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June 1964 

Dear Friend:


To different people and for many different reasons, travel is a stimulating and fascinating activity, but in my experience the main function of travel has been to meet people.  My interest has always been in people.  I have seen all the scenery, sometimes once and sometimes many times, and I have seen the art galleries, too.  But I like people, and I do not go around the world over and over again to see more scenery or even to see more art galleries, but to meet people.  Life is for living, and the living cannot be done except it is done with others.  No one can live a life unto himself and be fulfilled, and no nation, race or creed can live unto itself and become anything but ingrown.

The more traveling there is, the more opportunity there is for a meeting of minds and for a greater understanding of others even on the human level.  Think what it would mean to the world if, in our contact with other people, we could attain the awareness that everyone is the temple of the living God, if we were no longer to ascribe evil to another, no longer believe that evil is a component part of this or that race, of this or that nation, but were to learn to impersonalize.  Think of the kind of relationships that could exist in the world if we were to embody these spiritual principles.  Think of the invisible bond that would be established among all peoples of the world through such spiritual illumination. 

These principles will never become effective on a worldwide scale, however, unless you and I begin applying them where we are in our home, here and now.  Let us assume that there is a member of your family who is not living up to the highest standards of humanhood, much less of his spiritual identity, a person who is unruly, disobedient, dishonest, untruthful, untrustworthy, unfaithful, or one who is not measuring up to the standard of normal health, physically or mentally. 

Surely it must be clear to you that you have a responsibility in your own home.  True, you are not necessarily responsible for the purity of everyone in your home, nor is it your responsibility that everyone there conform to your standards of life, since one of the privileges of living in a free country is that each person is an individual and has the right to live his own life. 

This is true, however, only up to a certain point.  Each and every person is entitled to liberty, but not to license.  There are things that no one should tolerate in his home.  Remember that your home is your domain, and you should permit nothing to enter your home that defileth or maketh a lie.  Therefore, it is your function to prevent the entrance of whatever may disturb your household or to eliminate it after it is there, in other words, to bring about a change in the situation.

Changing the Atmosphere of Your Home 

To each one of us, then, comes this question:  "How can I change the atmosphere of my home?  How can I improve it?  And, even if it is humanly good, how can I lift it above human goodness into the demonstration of spiritual harmony, spiritual health, spiritual purity, spiritual abundance?" 

It is at this point that you bring the three basic principles of The Infinite Way into operation.  First of all, you must realize that it makes no difference whether at the moment you are looking at a person in sin, disease, or nearing death.  The truth is that God constitutes individual being.  God is the quality, God is the quantity, God is the essence, and God is the law unto every person in your household.  God constitutes his being; and therefore, his nature is pure, godly, good. 

With that thoroughly established in your consciousness, you can turn to the second step which is the most important principle of all, impersonalization.  Whether a member of your family is suffering from sickness, sin, false appetite, unemployment, lack, bad disposition, hate, envy, jealousy, or malice, the all-important step is to impersonalize the error.  You must impersonalize.  You must be able to look at that individual, realizing that the only nature there is, is godly.  This sin, this disease, this whatever it may be is not of a person.  It has its source in the carnal mind.  This of which he is a victim, this which is manifesting itself in him, on him, through him, or as him, this actually is an activity or substance of the carnal mind or devil. 

Does that not contradict much of what you have been thinking about this person?  Perhaps because of your previous metaphysical background, you have been probing into his consciousness, seeking to find the error so that you could remove it.  You may have been blaming his religious beliefs, or his lack of them, or in some way or other you may have been attempting to eradicate the error from him.  By now you must understand that it is impossible to do that because the error is not, and never was, a part of his being.  God constitutes his being, and God has constituted his being from everlasting to everlasting. 

Let me remind you again that it is for this reason that you must never use the name of a person in treatment, nor must you ever name the disease or the problem because you are then personalizing it and fastening it to the very individual you would like to see free.  It is vitally important for you to understand that this trait or quality of character, this apparently evil nature, this false appetite, or this diseased condition is an activity of the carnal mind. 

Therefore, when you have impersonalized whatever the problem may be to the extent that you really have released the individual and can feel that this is something that does not belong to him, but something that exists only in the carnal mind, you then take the third and final step and realize: 

There is only one mind, the mind that is the instrument of God.  Therefore, there is no carnal mind or mortal mind.  That which has been termed carnal mind is not a mind at all:  it is a belief in two powers.  When there is no belief in two powers, there is no carnal mind. 

In other words, if you could wholly remove from yourself the belief in two powers, as far as you are concerned, there would be no human beings left to be healed or improved.  There would be only children of God, or Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before they ate of the fruit.  All there is to humanhood is a belief in two powers.  Without that belief, there is no human race any more:  there is only immortal being.

Loving Your Neighbor by Living the Principles 

When you practice these three principles in your home and begin to see some changes, then you broaden your horizon by practicing them when you go to market, to your business office or factory, or when you are driving an automobile or riding in a bus. 

The moment you leave your home you are faced with countless pictures of carnal mind:  drunkenness, obscenity, vice, mean disposition, poverty, deformity.  You cannot pass by on the other side of the road.  You have to be the one who ministers to those persons so afflicted - - - only in order to do this you do not have to leave whatever it is you are doing.  All you have to do is to recognize: 

God constitutes all being; therefore, the nature of man is godly.  Even the body is the temple of the living God.  Body, mind, Soul, and Spirit - - - these are the temple of the living God, and this that I am seeing or hearing, this is carnal mind, the "arm of flesh" - - - nothingness.  It is a belief in two powers. 

Thank you, Father, that I know enough to know that there is only one power, one mind, one life, one law - - - and that power, mind, life, and law are spiritual. 

In this meditation or treatment, you have not treated any person; you have not used anyone’s name or identified his fault; you have not directed a treatment to  him.  All this is a truth realized within you about the appearance.  It does not matter who the appearance is or what the appearance is:  it is nothing but an appearance, and you are knowing the truth about it.  The truth is that it is carnal mind, the "arm of flesh," or nothingness - - - and you can rest in that word.


It will not take long for you to discover that you are having different experiences than you have ever had before, and that a change is taking place within you.  But here I must caution you about something both in your home and outside of it.  Be sure that all of this is taking place in secret.  Never voice this to anyone.  No one must ever be told, no one must ever know that you are knowing the truth. 

The day does come, however, when someone in your family says, "You have changed," or "You know something," and then if you find that he is really serious in wanting to know what has brought about the change in you, you can begin to impart what you have learned.  But you have to be very, very sure that he really wants to know, that he is not going to let you unburden yourself and then ridicule it, and thereby probably deprive you of your "pearl."  Be very sure that you treat this truth as the "pearl of great price."  If anyone comes to you for it, be sure that he is coming to you in humility and in earnestness, that he is coming to you really and truly seeking, and not just out of curiosity. 

Until a person is well-grounded in these principles, it does not take much for him to lose what little awareness he has gained and the benefit of it.  When people mock, scorn, or deride his study or beliefs, it begins to undermine his faith, and unless he has beheld its activity and witnessed its fruits time and time again he can be made to waver.  Many persons have.  Like Lot’s wife, they sometimes look back if they do not know the principles thoroughly, and if they have not seen them work so often that nothing, not even crucifixion, could make them change their minds.

Evil is Impersonal 

Always remember that whatever belief you or I may be suffering from is not your belief or mine:  it is a universal belief which we have temporarily picked up, accepted, or to which we have yielded.  Never blame anyone and never try to make anyone better than he is.  You will not succeed, and you will only give yourself heartaches.  It is useless to tell a person to be more loving, more generous, or more forgiving because he cannot be anything more than he is, until a change of consciousness takes place through the realization that any undesirable qualities he seems to possess never were of him.  They are of the carnal mind:  they are not, and never were, power; and they operate only because of the universal belief in two powers. 

If you see a man stealing, do not call him a thief.  Realize instantly, "This is a belief in two powers operating, but it cannot operate because there are not two powers."  If you do this, you will not only heal yourself, but you will be loving your neighbor as yourself - - - and that is important.  If for any reason you might be tempted to steal, and someone should see you, surely the one thing you would most appreciate would be for that person to know that you are not a thief, that you were but responding to an impersonal impulse, and that it is not power.  If such a truth were known for you when assailed by temptation, probably right in the midst of the act, you would stop. 

When we live in this higher consciousness, we are living in an entirely different atmosphere, in a world where we are not conscious of the evil traits in people, or even the erroneous ones.  We are far more aware of the good qualities that are being expressed.  This is in no wise a Pollyanna attitude because when we are in the consciousness of God as the only Being, then the evils that may be presented to us as a person dissolve, and we bring to that person a higher and richer experience than he knew before - - - especially if he is at all receptive to the spiritual way of life. 

This has been proved to a large degree in the work that I have done in prisons.  It was in a prison that I first became aware of the principle that there is no evil, as such, in people, not even those who are in prison. 

Several years ago I was invited to speak to a group of prisoners who had found a couple of Infinite Way pamphlets through one of the teachers working in the prison.  Evidently these pamphlets had been circulated rather widely because I found a good sized group of men waiting to hear me.  Before I went into the room where the men were assembled, the man in charge of such activities called me aside and said, "You’re in trouble, and I’m going to get you out of it.  There are sixty-six men in there waiting for you, but I’ve read The Infinite Way, so I can tell you that they don’t want anything you’ve got.  I have an idea you will be able to hold them for about ten minutes, so when you find yourself slipping, just look at me and give me a wink, and I will call for a smoking recess, and then I’ll have someone else take over." 

“All right," I replied.  "I’ll be on the alert." 

One hour passed, and there was not a sound in that room.  By then, the man in charge was beginning to wonder what it was all about and called a recess for smoking, but the men said, "Can’t we smoke and have you go on with your talk?"  Two hours passed, and then he announced that the time was up.  He told me afterwards that he was astounded that these prisoners had displayed such a deep interest in, and could be so attentive to, a talk of this nature. 

Actually, the secret was what I had learned in my first experience in prison work, and that was that there are no sinful men.  There is no such thing as evil in the mind of man.  Evil is absolutely impersonal.  Man, himself, is an incarnation of God.  God is the very fiber and fabric of man’s being, and everything else is superimposed upon that spiritual expression.  It is not any more a part of man’s spiritual identity than dirt is a part of the water in a pail.  Even after the dirt gets into the water, it can always be removed because it never becomes the water. 

Evil never becomes a man, nor does it become a part of man.  Whatever appears to be there can be removed by anyone who realizes the impersonal nature of the appearance.  That has been the secret of The Infinite Way in working with every form of sin, false appetite, disease, and all the other inharmonies that come into human experience. 

There is not one of us who has a fault - - - and we all have them - - - who would not be grateful if the members of our family who know our faults, instead of blaming us or trying to reform us, would silently, secretly, and sacredly know this truth.  "This is an impersonal belief in two powers, just an impersonal claim of a power apart from God.  There is no mind but that mind which is the instrument of God; therefore, carnal mind is not enmity against God.  It is nothing.  Carnal mind is a belief in two powers, a universal belief.  It is not my belief.  It has no person in which, on which, or through which to operate." 

Practice, practice, practice, until you can look at the saint or the sinner and know that the saint never could be a saint any more than the sinner could be a sinner.  Do not make the mistake of saying there is no evil, but all is good.  Good and evil are just two ends of the same stick.  "Why callest thou me good?"  Do not call anyone good.  Do not forget that there are no saints.  God alone is good. 

When a person is showing forth any measure of goodness, be assured that it is only God expressing through him.  The part for which a person deserves credit is that he is willing to be a transparency, and thereby he plays his role in this work.  No individual can be good:  God alone is good, but that goodness must find expression as individual being.  Once you perceive that, you will find it very easy never to judge, criticize, or condemn an individual because you will know that whatever evil is present is nothing more nor less than a universal belief in good and evil.  If that individual does not know enough to annihilate that belief, you can help to do it for him, more especially if he is reaching out for help.

The Significance of Ananias and Sapphira 

Any person who lives and moves and has his being in the realization of God’s presence as Omnipotence is living in one power, and there is no secondary power that can touch him.  Whether that power is in the form of a mental projection, a germ, a hereditary condition, infection or contagion, age, or whatnot, rest assured that no individual who is living in the life of Oneness - - - one power, one law, one being, one cause - - - can be the victim of malpractice. 

Many persons misunderstand the meaning of the term "malpractice."  They believe that if someone hates, dislikes, or mistrusts them or if a person is directing evil thoughts toward them, his hatred, dislike, mistrust, or evil thought acts as a form of malpractice, and may have a harmful effect upon them.  Undoubtedly, this does operate wherever there is a belief in two powers, but be assured that the only power it has is the power they give it.  To the person who knows that there is no one to malpractice or be malpracticed, and who thereby impersonalizes it, any evil that comes knocking at his door will not touch him:  it will only backfire to the one who sent it. 

That is really the secret of the story of Ananias and Sapphira.  After the Crucifixion, the disciples were so persecuted that they were forced to go underground.  They were unable to earn a livelihood, so they banded together and agreed to put into one fund all that they owned, thereby helping to support one another out of this common fund until the period of persecution passed.  This they all did and gave the fund over to the care of Peter for safekeeping.  Sapphira and her husband, however, decided to hold out a little of what they had, a deception which Peter was quick to discern.  When he rebuked them, "Thou hast not lied unto men, but unto God," what he really was saying was that there is no man, but only God-Selfhood, and that their act of deception was unto God, the consequences of which were so great that both Sapphira and her husband dropped dead. 

The very moment they consciously wronged God, the evil whanged back on them and destroyed them.  God did not cause this; God did not do this:  the evil that they committed against that little band of disciples hit up against the Selfhood of God which is invisible and incorporeal.  There was nothing there and nobody to receive it, so it had to boomerang right back to the senders.  Thus it is that the evil that is directed against man is really being directed against God.  But when there is nothing in man but the Christ-Spirit, there is nothing for evil to strike at, and it boomerangs and destroys the sender. 

In thinking of the episode of Sapphira and her husband, it is important to remember that it was not really Sapphira and her husband who held out their savings from God.  It was the carnal mind.  So, too, with us:  it is not we who are evil.  It is the carnal mind operating through us, and inasmuch as this carnal mind is not a person and has no person in whom, through whom, or upon whom to operate, it becomes a nothingness.  When we impersonalize it and begin to understand that no person has done any evil unto us because there is no "us" separate from God - - - we have no Selfhood but the capital "S" Selfhood - - - and therefore no one has wronged or injured us, no one has aimed any evil at us, but at God, we will find that we have so impersonalized our own self and all others that any human error that is directed toward us will not strike us. 

Then if we remember also that those who aim evil in our direction are not really aiming it at all, but that they are merely instruments through which the carnal mind is operating, we shall more than likely release them from their sin and bring about their forgiveness.  In other words, if we impersonalize evil and recognize that it has not been done unto us, it may turn around and strike back at the sender.  If it did, it would probably be his fault in the sense of permitting himself to be used. 

We want to go higher, however, than being avenged or wreaking vengeance upon someone:  we want to see those who do evil to us forgiven and released from whatever evil is holding them in its grasp. 

If there is any ingratitude directed toward us, or any lack of mercy or justice, we realize first of all our capital "S" Self and then realize that because of that this is not aimed at us at all:  this is aimed at God.  Furthermore, by realizing that it is never a person who is aiming evil in our direction, but that he is merely the innocent victim of the carnal mind, a victim of ignorance, we can truthfully repeat, "Father, forgive him, for he knows not what he does," and then we can realize that this carnal mind is a nothingness.  Thus we nullify it, and we shall then discover how quickly we come into our freedom.  There is a joyous freedom when we are living in a world where no one has anything against us, and if there does seem to be anyone, we have now recognized that it is not person, but an impersonal source which is really not power. 

This act of impersonalization is a conscious one.  Eventually, it will make clear to us why we could sit around from now until doomsday praying to God for something, and it will not come.  We could pray for justice or co-operation or gratitude from now to the end of time and not get it.  In other words, good can come into our experience only through an act of our own consciousness.  There is no God outside our being to see that we get mercy, justice, or kindness.

The Universality of the Divine Selfhood 

In our meditations, let us impersonalize the evils of this world and begin to know that we are not the source of evil to anyone because God constitutes the selfhood or our being.  Moreover, no person is the avenue of channel of evil toward us, for God constitutes his selfhood, and any evil apparent in our world is a product of the universal carnal mind which, in and of itself, is nothing until we accept a person as an outlet for its activity.  The responsibility is ours.  The Master said, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," but he did not say that the truth would make us free without our knowing the truth. 

As we sow, so shall we reap.  All harmony and success in life are up to the individual, and to sow to the Spirit means to impersonalize to the extent that we realize God as the true identity not only of every human being, but of every animal and plant. 

God is the life of all of us, and that Life does not begin or end with a human being:  the life of God is infinite; the life of God is the life of you and of me, of animals, vegetables, minerals.  Even the rocks and the stones are living things:  they are not inanimate as they appear to be, but they live and breathe, and God is the life and breath of their being. 

This, too, is impersonalizing.  It is making God the divine Self, the Self of you and the Self of me and the Self of all living things in the universe.  For most of us, it will be necessary to meditate on this day in and day out until its truth begins to unfold from within ourselves, until we gain the conviction of it and something wells up within us and says, "This really is true.  This is the truth of being.  God does constitute my Selfhood, and therefore my Selfhood is not subject to hate, envy, jealousy, or wrong thinking.  My Selfhood is intact in God.  My Selfhood is divine, immortal being." 

As you meditate upon this, it will not be too long before you will begin to see fruitage appear.  Remember the promise is that you are to bear fruit richly because of your identification with God, your Father within you. 

Once this has been established in you, you now have to begin secretly, silently, and very sacredly to look around at the members of your household and at your friends and begin to change your concepts of them so that you realize that all this that you have been declaring of yourself is likewise true of them.  They, too, are one with this divine Selfhood.  The fact that at the moment they do not know it is not your concern.  You are not dealing with their demonstration but with your own, and you will not have any kind of demonstration unless you begin to perceive that this truth that you have declared and realized about yourself must be a universal truth.

All Malpractice is Self-Malpractice 

Regardless of any person’s lack of demonstration, regardless of his unwillingness even to want to learn about his true identity, you are secretly and silently knowing the truth.  You are knowing the true identity of your employers, employees, your customers or clients, and the officials of the government.  It makes no difference what these people seem to be or may seem to be doing.  You are now realizing their oneness with their Source.  This is not for the purpose of giving them a treatment, but just to save yourself from being a malpractitioner because unless you are seeing people as they really are, you are malpracticing them, and your malpractice eventually comes home to roost.  Your malpractice of other people never harms them, and their malpractice of you never harms you. 

Any malpractice acts as a boomerang:  it goes out from us and eventually hits nothing because it is aimed only at our concept of a person - - - not at the person - - - and therefore it turns around and returns and cuts our heads off.  It never strikes those at whom it is aimed.  It always turns around and reacts upon the sender. 

Not all malpractice is malicious; not all malpractice is intended to harm someone; but unless you are seeing everybody, even your enemies - - - and this is the meaning of praying for your enemies - - - as one with God, unless you are seeing that Self with a capital "S" as the true identity of everyone, you are malpracticing.  Unless you can do this, you are setting up a special hierarchy consisting of your friends and you, all of whom are perfect in your eyes, and all the rest of the people of the world are not.  This is not true. 

The truth is that we are all one in Christ Jesus; we are all the offspring of God.  None of us has a human father.  There is but one Father in this universe, and that is God.  All of us are offspring of that one creative Principle, and we are malpracticing when we do not live this truth.  To recognize the truth of oneness is to impersonalize our sense of self as applied to yourself and myself and as applied to all the people of this world, including our enemies. 

What happens when you have sufficiently meditated on this truth so that you do not recognize any selfhood apart from God?  Could you possibly suffer loss or destruction from another?  Could you ever be the victim of injustice, inequality, or any evil if there is no selfhood other than God? 

This principle of oneness can be applied in cases at law where individuals are seeking justice.  Unless the person involved in litigation is seeing God as his Selfhood and as the Selfhood of judge, jury, and attorneys, how can he possibly expect justice?  Can justice, equity, or mercy come from "man, whose breath is in his nostrils?"  Anyone who looks for it in that quarter is likely to be very much disappointed.  In all our relationships in life, unless we are looking to the divine Self of all being for our good, we are looking amiss and we may not find it. 

Meditation on this subject will eventually bring a person the conscious awareness that God constitutes the Selfhood of every individual.  So whether he is seeking justice in court, from his employer, or from a labor union, he must be sure that he is expecting that justice from the divine Selfhood of individual being and that he is recognizing God as that Selfhood.  When he does that, he will have impersonalized the good he hopes for and the evil he fears. 

Whenever we have a grievance against anyone, we are faced with the belief of injustice from that person or a lack of mercy or co-operation; and in accepting that, we are pinning the evil on to him.  Our solution to this problem consists of our ability to impersonalize, and that means that regardless of who it may be that we think is ungrateful, unjust, immoral, or neglectful of us, this must be reversed instantly in the realization that to identify error with a person is to be guilty of malpractice because it is seeing God’s child as if he were a sinner, ungrateful, unlawful, unmerciful, instead of realizing God as the Selfhood of individual being, and thereby impersonalizing any erroneous appearance. 

Eventually we include the entire world in our realization of God as individual being.  We do not pin error on to any individual - - - not even ourselves.  We do not claim that our jealousy, envy, greed, or lust is responsible for our ills because we do not have any such qualities.  If temporarily those qualities may be expressing themselves through us, they must be recognized as having their source in the impersonal carnal mind, and as long as they are out there, they are nothingness.  The principle of impersonalization is one of the most important in our work, and we must work doubly hard to embody it in our consciousness because we will not find it expressed in our experience until we make it our own. 

Watch what this secret of impersonalization does for you; watch what it does in the experience of those around you; and you will understand why the Master could say, “Love thy neighbor as thyself."


Please use the following as a meditation so frequently that never again will you forget it: 

Regardless of what I think or believe, this does not change That which is.  Regardless of what I may have faith in, this faith carries no power since the power is That which is  - - - whether or not I have faith in It.  There is really no power in my beliefs or my faith, since power exists whether or not I believe or have faith. 

To know there is sky, earth, and sea requires no belief or faith.  To know that apples come from apple trees or peaches from peach trees requires neither belief nor faith.  To know that fish are in the sea, birds in the air, and that rain is wet requires neither belief nor faith. 

Suppose that we do not believe these things or have faith in them, does that change anything?  Does our lack of belief or lack of faith prevent the operation of nature’s laws?  So, no more does our lack of belief or lack of faith prevent the operation of God’s laws.  To know that God is, is spiritual attainment.  Not to know does not change the Is-ness of God. 

Since God does not function in the human scene, no belief or faith in God will make It function there.  For this reason millions are praying to God, believing in God, and having faith in God, and receiving no answers to their prayers.  God is not in the human scene.  To bring God into our life and activity, it is necessary to experience God, and the knowing of the truth, becoming actually conscious of truth, and meditation - - - these help us to attain the experience of God. 

Let us assume that we are faced with human problems that seem insurmountable.  There is a way out!  Relax.  Rest.  Let "My Spirit" be upon you.  Let "My Peace" be established within you.  Let "My grace" take over the situation.  There is an invisible Presence within you which will go before you as you withdraw thought and emotion and let the inner Invisible live and work through you. 

When there are no problems, set aside time for daily meditations so that the weapons of the world do not prosper.  Clothe yourself in My invisible Robe.  Let My light flow through you to human consciousness everywhere - - - friend and foe, near and far.  Live consciously in My presence through My grace, and you will always experience My peace. 

As you read this message, I am probably over the Atlantic Ocean heading for England and the continent, my fourteenth European trip with The Infinite Way.  This time, Daisy Shigemura and Lorraine Sinkler will be with Emma and me and will give work abroad.  Many of our students from the United States, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand will also join us in England.  There, our students will meet Tom Jones of South Africa and Joyce Burns Glen of Australia.  And of course all who are with us will meet many of our workers in England, including the Rowland Spencers, Walter Eastman, and Mary Salt.  An Infinite Way safari will soon be on the road.





The question is occasionally asked as to whether Infinite Way Study Centers or Infinite Way Tape Groups may sell any but Infinite Way writings.

Please note that the Joel S. Goldsmith Book department sells no books other than those of The Infinite Way. 

It is clear that if we start selling the books or poems of any one writer - - - where will we stop? 

I respectfully request that no Infinite Way Study Center or Tape Group, or Teacher or Practitioner of The Infinite Way, sell any writings other than The Infinite writings.


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Dear Students: 

It is inevitable that occasions will arise which cause you to question whether The Infinite Way is really Truth!  Many have questioned the Truth of Christianity even while the Master walked among them.  Did not the disciples fall away at times? 

Lao Tzu became so discouraged by the lack of recognition and acceptance that he just walked away from it all and disappeared. 

This is to assure you that The Infinite Way is Truth, but students - - - even practitioners or teachers - - - may at times fail.  It is not the teaching that is Power, but the measure of the students’ attainment of consciousness of Infinite Way Truth.  Only in proportion to our attained consciousness of Truth are we the Light that dispels the appearance of darkness.  The principles of The Infinite Way will develop that consciousness in proportion to our study and meditation. 

The Infinite Way is Truth, and It cannot fail.  Our devotion to the study and practice of Its principles will enable us to attain the consciousness of Truth which reveals divine harmony where material evil or good had appeared. 

The object of The Infinite Way is not overcoming or destroying or rising above evil, but rather "attaining that mind that was in Christ Jesus" or "the Buddha-mind", which reveals the spiritual man and universe where evil or good humanhood had claimed existence. 

Let us for a while forget about "doing good" or "saving the world" or "helping our fellow man" and give our entire attention to our own spiritual enlightenment until we are sought out.  Be assured, as we attain a measure of realized Christhood the world will beat a pathway to us. 

Actually we can only benefit others in proportion as we attain some measure of spiritual Realization. 

The multitudes came to the Master - - - he did not have to seek them.  The multitudes still seek the Master.  Be That, even in a degree, and the multitudes will seek you for the Light. 

“The vine consumeth not its own grapes."




The Contemplative Life

“Contemplative Meditation,"  Chapter Six



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Chapter Six


Let Each Meditation Be an Individual Experience

A Contemplative Form of Meditation on God

Fulfillment is Attained by Conscious Oneness

Beginning the Journey Back to the Father's House

Omniscience Changes Your Concept of Prayer

Practicing the Presence



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