind, which contradicts the science of Life in its demonstration, and is like saying dust originated man, and a serpent a dove. Soul is Intelligence, but the so-called mind of body is belief only, the limited and mortal that embraces not the boundless and eternal, for such is Intelligence. Hence we learn that Soul, therefore Spirit, which is God, is not in man, and that man is idea, and Soul the Principle, Life, substance and Intelligence of man.

Having drawn the line between immortal man, or the reality of being, and the unreal or mortal, that is but a personal recognizance of Life, God, which is impossible, we also learn that pain or pleasure in matter is equally impossible. Things, as they appear from the stand-point of personal sense, are diametrically opposite to science, or immortal man seen from the standpoint of Soul; hence the difficulty sensuous man has to understand this science, and his opposition to it, for "the carnal man is at enmity with God." Mortal man and personal sense are not mind but belief; mind is understanding, belief is ignorance, even the error that Truth consigns to oblivion.

P. 417

The belief that Spirit dwells in matter, and that matter has Intelligence, causes all discord; man is not sick; for mind is not sick, and matter cannot be; a belief is the tempter and tried, the sin and sinner, disease and its cause, death and the dying. Shock this belief by some expression, or impression, of Truth, start it from its fixed centre, and it will relieve the body at once. A tooth ceases to pain you before the forceps, a greater fear having silenced, for a moment, the lesser, showing the effects of mind on the body, and that "our greater evils medicine the less."


Sickness is error, its remedy Truth; and the science of being reveals that our body is sensationless, and that Spirit sees, hears, feels, acts, and enjoys, but cannot suffer; and this makes Soul and body harmonious and immortal. To conclude our body is Life, Substance, or Intelligence, and this body matter, that sees, hears, feels, sets, enjoys and suffers, makes sickness, sin and death autocrats over Soul, and man a slave to personal sense. To Soul there is neither matter, sickness, sin, or death; but to personal sense these are realities, that even govern Spirit; what a mistake! we know this is error, and error a belief, destitute of understanding; and change the belief, the error changes, destroy it, and the error is gone. You see through solid walls, hear without sound, Walk over water, and have your body with you in clairvoyance; but in the opposite belief of sense, your body remains in status quo, and your mind goes without a body. Let the mesmerizer experience what we term the fears of personal sense, its pains or its pleasures, and his subject has those same sensations, which proves they are produced by mind and not matter, and are beliefs instead of the reality of things. Sickness is not imagination ; it is more than this, it is a belief, a conviction of mind instead of a fancy. ....I pity him more who is sick than him who is a sinner, for we rely on God to help man in the latter, but not the former case. "