Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Very Old, Undated Letter of Joel Goldsmith

Dear Friend,

The human mind is not a teacher.  It is not capable of teaching because it cannot convey Truth, since the Truth is not in it.  The impartation of Truth from one individual to another is not the activity of the human mind.  Most of the teaching in the field of metaphysics is nothing more than the transference of intellectually perceived truths from one so-called mind to another, because they who teach have not themselves advanced far enough in the understanding of of Spirit and its activities.  This accounts for the fewness of the students that are capable of healing.  When Truth is properly taught, the student heals at once.

Divine Mind is the only Teacher, as the impartation of Truth is the activity of divine Mind.  This action embodies the power of the Christ.  Christ Jesus' teaching so imbued his disciples with the spirit of Love, that they healed through the power of their own consciousness.  It was healing without effort or Christ healing.

This same healing gift is being bestowed on individuals today by the teachers who are living in the understanding of the Christ consciousness.  However, it necessitates living the Christ.  These teachers have forsaken ambition, and have lost any desire they may have had to occupy positions of high temporal power. They have lost the personal sense of selfhood and have gained the impersonal Christ.

This reals the true nature of teaching. Through no personal effort, or intellectuality, contact with them results in an uplifted state of consciousness in which Truth reveals itself to the student.  From the "Mind which was also in Christ Jesus" comes impartations of Truth to the student.  Their source and power is direct from God, universal divine Mind.

Christ consciousness is that state of being which is ever aware of the Allness of good.  It is "the Light in which there is no darkness: - no awareness of evil, of sin, disease, or any other discord.  This is an impersonal consciousness, although individually manifested by those who have realized the illusory nature of the personal self; those who have become conscious of the fact that they exist as the expression of the divine qualities, character and nature of God; that the personal selfhood materially and mentally can of itself  "do nothing," whereas the image of God is the full reflection of His being, - of His infinity, externality and immortality.

Christ is the state of consciousness which is man's Teacher.  "All shall be taught of Me."  This consciousness individualized in any age or nation, will attract to it those humans to whom the urge has come to seek something higher than personal selfhood; seeking a higher good than matter or intellect can provide.  These are the seekers for Truth, and they will ultimately find Truth wherever it is individualized - whether this individualization be a Moses, a Jesus, or anyone else sufficiently free of personal self as to have become an outlet for the revelation of true being.

"My sheep hear my voice" - certain it is that this quality in the mind and heart which urges one on in the quest for Truth, enables us to recognize the individuality expressing Truth, or rather, the individualized expression of Truth, as the Shepherd or Teacher.

The Shepherd attracts "his own" -those "prepared for him from the beginning" -prepared not for the person but for the Christ consciousness which he individualizes or represents.

The Teacher who accepts into his class (into his consciousness), for popularity or for gain, those not of his "sheep-fold" will soon find himself lost in the maze of material beliefs, or laws of limitation. The personal self with its ambitions, inflated ego, must be put off in order that the unselfed, the impersonal Christ or Truth bear witness.

"Those that the Father giveth me shall come to me - and them I shall in no wise cast out."  Those in whom I am established as Teacher (not a personal selfhood); those who recognize Christ, Truth, will come to me and "I will receive my own."

Sincerely yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith