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If you are looking for a tape group, please contact

Begin with the 1955 Kailua tapes, move to the 1959 Hawaiian Healing tapes. Tape groups are not social events. They are intended to help shift and maintain a higher Christ Consciousness. We enter tape meeting quietly, sit down and meditate until the tape begins. After tape, we meditate again to close the meeting. Infinite Way students know that it is not rude to quietly leave the meeting so we can keep the level of Consciousness reached in tape group for as long as possible. Speaking to others, shifts us back into the world. Please respect this practice when you attend tape groups.

After some time  studying tapes, we may feel we are ready to offer our home one evening a week to welcome other students for tape study. Please consider what you are able to day a week, one day a month?   What can you commit to consistently, and even if you are the only person in the group?   Grace will lead you. You may like to tell the Infinite Way Office your name and contact number to give directions and times. If you attend tape group, be sure to leave a gift of gratitude. It is custom and helps to support the tape leader's tape collection, furniture, rent, etc.   



Suggestions For Infinite Way Tape Study for Groups and Individuals

These are the original instructions for tape-study groups as given by Joel:

"An Infinite Way student who starts a tape-study group in his or her home always provides the player/recorder and the tape recordings that are to be used. It is suggested that there be available a series, like our Kailua Study Group series, which includes every principle that is embodied in the message of the Infinite Way and takes up the subjects of spiritual healing, treatment, mediation, protective work, virtually everything that is necessary for a student of The Infinite Way to know. While it is naturally essential that every beginning student quickly learn all of these principles, it is even more important that, as a student advances in understanding, he continue to study and practice these principles, because no one on the face of the earth can ever outgrow them. For this reason, the Kailua Study Group series, or one similar, can never be outgrown and are an absolute must for every beginning student, and even more so for those students further on the path since what is contained in these recordings is necessary for intelligent treatment and healing work. When students attain some measure of this background of study, they are ready for the 1959 tape work, which embodies The Infinite Way healing principles. Any of the following classes will bring to light these principles which are to be embodied in treatments:

    1959 Hawaiian Village Closed Class  #262-267
    1959 San Diego Special Class  #268-271
    1959 London & Manchester Closed Classes #274-278
    1959 New York Closed Class #289-293

"To begin learning how to practice the presence of God and meditation, the 1959 Maui Advanced Work, Tapes 5 & 6  (#247-248), and the 1959 Hawaiian Village Open Class, Tapes 3 & 4 (#260-261) are recommended. Now we are ready to go into the study and application of spiritual principles.

Next, take the following:

    1960 Maui Work, Tapes 3 & 4  (#368-369)
    1960 Hawaiian Village Open Class, Tapes 2 & 3  (#364-365)
    1961 Waikiki Infinite Way Study Center, Tapes 1-3  (#386-388)
    1961 Maui Work, Tapes 1-4 (#389-392)

"It is customary for students to invite others who may possibly be interested in hearing these recordings. It is also customary for those who attend regularly to contribute financially to the support of such activity; that is, the purchasing of new tapes or any expenses incidental to establishing and maintaining the Infinite Way tape-study activity in their communities. It is not really that students are contributing to pay for the tapes. What they are actually doing is contributing to making tapes available for their listening, study and benefit.

"The tapes will always remain the property of the person who is conducting the tape-study group, and those who contribute toward purchase of the tapes should feel that they derive a commensurate benefit from the hearing of these tapes and the privilege of studying them. Naturally, it is up to each individual to decide how much he wishes to contribute each time he hears the tapes. No one should be asked to contribute more than he or she feels he would like to contribute. Students must understand that these tapes are expensive to make. A studio equipped with thousands of dollars worth of duplicating equipment must be maintained and staffed and new machines regularly replace the old. Students, therefore, should be happy to contribute to this activity, since what is gained from the study of these tapes is without price.

"We, in The Infinite Way, are teaching a spiritual principle of life, and the very foundation of this teaching is that God constitutes individual being, your being and mine, and that therefore we are infinite in being through the grace of God. It is not sufficient to hear these words in order to demonstrate them. The Message must be practiced seriously and diligently. How else can it be practiced but by putting into practice the principle that since we are infinite, supply must flow out from us rather than to us? This also makes it necessary for each of us as students to support the activity which in its turn is to reveal our spiritual identity to us.

"It is in this same manner that even today, after 27 years, my earnings above income taxes and personal living expenses for me and my family are turned back to and devoted to the activities of The Infinite Way. It must be remembered that there is but one teacher...the Message itself. We honor the message only in the degree that we give it opportunity to work in us in silence, in quietness, stillness and peace.

"The usual procedure at our tape-study meetings is to have a meditation of five to fifteen minutes before the tape is started. Maintain complete silence during the work, and have a five to fifteen minute period of meditation after the work. Then quietly leave the meeting place so that those who have received something from the Message can carry it home to ponder in quietness and stillness. Never must any discussion be permitted either of the Message, which needs no interpretation or elaboration, or of any personal experience. Occasionally there are some who attend meetings who find it impossible to maintain the necessary quiet. It has proven helpful to extend no further invitations to them, but permit them to work out their own salvation in their own homes while our serious students gather and find the expansion of consciousness they so earnestly seek.

"If there are any further questions regarding the activity of the tape-study and the support of tape recordings, we will be happy to answer all questions sent to


If you found this helpful, please consider donating $1.00 to support this work.



From Tape 557 Side 1

I have always suggested that, in the conduct of our tape groups, that it be opened with a meditation, closed with a meditation, and no discussions.   

That is a rule that, if you break it, it will not mean that you are disobeying me, it will just mean that you have no interest in a successful activity.  

Because it is an impossibility to have a discussion group in truth.  As a matter of fact, it is impossible to discuss truth.  

Truth is a subject that does not lend itself to discussion. 

And the reason is this.  Truth isn't human.  It isn't something that is subject to your opinion or mine.  It is not a subject on which you are entitled to an opinion any more than I am. 

Truth is, well you may really say truth is God, or God is truth. 

And in our human experience God, or truth, is revealing itself. 

Now, as I sit in our class work, some of you do not realize this, but there are times when messages come through me that I never knew until that moment when it came through. 

We had an experience of that kind last week when I was on the platform in Portland, and a whole new principle came through of which I've never heard before.  And I had to sit there listening to it coming through my lips.  And since then several of us have witnessed wonderful fruitage from that message.   

And that message was not subject to discussion.  It was not subject to your opinion or mine.   

If you had heard it, probably it would have sounded strange to you.  And you'd loved to have discussed it with me. 

Well, there's nothing to discuss because I had nothing to do with it and no opinion about it. 

Truth coming through does not lend itself to discussion. 

There are many, many principles in The Infinite Way, and not one of them lend themselves to discussion. 

I, myself, would never discuss a single one of them with anyone. 

I state them.  You take them or leave them.  But I will have no discussion. 

The reason is that from the beginning of my work the principles that have come through have proven practical, workable, with me and with other students.  Therefore, how can I accept any question about them? 

At one time a publisher wanted to publish one of my books, and after having it read in his organization said yes, they would love to publish it, and here are a couple of pages of corrections.  My answer was I welcome them.  Just tell me how many healings this corrector is responsible for, and how many years they've been practicing so that I will know that their corrections are better than my writings. 

Do you not see that either the principles of The Infinite Way are correct, that truth itself has expressed itself, or not?  If it has, you will know it by its works.  If not, it will go out of existence very quickly. 

But I think you have all seen in this class here today, in the groups that have come to hear our teachers, just as we have witnessed last week in Seattle and Portland, after seventeen years, not only that we have so many students here who have been with us from the beginning, but just think of the all the additional hundreds that you have seen. 

And so, this message must stand, not on what I think of it or what you think of it, or what your hearers or students think of it, but on what it is. 

And therefore, if you permit a discussion on any of our tapes, you are permitting someone who has not had our years of healing work tell us that we haven't had those years of healing work. 

Therefore, I can prophesy, I won't forbid but I can prophesy, that those who have discussion groups will not be with us long. 

Those who permit discussions on this message will not be in the activity long. 

You know, truth is an impartation.  It comes forth from the spirit, through the consciousness of an individual, and then it is received in your consciousness as a seed.  If you keep it locked up in your consciousness, think about it, ponder it, meditate on it, that seed will spring forth into fruitage.  Of course, if it isn't truth, it'll die stillborn. 

It is for this reason that many of you know that I have never permitted in any class anyone to ask a question from the floor.  You may write a question and place it up here and I will gladly answer it.  But no question from out there.  Why?  I'm not breaking the rhythm of the impartation through me to you.  Nor am I going to break your receptivity just so that somebody may have the floor of glory for a moment. 

Now, this means that when a tape group work is started that it will start as a meeting preceded by a meditation.  Then the tape, followed by a meditation and good night.  No tea parties, no coffee klatches, no midnight snacks.  Home to ponder what has been given.