Joel S. Goldsmith

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This is the secret of meditation. In meditation we unite with God, and in uniting with God, we find ourselves united with all mankind receptive and responsive to the spiritual urge.  More so is this true in marriage. In uniting with God, especially where man and wife together unite with God, they find a union or unitedness between themselves which is indestructible, because it is much more than a personal relationship. It rises above even the good of human relationships.  It dissolves all that is evil in human relationships. It dissolves all that is sensual, all that is jealous, all that is malicious, all that is demanding, and it becomes the free will gift of God to us, and the free will gift of God to each other.

"There is no such thing as a question that can come into a home that cannot be solved by united meditation when each enters it, not for the purpose of gaining his will, wish, or desire, but rather of surrendering his will, wish, or desire, so that the will of God may be made evident.  This is the secret, and there is no other.  Human relationships on every level of life can be harmoniously maintained only, however, in the surrender of our will to God, not in the surrender of our individuality to each other.

"Let us always honor and respect the individuality of the other.  Let us remember that no two people have grown from childhood to maturity without developing individual traits of character, of habit, of living, and let us never believe they can surrender these just because they have entered into marriage.  Therefore, even sometimes when the ways, the modes, the means of our partner are not completely that of ourselves, let us forget that. In giving them their freedom to be themselves, and as long as they 'be themselves' in union with God, marriage is an indestructible relationship on earth as it is in heaven."

Passages taken from  The Wedding Talk, The Gift of Love by Joel Goldsmith

1952 New Washington Series Tape 6 side 1

"And when we once have God, the Kingdom of God, the knowledge of God, the realization of God, all things are added unto us.  That is, we find that in our communion with God, our oneness with God, we are one with everything that God has.  It is literally true that in having God we have the fulfillment of, " You have me, now all that I have is yours."

Again, you see, it's like the marriage.  The reason marriage comes into this so much is that in spiritual work - you'll notice this in the song of Solomon and in many other spiritual writings - that the entire basis of spiritual teaching is based on marriage.  It's all based on communion or oneness with the Christ, with God, and so, the emotions that are felt in that communion with God are exactly the same as are felt in our human loves.

The only reason that we do not see it in fulfillment in our experience is that we take human love before we have the love of God, and we make something separate and apart and usually something selfish of it.

If we first knew the love of God, the surrender in that mystical union, "God, all that I have is Thine, just as all that You have is mine.   My time is Yours; my body is the temple of the living God, and so my time and my hands and my love are at Your service, and I am in You and You are in me."  Then if we first had that experience, when the time for human marriage took place, we would find that that same relationship, that same blending of oneness would take place, and the marriage ceremony would really be true: two become one." -Joel Goldsmith