Joel S. Goldsmith

        Authentic Writings

The Nature of Error

This is the most important principle in The Infinite Way. Not because the other principles are not important, but because The Nature of Error is ONLY taught in The Infinite Way. Even so, many in this work, refuse to teach it, live it, or acknowledge it. This is the greatest reason for a teacher's demise. Often this is because it was not taught.

Please use the references below to begin what will be your life-long study of the mesmerism of the world.  It is a difficult study and not pleasant. But Joel warns, "this is not a cloud nine" study. The sooner you begin the study, the sooner you can begin to practice it and begin to heal yourself, then your family, your community and the world.

It is what we keep sacred and secret. 

The Book References

Master Speaks: 4, 9

Beyond Words and Thoughts: 1

Man Was Not Born to Cry:  4, 7, 8

Concious Union With God:   4

Consciousness is What I Am:   10

Mystical I :  7

59 Letters:  5, 9

57 Letters: 10

Realization of Oneness: 3

Living Now: 5


Here are the tapes:

60, 70,128, 142, 171, 261,  509,  516,  532

the first Holland tape side 1