Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings






We have not yet fully awakened to the teaching of Jesus that we should put God first and allow other things to come to us of their own volition.  It has been stated and restated in various books, but many of us are still too intent on demonstrating something for someone.  The harmony of God will appear as our individual harmony when we stop taking thought for "man whose breath is in his nostrils."


Let us cease stating or declaring the truth—the time has come to realize truth.  Let the Truth define and interpret Itself and even appear to us by being heard in our ear.


We have passed the metaphysical stage of using truth for demonstration—we allow Truth to use us for Its demonstration.  We must come out and be separate.  "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added."  If we do not make a conscious contact with God, we are not fulfilling the intent of this teaching of Jesus.


It is as if there were an ocean of Spirit and we are separate and apart from it in our own imagining.  That separateness constitutes our universe, and except for this sense of separation there would not be the universe that constitutes our humanhood.  In this sense of separateness there is the appearance of good and evil, immortality and mortality, but Truth is Oneness.


Our purpose in being on the spiritual path is to make the contact and attain the awareness which reveals that we, in our true Inwardness, are that ocean of Spirit, and our world, our bodies, business and families constitute the waves upon the sea which interiorly we are.




When we possess Aladdin's Lamp we make a wish and then receive everything we desire.  This, as we all know, is a story of the Arabian Nights, but like all such stories it is founded on truth.


Fairy stories and myths have been given us in order to hide spiritual truth from those who are not ready for truth.  This pattern is followed in church rituals and ceremonies where the outer form of worship is but the symbol of divine wisdom and law.


The secret of Aladdin's Lamp is that this Lamp actually is a symbol of spiritual Consciousness, the light of truth of individual consciousness.


The touch or contact with the Lamp is the realization of Omnipresence, and this awareness brings everything good into individual experience.  The magic lamp is "that Mind which was also in Christ Jesus" and, of course, that Mind multiplied the loaves and fishes to feed multitudes and It healed all who came.


To contact that Mind—actually to realize that Mind as individual mind is to achieve immortality, eternality and infinity here and now.  Touch the Light of your own being, and all things of heaven and of earth are yours.  The kingdom of Heaven is at hand.


There is no reason why everyone cannot rub Aladdin's Lamp.  It has been revealed through all ages that we may attain.


This is not accomplished through thinking thoughts but rather by rising above the strata of human thinking to the realm of pure consciousness.  Pure Mind instantly reveals the ever-present harmony even where the thinking mind may know discord or disease.


Our task is to understand divine Mind as our individual mind and let this pure Consciousness reveal Itself as the activity and harmony of our experience.  Divine Mind becomes evident as our mind, without taking thought, yet revealing Itself as thought.  The realization of the Light appears as the health of our bodies and the wealth of our experience.


To rub Aladdin's Lamp is to attain the desired good without strife, struggle, labor or toil.


To attain the conscious awareness of God as individual mind is to live by grace, not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.


It makes no difference whether we are housewife or secretary, salesman or merchant, philosopher or lawyer, we will not give up our present activity, but rather in rubbing the Lamp, or realizing the light of truth, we open consciousness to that silent inner activity of Soul, and then whatever is done is accomplished successfully, peacefully, joyously and with spiritual fruitage.


As we lean less and less on human planning, scheming, fearing, or worrying and let this Spirit of Truth take over, we go on to higher and higher realms of Consciousness, realizing greater harmony and peace at each step. 


As we contact that Mind, as we touch that Light, Aladdin's Lamp, It takes over our every thought and deed and all good comes to us by grace.  Then we find that our work and opportunities and rewards come to us in fulfillment of the Scripture:  "He performeth the thing that is appointed for me."


Joel S. Goldsmith

Originally Published in the Science of Thought Review

London, England