Joel S. Goldsmith

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Infinite Way Metaphysics

Many students have come to The Infinite Way by way of orthodox religion and metaphysics.  Although we have studied many teachings or mental healing techniques, when we arrive at The Infinite Way we are asked to drop some of our old practices and understandings.

It has taken decades for some of us to finally GET what Joel has been teaching, the reason behind his having to leave Christian Science, the reason he had to re-deliver his Infinite Way over and over until finally presenting it AGAIN in 1963. Students continued to come only for healing, not for the message.  This is the heart of the confusion between the mental, material realm and mysticism. They are not the same, never can be, but are continually confused in all religions and by many who claim to know The Infinite Way.

At the foundation is Joel's teaching:  God Knows NOTHING of "this" World. 

How can that be if God created the world? This is the difficult challenge for us.  This question is what prompted Joel on his journey. It should also be the question each of us who claim to know the message can answer,  or that we seek to discover on this Path.

What are the Metaphysics of The Infinite Way? 

Here are some references for  you:

Beyond Words and Thoughts Chapter 5
Metaphysical Healing:  Infinite Way Chapter 8, Collected Essays Chapter 2
Conscious Union With God Chapter 12

257 side 2
262  both sides
472 side 1
519 side 2

With dedication to the tapes and books and through continually taking this into meditation, you will find the answer. Be patient with yourself and strive to only know God, no desires, no outlines, ask nothing of a material nature.

If you are operating in the world with thoughts, ideas, comments, things, people, anything material, any emotion,  anything with an opposite -  you are in metaphysics.