Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

From pamphlet 2 of 2, FOURTH 1956 Practitioners’ Class

Joel Goldsmith

Cape Town, South Africa


. . . “Jesus comes in a different category than any other individual about whom we know, but the full story of Jesus’ experience will not be know for probably another five to ten years.


“You see, the story that is given in the New Testament is purely fictional.  There is nothing factual about it at all.  It was a story that was invented three hundred years after He left the earth for the purpose of building a central figure around which a church could be built.  You never can build a church unless it’s around a figure so mysterious that the human mind can’t understand or grasp it and is ready to kneel down and worship it.  And if you study comparative religion you will find that Jesus was the seventh of those who was immaculately  conceived – not the first, but the seventh.

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