Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Two Important Terms: Cowan and Tyler

Cowan: An old Scottish word meaning an ignorant Mason who puts stones together without mortar. Also designates an apprentice who tries to masquerade as a Mason.

Be attentive to these terms in your life

We have our own understanding of people described by Masonic terms as Tylers and Cowans.

It continues to be essential to teach the importance of tyling at the door of our consciousness. 
Read below what is said about cowans.  It reminds me of those in the chat rooms appearing to know so much, teachers going out before being healers...Joel's comment about learning the to play piano scales one day and booking a concert the next.
Hope this helps develop your understanding a bit more about Joel's background and what he really would have expected of his followers and those who were in care of furthering the message.
"One could probably argue that the Cowan was free to put up a wall anyway that he wanted. A stone wall is a stone wall.
"Now we must decide for ourselves...Do we want a finely hewn, precise, strong and durable wall, one made with care, skill, by a craftsman. Or, will be we satisfied with one that is made of rough, "natural" stone, with infinite variety, piled high only to collapse and dissolve at the first test of stress?"