Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings





God consciousness is a plane of consciousness different from that experienced by "the natural man"—the normal human.  The "natural man"—or ordinary state of being—is subject to the laws of the physical plane—laws (so-called) of physical and other human needs—such as certain amounts and kinds of food, clothing, amusements, diversions.  He is subject to various beliefs and theories of health:  so-called laws of infection, contagion, age, climate, exercise, etc.  The "natural man" is acquisitive, fearful, doubtful, hesitant in thought and deed, all based on fears concerning the self.  The "natural man" is a sense of separation from the Godhead and "dies" as the son of God, or God-consciousness is realized—as oneness with God develops and unfolds.  Somewhere in his experience, at some time—because of the depth and degree of some need—the "natural man" is turned inward, to seek within himself for that which he outwardly requires.  This inward turning becomes a search for God, a seeking for truth, and when earnestly and persistently followed, results (usually slowly) in the dawning in consciousness of the Verities—the activities and laws, substance and being, of the infinite Invisible. 

Now the seeker begins to realize some measure of his union with God, of the unity or oneness of God and his own being, and eventually discerns that Spirit really is the essence, the very fiber of his being.  The "natural man" is now "dying daily" to all the theories, beliefs and ideas associated with "man whose breath is in his nostrils"—the human, limited, finite sense of man.  Instead, the realization of divine Sonship is unfolding—a conscious awareness of Spirit and Its law and being.  The Christ or Son of God is being new born again in the manger of human consciousness, and evolves by stages to the degree of manhood in Christ—to the full stature of Sonship or God-consciousness. 

On this higher plane the "old man" no longer appears.  Now one is aware in himself, and notes in others, that this "old man" is not and never was a real entity, but rather that a false concept of the Creative Principle and Its universe had been entertained and accepted as truth. 

More and more the awareness of true Identity is manifest, and slowly, oh, so slowly truth dawns in consciousness and God is beheld as one's own being. 

Now comes the understanding that "we do not live by bread alone" but more by the consciousness of Truth; that the stage of acquisition had been dropped since "I have meat ye know not" and "I am the bread of life."  In this consciousness there is no selfhood for which to fear since God has been "seen" as the only Selfhood—self-sufficient and eternal. 

It now becomes apparent that life is lived by grace as the gift of God and the sense of personal effort, human will and struggle falls away.  "I have seen Thee face to face."  Life now is lived by the law of God.  Supply unfolds as required, with no anxious thought, from the infinite Source of being.  The divine harmonies of human relationships are maintained by the beauties and activities of the Soul, unless one forgets himself and becomes temporarily a reformer of others and by so doing, brings on the enmity of the "natural man" in the world who desires not at all to be extinguished, at least until his own time is come. 

If I am rich, I am poor indeed unless my wealth is in Him.  If I am well, my body aches unless my health is in Him.  There is no peace, no security, no joy, except these be found in Him "whom to know aright is life eternal."  Yes, Life: joyous, peaceful, and serene. 

When the call comes to you to leave your nets, you will understand that you are ready to leave behind the limited and limiting sense of existence, and that you are ready to drop your dependence on persons, things, and conditions of the world and to live wholly in God. 

No longer will you so keenly love, hate or fear the conditions of "this world", the realm of effect, because you will perceive the true nature of God as: the Cause, Law and Source of your good.  You will now understand that the Infinite Invisible is your rock, your fortress, your high tower and your sanctuary from every storm and strife of human belief.  Even further than this, you will "see" thatonly  the Invisible is power and, therefore, that no power for good or evil exists in the realm of effect, and your entire obedience and dependence will rest within and not without.  When the Voice says, "I will make you fishers of men," you will understand so clearly that God is your being that men will follow after "Me."  They too will seek and find Spirit as their life. 

"Leaveyour  nets and follow Me." 


Joel S. Goldsmith
Originally published in the
Science of Thought Review
London, England