Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings



Life of the Soul

Joel S. Goldsmith
Originally Published in the Science of Thought Review
London, England 


"Living from the level of the mind is the source of anguish, repetition and failure.

"Ordinary existence, which is living at the level of the mind, compels us to force the creation and stimulation of pleasure and profit.  The human mind continually seeks pleasure, satisfaction and supply in ways which it contrives.  Because these are always artificial, they are not lasting - and must be repeated over and over again until they no longer satisfy or profit - or else the mind must create and recreate more and more of that which is not lasting or real.

"Once we recognize this fact - that we have sought to create and recreate with the mind - we release and relinquish such methods and learn to let the Soul unfold our joys, our means of pleasure, satisfaction and supply - and this process is ever fresh, new, joyous because the Soul is  the creative faculty.

"Note this - the Soul creates and produces the harmonies of our existence without mental effort on our part - without exertion, force, or willpower.  The Soul reveals the harmonies of existence to us - and this mode of life entails no frustration, no repetition or staleness, no incompleteness or lack of satisfaction.  It's on the level of the mind that many try mentally to create - a process, which, because it is unnatural, must be done over and over again.  The mind is an avenue of awareness and not a creative faculty.

"Those who seek and find pleasures solely in the outer senses are continually in a turmoil of unhappiness.  The mind must seek ever more and ever different movie plots, jingles, jangles and bangles, and as many as can be produced, quickly become stale, obnoxious and frustrating.

"Living at the level of the mind, there must be a continuous round of party pleasures, sex stimulation and new faces and scenes.  There is never a truly joyous moment, nor are there periods of rest, relaxation, satisfaction or completeness.

"Until one reviews all this in his thought - notes the continuous mental effort and strife there has been to accomplish a satisfaction and peace that has never come - one cannot change from the merry-go-round of the mind to the joyous realm of the Soul.

"However, contemplate for awhile the frustrations of this mental struggle for happiness and abundance - and quickly you will, through seeing through this farce, achieve the depth of the Soul, and it will take over your existence, providing for you such peace, serenity, activity and newness of life of which you have never dreamed.

"The capacities of the Soul are endless, eternal, free and flowing and its energies never tire, weary or satiate.

"From the Soul comes an ever fresh, ever renewing love, life, business or artistic career and an ever renewing body, strength, health and rest."