Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


There are times in our studies when we encounter unfamiliar terms or words.  When this happens, we first go within and ask for more light. We may begin to do some research to broaden our intellectual concepts and understandings. As our study progresses, new light is given to us on the topic.

Melchizek is such a term.  Let us look into The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary which Joel references.  Here is what it says:

Melchizedek, (Heb.)- king of righteousness; righteous rule; upright counselor; righteous judgment; king of justice..

"King of Salem," and "priest of God Most High," who "brought forth bread and wine" for Abram on his return from the slaughter of the heathen kings who had taken Lot captive (Gen. 14:18: Heb. 7). Of Jesus Christ it is said that He should be a priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek (Psalms 110:4; Heb.5:6).

Meta. The divine will established in man in righteousness, justice and peace (king of righteousness, king of justice, king of Salem, Salem meaning peace). Melchizedek really refers to the Christ mind or superconsciousness, that which when ruling in man's consciousness establishes and maintains right doing, perfect adjustment, peace, and perfection.

Joel speaks about Melchizedek on a tape by that name, Tape number 122, side 2. He writes about it in Chapter 12 of The Infinite Way Letters 1957,  Tithing with Melchizedek.

As you begin to study this name, read the passages, listen to the tape, you will have more and more revealed to you. This is the fun of The IW.  May you enjoy every minute of your adventure.