Joel S. Goldsmith

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There is an area of consciousness which is infinite, and when we touch it, we are enabled to bring through an eternal demonstration of life.  Everyone has It because there is only one It. 

I have described it as a sea of Spirit which we have tapped.  Actually it is the universal or divine Mind, and when you contact It, you are instantaneously One with God and with all spiritual being and creation.  By touching or realizing Oneness with this infinite Mind, we touch and reach each other; we commune and are brought into fellowship with all on this spiritual path, and we find instantly available to us all forms of good manifest as supply, activity, opportunity, home, transportation, companionship, healing, harmony. 

In achieving conscious contact with this sea of Spirit or that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus" we find divine love pouring Itself into expression in our experience, so that we live now, not by personal effort, but by grace. 

In ordinary business life, firms are seeking, through one means or another, to draw trade away from competitors.  In spiritual Consciousness, having dipped into the infinite sea of Life, business men find customers and business appearing in abundant measure without lessening the activity of others, but rather increasing business for all concerned.  This is the principle of multiplying loaves and fishes, rather than drawing on a visible supply and thus reducing the amount left over. 

Rather than to seek good from person or loan or in dependence on salary or investment, tap this universal sea of Mind, and watch as It pours forth as ideas manifest as the human forms of good so necessary to your present experience.  As you learn to look to this Invisible instead of to some outer person or thing, you begin to understand the nature of grace. 

Let the practitioner and teacher seek actively from this inner Source; let the business and professional man look to the divine Within, let the sick and the sinner seek healing and perfection from Within and the business of living will be achieved by grace.  Instead of seeking or desiring something already existing as form or effect, learn to turn within, and let your good unfold from this divine Source, the infinite Unseen.  Ever alert, expectant of Consciousness unfolding as new and richer and lovelier forms of good, you will experience the abundance of life by grace.  The desire for that which already exists in the visible world shuts us off from the infinite resources of the Soul. 

To understand that your Soul is the eternal storehouse of all good is permitting the activity of the Christ to function in your experience through grace. 

To draw from the infinite consciousness is to multiply manifestation unto infinity, and with "twelve baskets" of fragments left over.  You are not drawing on that which already is, but proving that "all that I have is thine."  And what is the Father?  Not a rich man, but rather, universal Consciousness, the Substance of all form, divine Mind acting as your mind, and manifesting as limitless ideas, immortal Life appearing as the harmonies of your individual life.  And this, too, is grace. 

As love reveals to you that which is yours by grace, all will come to you without depriving others, and often increasing their good, too. 

Seek everything in life from the kingdom within—not from one another.  Draw your good from the Infinity of your own being.  Tap that center of your own being—the Kingdom within and let the Father reveal your heritage.  This is to live by grace. 

The secret of grace is contact with the Infinite Invisible—the universal center of Being within you. 

The method of achieving grace is the reading and study of inspirational literature and scripture, and meditation daily on God and God's creation.  Seek earnestly the realization of the kingdom of God.  Remember:  "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee."  This constant meditation leads to an awareness, sometimes even a voice, and some day you will know that He performeth that which is given you to do.  Then grace will have taken over your affairs. 

The message of The Infinite Way is a pathway to the door of the Infinite; it is a surrender of personal powers to the divine Within; it is the way to a Pentecostal experience in which you are filled with the Holy Ghost and find it literally true that "I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me."  Christ liveth as me. 


Joel S. Goldsmith


Originally Published in the Science of Thought Review
London, England