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Lessons Learned from Dallas 1-10-1964

Kennedy Paper

Lessons Learned From Dallas

by Joel S. Goldsmith January 10, 1964

  I would like to ask you to pause for just a couple of moments of meditation that we may realize the activity of the Christ in our affairs of state, that the activity of the Christ may touch the consciousness of the family of Mr. Kennedy, that the activity of the Christ may touch the consciousness of those of his administration, and that the activity of the Christ may touch the entire consciousness of this nation and inspire each and every one of us with confidence, with faith, with trust in the principles on which this nation was founded. This nation was not founded on men, but by men; it was founded on principles of freedom, equality, justice, and only the activity of the Christ has enabled this nation to go through these nearly two centuries, standing firmly for these principles, but only the activity of the Christ will enable those now in office and those to come to be inspired, that these principles may endure. In government, as in religion, the men, the leaders will come and they will go, but when nations or religions are founded on principles, the nations and the religions will continue forever.

 Let us, in this moment of meditation, realize government by God, government by the activity of the Christ in human consciousness, government administered by the inspired thought of men and women dedicated to the principles on which this nation was founded.

 You will know, by all the head-of-states who are coming from all over the world to be present Monday, not only that Mr. Kennedy was personally highly respected, but you will know also that this government stands, in the minds of men everywhere, as a government dedicated to the principles of peace, of  freedom, equality and justice, and that it is known and respected throughout the world that this is the nation to which all men may look for support, for guidance, for assistance in attaining and maintaining these principles on earth. This outpouring of the head-of-states from all over the world should inspire every American with renewed faith, hope, confidence, in the eternal principles on which we are founded, and should, furthermore, enable us to dedicate ourselves to a greater sense of prayer that this activity, this Spirit of the Christ shall permeate the consciousness of all those called into the service of our country.

 Do not let yourselves be hypnotized by the psychological nonsense that you will be reading these next few weeks about why this could happen, or how it could happen, or what does this mean, or what is our nation coming to, for all of this is the mouthings of the ignorant. Never in the history of this country; and more so now than ever, let us acknowledge this, every act of violence has either been one of insanity, or a manufactured episode of some special group; never, never have we had violence from the American public. A nation, whether it has five million population, or a hundred and ninety million population, is bound to have a fringe of the mentally unstable, the mentally unbalanced, those mentally incapable of enduring hardships, lack, limitation, and from this fringe will come, here, there, and everywhere, such acts of violence as we have just witnessed in Dallas. This is not the fault of the American people or the American way of life; this is the natural state of society in which everyone is not born mentally, physically, morally normal, or capable of enduring the experiences of human life.

 This that has happened is not a problem of America. It was only last week when a man was arrested in London for having sent a letter threatening the life of Queen Elizabeth. This is not a circumstance of the United States or of any other country; this is a universal state of human society, that there are those mentally incapable of normalcy under stress. Therefore, instead of all of this psychological meandering, and probing of what is wrong with our society, let us be grateful that in reviewing our history we find there is nothing wrong with our society, except, perhaps, one little thing, and that is that we have not yet fully learned the care of the mentally disturbed, nor has our policing become efficient enough to handle such problems as these.

 We send a great battalion of Secret Service men to guard the President-from whom? No President of this country has ever yet been endangered by the American public! Their function should be, and some day will be, to guard him from those who are known already to the authorities as being mentally unstable, as this man was known and should have been watched, not the public, along the way. Some day, just as Kennedy himself had faith, such faith in the American public that he was willing to go unguarded through New York and through other cities, so every President will learn, he needs no protection from the American public, just from those who are mentally unsound, and those are already known to the police and can be better watched.

 If this experience should teach us anything it should be a greater faith in the human nature of those we call the American public, because nowhere, from coast to coast, has the life of any of these men been endangered by our public!