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"No matter how evil a person is at any given moment or what his present sins of omission or commission may be, if within him there is an honest desire to know God aright, his sins will be wiped out, and he will be pure and clean.  When God is known, the sin is dissolved, and there is no need for a person to engage in psychological means to change his nature or to repress his evil instincts or evil thoughts. " -Joel Goldsmith

Joel on Psychology and Psychiatry

Throughout the work, Joel gives us lessons on the futility of Psychiatry and why it does not work. He comments about Dr. Menninger's statements that Psychiatry has not cured anyone. Recent reports are shedding light on the lives of  Freud, Kinsey and the true motives for their work. 

Theories and false science have affected the Western World for over one hundred years and made man think of himself as a mere animal - a victim of his carnal thoughts and urges. Man does not heal when he constantly opens his wounds, whether they are physical or mental. Living in the past does nothing for today.

Only one psychiatrist had ANY measure of success and that was Jung. The reason: he included man's spiritual nature in his approach and addressed God as being part of our nature.

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Until then, join us in knowing that Psychology and Psychiatry have no power. The mind has no power. The past has no power, sex and physical attractions have no power. There is only one power, God, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. 


"No one need engage in psychological means to change their nature or to repress their evil instincts or their evil thoughts. As a matter of fact, these never succeed.
You must always remember that our greatest psychologists (when I say greatest, I mean greatest in name psychologists) have openly acknowledged that they have never witnessed a healing through psychology.
And only last week, at meeting of psychiatrists, they admitted to never having had a healing through psychiatry. So there is no use applying psychological or psychiatric ideas in your life, since at least up until this present moment, there is no principle that has been discovered that could help.
Now, incidentally, at our conference last year, five of Europe's greatest psychiatrists attended. The object of the conference was to discover if spiritual power could be exerted in human affairs. These five great psychiatrists came because they had not found any human way, even in psychiatry, to meet the problems of human affairs.
Only a few years ago, we were sent for by the head of a mental institute (who is one of the big name psychiatrists of the U.S.) who said that he has never yet witnessed a healing through psychiatry and is now investigating the subject of spiritual healing and wanted to spend an evening with us to talk about it.
In a lecture trip last year in Indianapolis, another psychiatrist attended the lecture--one connected with a mental institute there--and he came up to me afterwards to say that in ten years at the institute, he had never witnessed a healing through medical means, and he said that he was searching for spiritual help.
And next week, it will be my great pleasure to be at one of the largest mental institutes in this state, where I have been invited because there are 30 of the Infinite Way students, and they have shown so much healing and harmony that some of their families have been brought into the study of the Infinite Way.   And the head of the education bureau has written me that his entire life has changed, and so I have been invited there.

Now I have had experience in mental institutes with mental patients and I've had experience in prisons. And I speak to you from 30 years of experience. And I speak to you if any of your friends or relatives are in sin, don't try to stop it or correct it. But see if you cannot awaken in them a desire to know God and that is all that is necessary."

From Tape 269, Side 1


From Joel's May 26, 1963 Hotel Talk

Now comes the best news of all.  Freudian psychiatry, which has always claimed that the baser nature of man governs him, now begins a change by the man who represents the head of Freudian psychiatry and who is professor of psychiatry at the University of Vienna.  Dr. Viktor E. Frankel has written a book which is supposed to be psychiatry, and in which it is now claimed that the Ultimate Source of man's own existence is what he must discover and within himself.  Dr. Frankel repudiates the basic Freudian concept that man's main concern is to "gain pleasure and avoid pain."  Listen, and I quote:


"Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to the very real and concrete problems which are constantly being set before us as individuals."
"No one can become fully aware of the very essence of another human being unless he loves him.  By the spiritual act of love he is enabled to see the essential traits and features in the beloved person."


How could there be a spiritual act of love without being endowed with a spiritual capacity?  Can a human being love spiritually?  Impossible, because the human being is the man of earth, the creature "not under the law of God, and who receiveth not the things of God."  Therefore, until an individual is spiritually endowed, he cannot know the meaning of spiritual love, nor is it possible for him to love spiritually.  To love spiritually means to love without an iota of sensuousness and without an iota of personal sense.  Spiritual love has no relationship to marital love, or parental love, or any form of human love.  Spiritual love requires a spiritual capacity and, in light of this, Dr. Frankel has opened the entire world of Freud to the spiritual nature of man.  Nothing but the spiritual nature of man is important - remember that.  It makes no difference what religion you may want to follow, or what metaphysical approach you may be living.  Unless you have the capacity to love spiritually, you are not on any religious or metaphysical path at all.  But once you have the capacity to love spiritually, to understand the nature of man as being spiritual, it would not make any difference to you what religion a man has - or none.

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