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Joel's Eternal Relationship With US

"An Eternal Relationship"

Talk Given At Honolulu Infinite Way Study Center on September 30, 1963

by Joel Goldsmith

You now have an opportunity to prove a major principle of The Infinite Way.  Incidentally, reading about these principles or studying these principles is not of too much importance unless, in addition to the reading and the studying, you actually put them into practice, until you demonstrate principle by principle and very often one at a time. 

We've been together for ten months.   We've seen a lot of each other.  We've been in each other's consciousness and we've experienced a great deal of love, friendship, sharing, companionship, and truth.  Now it would appear that we will be separated for awhile.  This always brings up feelings of sorrow or regret or sadness or some other negative emotion, and if you look at the situation humanly you might experience a day or two of sorrow.  However, if you look at the situation spiritually, it really presents a tremendous opportunity. 

What you have had of me, what you have experienced of me, is my consciousness of truth.  You have brought yourself to me, but not physically.  You have brought your self to my consciousness.  Therefore I have been in your consciousness and you have been in my consciousness and what we have experienced of each other is this consciousness, this spiritual companionship.  If you have been receptive and responsive to what has taken place, you have benefited by having been lifted higher into consciousness.  But never forget this:  I too have benefited, because in the kingdom of God there is no such thing as one-way traffic.  In the kingdom of God there is union.  In the kingdom of God there is oneness.  In the kingdom of God there is unitedness.  Therefore, there has been a flow of consciousness among us and between us – from me to you and from you to me.  If this were not so, if there was no receptivity on your part, the flow could not move out from within me because there would be nothing to draw it.

It is for this reason that all of The Infinite Way books have come forth from classes and lectures, and sessions of this kind.  In other words, those who have been before me as students have drawn forth these messages that have become the books.  In other words, it has been your receptivity that has drawn forth the messages, and so there has been a flow from me to you; but first there was a flow from you to me, the flow of receptivity and responsiveness which constitutes union, oneness, and unitedness. 

I would like to tell you that this relationship is an eternal relationship, if you will have it so.  Knowing this, I will certainly have it so.  Never, never will I be separated from you, from my serious students.  I will never be separated from you by time or space, nor will I be separated from you by life or death, because I know that all that constitutes me in reality is consciousness.  Therefore, I can hold in my consciousness "my own," those whom I desire to be with, and those with whom I desire to companion.  Nothing will ever separate me from the love of my serious students or from sharing with them.  That is because, out of my lifetime, I have found that my greatest joy and my greatest fruitage has been from companionship with my serious students, those who love The Infinite Way, those who benefit by The Infinite Way, those who rejoice in their studies.  These students have been my companions for many, many years.  For many, many years these students have really constituted my family, my spiritual household.  For this reason I have lived with my students very often early in the morning, and very often late at night, and very often in between.  Where your treasure is, that is where you're going to be, and mine has been with spiritual seekers. 

Since I am consciousness, I embody in my consciousness all that belongs to me, and since in the kingdom of God there is no such thing as time or space, this all happens now and this all happens here where I am.  You may look outside and see a sign which says "Hawaii," and that is where I am and that is where it is happening, but if you look outside and see a sign which says "California" or "London," that is where I am and that is where it is happening.  Why?  Because it is happening in my consciousness, not in a city or a state or a country.

You are being given an opportunity to prove this principle:  "Where I am, thou art."  In consciousness we are never separated.  We are all one in our spiritual identity, in our spiritual household, in our spiritual family.  Therefore, I benefit by your association wherever I may be.  Open your consciousness and realize this:  I do not exist in time or space.  The only place I can exist is in your consciousness and, if you let me out of your consciousness you have let me go because all you can know of me is what you can embody in your consciousness, and this is not dependent on physical sense. 

One's physical presence is not necessary and this is why we have what is called absent treatment.  Prayer does not require the physical presence of the individual who prays or the individual who is prayed for.  What is necessary is the realization that we exist as and in and of consciousness, and in consciousness we are one.  We are not physical beings.  We are offspring of God and we know it.  That which constitutes the physical frame is only of relative importance; it is here today and sometimes gone tomorrow.  There is no such thing as an eternal physical frame.  Why?  Because I am not a physical frame, nor are you. 

I first received an inner vision of this while noticing a tree.  The subject of immortality was puzzling to me, as I'm sure it must have been puzzling and perhaps still is to some of you.  Notice this in the life of a tree:  A seed falls to the ground and that tree is born again.  Yes, because the seed of that tree is certainly that tree.  It is more of that tree than the trunk of the tree; but this is what I noticed:  It really is not the tree or the seed which lives.  It is the life of the tree which lives the tree and which lives the seed.  And when the seed falls to the ground and is born again, the tree is born again because there is just the continuity of the one life.  If you are life you are immortal.  If you are body you die with the body, but this is not true.  From the body goes the seed and becomes another body, but what causes the seed to leave the body and become another body?  Life.  As with the tree, it is not the body or the seed which lives.  It is the life of the body which lives the body and which lives the seed.  Life creates a seed, drops a seed, gives life to a new tree, but it is the same life – and so you have the life of a tree going on for a thousand generations and it will be the same life.  Always it will be I, consciousness, life. 

Eventually you will believe this if you practice our little exercise and come to this realization:  

I am not in this body; I am not in my feet, or my legs or my stomach or my chest or my head.  I am not in this body.  I am the life and the consciousness which functions this body, and the moment I throw off this body I pick up another one and always it is I, consciousness, life.  Because there was so little population on the North American continent, it must mean that I existed somewhere else.  And because even Europe has been settled only in the last two thousand years and I have existed eternally, I must have existed in China, Japan or Africa – somewhere where there was population.  The place makes no difference, only I, the consciousness I am, the Soul I am – the life I am.  So it is that I, functioning now through this body, will eventually discard it and function through another body because the nature of I is consciousness, life. 

Perhaps you have had these questions presented to you by people who have had no metaphysical background:  "Will I be reunited with my family when I pass on?"   "Will my family be reunited with me in the next world?"  You probably know my answer and it is always this:  "It all depends on you and it all depends on them.  If you want to be reunited with them, you will be.  If they want to be reunited with you, they will be; but if you do not wish to be reunited you will not be, because you exist as consciousness and you can admit into your consciousness or drop from your consciousness whomever you wish." 

This also takes place here on earth.  Are we in touch with all of our relatives?  No.  Why?  We have no interest in them and they have no interest in us, and so we drop out of each other's consciousness.  But there are loved ones from whom some circumstance of life, or some circumstance of death, has separated us.  Be assured of this:  No one who enters my life, my consciousness, will ever be separated or apart from it, in life or in death, except those with whom I have nothing in common and whom I am willing to have dropped from me.  By the same token they are more than glad to drop me from their consciousness. 

Have you ever received any benefit from another except the benefit of consciousness?  Have we ever received any benefit from each other except a benefit of consciousness.  Is it not consciousness that has blessed us?  What part of me has ever blessed you except my consciousness of truth?  What part of you have I ever known except your consciousness, your love for truth, your love for spirit?  Therefore we are one in consciousness and one we will ever be as long as our interest is in truth, spirit, God, consciousness. 

In the New Testament there is quite a bit about healing "in the Master's name."  You know there is no such thing as healing in or through a name.  You know that a name has nothing to do with healing.  What name really means is identity or consciousness.  The consciousness of the Master is a healing consciousness.  Therefore all healing is through the Master consciousness or the consciousness of the Master, through a spiritual Master who has "overcome the world." 

This is very noticeable among those who heal by the laying on of hands.  Is there a difference between one person's physical hand and another's?  If so, what is the difference?  The answer is one word:  consciousness.  It is not the hand that heals – it is the consciousness behind the hand.  Therefore there is truth in the laying on of hands, not because hands have any power but because the consciousness of the individual is empowered from on high and the patient has accepted the religious teaching that the laying on of hands plays a part in the healing work.  Had those engaged in healing been taught in a different school, they would have known that the laying on of hands is not necessary except under human conditions.  It is not necessary for spiritual healing because it is not the hand but the consciousness of an individual that heals.  However, sometimes another element enters which is the belief of the patient. 

Likewise there are patients who have accepted the belief that they must be touched in order to be healed, and believing makes it so unto them.  We in our work will not accede to that and so, if they must feel the touch, we let them go to someone else who does engage in that form of healing.  In the same way some patients come to us and insist that we give them a treatment when they are asleep, but I will not encourage the belief that there is a power which goes from one individual to another.  In my work I abide by the truth of one consciousness, and that anyone who consciously reaches out to me, reaches me.  Consciousness is the activity that heals and I'm not interested in mental or physical oneness.  Consciousness is the activity that heals whether the patient believes he must be asleep or whether he believes he must feel the touch. 

An occasion of this kind is the right occasion to bring this subject to light so that, as we disappear from each other's physical sight while still on this plane of life, you begin to practice the presence of consciousness, the one consciousness which I am and which thou art.  Then you will discover this:  In your absences from loved ones for any reason, there will be no sense of loss or sense of separation because you will be able to say, "I have no physical relationship.  Therefore my relationship is one of consciousness." 

This prepares you for another day of separation, that which the world calls death.  Each one of you must be prepared for the day when your loved ones will leave you, but this does not involve separation because that which we love of each other is not the body – it is the Soul, the consciousness.  Not even in marriage is it the body loved, not really.  It is the individual who is loved, and an individual never goes anyplace because an individual is spirit, an individual is consciousness, an individual is omnipresence, an individual is here where I am and here where thou art, for we are one in consciousness.  This is an experience that eventually must come to every serious student, because the greatest principle of life is revealed through this experience, the principle of omnipresence. 

All the misery of humanhood arises from the belief that we are separate and apart from each other – from our friends, from our relatives, from our supply, from our home, from our employment, from our country.  Every discord on earth arises from a sense of separation.  The unifying principle is this:  "I and my Father are one," inseparable, and indivisible, and in my oneness with God I am one with infinity – infinite good – which must include companionships, relationships, supply, home, employment, activity, art.  There never would be discord on earth if there were not a sense of separation from God, but in our relationship of oneness with God we are one with each other and in no other way.  If we become one on any other basis, it is not a permanent relationship. 

Not every family remains together forever, and yet they would always remain together if that togetherness were originally based on the understanding of oneness with God.  "My oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea."  No one would ever be separated from supply if their supply were based on their relationship with Deity.  When you understand that it is only your oneness with your source, with your Maker, that constitutes your oneness with supply, what happens is what would happen:  "What God hath joined together, no man can put asunder."   This is quite different from the marriage ceremony which says, "Those whom God hath joined together, let no man put asunder."  Do you believe that man has a power that can separate God from his own?  This would be giving to man a power greater than God's. 

Your supply is only yours by virtue of the truth that "I and my Father are one" and therefore you are heir to all the heavenly riches.  In your understanding of that, no person or circumstance can separate you from your supply.  Your relationship with God builds up whatever in your experience appears to be lost.  "In three days I will raise it up."  In three days means instantly.  Why?   "What God hath joined together, no man can put asunder."  If God has breathed into you the life of God, then the life of God is the life of man and you can never be separated from your life not even in death, because I and my Father are one, I and my life are one, I and my love are one – indestructible. 

All competition arises from the belief that I am here, you are there, and there is something out there that we both want.  The sense of separation from God causes all competition and nothing else.  In your conscious realization of your oneness with God, "all that the Father hath is mine" and you are in competition with no one.  That which is yours is yours by virtue of your relationship with your source.  Then you will be able to say with Burroughs:  "My own shall come to me."

This all leads back to one of the major principles of The Infinite Way, one you have heard about so often:  "My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea."  Now what difference does it make where I seem to be or where you seem to be in time or space, or where your supply seems to be, since nothing has ever escaped out of my consciousness.  God constitutes my consciousness.  Physically there may appear to be an absence but, as long as you do not release it out of your consciousness, it is yours. 

What is the greatest possession you could desire?  What is the greatest of all the possessions which, if you had it, would insure life eternal, life harmonious, life abundant, life joyous?  What is it?  Truth.  Truth is more desirable than the whole earth.  Truth.  "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."  Is there anything greater than freedom?  Think of being free from bondage to sin, bondage to disease, bondage to lack, bondage to fear, bondage to hate, bondage to discord.  Think!  Think of the word freedom and think what it means to be free, mentally, physically, economically, morally, politically.  Is there anything greater than freedom?  No, and the only way to freedom is through truth.  "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." 

In the days of old, men acquired great wealth, military forces and armaments, and set out on a trip 'round the world to find the truth.  Where did they find it?  They found it within themselves.  Where was the Holy Grail?  It was back home in a tree in one's own back yard.  Where is the blue bird?  Where is truth - the truth that makes you free?  God is not in the whirlwind.  God is not in the storm.  God, truth, is in the still, small voice.  Where then is the truth that makes you free?  It is within your own being, within your own consciousness.  Why is this?  God constitutes your consciousness and the only place to find truth is within your own Soul, within your own consciousness.  The sense of separation from truth brings upon you the sense of separation from life, peace, joy, harmony.  Only when you realize that the kingdom of God is within you, will you likewise realize this, "That which I am seeking I already am." 

What else is there to the message of The Infinite Way except turning the student back to his own within-ness that he may find there the Holy Grail, the blue bird, the truth that makes free.   And when you discover that you're one with the truth that makes free, you will discover that you are one with your good in any and every form. 

Do you not see this:  Included in the oneness that constitutes your being, is God and man, Father and son.  These are one.  Therefore, turn within in the realization of that oneness.  Turn within to your infinite divine consciousness which, in reality, I am and thou art.  Recognize your oneness with your source.  Then you will actually discover that you are never separate from love, from life, from abundance. 

You will then know that in what the world calls life or death, "I am not body.  I am consciousness, spirit, life, truth."  And you will understand this:  The seed of the tree drops into the ground and the life of the seed becomes the life of the tree again.  Stop identifying yourself as the trunk of the tree or body, and identify your Self.  Realize you are "I", or consciousness, and that "I "goes on and goes on and goes on and becomes the next form of which "I" may appear.