Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


Tape 519 side 2

Joel Goldsmith


"There is absolutely no way to teach someone to love your neighbor as yourself. Think of all of the people who are being taught this in all of the churches and in all the religions throughout the world and then realize how few are applying it. You will then better understand the message of The Infinite Way.

"It is not possible to teach a person to love his neighbor as himself. It is not possible to teach a person how to be grateful. It is not possible to teach a person how to give up the law of self-preservation. It is not possible because the human mind cannot respond to these. . .

"Therefore only one thing should engage the attention of an Infinite Way student and that is the developing of his consciousness by any and every possible means of raising the Christ above humanhood. The need is that every Infinite Way student rise into spiritual consciousness because the need in the world today is greater than it has ever

"How long does it take a student who wants to attain spiritual consciousness to attain it? I can give you half the answer. A student cannot even start until his goal is no longer that of meeting his personal problems of health or wealth or happiness. The search for God-awareness must become the primary motive of study. Then the spiritual student is halfway home. He must decide that the goal of Christ Consciousness is his only goal and having help for his other problems as being secondary. I am not saying that he should neglect human situations but that these should be secondary. It then might not take a student too long. Attaining that Mind which was also in Christ Jesus should be the primary goal.

"It is an interesting thing for me to watch this work and see some of the students who are beautifully attaining it and then watch those who want a healing for a minor physical claim and are complaining because they have not yet attained heaven. In other words these students are still living for themselves and are making themselves the goal rather than having as their goal the attaining of heaven. . .

"My concern is in lifting the world into the higher dimension of consciousness where all the things of the world are added unto us. I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me or ten righteous men can save a city.  

Then let us hurry about this business of being lifted up so we can lift others into the higher consciousness. Then these problems will solve themselves"