Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

Music and Classes:

 "Music rouse the emotions.... and makes it  difficult to tabernacle with God."- Joel

The Infinite Way does not use music in our study or practice. Music is an emotional vehicle and when we study or meditate, have class or tape group, we are stepping out of the material world of body, emotion, metaphysics and into the realm of God.  It may seem innocent and peaceful to play music or have incense burning, but it really distracts us in the study. Churches use it to influence their subjects.

If during the day you would like to listen to music, it makes sense to choose music which lifts our humanhood, music which inspires and soothes.

Please do not get the impression that we have rigid rules about life. This is really just common sense. You may find that you are unable to tolerate "low-vibrating" sounds and music which pull you down or irritate your your senses.  This is normal if you meditate, for your consciousness is becoming more and more refined.  Appreciate this and avoid things that call you back to the grossness of the world. If you have no choice, then just spiritually address the appearance and know that music, rap, television, etc. has no power.

We are not afraid of any of these things, just making common sense choices.

Joel's Comments  Tape 94 Side 1

"It may well be that one person finds spiritual light through music, through songs, through hymns.  To me that has always been a hinderence because the emotions are aroused. And the moment the emotions are aroused there comes the false concepts that are brought up in one's own being.

"It is very much like the sentimental slush music that passes for music in tin pan alley and real music.  Now, real music does not appeal to the baser or more carnal sentiments the way tin pan alley does.  And it is for that reason that it is music and the other isn't music.

"On the other hand, we are not going to pass a rule that those people who like tin pan alley shall not have tin pan alley.  Nor will we make a rule that all of us must have symphonies.

"And so we have no music, and then allow each individual to have music or not have music or to choose their own type of music."  -- Joel Goldsmith