Joel S. Goldsmith

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Love Seeketh Not Her Own

Gift of Love

Joel Goldsmith

"Divine love is that outpouring that asks no return and seeks no reward. When you have it, people can love you, and you can have satisfying relationships with them. They know you are not seeking anything from them. Their mental barriers go down. They feel that you are not trying to take something from them or get something from them. In that sense, they feel this love and confidence and trust, just as a child feels love and confidence and trust in those around him because he knows they are not seeking anything from him. 

If you and I were to act toward each other with the knowledge that there is an invisible Presence and Power that knows everything we are doing and everything we are thinking, we would always look to It instead of to each other. In fact, one of the major principles of spiritual living is that we really are never doing anything for each other. We are not do-gooders in the sense that we want to do some good for you.  We are doing only in order to fulfill our relationship to God."