Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings



Whenever you are going through a period of unhappiness or illness or lack of peace or lack of prosperity or frustration, remember that this has NOTHING to do with your outer world. It is imperative that you grasp this! You will be tempted to believe your external world is causing the difficulty, that it is distracting you or causing you pain. But this is not so at all. If you can discern that this represents a battle going on within you, you will quickly achieve victory just through the ability to discern that no person or condition or situation is doing anything to you. This is a battle within you. Your Higher Self, whom you have embraced, the Christ, is seeking ascendancy over the mortal sense into which you were born.

This is the Son of God in you struggling to come into manifestation and expression. I must not seek victory over outer conditions or persons but rather let the Christ of me come into ascendancy, and It will be the Light revealing that there is no darkness.

The battle can never be against people or conditions or things. The battle must always be within yourself until your Real self, your spiritual Self has risen. Then you will find that this outer world is already heaven.

When you are tempted to fight any false sense of appetite, sin, disease, condition, lack, or limitation in any form, please relax at once, and realize that this is not true. Don't condemn yourself, the battle is your Christ Self trying to break through into manifestation, and as you relax from the struggle and stop condemning yourself and stop fighting evil and put up your sword and rest in quietness and peacefulness, the Christ will come into ascendancy.

We must have Self-respect! We must practice what we are taught. We must accept this principle that the Christ is breaking through into ascendancy, and let the battle between the flesh and the Spirit rage. It is no contest! We have no where else to go. Every knee is going to bend. So let the battle rage and let the Christ come into ascendancy. You and I can do nothing about that. We can't make it so and we can't hurry it. All we can do is surrender and be as forgiving of ourselves as we are of our neighbor.

The Master said, "I come not to bring peace but a sword." The Christ does not come in you to lift you on a cloud nine existence. It comes to tear you away from that self which must die, one way or another. Even the good self, it has to die. When you are going through difficulties, it is so important to remember that it is the Christ that is doing it and it is not the devil or Satan or the carnal mind or your job, your illness, your domestic situation, none of that is true. It is the Christ. It is doing this in order to take you out of your fleshly peace, your temporal peace, and even your fleshly health.

"Be not afraid, it is I."