Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

I - That is All


June 16, 1963

Princess Kaiulani Hotel

GOOD AFTERNOON. First of all, to those of you who are here with us today for the first time, may I welcome you for myself and for all of us in this group.

You may perhaps know that we of The Infinite Way activity do not advertise or proselyte in any way, and there is a reason for this. We recognize the fact that we really have nothing to give, except to those who are led to receive. In other words, whether or not you receive anything at all from the message of The Infinite Way is not up to us; it is strictly a matter of your own consciousness. You either recognize, receive, and respond to this message, or you do not. There is not power in the message itself, the power is in your consciousness. If the power were in the message itself, the entire world could be saved. We have been offered a gift of ten million dollars to put this message on television across the whole United States, but I cannot accept the gift because I do not believe the message in and of itself has that power. Only the consciousness of the individual is power, and whether a message meets your need depends upon whether or not you are receptive or responsive to it. 

In the same way we could take the music of Beethoven, Brahms, or Bach, or the literature of Shakespeare. They are masterpieces, but does the world enjoy them? No, only those persons in the world can enjoy them who are responsive to that level of consciousness. To others these masters have no value. We have great religious masters – Gautama the Buddha, Nanak, Christ Jesus – and we have many modern mystics from the 12th. Century to the present. You will notice that they are not saving the world, but they are contributing towards saving thousands of individuals who can receive them. 

You who may be young students of The Infinite Way will certainly find us pleasant to associate with, although we are disciplinarians. We have no rules set down for the conduct of others, but we are very strict with ourselves. We insist in hours and hours of study each day, for ours is no pastime teaching, no small-change teaching. There are books to be studied, tapes to be studied, activities to attend. It really does demand all of you if you are to receive what we have to give. We recognize that during our span on this plane, we have more work to do than can be encompassed. Therefore, you will understand if we give our time and attention to those who are most generous in giving their time and attentions to this study. 

At first you may have some difficulty in understanding this message, more specially if you have a metaphysical background. You have heard the statement that “Truth is one,” or “There is only one truth,” and I will say to you  that this is only true when you get into the higher realms of consciousness where you have transcended the letter of truth and can live purely by the spirit. Until that time, there are vast differences in the approaches to truth as presented by Christian Science, Unity, Religious Science, Mind Science, and even some of the independent or individual teachers. In other words, you may have worked from the standpoint that thought is power, and now you come to books in The Infinite Way that say thought is not power. 

You must not accept a statement of that kind without understanding why the principle exist in The Infinite Way, otherwise you will not be able to properly apply the principle in daily living. Of course, I know that in the human picture we can entertain good thoughts or bad thoughts, and that the good thoughts are apt to do nice things for us and that the bad thoughts are apt to do very bad things for us. However, that does not make them power in the way we use the word power in The Infinite Way. Our use of the word power really  means an attribute or activity of God. Therefore, since there is only one God, there can only be one power. Since God is spirit, then the only power can be spiritual power – not material or mental power – only spiritual power. 

As long as your are in the human scene, working only with the human mind, you can make a power of your mind and its thoughts. You can use them for good and you can use them for evil, as the world is doing all the time. The moment individuals come into the atmosphere of The Infinite Way, you will find that they are seeking release from some physical or mental powers, and probably that is the only reason they come. Perhaps one in a hundred thousand is seeking purely the attaining of the mystical consciousness , but surely the rest of us are seeking release from some physical power that has gripped us, some material law that is influencing us, or some mental power that is holding us in bondage 

If you were seeking a power to overcome these material and mental powers, you will be seeking erroneously. You will be seeking amiss because there are no such powers. Let us take the subject of warfare. The world began by throwing stones at each other, then sling-shots, bows and arrows, and spears, clear on up to the atomic bomb – but they still have found no way to overcome the atomic bomb.  You can go on seeking greater powers and find them, but you never will find a way to overcome these powers until you reach that place in consciousness where, instead of seeking greater and greater powers, you begin to realize, “ These material and mental things that the world has accepted as power are not power.” Why? It is so simple. God, spirit, is omnipotence – all-power- so there cannot be all-power and material and mental powers.

            When you come to The Infinite Way you come to a place where you give up power, where you give up seeking one power with which to destroy another power.  You give up seeking God-power. You come to a state of consciousness in which you realize, “Because of God, there are no other powers” and you learn to “Rest in this word.” This is exemplified in the Old Testament where the Hebrews came to their prophet and told of the great armies coming against them, and were given the assurance, “Fear not, they have only the arm of flesh.1 We have the Lord God Almighty.” And they “Rested in his word” and the enemy destroyed itself. The Master exemplified this in the New Testament when called on to heal the cripple and the blind man, “Pick up your bed and walk” 2 and “Open your eyes.” 3 Nowhere does he claim to turn to God for a power. He lives in the consciousness of God as omnipotence. “ I am the bread, the meat, the wine and the water 4 … Fear not, I am with you.” 5 And remember that each one of you has the same I within you.         

Close your eyes, and very gently inside of yourself, say:

 That is all. I is within you, so learn to trust it, but not as a power over anything. Just trust “ I am with you” and rest, relax.  “ I am with you… I will never leave thee nor forsake thee… Fear not, it is I I will be with thee unto the end of the world… I am come that ye might have life and that ye might have it more abundantly.” Did that  I live 2,000 years ago, and not today ? Then what of the statement “ I will never leave you not forsake you”? Was that a personalized I locked up in the mind of Jesus, or was he declaring that “ I, the Son of God, is within you”? 

             So can you not see that some of you may have difficulty in making a transition in In consciousness where you stop affirming truth and denying error, and reach that place in consciousness where you can relax and remember “ I am closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet,” “ Be not afraid, it is I.” Every student has great experiences of healing and regeneration in proportion as he or she can relax in that statement, “Be not afraid it is I. The only presence, the only power in the midst of you – closer than breathing. Be not afraid it is I.” Do not fight because when you are fighting you are fighting your imagination. You are fighting illusions, instead of relaxing and resting. 

            You may have accepted the belief that your sins of omission or commission, your sins of the past or your sins of the present are going to interfere with your spiritual progress. The Master did not confirm that, or he would not have said to the woman taken in adultery and the thief on the cross “ Thy sins be forgiven thee.”        

              Yes, only do not go back and sin again. Always the karmic law of “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” is operating. This means that every minute of our lives we are putting into operation what will take place tomorrow, next week, next month. We are doing it by holding to fear, hate, injustice, malice, or jealousy instead of  “ Abiding in me and letting my word abide in you.” 6 It is not easy to stop thinking worldly thoughts, and I do not believe anyone can do it alone. Only when you become aware that “ I in the midst of you am divine grace” does thinking change from the material base to the spiritual base. The Christ, or the spirit or the presence of God – it forgives – it changes. 

            It is for this reason that we do not make rules of conduct for our students. They can ride to heaven in wings of glory, or they can travel in the opposite direction. We can only offer the cup of cold water, and leave to the individuals as to how much or how little they wish to drink of it. Something must be introduced into the consciousness of an individual to change it. That spirit is the spirit of God, which you will notice in our students as you mix with them. It is not human good in them – it is a spiritual presence, which has been released.      

            Those of you who are in the Islands (Hawaii) will discover that we have a wonderful activity here. It is one that has been going for many, many years, one in which we have found understanding, peace, cooperativeness, and sharing among ourselves in so many different ways. Of course you will discover that we long to share it with those who seek it, but remember that we can only share we to the degree of your receptivity.

            Because we do not publicize our work, the question is raised many times why we do not make available to the world if it blesses as many as we have witnessed it bless. We have even been asked to consider having a moving picture made of The Infinite Way activity, because the whole world needs it. Of course it needs it, but how much of it would the world accept? You remember the beggar addressing Peter and John, begging for coins, and the answer “Silver and gold have we none, but such as I have, give I unto you.” 7 So with us. We do not have the silver and gold and the medical ability the world wants. What we do have is some measure of awareness of the fact that “ God is the I at the center of our being.” We do not have to worship in holy temples, nor do we have to appease or make sacrifices to God.  We have only to “Abide in this word and let this word abide in us” 8 and then accept that the evils of the world are the “arm of flesh or nothingness”. Then rest- no crusading – just resting in it.

            We do not go to God as if God were a Santa Claus with wonderful presents of health and supply and companionship, which we try o get him to release to us. No, this concept belongs to a bygone age. :It is my good pleasure to give you the kingdom”  9  but there is a price: “Seek you first the kingdom of God10  and these things will be added. Trying to demonstrate these things will keep you out of heaven forever. The question arises over and over again, “ It is wrong for me to want enough money for my children?” or “It is wrong to want to take care of my parents/” No, but most people are going about it wrongly. Seek you first the kingdom of God, and all of these things will appear.

            We ask all of our students to give freely of what they have received – to share – but to be sure that it is wanted. We have a monthly Letter that is sent only to those who request it and to no one else, and only those who request it every twelve months. Why? What use is to sent it to those who are probably not reading it? Every year we have to take four hundred or more names from the Letter list, names of people who are receiving it yet not reading it. Money is not a factor. The Letter is sent to those who contribute or to those who do not contribute. We do want to share, but we are eager that it reaches only those who would welcome it in the same spirit that we work to bring it out.


            I hope I have made two of our principles clear to you today, and that it has reminded our own students of them – because without these reminders we ourselves can forget. One is the nature of God, the very I in the midst of you which you need not pray to or try to influence. Just “relax and rest in me.” The other is the nature of error.  You do not fight, rise above or destroy the evils of this world, but recognize them as “the arm of flesh or nothingness”. Arm of flesh is a very good illustration. See this arm? This arm without I is an arm of flesh, and would probably stay in that position for a thousand years if there were not something called I to move it. You will discover eventually that all evil of any nature is dead flesh, unable to do anything unless I come along and fear it or hate it.


            You will notice that this message is written down and by next week it will be mimeographed. That makes it available to read over and over again, so eventually these principles really “sink from the head into the heart,” from an intellectual acceptance to a spiritual realization. All of our monthly Letters from the year 1954 when they began, are in book form for the same reason. They constitute our lessons to students. Every principle is set forth in these Letters so they probable become the most important part of our literature.


            I will bring to your attention one final point. Everything I have said to you today is a waste of time without this added thing, statement, unfoldment: Within your consciousness is access to the heavenly kingdom, the spiritual realm, the realm of God, the atmosphere of God. “ The kingdom of God is neither lo here nor o there.” The kingdom of God is not in a Bible or in metaphysics or even in mystical literature. The kingdom of God is locked up in your consciousness, and this is true with everyone on the face of the globe.  We only have access to it through our ability to contact it. The whole function of The Infinite Way is to teach students – not these lessons I have give you today – but to contact the spirit within. These lessons are a part of the teachings that make it possible for you to meditate, and in meditating to make the contact with the source of life. Without this lesson you might find it difficult to meditate, but with this lesson today, you can close your eyes and remember this:

 God is not afar off but within me, right here as I sit here. The kingdom of God, the kingdom of all Being, all-presence, all-gifts, is within me – closer than breathing – and its name is I. I in the midst of me is mighty. I in the midst of me is the source of my eternal life, of my immortality. I need not fear the arm of flesh in any form – sin, disease, lack, limitation, loneliness – because now I remember “ Fear not, I am with you”. I can rest in this I within me. I know now what the Master meant when he said “ Abide in me” and now I am living in this I within me. And also it says “Fear not, I am with thee.” I am with thee and I will be with thee unto the end of the world. Neither life nor death can separate me from the love of God or the life of God. I can stop fearing death right now, for I will be as close to God in what the world call death as I am at this moment. So again I will fear not what mortality can do to me.

            This is a contemplative form of meditation and you will notice that, as you become accustomed to this, you will quiet down inside. And eventually, instead of you making these statements of truth, these statements of truth will come from within you. When you begin to hear from within you, you will understand why it is written,  “ When he utters his voice,  the earth melts.” 11

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