Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings


Spiritual Power


The Infinite Way is a revelation of spiritual Power.  This is realized only in proportion as material and mental force is relinquished and Silence is attained.


In the Silence a Voice is heard, a Vision is seen or a Presence is felt.  We are now contemplating the unknown.


Our preparation for this experience has been the many years of study, meditation, and practice of spiritual Truth; the reading and pondering of inspired spiritual writings; the association with the seers and sages of all ages.  Over these years, interest in oneself has lessened until the problems of human existence are no longer a personal concern, but rather, are objectively seen and handled as world beliefs.


Thus also one loses the sense of personal pleasures and a joy arises inside that is never dependent on outer stimulation.  It is a constant state of harmonious being.  This is not even interrupted during temporary illnesses, lacks or other discords.


Nothing that transpires now is confused as failure, but rather as a reason for deeper and more constant study and meditation.  Nor is it possible to feel success, since this is realized as an activity of the spirit and not of oneself.  This is the true detachment.


Spiritual Power is never used to attain any end but It is that which is without conscious effort, always expressing Itself as the activity of individual being.  Knowing our need even before we do, It likewise supplies and fulfills without our taking thought.


And realized spiritual Power takes over the responsibility, direction, action of our lives and the harmonious functioning of our body.  It draws to us all those necessary to the fulfillment of our life and everything necessary for joyous living.  The quiet of the contemplating life is now assured even in the midst of an active family, business or professional existence.  This is also the true detachment.


The weight of personal responsibility has lifted, and It now bears us on Its wings, under the feathers.  The experience of living beside the still waters and in green pastures is ours.



(May 22, 1954)