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Books from Joel S. Goldsmith Library

These books are part of the collection of books in Joel's library.

The Oxford Book of Mystical English verse* A. H. E. Lee (Contributor), D. H. S. Nicholson (Editor)

The Golden Bubble Arabian Gulf Document by Roderic Owen

 The Story of My Life by Henry Thomas Hamblin

The Ten Principal Upanishads * by Swami and Yeats

The Patmos Letters* by J.L. Campbell

Studies in the Psalms by Rotherham

The Three Roses Glen Rossal House, Invershin, Sutherland, Scotland

Cosmic Consciousness * by Bucke 

The Cloud of Unknowing * author unknown )

The Practice of the Presence * by Brother Lawrence

The Works of J. Allen Boone * The Works of Josephus *

Reincarnation an east-west anthology * by Joseph Head and S.L. Cranston

Dark Night of the Soul * by St. John of the Cross 

The Jerusalem Bible * 

Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning * by  Thomas Troward

The Ascent to Truth* by Thomas Merton

The Holy Kabbalah * by A. E. Waite

Moorish Literature by E. Wilson

Sun of Tabriz by Jalaluddin Rumi

Guru Nanak * by Singh and Singh

The Enigma of Menace by V. Goddard

Report from Paradise by Mark Twain

A Moslem Saint of the Twentieth Century by Lings

Walt Whitman by Canby

The History of Christianity by Abbott


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Books Mentioned in Writings

Elements of Libertarian Leadership by Leonard E. Read :May 12, 1963   Hawaiian Hotel Talk

The Flowering of Mysticism by Rufus M. Jones

The Search for God and The End of the Search by Marchette Chute: referenced in Rising in Consciousness, p. 19 and pp. 61-62