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Dear Reader,

This section will collect Joel's comments about the body in order to better our understanding of its non-power.  It takes time and experiences to begin to see that our bodies are not us.  This world has done a great job of convincing us that we are our bodies. The world would like us to think that our bodies control us and what we are able to do.  Between our bodies and our minds, our souls are totally non-entities.  Until we can correct this misperception, until we wake up from the acceptance of this dream, we will continue to face appearances. 

Recent lessons in class have shown us that Joel has been saying the same thing over and over, yet some of us did not have "ears to hear" .  WE DO NOT HEAL BODIES.  We realize the true nature of our being, the spiritual nature. When we do that, our bodies become responsive to this higher consciousness and do not fall for the hypnotic messages of the world.  It is an on-going process and so we will try to make this easier for you by helping to locate and note passages for your instruction. Please share those you find with us through the Guestbook and we will include.

Joel on Using Doctors- November 1963

November 27, 1963

Dear Friend:

Do you have a doctor? If so, follow his instructions.  Your husband is right if he gets the best medical help-and neither you nor he need to make any apologies or excuses to anyone else.  I have learned in my long years of study that it is wiser to let the best human help be God's instrument, when we are already hypnotized with something.

We can kid ourselves and say, "It is nothingness."  That is the tragedy of the metaphysical world.  We are all trying to evolve higher, but it is a matter of grace and states of consciousness, and no one can walk on the water before his time.  Therefore, I learned from inner resources that it would be wiser to take the best method right at the moment, get our peace of mind, and keep on pursuing.

You don't know how many times I have had to assure students that it would make no difference to God whether we go to a doctor or dentist.  We do not hesitate to see a dentist, but somehow most of us seem to fight body attention.  In this way, they are resisting evil to the extent that they deeply subliminate their fear of something physical within themselves and try to get spiritual help.  But in hanging on to the fear, the healing never comes.  I think that each one of us has to rely on inner intuition and make a move from that level.

There was time when I had a physical problem, and inner intuition told me that I had better see a physician, because it was not yielding to spiritual treatment from one who does great healing work.  I had accepted a condition as being real to myself, so I took the steps of seeing a doctor and he stopped it for me in one day's time.  Now with the imminent fear taken care of, the prayers penetrated and brought about the healing.

I have seen too many people kidding themselves by hiding their fears under metaphysical treatment, and in this day of changing times, words and thoughts are not becoming effective.  The only power is Spirit, and it is better to get our peace and keep on pursuing the Light!




From a letter by Joel to a student who was trying to accept a teaching that the body is nothing: 

I must right here tell you that you have missed out on the most important point there is in all metaphysical teachings.  This very point on which you are not at all clear is the most important one to be understood.  It would be better to be ignorant, perhaps, of any other point in metaphysics rather than this particular one, and I urge you not to give up until you thoroughly understand this point.  It is the point regarding the body, because whatever is true of body is true of all this universe, whether it is the body of a person, an animal, a tree, a plant, stars, moon, or sun. 

I am sure that if anyone said in class that the body is nothing, I would have spent the next half hour correcting him.  There is nothing more dangerous than the theory that the body is nothing.  The body is a manifestation of Mind, or Christ, and perhaps it might be even better to say that Spirit, Soul, divine Consciousness manifests Itself as body. 

Your body is spiritual.  It is eternal.  It is infinite.  It is immortal since it possesses all of the qualities of God, the Substance of all form.  You have no material body; you have no physical body, nor has anyone ever had a mortal or material body.  The body of every individual is spiritual.  All that is material is our concept of the body.  Just as the tree, the plant, the flower garden – all of this is spiritual embodiment.  We entertain a mortal or material concept of these and that concept is false, finite, and erroneous.  But the thing itself – the body, the plant, earth, sun, stars, moon – is God's creation and, therefore, eternal.  Never do we, through metaphysical treatment or through prayer or through conscious communion with God, change anything or anybody, but rather, we change our concepts of what we behold, and in changing our concepts, we behold more clearly that which already exists before us. 

In the first chapter of Genesis you have the whole story of creation in which God created all that was made, and anything that God did not make was not made, and He called it good.  Therefore, what we are doing, through our understanding of truth, is not changing anything, but rather, changing our false or finite concept of creation. 

If this is not perfectly clear to you, make another study of my writings until this point becomes clear to your thought, because on this point hinges your entire demonstration of health and wealth.

From Tape 47 Side 2

I have told this experience that happened to me in New York when I was practicing here many, many years ago.  And I was practicing in Boston but coming down to New York for weekends to take care of the work here.  And this particular day I had appointments every twenty minutes on the pad.  And at 4 o'clock in the afternoon I had a headache that made me think I was in a boiler factory or that I had a boiler factory in me.  And I had an appointment with this practitioner for dinner.  And I called him at his office and I said, "I will never make that appointment unless you can give me some help.  My head is pounding at me and I have lots more appointments ahead."  And he said, "Alright."


And I hung up the receiver.  And that fast there wasn't a sign or trace of the headache.  It was like, it was like the lifting of a shade.  It was a, it was a beautiful experience.


So I met him for dinner.  And I said, "Look, that was so wonderful and so sudden.  I'm sure something must have revealed itself to you.  What is it?  What was behind that headache?"


"Well," he says, "you know, I really can't tell you."  I said, "What do you mean you can't tell me?" 


"Well, it's, it's really deep and, I, I don't think you'd be ready for it."  I said, "Well, good comedy.  But now what is it?  What, what are you afraid of?"  He says, "I just don't think I ought to tell you."


"All right then, let's call the dinner off."


"No, if you feel that way about it, I'll tell you.  I'll tell you exactly what came to me when you asked for help.  I thought to myself, what does he think I can do about a headache?" 


Now you see, there was about as complete nonresistance, there was as complete a statement of, "I can my own self do nothing," there was as complete an absence of I as you can possibly get because it wasn't thought up, it was spontaneous.  You see?


Now, you may not believe it, that very serious diseases, so-called, can be healed in the self-same way if we can attain that same state of consciousness, or if we are living in that same state of consciousness.


This man that I'm talking about was the same one who had had the automobile accident from doing protective work.  So he well knew that there wasn't anything he could do or anything anyone needed protecting from.


Now, and incidentally, his favorite way of healing was, in his office when he had patients he had a bronze elephant on his desk.  And he would listen and listen and listen to these people tell their troubles, then he would say, "Is it true of that bronze elephant?  I can't see how it could be true of your body.  Your body hasn't any more intelligence than it."  Of course, that statement won't heal anybody.  But that state of consciousness, that the body isn't self-acting, that the body cannot contract a disease, the body in and of itself is dead.  The body responds to our state of consciousness and that's all there is to it.

From Tape 620 Side 1

"Our body has the power to show forth the handiwork of God.  It has no power to show forth sin or disease.  It has no power to show forth death, none whatsoever.  And it is for this reason that no body's body ever yet has been aged, sick or dead. 

"There is where you come to an understanding that all that appears to us in human experience is taking place in a sense of selfhood apart from God. It is not taking place in our heart, in our soul, or in our body.  It is taking place only in a sense of selfhood apart from God. 

"In the same way that anything might take place in a dream.  Anything could take place in a dream no matter how fantastic or ridiculous because it isn't really taking place.  We can walk through walls and we can walk on the water or on the bottom of the ocean in our dreams only because it isn't taking place. 

"Nor is sin, nor disease, nor death ever taking place.  But, we see them, we hear them, taste them, touch them and smell them;of course, we do. That is because we have built up, through generations, this sense of a selfhood apart from God. 

"Remember, there is no selfhood apart from God.  There is no life apart from God.  There is no such thing as a condition or being apart from God.  There is a "sense of,"  and that is what we are doing on this Path, of going back from our banquet with the swine to the real banquet at the Father's house. 

"We are now going back from material sense of existence to the spiritual.  And there we will find that we never left home, we never left the Father's house, we never left divine consciousness, and that all our wandering has been due to the belief that we have a power of our own."

What About This Body?

The Art of Spiritual Healing

by Joel Goldsmith

One problem which is uppermost in the lives of a great many people is that of health, that of an ailing or aging body.  Even those who are at the moment experiencing physical well-being are puzzled by the relationship of what they see as a material body to the spiritual scheme of things. What about this body? How does it fit inot a spiritual universe? Is this mateiral body the Word made flesh?  Is it the material body or only the spiritual body which is resurrected?  Does the material body manifest God?

Do not be too startled when I say to you that there is only one body: There is not a material body and a spiritual body.  There is only one. Here, as in every aspect of life, the principle of oneness applies.

True, we entertain a material concept of body, and it is that concept of body which gets all twisted up and involves us in all manner of ills, but the body has no power to cause trouble; the body has no power to be good or bad, sick or well:  It is our concept which appears as sick or well body. (p.105)


Excerpt From Tape 444 Side 1


You are not the form that you see in the mirror.  That is your body.  That is not you.  That is your body. 

There is a you other than that body.  There is a you that possesses your mind and your body.  

The moment you begin to perceive this, the nature of your entire life changes.  Because now you can begin to see why God gave us dominion and how we can exercise it. 


And so I will ask you now to close your eyes, and voice the word 'I' within yourself silently, gently, secretly, sacredly.  I.  I. 


And now, say to your mind and body, God has given me spiritual dominion over all that exists.  And more especially, I have dominion over my mind and over my body. 

My mind must not be permitted to think any thoughts that it wishes.  It must not be permitted to think any thoughts that are inflicted on it by 'man whose breath is in his nostril.' 

My mind must be subject to God. 


Through my God-given dominion, I say to you mind, Peace, be still. 

Receive your wisdom from God.  Receive God's peace and God's grace.  Peace be unto thee, my mind.  God's peace be unto thee, my mind. 

God's grace enrich you, my mind. 

God's life and God's love be with you, my mind.

God governs you.  Man cannot dominate you. 


My mind is under the jurisdiction of God.   My mind is subject - remember it is my mind I'm talking about - my mind is subject to the laws of God.  

And because of the dominion that God has given me over my mind, I can say to my mind, Peace, be still.  

God's grace, God's love, God's wisdom be with you.   Receive your life from God, your wisdom from God, your eternality, and your immortality, and your sanity from God. 

The grace of God is your sufficiency. 

God's dominion, through me, reaches my mind. 


And then to your body: 

Just think now, it has been established within you, and I'm sure that most of you can now feel it, that this body isn't you, but that this body is yours.  This body is yours, and God has given you dominion over this body.  

This body which is mine, Peace be unto you.  The Peace that passeth understanding, the spiritual Peace of God, be unto you.  

God has given me dominion over this body, and therefore, I give unto you God's peace, God's health, God's grace, God's strength, God's youth, God's immortality.  God's grace is thy sufficiency.  

God in the midst of me is the bread, and the meat, and the wine, and the water.  And so I can say unto my body, You shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. 

To my mind and to my body, you shall not live by bread alone.   Of course I will feed you.   And I will see to it that I give you the best food. 


To my mind, I will give the best intellectual and cultural food that I can. 

To my body, I will give the cleanest and purest foods that I can.


But remember, you are not to live by intellect or culture or bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. 

God's grace is the substance of my mind and of my body. 


And this is my mind, and this is my body, and it is God-governed because I now bring it under God's government, and I remove it from the domination of man and the domination of man's beliefs and theories.  I remove my mind and body from the masses and from the domination of the masses and their ignorant beliefs. 

And I place my mind and my body under God's government, under God's dominion, under God's grace.


To my mind and to my body, I give God-given dominion, strength, peace, joy, power, spiritual power, spiritual joy, spiritual freedom.   To my mind and to my body, I give God's freedom, the God-given freedom of the spirit. 


My mind shall no longer be an outlet for the mass mind or mass world, the carnal mind, the mortal mind. 

For my mind is God-governed, God-fed, God-directed by virtue of the power that God has given unto me. 


My body shall no longer be under the laws of matter or the laws that men lay down. 

For I place my body under the dominion of God. 


And each day I repeat the remembrance of this truth, even if only for a second, to remind myself that my mind and my body are under God's government, spiritual government, spiritual law, not mental or material, but spiritual. 

God's grace, spiritual presence and spiritual power, is my sufficiency of soul, mind and body. 


The Father says to me, "Son, thou art ever with Me, and all that I have is thine."  And therefore, My peace, that is God's peace, the Christ peace, My peace give I unto thee, my mind and my body. 

I let the Master within me say to my mind and my body, "My peace give I unto thee," mind and body.   Not the peace that the world giveth, but My peace, spiritual peace, spiritual life, spiritual law." 


And from now on my remembrance shall be, not the domination of man, but the dominion of God.  It is so important for a while that each day we remember, I am no longer dominated by man, but my dominion is of God, operating through spiritual life and spiritual law within my consciousness.  Every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God is the law unto my mind and unto my body. 


This is the kind of a God that Christ Jesus has revealed to us.   And this is the only kind of a God that you honestly and sincerely can learn to love with all your heart and with all your soul. 

And be assured you will be clinging to this God, not only throughout this lifetime, but throughout all lifetimes to come.   Because there will be many.  Because there shall never be an end to the life of God which is your life.


Thank you.







From Consciousness Transformed, "Beside God There Is No Other"

If you catch this point, you will realize why health is not in the body or of the body.  Health is spirit manifested as body.  The body is a form and there is no health in it.  The health of the body is the health of spirit.  So until we look to spirit for health, harmony, intelligence, we are looking amiss.  Intelligence is omnipresence, so is health omnipresence because intelligence and health are qualities or activities of spirit.  The spirit is the creative principle of man and his body.

Many of the Eastern teachings miss the mark because they all look on the body as matter and themselves as spirit.  Once you separate spirit from body in your mind, it is like separating yourself from God.  God must function in every avenue of life.  "Acknowledge him in all thy ways."  If we leave God out of any of our ways, we separate ourselves in belief from God and then this belief governs us.  The body may be matter as a name, but body is not worthless because it had its origin in God.  The body is not an illusion; the mortal concept of body is the illusion.  The body itself is "temple of the living God."