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How to live a Spiritual Life

In a spiritual life, you are never able to forget that you are not living your own life and that you have not right whatsoever to consider what you would like to do or when you would like to do it, or how. No, you do not have this right because always in the back of your mind is the reminder that it is God's life that is being lived. And, it is just your priviledge to be at that state of consciousness where you can watch God live your life without interposing a wish or a will or a desire of your own. 

The average Truth student is not at that stage of development because he has duties to his family, or his business, or his art. But, until such time as the Spirit Itself says, "Leave all for me" or "Leave your nets," no student should ever forget his duty to his family, to his business, to his interests.  Rather, he should make his study and his meditations the foundation for the more harmonious functioning of these facets of his life.  It is only to some that the call eventually comes, "Leave your nets."  And, when the time does, it is unmistakable and it compels obedience.


But it should provide for their independent care, so that one may be set free for whatever the call may. Let no Infinite Way student believe that the call to Leave Your Nets is an EXCUSE TO DISSERT OR NEGLECT ONES DUTIES OR OBLIGATIONS.

The paper of August 24, [1963] reveals the mistakes that many of our students have made, are making, and will continue to make if they do not awaken.  Unlike other messages, the message of The Infinite  Way is imparted only through the fourth dimensional consciousness or the attained measure of Christ Consciousness. Therefore, the teacher must raise up students to the point where they are able to perceive spiritually, because students do not have that capacity as human beings. For this reason, one Infinite Way teacher spiritually endowed can handle not only a tremendous ministry, but the ministry grows until it seems to be almost beyond handling.  However, those who enter the ministry before they have they reached the spiritual call, make little or now progress. And the reason is this, the message of  The Infinite Way did not come through the human mind. Nor can it be imparted to the human mind. 

To the human mind, this message is as foolish as the Master, "Go ye, without purse or script." The human would want to know how he is going to afford to get there?  But not so with a spiritual disciple. The spiritual disciple would not stop to consider how he would get there, he would just start traveling. 

Often, in my mail I have requests such as this: Please work for my supply.  Let us stay with the subject of supply for a moment.